Parental visit

2016-Aug-23, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Shortly after noon yesterday I got a phone call from my father checking to see if I was at work. (Unsurprisingly I wasn't.) My parents had come up to the city, I've already forgotten what for, and shortly after ending the call they were in my flat and we were talking. I was also given a copy of TRON, the original movie from the year after I was born, which I had expected to watch that afternoon. Getting distracted by even more Rimworld play through videos (which I'm watching again now) means I didn't do so, and may watch both TRON and TRON: Legacy tomorrow afternoon.

I have chocolate at the moment, after seeing the K-Bar Whittakers blocks advertised I got one of the Pineapple blocks on Sunday. While I've shown more restraint than normal the block is still half gone already and won't last 'til tomorrow night.

Empty week

2016-Aug-16, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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SAGA had the AGM tonight, we've got a partly new committee that seems likely to be at least a little more inclined to Board Games than this years' and those of prior. It's going to be a couple of months before I have any reason to be attending any SAGA events (aside from the Tuesday/Thursday nights), with the only things coming up being very much RPG.
I'm missing out on gaming of late with me not feeling as inclined to head out on Monday nights as I was, even with a standing ride offer. Last Thursday had only a couple of us show up to SAGA as well with most of the regulars having other things on. I had gone out the night prior, for the first Wednesday in a while, and was soundly beaten in a game of Colosseum.

With me not getting much work recently I've found my sleep schedule has gone back to the point of me basically sleeping during the hours I work if I have work. Not really a problem until I do get work again, or want to go to Mainly Music or Church. With all that time I've probably spent more than 30 hours watching old episodes of What's My Line? and idly wondering whether or not it could ever be done now.

13 years

2016-Aug-09, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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The weekend just been marked 13 years since I shifted to this part of Christchurch and went flatting for the first time. I spent nearly 3.5 years at that flat, with one constant flatmate and others changing each year, before spending a month in Shirley while looking for another place. Which ended up being this flat, where I've been a little over 9.5 years now.
The fact I suddenly had access to the internet where I lived led to a few things changing, the amount of books I read being the most obvious change. I'd read more than 240 books in 2002, in 2004 it was only 50 and (especially if you discount what I managed to read at work) the more recent years have been pitiful in comparison. If my computer was more up to date at the time I might have been more inclined to play online, even with me being generally poor at RTS games. The connection issues I've had in the past was part of the reason I didn't play as much Settlers of Catan online as I might have, I didn't want to waste the time of opponents.

Before I really woke up last Wednesday someone was in the house fixing the heat pump. By the time I left my room it had been working long enough to make a massive difference in how warm the lounge felt. I've spent much of this week sitting on my recliner again, using the TV to play YouTube videos. If I had more cash reserves I'd probably have purchased a copy of RimWorld after the amount of YouTube Let's Play and the like I've been watching. Then again, I might have purchased a copy of Factorio a couple of months ago with bigger cash reserves.

I played Kingsburg tonight for the first time in a long time, after not feeling at all interested when it's been played by others all this year. I got resources easily early and was never lacking the ability to build something I wanted, aside from the second last season where I chose to not build so I could be assured of getting the last building I wanted. Even without me rolling high I didn't have many "bad" rolls and probably won on the back of that luck.
During the evening I also had the realisation that I've now been using the pseudonym Avron for very nearly half of my life. It was a few months into my time at Polytech that I first started using it and unless it's unavailable I don't use any other account name.

Too much Civ III

2016-Aug-02, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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I spent many hours at the weekend playing Civilization III instead of sleeping or dealing with other things I might have been better doing. I also failed to do well at Civilization III for most of that time frame. I am, by nature, more inclined to build than fight during the game and so even after seeing that other countries were going to run away with the I didn't make an early enough attempt to build up forces or form alliances against them. I have no idea how many more times I'm going to start over before I stop playing again but I'm going to see about doing things quicker, after realising that by changing some of the settings opponent turns were done a lot quicker.

I got my heater out last night with the intention of letting it heat my room for a while, only to have it trip the power strip overload so I won't be trying to use it again. That does mean I'm more put out by the heat pump issues. And I'm staying in bed longer than I otherwise would because it's actually warm when I wake up.

