2017-Feb-14, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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For what may be the first time ever I did something relevant to Valentines Day on valentines day. Love Letter, Batman edition, was played at Saga tonight, and I was leading strongly when one of the others had to leave. I also played a decent game of Elysium earlier, and a good game of Dominion after. Next Tuesday is the first of the Uni clubs days so we'll likely see an upswing of numbers from then and could well see simpler games getting played more for a couple of weeks. I am interested to know how many people will be sticking around this year. Unfortunately one of the regulars, five years or so, will likely be shifting to Dunedin soon and another has relocated to the east of the city such that making it to sessions is awkward at best.
I'm currently thinking that tomorrow night will be the first Wednesday night this year that I don't go out gaming. The location is even further than the other locations tend to be and I'm hopefully going to be working on Thursday morning. Last week was the birthday of one of the hosts and she wanted to play Concordia, a game I've not played as much in person as I'd like, so I got to be a part of her winning that. My tendency for my first action seems to be different from other people's which may have helped her start. I also got to play Endeavor for the second time recently, winning handily.


2017-Feb-07, Tuesday 11:53 pm
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I spent nearly 72 hours of the long weekend just been a little north of Amberly, enjoying the heat a little less than I would have had I made a slightly better choice of clothing. As expected I didn't take part in almost anything that had been organised activity wise, choosing to not go orienteering, rafting, climbing rocks, or going through the confidence course etc. I did however spend a short while with bow and arrows, although it seemed to be over very fast compared to what it might have been. Much of my time was spent using my smart phone to occupy me with games or playing physical games of Star Realms with the 10 year old I taught on Saturday. Aside from a couple of aborted games of Galaxy Trucker I might as well have left my bag of games here, aside from the Star Realms box.
With a 14 month old being there I ended up spending a reasonable amount of time watching over him, letting one or other of the parents go do other things briefly. I also had the younger children of another individual monopolise some of my time, one wanting me to read to her which is something I've done very little of considering how often I spend time with children that young.
My current expectation is that I won't be going back again next year unless the attendees change a lot. Most of those that have been going in recent years have been families, and while I get on with those I know from that grouping I don't "fit in" as a single middle aged man that doesn't want to talk. Being there also led to me missing out on a game day that I'm sure I would have had a good time at. Getting fed etc. is good but not worth the inconvenience of sharing a room, not having internet, etc.

I went into work an hour late this morning, because of miscommunication yet again. I also found out the supervisor has also been annoyed at how late the casuals are getting contacted about shifts, sometimes four or more hours are going by before the message is passed on. I do still get offered shifts though which I still have to count as a big improvement from a year ago. A depressingly low bar.

January is done.

2017-Feb-01, Wednesday 12:08 am
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The weekend just been saw the 1o year anniversary of me shifting into this flat, longer than I've lived anywhere else and significantly longer than all but the house I consider my childhood home. There's probably been close to a dozen different people in the room upstairs over that time frame, while the other two of us seem unlikely to be leaving anytime soon.

I'm going to miss gaming this coming weekend, because I decided to go to this years church affiliated camp. I'll probably still manage to get a few games played while I'm out of the city, but not the number I might have managed. I also currently have little idea about who else is going to be going, a couple of those I'd expect to play with aren't going to be going because they're out of the area. On another level I'm considering this a test of sorts for the year end GamesFest that I'm wanting to go on, after missing three years due to money and expected travel issues.

For the last half of last year I had a book in my work bag that I intended to read during my lunch breaks and machine downtime. Over the five months I had it with me I managed to read about half of it, in the first three days I worked this year I finished the other half. I will be finding something else to take along, although I may also read on my smart phone during the lunch breaks, if I can keep myself from playing games instead.
A couple of days ago I had Pythagorea 60 suggested to me and I quickly found myself puzzled by some of the levels. I've also been playing a SET like game when I have a couple of minutes.

Back to work

2017-Jan-24, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I've had shifts at work for the first time in more than a month, I am sleepy and sore. With the recurrent short slowdowns or stoppages of the machine I was working at the past couple of days I managed to read about 70 pages of Robinson Crusoe, after getting through barely double that in the six months or so I was reading it last year.

