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2009-Apr-06, Monday 06:05 pm
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I have had six days off work in a row (10 counting weekends), thankfully that ends tomorrow although I'm not looking forward to the getting up early and walking in the cold (ETA 2315 Or not, while I was out getting SubWay there was a call to say one of the machines was behind so I don't have work.). Even with half of those days being my choosing to not work, it seems that there is a definite slow down at work and I'm going to be much better off working whenever I get the chance to do so.

Monday night I went to R18 again and, like has been the case for quite some time, I spent a lot of the time distracted by the baby/toddler. For the most part the group seems constant, which is probably a good thing as being used to and knowing the others there is going to mean each of us is more open. And I might start contributing more than just when I'm asked questions.

Tuesday and Thursday nights I went and played games with Steve, three games of Stone Age each night and it seems obvious that when the two of us play whoever has the first move in the game is going to win. I haven't played enough (especially recently) with more than two to have noticed a similar tendency. If there is such a tendency though I think it's going to sour me on the game.

Wednesday morning I went and helped with Mainly Music again, for some reason I tend to be a focus of attention for a few of the children, I'm getting used to having them come over to me and offer toys.
Games for the evening were cancelled (not an April Fools thing like I wondered initially) and so I was free to head to church and attend the Prayer and Praise meeting. I'm not likely to go back to them, especially at the expense of playing games.

Friday I got up early (for a day off) and caught a bus to the Beach, where I walked out on the pier and took photographs. In between getting those loaded onto my laptop and continuing to clear out some of the mess that I'd accumulated over the prior months/year I also made a start at getting my desktop PC working properly again (I had been unable to access the internet). As the cooling fan of my laptop no longer operational I'm unable to use it for more than an hour at a stretch. With me having recently uninstalled almost all the "essential" security programs as I wasn't intending to use the desktop for anything but data storage and games I wanted to get XP SP3 installed and had trouble due to prerequisites. Once the evening got nearer I headed to church again and spent a couple of hours helping children with their craft evening.

After I got up on Saturday I continued to make inroads on the mess that is my room and proceeded to actually get stuff installed on this computer. Shortly after 6 I headed to the Dux de Lux for the first time (in the evening anyway, NaNoWriMo TGIO get-togethers have previously been held there in the afternoons) and have decided I am unlikely to go back, the "music" was far too loud in my opinion. Not knowing anyone else of the organisers friends probably didn't help at all either.

Yesterday morning I spent some time in the local park as children hunted for rocks, and distracted one nearly 2 year old by pushing her on a swing while her grandfather was was minding the older kids. I also discovered that I"m no longer able to hang from my feet the way I used to. Or, at the very least, will require practise to become good at it again.
The afternoon saw me catching up with three friends I hadn't seen for a long time, a couple that went to Auckland when they got married a couple of years back, and another guy I probably hadn't seen since we left High School. If not for the coincidental timing I'd have been able to play Wii games as well. Facebook has been very good in getting me in contact with people again, not that I'm actually doing much in the way of talking to others in any way.
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On Friday night I was made aware of a web comic situated in a library. I finished reading through the archive about an hour ago. I have also spent a lot of time adding 'canonical titles' to works at LibraryThing and very little time reading my book that I'd thought I'd finish over the weekend.

My time at work is still feeling a lot better than it had been until I asked to work elsewhere, mostly because I like the operators I've been working for more than the other. Partly because I had a couple of days with not much work to do. Last night was the second quiz night they've organised and I took part in it with some colleagues. We led (or were close to first) for the entire evening and with the last round of questions ended up one point in front. I think being at a corner table was good because I didn't have any issues eating while I was there, not that there was a lot to eat.

Games night was (unsurprisingly) good again.
The first game I played was Power Grid, chosen by others for the sake of choosing something it seemed. After being a little trapped initially I was almost forced to save my money which allowed a break-out later on. Managing to get very good power plants early on helped ration spending as well. On the final round I almost threw away my victory by overspending but was advised by she that ended up second that there was no point to me building more. As it was I only won by 3 electros.
While waiting for another game to be chosen (and I'd thought that we'd be splitting the groups once one or both of the other games ended) I got out Tantrix which I'd taken and was going to see about doing one or two of the solitaire puzzles while waiting for others to make a decision of some sort. Instead of that I ended up teaching three of my Power Grid opponents how it was played. I almost gave one of my them a decisive victory because I didn't look far enough ahead as to what was going to happen after I played my tile. It ended up that what I'd become worried about was blocked so three of us ended up very close and she that almost beat me in Power Grid managed to loop tiles instead.
The last game I played was a teaching game of Metropolys where I was the teacher as I had played it twice before, a month prior. After explaining all I could initially recall we began, and I don't think I needed to add much as we went on. Nobody seemed particularly enthused about it, although with one drunk and another not far behind it's not surprising that neither of them was playing a whole lot of attention to trying to win. He that has shown lots of potential (coming second in most of the games he's playing for the first time) in the two (three?) months he's been coming along showed that he had been thinking about it all as he won by a few points but even he didn't think that there is much to the game.