After SAGA tonight I spent a while talking with someone that's intending to run for President next year. Going over some of the things I see as issues, talking about various games and reaffirming that I made the right choice to not stand for committee last time and shouldn't this year.

Avoiding issues

2016-Jul-26, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I worked four days last week, only the second time this year I believe (and there may have only been three last year). I still wasn't asked about all the work that was available though as I didn't get asked about Wednesday and at least one, much newer, casual was in that day. According to something I heard at work today there might cease to be an issue with my employment there. Auckland management is wanting to cut back on labour costs, which would mean ceasing to use the temp agency and going back to their own casual pool. Not having to deal with the temp agency anymore would be great in my opinion, but even if that is happening it won't be anytime soon.

With the amount of work I got last week and the change in my activity levels due to it I chose to not go gaming on Monday last week, and also missed the Wednesday night session that I'd have otherwise gone to. Yesterday I had a similar feeling after work bu managed to get a lift so I got to play a couple of games, and see a couple of friends that haven't been making it along due to other plans.
I'm thinking I might head to Mainly Music in the morning, for at least the end of the session, I'm no longer as comfortable there as I was when I first started helping. Knowing almost none of the mothers is a big part of that.


2016-Jul-19, Tuesday 11:34 pm
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I am apparently the reason for at least one person ceasing to attend SAGA this year.
I knew there were issues with one individual, that I've been attempting to avoid in all contexts since the first Mini-Con where I gave the situation one last attempt. I have probably been too open about how I feel about that individual with relative strangers.
I had however been unaware until this evening that I've been seen as rude, although one example from the weekend came to mind immediately. In my defence I was being asked about stuff that was Committee business, even after mentioning I wasn't committee and telling him who was. I've asked for clarification of the issues so once I get that I'll have a better idea of what I need to do.

On the topic of Mini-Con, attendance was down on what I expected, with only two simultaneous games at any point. I'm sure prior events have managed four at once multiple times through the day. Yet again the club had managed to schedule an even conflicting with a Magic: The Gathering event which kept at least one person away. I doubt that would been enough to account for more than a couple of people though. I nearly won a couple of the games I played, losing Colosseum only on tie-breaker, but was well behind in most of them.

I've worked three days over the past week, and it looked like I might get to work Thursday when I looked at the board today. Not difficult work at any point, and I was sort of left in charge of something at the end of yesterdays shift so the temp agency issues continue to seem like bad management.

(no subject)

2016-Jul-12, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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I got to game with someone tonight that hasn't been making it to SAGA much for a couple of years now (other people have lives away from gaming after all) and also won each of the three games I played. My good mood because of those two things dropped somewhat, pretty much as soon as gaming finished though.
I took an early lead in Castles of Mad King Ludwig, and held it for the rest of the game. Normally I've ended up with low scoring rooms and lagged behind because of it, not sure why I did better tonight. The Agricola game went well for me, although I was of course feeling like I missed opportunities to get things done as well as I might have. My start hand of cards was synergistic to a degree that doesn't normally happen, and with more effort to get my house expanded earlier I'd probably have done better getting them played. DC Comics DBG played with a couple of Superheroes each leads to a quicker game, unsurprising with the dual bonus abilities.

In addition to watching lots more Critical Role recently I have spent a fair while playing Civ III again, getting quite a way through a map before attacking unwisely and getting much of my civilisation taken over in retribution. I need to ensure I have defensive forces, but not go attacking with them. Tropico also got played for a while, long enough after I last played that I'd forgotten some of what was going on and how it worked.

Change in gaming

2016-Jul-05, Tuesday 11:44 pm
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Played Tzolk'in tonight at SAGA, and did well enough I feel okay with my score. Had at least a couple of occasions where the move I chose to make was obviously worse than another I might have taken, but only realised after the next player took his action. The entire game played out oddly though; a bit before the halfway point I realised that almost no buildings had been built, very little of the wood/corn had been taken, and more of the Skull Track was full than normal.
I'm wondering if I'll be playing other games I'm not overly keen on, due to inexperience, in the upcoming weeks. I played Terra Mystica last week and did only a little worse than I'd have hoped at game start. Not sure what else might qualify, although Ankh-Morpork on Thursday probably would.