I've pretty much guaranteed that this January will be the best for games played yet and I'm still expecting to game on three nights and maybe even a fourth. I'm not sure if there will be Wednesday games yet and even if there is I might already be breaking with my intention to attend most of them for the year. Working the following morning won't be particularly pleasant if I'm out late, wherever it might be. I may be spending pretty much all of next Tuesday evening playing Scythe if a couple of (suitable) others can be found to join in. There are people at SAGA I just won't considering playing it with, especially when we'd likely all be learning. The holiday sessions are going well though it seems, decent numbers, especially considering the lack of students around.

A couple of weekends ago I purchased some DVDs, watching the first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that afternoon. This more recent weekend I consumed almost no media that wasn't the first couple of seasons of The Newsroom

We've been warm

2017-Jan-17, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I feel better about SAGA so far this year than I was at the end of last year. Part of it may be the numbers are already high enough that multiple games were going for a significant portion of the evenings. I have yet to decide what I think about the intention to theme evenings through the year. Much of it will be RPG stuff which isn't of interest to me, but some of it is relevant to Board Games. I also realise I'm not really the target for the theming.
Unless the weather is worse tomorrow night than I'm expecting it to be I'll be gaming again then as well. The Wednesday group does seem to have regained my interest as well, although when the location is further away I might not be as inclined to go out.

I still haven't been back to work, although I was offered a shift on Monday night. Starting at 2200 and pushing a button when there was a problem on the conveyor was really not of interest. Both because of the time, and because I've found that watching that sort of motion causes a headache. Going back will result in the normal shock to the system with me having been going to bed after midnight for the past month.

Temperatures of late have been what I like, although being able to stay at home throughout the day makes it less of an issue than it would be for others. Walking to games has still been t-shirt and shorts weather, and getting home would be as well (if I'd needed to walk home). The fact this house has so much shade from trees keep the house cooler than it would be without fans etc.

Reflection on gaming

2017-Jan-10, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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I got asked recently about my lack of desire to play 2-player games. I'd not really given any thought to the why, since it became obvious to me more than a year ago. Two obvious reasons came to mind as far as influential factors when I did start thinking about it.
The first being that the games I like most are typically (much) better at the full player count. Agricola, Princes of Florence, Galaxy Trucker.
The second was the factor of a 2-player game being, of necessity, myself and a single other person. There aren't many people whose company I enjoy that much that I'd seek out a game with them that way, and fewer still that I expect to enjoy mine enough.
A third reason, upon further reflection; I have two basic experiences with two player games (most but not all). My opponent was either a man that I sort of saw as a father figure (or, much earlier, my actual father), or, in more recent times, a romantic partner. Neither of those apply in any way to most of those I might game with now.
There's also going to be an element of correlation between 2 player and abstract games. For someone that claims to not care about theme, and largely ignores it during explanation, I am disinclined to play most abstracts.

Before I headed to Saga tonight I had already played as many games this January as I did through all of January last year. That was largely based on three game days, each being about 10 hours. I'm not expecting any more day long sessions this month but wouldn't likely turn down the option. Especially while I'm not yet back at work I'm going probably going to go to the Wednesday game nights again, the slightly "heavier" games than Monday and Saga typically have is good. I still haven't felt inclined to make it to the Friday group, but that's mainly distance, and expecting the games to not be of much interest to me.
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Wednesday night I went out to game somewhere new, with the current iteration of the group that I started attending nearly nine years ago. Furthering the "new that wasn't new" I played El Grande for the first time in six years and only the second time I remember seeing it in recent years. I also played Tiny Epic Galaxies, for the second time, a year after my first play, and am now wondering if there was something done wrong the first time.

New Years Eve I got invited to the home of a couple of friends, and spent the night playing board games with the two of them. Or, slightly more accurately, spent half the night playing with the two of them as one got tired and went to read. As midnight hit I was involved in a game of Gin Rummy, which I think was the first time I'd played since the end of 1997.
Sleeping on their bed was a bit less restful than normal, but part of that would have simply been it not being my bed. Having their cat make noise moving around in the morning also had me awake earlier than I wanted to be. The walk back to my part of the city, and the church service, was warmer than I'd expected and I could easily have not bothered with my jacket while away. That's been the only really hot day recently, I'm hoping for more.