I did, thanks to my parents, manage to get rid of a number of computer things last Saturday, I didn't manage to remember the present I got them while I was in Australia though. There is no longer a collection of monitors under the table here in the lounge. I have also got rid of the computer I purchased from a classmate my second year at polytech. I won't be surprised to find something else in my room when I next rearrange things (or move out) but I've done enough to count goal 18 complete. I've not really done much for anything else on that list for quite a while though, I'm going to have to look through it and see if there's anything that just doesn't appeal any more or if I do simply need to start working towards things on it.

NaNoWriMo is looming a little currently, still no idea what I'm going to write which doesn't concern me at all. What is annoying is the lack of communication back from those in charge about me being a ML this year. Oddly enough I'm wanting the ugly fluroescent t-shirt.

Must check keys

2008-Oct-03, Friday 10:48 pm
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Last night I went out to buy bread, and ended up with a fair amount of junkfood as well. Unfortunately I had left my keys on the table in the lounge after arriving home late on Wednesday night. With my flatmate not yet home from work I was thinking I might be stuck outside for quite some time and tried to ring my sister seeing as I'd been forgetting at convenient times for at least a week. I got an answering machine message though which wasn't really surprising. Luckily I didn't end up locked out much longer, my flatmate arrived back reasonably soon after I did.

My week away from the angry lady at work ended with me back at that machine but I'm happy with the way things went compared to past weeks. I basically spent a day at each of the main machines, with Tuesday actually split between a couple. The actual work is usually better at the machine I'm not wanting to be at now, especially with her operating and the machine stopping more than it used to. Being closer to most of the rest of the staff felt a little odd as well, I've become very used to being away from most of the other workers.

Monday's R18 meeting ended up being a lot of general talking and only a little of the Biblical "stuff" that we normally expect. I also got to hold a baby for a while and tried feeding her for a little while. My hair has grown long enough to get in my eyes when I shake my head now so I'm not going to be entertaining her that way quite as often.

Tuesdays' get together for the Children's Church helpers was good, I didn't eat but I did stay the entire time which I'd thought might not happen. The piano player in the center of the dining area was playing a mixture of Church songs (that actually take a while to register when it's just piano) and music from the 70s or so. I barely remember any of what was discussed, most of it not really being anything to do with me as I'm not involved in the Youth Group stuff that most of the others present are.

Gaming was good on Wednesday night, I played Puerto Rico again and had what has to be the closest game I've ever been a part of that didn't actually end as a draw. Both myself and one of my opponents had the same number of victory points, tie breaker is money and we each had a single coin, second tie breaker is number of goods and I had one more than him. The second game I played ended up true to form, playing Agricola with the occupation and minor improvement cards means I'm going to lose. I will continue to play at least some of the time I have the option to do so but I think I'm going to prefer other games most nights.

Tomorrow I'll be spending at least a couple of hours with my parents. I've asked them to come up to cart me up to Bishopdale for eDay which will mean I finally have no pile of monitors under the table in the lounge, or an old tower PC in my wardrobe. They'll also be bringing up Tantrix, which I'll probably spend a while playing with tomorrow evening and then forget about until next Wednesday (or the big Game Weekend).


2008-Jun-10, Tuesday 10:30 pm
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I spent almost all weekend away from my home, house-sitting for friends. I even took yesterday off work, only partly because it would have been difficult to get to work from where I was staying without inconveniencing someone. Over the nearly three days I was there I managed to start and finish "Ratchet and Clark: Tools of Destruction" although I hadn't managed to obtain all the extras. I also watched four movies, two of which are on the IMDB top 250 and one that I'm sure used to be. On Sunday morning I watched season one of "The Big Bang Theory" instead of sleeping before church and hope it will be broadcast by one of the networks here.

Last night I realised that it was only going to be four weeks until I'm in Australia again. We still need to organise a few things I think although the most important aspects have been taken care of. Basically, decisions about how we're going to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning could do with more thought. Apart from actually visiting the Opera House and Harbour Bridge this year I don't think anyone has specific plans. Although one of us wants to swim in the Hotel pool this year after missing out last time because she flew in nearly 12 hours later than the rest of us, and I want to go visit the game shop I got Wits and Wagers from last year.