Appetite quickly dropped back to where I'm used to after my last post, having not worked will have had that impact. Having little in the way of junk-food also has an impact in how much I eat, if I have to make a sandwich or cook or whatever, I'm going to eat less.

I need to find a better job, problem is what's available and my near complete lack of job skills. I'm not going to interview at all well either so even if I could get a CV that seemed to indicate I'm worth hiring going further will be difficult.

(no subject)

2016-Jun-28, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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If I was 20 years younger I might be thinking I was about to experience a growth spurt. My appetite seems to have increased over the past couple of weeks and I'm not sure what would have caused it. It's not like I've really been working a great deal more than I had been, or walking much further to games etc. I have been eating more fruit, with apples left over after Buckets of Dice, and me buying more last weekend, but I spend more time feeling hungry now.

My catching up with Critical Role goes in fits and spurts, I watched about half a dozen episodes over the past week, after not seeing any for the prior two (or more) weeks. Where I'm up to now is about what was new when I first remember hearing friends talk about it, I might soon be seeing things I heard mentioned specifically.

Games at the weekend went well for me, very narrow wins in a couple of the games. More important was getting to spend time with the hosts, after they've been unable to attend the gaming sessions I'm used to seeing them at. I was also informed that it could be possible for me to spend the night there if I do want to go visit someone else the following day. Not something that I'll likely take them up on, but the offer was nice. Didn't get to spend time with the cat though. :(
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Shortest span of sleep I've had for a while as well, not getting to sleep until about 0130 this morning before waking up at 0500 for work. And my intention to sleep during the lunch break didn't pan out, I spent much of it talking with one of the forklift drivers.

The solstice has arrived and for most of the rest of the year the days will be getting longer again, which I hope means that I'm going to see more sun. I've been aware for a while now that I barely ever leave the house during daylight hours, with work early in the morning and sundown well before gaming starts.

I ended up spending longer at church on Sunday than I have for quite some time, even after arriving an hour late. The children's church leaders and helpers had some sort of meeting and I ended up with some of their children watching videos as a responsible adult. The youngest of those that was present spent much of the time sitting on me, and on a few occasions offered me food from the plate that was present. It sometimes seems that even children realise I could probably do with eating more.

I'm going to spend a large portion of this coming Saturday afternoon gaming, unless problems develop, and if it was going to be evening as well I'd probably be considering asking to spend the night again, so I could again go visit the friend I saw two weekends ago. It was good to just spend a few hours sitting together, watching TV and talking.

A better weekend

2016-Jun-14, Tuesday 11:39 pm
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I'm not sure the weekend I just had wasn't better than the Bucket's of Dice weekend at the start of the month. I didn't play anywhere near as many games but I feel like I might have had a better time. I only spent 24 hours away from my flat instead of the better part of 72 involved in Buckets stuff or sleeping between days.

Saturday night I walked to the new home of a couple of friends for their housewarming (missing one turn that cost me a couple of minutes). While there I got to spend a little while interacting with someone I've been friends with on-line for a few years, as well as limited interaction with others besides the friends I went to see. Once most of the attendees had left there was some limited conversation between the hosts and myself, where I talked about a couple of things I likely wouldn't have a few months ago. Fairly soon after I arrived the nerves I feel in such situations were pretty much gone, still not wanting to eat but I did snack for the rest of the evening.

With another friend I hadn't seen in person for a couple of years moving back to the city recently and the housewarming being sort of half way there I had asked earlier in the week if she wanted company on the Sunday. I ended up spending the night on the couch and apart from waking due to cat standing on my chest slept quite well considering. I waited around a while after waking properly to make sure I could say goodbye to both of the couple, and learnt a bit more about D&D stuff as everyone else was discussing the game. My walk to the other house ended up being nowhere near as direct as it should have been due to me missing a turn and not being familiar with the area, about 25 minutes more walking than I had intended. Thankfully the rain that had been forecast didn't eventuate although it was colder than I'd have preferred.