I spent almost all of my waking hours yesterday away from here playing even more boardgames. As a result of being there I didn't go the regular Monday Night session that I have normally been to for the past 6 years. Half of what I played was games I like a lot; Agricola with actual drafting of cards at the start, Asara where we had very close end game scores, and El Capitan for the first time in six months. I also got to play Crazy Karts which I can see holding interest for a while, especially if there's an expectation that some one will be showing up late. The other two were Saboteur (which is a better filler than most) and Terra Mystica (which I'm okay with playing, just not eager).

This coming weekend I'm probably going to be gaming both days, in a couple of locations. A week from now SAGA is apparently going to have started up again so I might be back to gaming a lot, much earlier in the year than normal.

As I've been doing since the first year I was gaming with the Wednesday night group I went to the effort of using BGG and my records there to create a geeklist of all the Boardgames I played at least five times through the year. A list that was different to those of recent years in a few ways.
* My most played game in 2016 was only played 41 times, last year the high count was 73 and one year hit 91.
* A bunch of games that had been on last years list didn't appear this time, some of which I'm not sorry to see go, a few I regret not playing more.
* Five fewer games on the list compared to last year, which isn't a great reduction, especially considering how much less I gamed in 2016.
* On that topic, I only played 533 games through the year, in 2012 the count was 866. The simplest reason is that by not going to the Wednesday group at most of the locations cut out about 20% of what I might have played. I missed more of the Monday group than normal as well (because of distance) and there were a lot fewer short games played there, as well as earlier finish times.
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Last Wednesday I went out in the morning and helped someone shift into a new place. The walk there was long enough that I started to feel warm enough to remove my jacket and the day was warm enough that I didn't put it back on. As has seemed normal when I help people shift I felt as though I wasn't really doing a lot, even with my being one of the few actually loading stuff on the trailer.

My Christmas day ended up a bit different than I'd expected as I did wake early enough to get to the service at RBC. As I was arriving I saw the family of an ex walking in, and moments after I got into the auditorium the youngest spotted me and headed towards me. For much of the rest of the service I had at least one of the three of them near me. After walking with them to the car I made the effort to say goodbye to a few other people and walked home. Most of the rest of my afternoon and evening was spent in the lounge at my flat, watching Transformers and a couple of movies.

Boxing day I was awake too early and then went out for the afternoon. The family of the friend I helped shift last week had a BBQ that I was invited to. I knew most of those that were there early, and recognised some of those that arrived later, but spent most of my time there with the children and some of the others that I already knew. The family has a couple of cats, and a dog, the younger cat spent a while on my lap late in the afternoon and one of the others present was kind enough to take photos of it. I made a couple of attempts in the evening to get more photos of the cat when it sat on my lap again, that wasn't managed as well. As I was about to leave I got offered food, which is fairly common, and ended up bringing home a bucket of food. Salad, rice, and a bunch of sausages/patties in a Cookie Time bucket. I still have the sausages/patties, but that was always going to take longer to get through.

Bah Humbug (again)

2016-Dec-20, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Not even a week until Christmas is done with for another year and if was subjected to much in the way of media I'd be looking forward to that even more than I am. I might go spend an hour at the Christmas Eve service RBC is having on Saturday but it's unlikely I'll be making the effort to get up in time for the Sunday service. Most of the rest of the "Christmas" time will be spend with my laptop watching YouTube videos or in the lounge watching DVDs.

Board gaming has picked up for me a bit recently, going back to SAGA on Thursday because of the SGM led to me doing the best I've ever done with Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I also went to the Wednesday group last week and had a good time there. Fortuitously being present for the last session one of the regulars will be at due to him shifting away from Christchurch the following day.
With Game Depository getting sold I decided to spend some money there at the weekend, placing an order on Facebook Sunday night. The box was at my door when I got home from work yesterday and I've already played one of the games. Two of the others were a game I play elsewhere as friends have it, and online through STEAM.

Work dropped off a little quicker than I'd have expected, I got a single day last week (declined Friday afternoon) and have had a short day yesterday for this week which will probably be it until next year. Having done so many weeks of more than two days recently I'm not hurting for money at all and it's left me in a position to help a friend shift house tomorrow.
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Two weeks from now Christmas will be over and I'll be in the enforced two weeks of time off work. I'm not sure how things are going to go once the factory starts up again, it's probably been heavily Christmas work leading to the mass of shifts available. Then again, the last time I did less than two days of work in a week was August (discounting a couple of days I left an hour early), corresponding reasonably closely with the departure of the prior intermediary. Over that time frame (late August to now) my average weekly income for the financial year to date has gone up by $50.