I won't be getting a credit card, my income is insufficient for the bank to allow me a card. Which makes me wonder why my previous bank was sending me application forms every few months (my income now is almost double what it was then, if not more). This is probably a good thing, I'll be less likely to spend money if I can't buy things online with ease.
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I only did three days of work last week, with the reason for having Thursday off not actually being relevant because of the trip the host was taking I decided to take Friday off as well and go see my parents for a day and a half. As such I headed down to their place with my father after he finished work on Wednesday and was able to surprise my mother as she hadn't expected to see me when she arrived home. I watched most of the Seven Samurai (one of the movies on the IMDB top 250) that evening and the rest after getting up Thursday morning. After a discussion with my father he decided it wouldn't be worth the effort required to transfer data from their old PC to the newest one. Most of what it has in the way of data is game information and because of the more than 10 year difference in the PCs very few of the games are likely to run in a usable fashion. I also watched the first disc of the Different Strokes box set my parents own, amusing but not great TV. The only other out of the ordinary thing I did was read Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook.

Upon arriving back in Christchurch Friday morning I found the first of three PS2 games I've purchased on TradeMe in the mailbox so it took less than 10 minutes between me getting inside and playing that. Later in the day I was given the other two after my flatmate brought them inside so I changed over and apart from watching Rove and Smallville didn't really do much except play "SSX Tricky" and "Star Trek Shattered Universe" for a span of more than 12 hours.

Yesterday I'd been up for about an hour and had just put a load of clothes in the washing machine when I got invited to go play board games (one in particular) so after I hung my washing on the airer I left for what turned out to be 10 hours of games and DVDs. The host and I learnt how to play "Through the Desert" watched a movie and then made a start on learning "Princes of Florence" before his wife returned from things away from the home. He and I then taught her how to play Through the Desert, the addition of a third player changing the dynamics enough to make me wonder how much different it's going to be with 4 or 5. Pizza and a documentary on Planet Earth (one of the BBC ones, maybe by Attenborough) were then enjoyed before the three of us taught ourselves how to play Princes of Florence and finished off the evening with a game of "Thurn and Taxis".

Today I was a little late rising, partly due to not registering the fact that the radio being on meant it was time to get out of bed. The new program at Children's Church seems to be very popular with the other leaders, I'm not sure how most of the children are finding it although there's likely to be hesitation because it's very different from what the previous leader was doing.
I got invited to head to the local mall with the teens after the service was over and went although I'd been aware I wasn't going to eat even before we left. After getting there and finding that there wasn't enough seats free in close proximity the group of them left back for the church and I slowly made my way to Borders. Margaret Mahy was reading from Prince Caspian as well as a few of her books this afternoon, something I wouldn't have had a clue about if not for LibraryThing Local and the LJ syndicated feed for Christchurch.
Now, I'm about to head out to the last of the "Consider Your Ways" seminars at my church,
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A year ago today my life went through a very unwelcome change.
In many respects the life I've been leading since then is the result of that change (and in others it's the culmination of bad choices I've been making for the past 15 years). I feel that I spent almost no time socialising this year just been, apart from the time I spent at church or playing board games at Steve's place. Before the year was half done I'd also stopped heading across to Spreydon on Sunday nights and so I've barely seen the friends I have over in that part of the city. With most of them not showing up to those evening services every week the way they seemed to be when I started going to them I lost interest. Now the weather is nice again I might go back if I find out any of them are going back again, but I expect that most of them have found other churches or are simply attending morning services now.
Living with comparative strangers (that I don't really see much of, especially with one of them even more inclined to spend time in his room than my previous flatmates were) has left me almost completely alone while at home. Instead of reading books I want to finally read, in some case after having the book more than five (or even ten) years, or cleaning up, so at least my room isn't a mess, I have spent most of the eight or so hours each day after work wasting time online. I probably spent close to 100 hours playing Ticket to Ride online at the official site and a similar amount playing Cities & Knights and Carcassonne at AsoBrain. On a slightly more positive note I finally got around to watching a few DVDs that I've wanted to watch for a while as well as the complete run of DS9 (most of which I purchased in the month after shifting in here). And I managed to read a book a week on average, even with 10 of them being in the course of the week of Hillsong and the one right after.
Hillsong conference itself was good, even if those I was with would have seen me as bored most of the time we were over there. I might even have a better time this year, especially if I can allow myself to relax myself more when surrounded by people in the conference halls. I might even buy more games this time, I'll have more money to spare if I can keep from purchasing to many DVDs between now and then. Of course I won't be that that inclined to buy games if I continue to have only one regular opponent. On the other hand I recently became aware of a couple of people in Christchurch that host regular games nights that I might be able to start attending if I actually make the effort to contact the people involved. If I start heading to either (or both) of those groups I'll be considering goal 28 done, the main thing I wanted was to be able to play more games than I currently do.