Once I got there however the two of us quickly settled back to the comfortable hugging and general closeness that was normal when we saw each other often. I got to meet her cat Luna, and we were both surprised with Luna eventually allowing me to stroke her head while she sat off to my side. I also got to see some "old" TV due to her flat having netflix(?), including a few episodes of Buffy, that I really should get around to watching again after not really seeing it for a decade (besides the four(?) episodes I watched with my most recent ex). I also had conversations with her that I'd likely not have had months ago, especially back when we were seeing a lot of each other. I don't know when we'll arrange to spend more time together, distance is enough that I'm not wanting to walk that far often, and she's still getting used to the new place. I have however arranged to take over a video game that she hadn't been aware of and am now thinking I might find a couple of books as well.

Buckets of Dice 2016

2016-Jun-07, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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As expected my weekend was largely full of gaming and not enough sleep. I only played a few games each day through the weekend but some of them were a significant length. A small number of people I'd have like to game with either didn't make it at all or were distracted by the mass of RPGs and LARPs on offer. Two new games over the course of the weekend although I'd had some idea about each beforehand, one being a development of a nearly 10 year old game and the other being one I saw video play through on YouTube.

Saturday morning I woke three hours earlier than I intended to for some reason and spent most of that time lying in bed trying to sleep again. I got to the event shortly before the spiel about RPGs that would happen along with LARPs etc, before having a very short attempt to get people interested in Quantum Werewolf. I spent the normal amount of time waiting around through the day with no clear idea of what game to play but at least some of the time I wasn't playing was to avoid an individual or a game I wasn't interested in.
Sunday I managed to sleep in longer and showed up after whatever speech might have happened. I also ended up playing everything with someone I spent a lot of the day hugging as well. Even though this day was the one I played the most games I went and got food at one point, which would have taken a while.
Monday was a later start than I'd have wanted due to people needing to sleep and many of the attendees wanting to eat breakfast at a group event. The trickle in was perhaps worse than last year but that's always going to be an issue, especially on day three. Clean up was almost completely dealt with well before I'd expected it to start, perhaps due to there being very little in the way of RPGs so only one room was in use for most of the day.

My walk to games on Monday night was little more than half the normal length due to relative locations, and attended by only one other aside from myself and the host. I got to play my second game of Samurai, doing quite poorly, and another game of St Petersburg where I actually felt I might be competitive from early on.

Wearing out

2016-May-31, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Over the past two weeks I've worked as much as I ever expect I'll want to. It also means that I probably worked more over the last half of May than in almost any full month for the past two and a half years. Presuming things continue on with me getting asked about shifts as often as it seems I may now be, I could be dropping back to working only three days a week in a couple of months with monetary reserves back where I want them. The specific jobs I've been doing have mostly been at the place I prefer to work now as well which has been good. The only downside is that when I'm working where there isn't a machine I don't get reading time during the work portion of the shift. Many days when I'm working at a machine there'll be some problem that stops the machine and I'm left with a short span of time in which I can read at least a paragraph of the book I have with me.

This weekend is Bucket's of Dice and I'm going to be occupied for much of a 72 hour span either gaming at the Uni, sleeping, or moving between those two activities. Contrary to the past few years I have no responsibilities regarding the organisation/running of the event and will be able to just play whatever I feel inclined to play (presuming I can find opponents). Some point on Monday that may change however, I've received indication that Quantum Werewolf will interest enough people to make running a game worthwhile. My issue is going to be getting the night actions from people without everyone knowing and being certain the program I found runs right, something I've been meaning to check for at least a couple of weeks.

(no subject)

2016-May-24, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I was at work on Friday, and shortly after the lunch break got sent a text message asking if I wanted to work Monday. When I headed home I replied to that message in the affirmative and before I got home received another message basically saying "don't bother, the shift was full". I chose to let the shift supervisor know, as he'd asked if I'd be in on the Monday and I'd indicated I would if asked. He let me know I should go in anyway so I was at work yesterday, and today after getting asked before lunch. I also became aware of some of the business details that would definitely be considered corporately sensitive if I went into it all. The big thing I came away with was even more certainty that management makes bad decisions.

ETA (2016-05-26) One of the other casuals (who has started back last week) didn't get paid last night like the rest of us. Because the pay was put into an account with a suffix of 04 instead of 01(?) even though she has never had an account using that suffix and her resigning with the agency mostly being a case of "this is correct from last time" more than filling it all out anew. So the previous account should have been uses.
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... besides things I'm not willing to write about.