Over the weekend just been I attended two different gaming events. The first was SAGAs final event for the year, with what seemed like lower turnout than had been expected, and the usual RPG bias in attendees. Aside from the 2-player games of Pandemic, and a few games of Sentinels of the Multiverse (also a co-op) I think I played in every Board Game that was played while I was there apart from the game of Paperback that was started very early on the Saturday. I ended up leaving a few hours earlier than I'd have liked, as the attendance had dropped enough that to play in something I'd have had to put up with gaming with someone I refuse to.
On Sunday I headed to church, spent a little while talking with a few people, before heading back home to pick up my bag with a couple of games and head to Sydenham for the birthday party of a friend. While there I taught many of his extended family how to play Chicken Caesar and Sushi Go, as well as getting to play Hey! That's My Fish! for the first time in nearly two years (and play a few other games.) Even knowing fewer of the people "well" I had a better time there and I'm sure that wouldn't have been the case a couple of years ago.

Tomorrow morning will be the last Mainly Music for the year, and it's expected to be packed, partly due to "Santa" showing up. I will be braving the mall afterwards so I can buy food. My evening may (hopefully) be spent gaming with the Wednesday group I was once very regular at, I just need to not feel tired in the late afternoon and be willing to go walking.
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I'm going to miss the second day of SAGAs final event for the year, so I can spend that afternoon/evening with friends and play games there instead. With certain people not likely to attend the SAGA event, I found the decision incredibly simple.

I'll be "getting" a couple of weeks off over the Christmas / New Year period as the factory shuts down almost completely. I've been told that the forms to request leave will be at the factory, but I'm feeling a bit doubtful. I'm also feeling that I'd rather just keep working a couple of days each week but realise it's completely not practical.

While machinery wasn't working today there was a brief discussion about money, and needing to work so many days, etc... Yet again the amount of work I need to sustain my lifestyle surprised someone and I got the unneeded reminder of how unique my lifestyle seems to be.

Going up?

2016-Nov-29, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I've started going back to Mainly Music on a regular basis, skipping work Wednesdays for extra time in bed and a little over an hour in a room with lots of preschool children. Since the prior liaison left the temp agency I've been getting offered more than enough work to feel completely at ease turning down shifts to do more fun things. I've also managed to accumulate funds in my bank account such that I will easily afford the next holiday I'm possibly taking. The extra work is conflicting with sleep however, and now I have a smart phone I've not even been trying to nap during my lunch break. This might have to change.

At SAGA tonight I played a game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, doing best of the three that didn't win. He that did win was easily ahead from early on and had paid much more attention to the favour tiles than I did. I also played in a game of Colosseum and did the best I ever have. Not quite as good as I've seen a couple of other people manage, but very close. A feat admittedly helped largely by divesting myself of tiles I'd been gathering in exchange for others that had seemed unwanted by others.

Looking at my calendar it seems that I've just started a couple of weeks of friends anniversary celebrations. Adding in the end of last week there's also what seems like a higher than normal number of birthdays.

With a couple of very warm days recently I've noticed the colder days a little more than normal, but been quite happy to have time not needing shirts, socks, etc to stay warm. Today at work was hot enough in the factory that it was me that opened the external door near the machine I was at. Typically I'm barely getting hot at the end of the shift. I might need to figure out shorts to wear instead of the jeans I typically wear.

ETA 2016-11-30: I had intended to mention NaNoWriMo as it finishes tonight. This was the second year in a row that I didn't sign up, going to meetups, try to write anything, etc. after a decade of taking part. I miss spending time with a couple of the people that I met because of NaNo, and that's the thing I regret, not the lack of writing. I wonder if I'd have been more inclined to take part if I'd realised earlier that Thursdays at SAGA would be a non-issue for me? Or if I'd considered using my smart phone to write at work?

(no subject)

2016-Nov-22, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Unsurprisingly the Smart Phone I purchased cheap has some issues. Even after being gifted a "small" mini-SD card on Monday night I've been having issue with the memory. Transferring everything to the SD card that I could helped but now I've installed some games (from the Humble Bundle) things are problematic again. I am still able to play most of what I try to but there are occasional restarts. I suppose that's a good indication I should have spent a little more money to get something with more internal memory.