As to the rest of that list I'm not getting as far through as I should be to stay on track, and at least one is not possible any more. It's also dropped off my mental thought processes to a large extent, I haven't updated the list since September, so I'll be doing so once this entry is posted.

I procrastinate, a lot.

2007-Oct-17, Wednesday 11:13 pm
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Days like last Wednesday are part of the reason I don't need to sleep much for work. I spent about half my time at work not really doing anything because there had been problems getting things ready and once I was at a machine that was running, there were three of us doing a two person job. Last Tuesday on the other hand is part of the reason I've managed to bulk up a little and am now stronger than I was a couple of years ago, most of my body was in almost constant motion while the machine was running.

After that easy Wednesday at work I went and visited my parents for a day and a half. I did very little while there apart from watch DVDs (both seasons of Yes Prime Minister and the 1984 version of Dune) with a couple of hours also playing with Torro blocks in an attempt to build a dice tower (goal 24). Apart from proper testing with actual dice I managed all I wanted to, and the next time I visit them I hope to see it there still and be able to test it properly. I also attempted to install a new HDD in my parents newer PC. I was able to get it detected in the BIOS but the OS (Windows XP) didn't seem to want anything to do with it. At no point after windows started running did I get any indication that the HDD was present.

Tonight I've been out to play games again and had a very good result. Lucky card draws in Ticket to Ride meant that I won all three games convincingly (such that scores weren't even added up) and managed to outperform with the farmers in Carcassonne (something I very rarely manage).

Over the rest of the past 2.5 weeks I've had something of a quick visit from my best friend from High School, done a little kitchen duty at a bridal show (where, during the down time, I once again surprised people with how strong I am), played games three nights apart from tonight, spent another Sunday afternoon with friends at their home and watched half of a DVD dealing with the Creationism/Evolution argument that polarises a lot of people. I even found time to add my school photos to an album at Facebook.

2007 is 3/4 done

2007-Oct-01, Monday 06:50 pm
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September is now over and I feel that my life consisted of too much work and not enough play for the past couple of months. (Looking back on my calendar, there is far more grey than anything else.)
I have very little in the way of non-work plans for the rest of the year before Christmas although I'm likely to be alone for even more of November than is normal. Getting a laptop may alleviate that tendency a little, but only a little.

I stayed in church for the entire service yesterday morning, I was standing at the back for the full 90 minutes but I was there the entire time. It seems that I might have be working so much lately that I'm subconsciously wanting to spend less time with people elsewhere, this is bad if true. The fact I agreed to have lunch with friends yesterday at their home after the service and then invited a friend to my place after deciding I wasn't wanting to wait around at the cinema belies that possibility somewhat though. We ended up watching Quantum Leap until 1900 at which point she decided to head home. The first half of that was episodes I saw three weeks earlier with other people.
I'm not likely to be going back to Spreydon for a while, I''ve only been twice since I got back from Hillsong and it seems like most of those I consider friends over there aren't going to the evening services most weeks. Thinking about watching netball games again like I was last year has some impact there as well.

Warm, sunny afternoons may see me working on goal 63 since I finally got everything I need for it together and made a start last Friday. Unsurprisingly to me it took a while for me to actually make the beginning even after having everything together. I may also continue to read my most recently started book, that I think I purchased three years ago. Of course, going on what I've intended to do at various times recently I'm likely to continue spending time here at my PC instead.

My hair has been feeling long again for a while now, I'm thinking about a month or so. Which is long enough that I won't have any trouble getting rid of it all at this years' FunRazor. Apart from the issue one of the R18 leaders has with my hair being short (or non-existent). It's also going to make photos from Church Camp this year easily distinguished from the first one.