The shift supervisor at work seemed to agree with my general feeling that the temp agency (representative) is causing problems for more than just me by bringing in new casuals instead of offering me work. After all the machine operators have to train and monitor the new people while they can just point me at a part of the machine and know I can do the work.

I went out to the Wednesday night game group last week for the first time in what felt like months (and probably was), learning how to play Porta Nigra where I managed to plan ahead on a few occasions. I might do better in further games but I'm not "eager" to play again and see how much better I can do. Was told that getting a game of Asgard some weekend could be managed without great planning so once Buckets of Dice is done I might see about that.

At the Long Board Game day I managed a narrow win at Die Macher with three of us having only a 9 point spread (the new guy wasn't quite 70 behind my score but did well for a first game). Eclipse ended up being similarly close (proportionally) between three of us although one of the new guys was second in it.

I watched the three Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies today between getting up and heading out to SAGA. I'm probably going to watch more of my DVDs tomorrow afternoon, it's been quite a while since I saw some of them. The Magnificent Seven seems like a good choice for one.

Room for improvement

2016-May-10, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I barely played any board games last week, after only going out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and playing a single game each night. This week on the other hand looks likely to be games every day aside from Friday and I could likely play then if I was inclined to go as far as it's likely to be for as short a time of games. Sunday is this year's SAGA Long Board Game Day where it seems I will again get to play Die Macher and Eclipse, maybe something else in the evening if we get through things as quick as we did at the last one.

I worked at the start of last week and haven't heard anything about shifts since then. I have also been sent an email requiring me to fill in some sort of H&S thing to keep my employment. My first inclination was to email a reply asking why I should go to the effort of signing up to another site and filling out a form to keep my employment when I'm not getting the work offers I should be.

Laundry happened again at the end of last week, but as per normal I've still got a lot of clothes on the airer instead of getting around to putting it away. Of all the things I should do around this flat that's probably the one that would make the most difference on a regular basis. Actually finishing the sorting of my stuff after a couple of months would also be good.
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On Saturday I managed to get to the location at about the right time and a couple of others were present and ready to play already. Before we'd got far through our first game more had shown up. A while after noon a young couple I know from church arrived and I taught them how to play Colt Express, then 7 Wonders with her winning the second and only losing the first on tie-break. I then lost a game of Stone Age after failing to get quite enough cards to catch up to the hut point lead that the others had. Galaxy Trucker with a nearly new player and a couple of the newer, weird, boards where I managed to avoid losing almost any portions of my ships but failed to haul enough cargo, winning mainly on the back of still be present at round end with a "pretty" ship. Things started going down when I helped teach a stranger how to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig, he grasped most of it but something seemed off to me.
When that was done almost everyone had left and I ended up agreeing to a game of DC Comics Deck Building with an individual I have known for a long time I shouldn't game with, but keep giving "second" chances. The new individual from CoMKL was also involved and learning, and while he claimed to have played Dominion still took a long time to pick up what was going on. With the two of them we played for 90 minutes and didn't finish because the owner was getting picked up. It should have been a 60 minute game at absolute longest and I know players I could finish a game with in 30 minutes.

Sunday morning I played a game of Castles of Burgundy where I lagged behind each of my opponents in all I was doing, not paying attention enough to lead any of the categories. The game of Princes of Florence went better (as is normal for me) with at least one of my Prestige pickups being fortunate. After a game of 7 Wonders, that had a couple of obvious winners, I played in a game of Elysium where I actually felt I was doing okay and lost on tie-break. The last game I played was me teaching a couple of new-comers how to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig at the request of a friend who had just finished playing something else with them while I was ending the game of Elysium. That was the last game I played, partly because I'd started developing a headache, partly because those I would have preferred to game with had chosen games I wasn't interested in. The last game of the night involved she whom I'm going to avoid from now on and while I stuck around, and helped explain it, I would not have enjoyed playing with her. I did spend a fair while hugging one of the others that was playing though, both during that game and the one she'd been playing prior.