I didn't actually spend the first weekend of this month doing what I'd expected, previous years RBC has finished early so people would be able to go join the event and that didn't happen this year. I actually ended up minding a few of the children while parents had a meeting which took until the other event was finished. It's felt a bit weird to have stuff happening (practically) every weekend, although it has meant I've not felt like travelling across the city and haven't made an effort to go see the friend I was meaning to see at the end of September. The weekend activity combined with increased hours at work has led to me being able to consume somewhat less media than I had been, I haven't yet dropped anything from YouTube or iTunes, but I think both will be getting a reduction soon.
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Christmas is coming up soon. I won't be celebrating it and haven't for a few years. Even while I had faith I found the commercialisation of the holiday unwelcome and without faith that's about all that's left. Nearly nine years ago John Scalzi wrote an entry on his blog detailing why he doesn't want gifts and since finding it I've basically accepted the truth of it for my life. Granted, I don't have the financial wherewithal that he does, but practically everything I want, I buy. Christmas means nothing to me besides enforced time away from work, and people dealing with pressure to spend money they probably don't have.

With the earthquakes starting up again (at least temporarily) I have been reminded of how little care about such compared to others. I probably took close to a minute to actually get out of my seat when the first big one hit yesterday morning. First thing I did after it stopped was send a message to a friend on the other side of the planet figuring it would be good to prevent the first thing she saw about such being just "earthquake" or the like. I then sent a text message to my parents and sister to let them know I was okay. After a short while spent looking at GeoNet etc. I was back to what I had been doing, and reading what others were posting. While doing so my mind went back to the start of the more local quakes in 2010, where I'd been sent a text minutes later by a nearby friend and ended up spending most of the day with her to keep her company.

I was once able to look at the people I knew at church and respect the differences in opinion I had compared to the accepted beliefs there. This has changed in some areas, noticeably with the attitude to one individual starting to wear dresses (and probably makeup etc. I didn't pay attention while both of us were present.) and comments I've heard second hand (I won't say who from specifically) about the attire of young people as well as recent drumpf issues. I can't accept the attitude towards anyone that isn't heterosexual, cis-gendered, etc. as being just a matter of opinion. And I have refused to be a part of the board gaming that was apparently going to start up soonish, because I was informed it would be a Mens group thing. While I'd not likely have taken part in the Mens breakfasts etc. that have also been run over the past few years (because I'm very disinclined to eat in a group setting like that) the gender segregation bothered me about those as well. Not as early as it should have though.

I posted a couple of years back that I didn't want to be called uncle, something that happens a lot at church due simply to me spending time with the young children. I'm no blood kin of any child, and won't be, which makes being called uncle annoying. The fact that the children I'm with most often when referred to as uncle are those of my second ex just makes things worse.

Lethargic weekend.

2016-Nov-08, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I made it along to the Mainly Music session on Wednesday last week, which involved a bit more walking than normal as most of the group had headed to the Community Garden for a time. Once getting to where they were I got to hold the nearly 1 year old and then spent much of the following hour with him in my arms or beside me.
After the clean up of that I headed to the mall and started wandering around the stores that sell smartphones (and had an extended wander through the DVDs at JB) before deciding to spend a little money on getting my first. I didn't get around to registering the number on that SIM and probably won't be, initially because I didn't remember the need for such more than a dozen years after getting my prior SIM. With the fact that it's an Android and I have been adding various things to the app WishList for quite some time it didn't take long to download a number of apps. I am going to need to get a mini-SD card though as the memory is unsurprisingly low for a cheap phone but the "essentials" seem to be working fine. If I get the current Humble Bundle of at least half a dozen games I'd like to own I'll need even more space to get them as well.

Near the end of my work shift on Thursday I had a couple of sneezing fits and had been feeling weary enough before lunch that I let the agency know I wouldn't be working Friday. By the time I might have been leaving for SAGA (if not for my prior decision to skip it on Thursdays) I was feeling more lethargic and had started going through tissues. I woke earlier than I wanted on Friday and then spent almost all day just on my recliner with my laptop and occasional smartphone play. The dreams I had that night were the first recurrent dreams I remember having, with me waking up three or four times over the 11 hours or so I spent in bed trying to sleep.

