2017-May-09, Tuesday

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2017-May-09, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I started playing video games a bit more recently, even if one of them is Catan online. Yet another development of the Catan game, this time on Steam, recently became available and I spent a few hours over the weekend playing, getting a few of the achievements. The Seafarers expansion was available to play over the weekend, it will cost money now.
Mass Effect 2 was available to download and play for free recently on the Origin client. I tried to play that yesterday and was only able to get a short way into the game before getting shut out due to (what seems to be) a hardware issue. I get the feeling I'd enjoy it if I could keep playing, but I'm not interested enough to see about fixing things.
Because I couldn't get ME2 to work I ended up logging into the Blizzard app as well, where I saw that the original StarCraft was free to play. A few minutes later the download was done and I opened the program to find it had integrated with the CD version I had played a while ago. So I played about five of the first missions before logging back out.
While at the supermarket last week I purchased a Steam card and got home to find that there was a sale of Star Wars games, for less than $2 more than what I'd got as Steam card. As such I don't have 23 new games to play through.
Star Trek: Timelines is already losing the appeal it had earlier, probably in part because I keep getting new crew that I won't be able to keep without spending real cash.

YouTube videos of other games have also taken a lot of my time. Subnautica and Oxygen Not Included being the two most watched.


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