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Avron ([personal profile] avron) wrote2017-04-11 11:59 pm
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LJ no more

LiveJournal was sold several years ago and has gone through a few changes in the interim. The most recent has left me unable to continue cross-posting from Dreamwidth, which also breaks the FB posting. More importantly, there is a new USER agreement, which isn't binding in English, even though there is an English version that has to be agreed to before really continuing on. Other issues have presented as well, with a number of people I follow/respect choosing to leave the service entirely. I'll miss the RSS functionality of it (most of what I've seen for the past few years has been the feeds from a few sites) but considering how many others left from peak usage I'll not really miss a lot.
I may remember to post links to these entries manually, I may investigate the ITTT thing that I've noticed one other person using, most likely FB will no longer get any link that leads to my journal anymore.

At the start of the weekend just been I started playing Star Trek: Timelines. Progress slowed down as I've found normal for the sort of game it is, but I'm expecting to keep playing for quite a while. The last of these that I played held my interest for most of a year.

Easter weekend is going to see me spending three of the four days gaming, with three different groups. I'm not really sure what games I'll play, although I can guess at one on the Monday.