On one level I feel like I should be in Hanmer Springs at the moment, with another couple of hours at least before I'd be heading to bed. The Wednesday night came group that I was once a regular part of is having their annual getaway over Show Weekend and some of them have headed up particularly early. Having missed the past couple of years due to the first SAGA 48-hour-charity-event and then money issues last year, I was again unsure of whether I'd be able to attend until very recently. This year the 48 event is again over show weekend so I'd been thinking I'd be there most of this weekend. Instead I've been invited to a smaller private gathering with friends and I'll be there on the Friday, probably heading home after. On Saturday I do think I'll be attending from as early as I can be bothered, and probably leaving much earlier than I would have expected a few months ago. It's become obvious to me that many of those I'd be gaming with over the 48 aren't people I want to spend a lot of time gaming with.
Tonight I had my new phone with me, and in addition to using it to do the scoring for 7 Wonders (and get a headstart on BGG play recording), I also had it playing music most of the time I was playing, and found myself far less irritated by the slowness of others at the table than I think I would have otherwise been.

Being busy

2016-Nov-01, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Since the end of August I've been typically getting three days of work and that's with me turning down Wednesdays for a while so I can go and spend time at the Mainly Music sessions I used to be helping at every week. I don't know how long the better situation will last but I'm managing to save money each week which is good.

This coming weekend will be the eighth in a row that I've had plans besides simply attend church on Sunday morning. One of those weekends I was going to go visit a friend that ended up with conflicting plans such that I didn't go see her. I still spent much of that weekend away from here feeding the cat at another friends place (and walking). There is a local area community event this Sunday around noon and while I'm not expecting to spend a lot of time there I do hope to see certain people.
Show weekend will make nine with the SAGA 48 hour charity event and while I'm not going to make any effort to stay awake the entire time I'll probably be there most of the weekend.

The mass of activity at work and weekend has impacted on how far through my Media backlog I manage to get each day. iTunes is currently at about 18 hours of podcasts not listened to and YouTube has 60 unwatched videos on the Watch Later playlist, without me updating it today. I had thought I'd buy a smartphone yesterday which might have impacted how much audio I listened to each day, but the branch I went to doesn't sell phones.

A short while ago I started thinking about what should happen to my stuff when I die, I don't know what brought it on. So far I've decided that my copy of Chicken Caesar goes to someone specific as it seems she's enjoyed it more than I do each time she's played. Her husband requested another game and I'm more inclined to leave him the Babylon 5 DVDs I own. The actual listing is going to take a while and I'll have to make it obvious somewhere so it could be found when needed. About a dozen years ago I signed a will, but there wasn't a lot of detail in it, and my parents would currently be tasked with dealing with all my stuff. Most of which they'll have no idea about.

Big weekend

2016-Oct-25, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Three day weekend and I basically spent two of those days playing games. A couple of weeks ago I posted here that I'd be interested in playing Eclipse during the weekend if certain others were willing. The ease with which it happened means I'll probably sort another similar event at some point in the next couple of months, unless the SAGA 48 and Mini-Con IV sate desire.
A couple from the Wednesday group hosted games at their place on Sunday, starting late morning and going until late. I headed to church first and then spent about an hour walking across to South City area. I had a very ranged performance over the many games I played, winning four of them (two by wide margins) and getting thoroughly beaten in three of them. It was good to see the home of the couple, and now I know where to go if they host on a Wednesday night I have free.
The game of Eclipse went well enough for four of us, the fifth had very unfortunate draws while expanding and got hemmed in with not much chance of getting out. I had what seemed like poor early draws finding no more material worlds and having to make do with minimal income of such each round. The winner had what we all agreed were lucky discoveries, getting quite powerful ships early. My last round was big on miscalculation, spreading just thin enough that I had to withdraw from almost all my systems to afford all the actions I'd taken, one less move and I'd possibly have had several more points.

A week from now the first day of NaNoWriMo will be about done and I've started thinking I might be taking part again, after almost completely ignoring it last year. Me not bothering was partly due to one of those I know that takes part spending the month out of the city, and the other I'd most like to see having indicated no interest (I think? memory is poor). Having had three years of failures due to almost never feeling inclined to bother writing was the more significant motivation. This year I'm aware of another friend taking part and I do miss taking part, even with me pretty much never being inclined to show anyone any of what I achieved.
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I seem to be having trouble sleeping in the way I used to almost any day I didn't have work, didn't reach much past eight hours this morning. Maybe I should close the curtains at the top of my bedroom but I don't recall it being an issue until recently, even during summer.

