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Gaming weekend.

Easter weekend for me consisted of a day doing nothing much, and then three days away from my home playing games. I didn't wake early enough on Friday or Sunday to attend the services at the church I attend, I don't feel as though I'd missed out on anything by waking up late.
Saturday I played a few games, including my first play of a game that the other three had played about a fortnight earlier. I managed to win, even with a couple of the others having what seemed like much bigger turns than I managed. I ended the night with what ended up being a more than two hour game of Terra Mystica, in which I achieved my best ever score, 20 points behind the winner.
Sunday was about as long, that started earlier, although I was later showing up than I'd expected. I played 7 games, winning everything until the evening. I'm not sure about the three games of Star Realms: Colony Wars against a guy that had learnt at the end of the morning, I think I narrowly won each of them. The last game of the evening was a DC Comics game with new Heroes and cards that I was largely unfamiliar with. One of the Super Villains had players add the top two cards of the main deck, and take Weaknesses according to the cost of one of them, the two cards I turned over were cost 7. I got one turn after that and was able to get rid of a couple of them but if ever there had been a game to have Bizzaro in my deck that was it. One of those involved was the individual I decided to avoid gaming with at all months ago, and I joined mainly as I'd felt one of the others present was also not enjoying gaming with that person. The two of us ended up spending a fair portion of that game time hugging with back rubs as well. Making what might have been a very unpleasant time actually pleasant.
Monday was an earlier start again, with a couple I very much enjoy spending time with, even aside from gaming. I played a number of games there, losing the two of them that were new to me as well as the 7 Wonders game which is about normal. I also stuck around a little after the last of the others left, and conversation went to theatre as she acts, providing me with more insight into something I'll not otherwise get to experience.

The amount of sleep I managed (or didn't) indicates that Buckets of Dice at the start of June is going to be worse for me than prior years. I may end up choosing to skip the Sunday morning, so I can sleep in more. Maybe even head to church for a while.