By the time I got home I was actually feeling ill, and decided to leave the lounge lights on as dimmed as possible with a bucket by my bed as I tried to sleep. By the time I woke I was feeling better, but not great. Having not unset my normal alarm I had another two hours before needing to leave so I spent a while longer online than is normal in my mornings and then slept for an hour.

While at work on Monday I was informed that the supervisor had specifically requested I be brought in a couple of times while I wasn't getting work. I also wasn't asked about tomorrow even though it looked likely that there would be enough work for a few casuals.


2016-Apr-26, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Eight weeks ago I shifted most of my stuff out of my room with the intention of shifting the furniture around and cleaning everywhere that was hard to get to. The only thing to not get moved was the large bookcase I have and a lot of stuff was actually moved out of my room. Up until yesterday I had my bed in the corner of my room that is by the two big windows and while that was okay to start with temperatures have dropped enough that I wasn't wanting to keep sleeping there. So as of yesterday afternoon my bed is back where it was three years ago when I shifted it because I felt that here was going to be cold over winter. The mass of stuff that still hasn't made it back into my room is a problem though, I've barely managed to sort through any of it to reduce my stuff count.
I did find the photos that I took during my last years of high school and time at polytech, that I'm no longer able to scan, although most had been already. I'm unsure why I stopped scanning them as I got them developed but there certainly isn't any that I noticed that I'm really wanting to be able to show people.

I managed to get to church again this weekend just been (even it was an hour late), and upon walking into the creche was met by the youngest of my ex. I spent most of the rest of the morning with him and the other two children monopolising my time.

After spending a short portion of the time at the beginning of each recent SAGA session reading the rules to Rococo I finally taught three others how to play tonight. Each of them managed 60+ points and I had 51. I haven't yet read through the rules again to find what I taught wrong (and there's probably something) but the game seemed to work together well enough, even if it wasn't particularly interesting.

(no subject)

2016-Apr-19, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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Another week has passed where I was not asked about working at all, I'm going back tomorrow for another later start like the only shift I got last week. Not needing to be up at 5 is a welcome change especially with how late I tend to stay up after a few days of not working.

After the service on Sunday morning I stuck around, as I typically still do when I go along, and had about 30 minutes of a 5-year old climbing on me, trying to push me over, and wanting me to play tag. I'm starting to feel a little more inclined to pay attention to the service itself, but if certain of the youngest children are in crèche I'm likely to go there instead.

Me getting through Critical Role is going much slower than the others I've heard mention it. Not quite managing an episode a day, although I have also been watching a lot of Let's Play videos of Factorio and a few other games. It's probably just as well I don't have a copy of Factorio myself, it seems like a game I'd spend a lot of time playing, maybe even more than I spent with Skyrim when I first got it.

My room doesn't look a lot tidier than it did a month ago, but I have finally put five of the boxes of books under my bed with the others under the table, leaving me with a lot of empty floor space compared to what there was. I've also put an extension cord around the wall so that I'm much less likely to trip as I get up from my bed.
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SAGA recently acquired a few new games, three of which I had already played, two of which I was already sort of familiar with and one which I have no particular interest in. Tonight, in addition to teaching a few how to play one I had played before (after teaching another on Thursday), I managed to get through the rules for another game and teach a couple of the other people. We all agreed it was good, and I think that a second game now we know how it works together will be easier. The mass of cards we didn't see means I'm not sure how much I'll come to have preferred strategy, and that probably won't really work anyway when only five of the eight decks are involved in any particular game.
Still haven't got around to trying the Dress Making game, although I've now read through the rules a couple of times. I don't know that I'm going to be able to teach others anytime soon though, I'm still working through things in my head. I should probably just watch the YouTube video I remember seeing a fair while back.

Over the past week I've had a couple of conversations I wouldn't have expected to have, even with there being precedent for each. One with a former partner and how I managed to do certain things well, she misses my hugs, which I've gathered a number of other people do as well. And another friend and I continued to discuss similar topics, with at least one of the things I wrote surprising her due to not expecting it from me.
Yet another friend is moving back to the city within the month and I'm looking forward to seeing her again, and meeting her cat. I don't expect that we'll really spend a lot of time together, neither of us socialises all that much, but when it's been more than a year even just once every few months would be a lot better.


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