I went back the Wednesday Night Gaming last week, and had a couple of very good games of (Rise of) Augustus, before a much longer than it should have been game of Castles of Burgundy. With the game end being nearly an hour later than I'd have estimated I was home noticeably later than I'd have preferred and had a somewhat unwelcome morning at work the next day. When I'd last been to the supermarket I'd purchased a can of LIFT+ figuring there would likely be a day it could be useful, I hadn't really expected it to be so soon. At some point in the past month or so Pak'n'Save stopped carrying Glucozade it seems, that's been my "energy drink" of choice since I felt inclined to buy any.

Saturday was the annual Community Fun Day in the park up the street from me, and I stuck around for the entire three hours this time. Most of the early portion just walking around to find people I know, lots of the later portion with particular people, including a baby. I don't look my age it seems, a couple of the young adults got engaged very recently and he wasn't present, sitting down by her briefly I got mistaken for him by a person new to the area. Granted, there probably hadn't been any discussion of what he looked like, but I'd have presumed I look significantly older than she does.

Next Monday is Labour Day, and I'll be spending the afternoon playing Eclipse, after actually making the minimal effort to set up such via FB. It would be better if there was a sixth that seemed likely to fit the group that's already organised, she that I would have asked is due to give birth on (or very near) that day.

I like to complain...

2016-Oct-11, Tuesday 05:40 pm
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... it's easier than actually taking steps to fix the "problems" that I see. I've started to make some changes in my behaviour regarding that however, and it seems to have cost me one friend on FaceBook already.

During the weekend I attended the third SAGA Mini-Con for the year, spending less of my time playing board games than I wanted due to a couple of factors, one being other people not having the stamina to stick around on Sunday evening. I also wanted to play different games than some of those that got played but had prepared for that with my laptop having Eclipse on it, getting through an entire game over the course of Sunday. A couple of people I'd have liked to show up didn't and the one person I avoid gaming with was present (briefly), but for the most part I got to play games with people I like spending time with including a couple of people that I hadn't been expecting to see there.

I did four days of work last week, most of it simple enough although a couple of the jobs were more taxing than normal. More than half of my Friday was spent putting things in bags which is always easy, there was a portion of Monday where I had to put stapled paper on the conveyor as magazines were going by, something that always strains my eyes and has once resulted in me leaving due to induced headache.
Having expected to be out later than I was on Sunday and at home for as little of the weekend as I was, I preemptively took yesterday off work and didn't get offered today. Leading to me agreeing to work tomorrow, and likely the rest of the week if I get offered those shifts. Tomorrow night I will be gaming unless I'm even more wiped out than I expect to be and will probably perform poorly in whatever I play.

This coming weekend will be the fifth in a row that I've had plans, although the one just been was the only one that was a full weekend of things. I'm now wondering if I'll be motivated enough to try and organise tabletop Eclipse for Labour weekend, it didn't get played at Mini-Con and I don't think waiting until the 48 Charity Event is a great idea.

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2016-Oct-04, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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Two and a half years ago I would have been getting back from SAGA late for an entirely different reason than I was tonight. Walking a friend to the bus stop she'd wait at led to me also getting more hugs than I managed while gaming with her. Tonight on the other hand I stuck around partially to let a committee member know a thing and make a request. (There's also no particular reason to come home as soon as I'm done gaming especially when I'm not working the following day.)

I spent much of my Saturday at the home of a couple I game with less than I'd like to. It ended up being close to seven hours that I was there, with the last half hour or so being conversation instead of games. A conversation that had me admit/confess a couple of things directly that they'd probably had a chance to guess at prior but wouldn't have heard specifically. It's good to have that level of trust with other people, probably far from necessary when talking with most of my friends, but I don't trust easily.

Work picked up a while back and hasn't faded in the interim like prior spikes have led to. I am taking tomorrow off after working yesterday and today, with an expectation for work on Thursday and Friday. If things keep being like they've been of late I'm going to consider taking Wednesdays off as a regular thing again like I was a few years back.


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