I have just under two weeks to decide whether I like playing Ticket to Ride enough online to purchase more game time. Or if I'll be happy to just try joining games and not playing against bots any more.
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Yesterday I went to the church around 3pm to help set up for today's Father's Day service. Apart from taking the second roll of paper for use in one of the challenges today I didn't really achieve anything while I was there yesterday. There was somewhat random sparring between a couple of friends, that extended to me for a short while and I don't seem to feel pain quite the same as others, it took longer for me to tap out. After people realised that things were pretty much done I was invited to Lincoln with those two friends and foolishly agreed, even though I don't like travelling. After having been gradually getting worse on the trip I decided I wanted to head home and as the others were getting sorted I was a little sick in a council rubbish bin. Once I got back home I decided to sit on my chair and watch Yes Minister while I recovered. Because I have already seen the episodes half a dozen times I also spent some time doing crosswords in an attempt to finally get through the That's Life magazines that I've been bringing home from work for the past few months.

Today the service was far more amusing than I think is typical (I haven't been in a normal service very often this year). Once again we had a video presentation thanks to the guys that have spent the past couple of years setting up a studio and improving the multimedia capabilities. There was also about half an hour of what may be an annual competition "Father of the Year." During which the fathers had to pump a bicycle wheel, "Dress" their teenage daughter for her first date (which is why I took the second roll of paper to the church on Saturday) and then create something for younger children to play with from a collection of boxes and blankets. Once the service was over there was a couple of BBQs going as well as a lot of children running around with water pistols (that had been given to the fathers) so most people stayed around for longer than is normal.

After pretty much everyone had left I headed towards Westfield with [ profile] arkore as he was heading home and we talked for a little while. I had decided at some point over the past few days that I wanted to buy the first season of "The Dead Zone" so I could watch it before I got around to watching the second season which I have owned for nearly a year now without watching it. As such I walked through the mall stopping at K-Mart, the CD and DVD store and Whitcoulls on my way through before meeting up with a couple from church temporarily. I then continued through to Nature Discoveries (to look at the games) and Borders and didn't see the first season at any of those stores. Once I got back to Whitcoulls I saw Quantum Leap on sale and partly because I had decided to spend money anyway ended up getting the first four seasons at $30 each as well as the first season of Mad About You and WarGames which I watched this afternoon. I also bought an umbrella, which means I have another one of my 101 in 1001 list items completed without really planning it, and the goal of working four complete weeks in a row was also completed recently.
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My LibraryThing account is getting dates added to books indicating when I last read them. Once I'm done with that I'll be finding when I purchased/acquired most of them and adding that info. I'll probably not do much more than that tonight but at some point I think I'll be going through them all again adding more tags. I'm also finding a few books that didn't get imported with the ISBN import which is bringing the total closer to what my own database indicates I have number wise.
Listening to Board Game Podcasts is only contributing to the geekiness I'm feeling tonight.

Goal 43 got taken care of without me really making any attempt at it which surprised me. Thanks to working 5 days last week and buying lunch each of those days and then cooking not long after getting home each day I'd finished 5 days before giving any consideration to achieving the goal. Saturday wasn't much different, I just ate noodles in the evening instead of a 'lunch' meal between breakfast and dinner. Sunday I was at the mall after church again and actually bought and ate (most of) a meal from "Hungry Wok" before coming home and then cooking again early in the evening. I was expecting that it would actually take a real effort to manage this goal as I've been accustomed to spending a day off sitting at my PC and only eating twice through the day, once shortly after I got up and again when I got around to cooking.

I've been to Spreydon once since getting back from Hillsong and there was more than a month before that trip that I didn't go over either. That makes almost three months with only one visit across that way. Unsurprisingly that lack of visitation has been noticed and commented on. Unless something comes up this weekend (or the weather is too bad)I will be heading over again. Related to that is the fact I've hardly had any contact with any of my friends over there. Something I'm less content with than I would have been a year or so ago I think.

Last Friday night was supposed to be an evening of mini-golf and maybe something more with R18. I was the only one to show up from the group, unless someone showed up while Steve and I were out. Because it was just the two of us Steve and I had a quick round of mini-golf at McDuff's (off Yaldhurst road) and played another few games of Ticket to Ride, after having played the night before as well.

I was busy yesterday.

2007-Aug-05, Sunday 10:54 pm
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Hello anyone reading this at Facebook. Come on over to LJ to read the entirety of the entry with intact links if you're interested. (Just click the "View original post" link above.)

I spent almost all of yesterday between waking up and midnight either at my church, or the house next door. Today's service was the Hillsong Conference recap and we (the six of us that went over to Hillsong Conference and a couple of others that chose to help) spent yesterday setting up and preparing for it. That involved a short script writing session, most of which had been done by the time I was 'abducted' from my home. I let my pessimistic tendencies out to play a little in my description of the conference, mentioning a few things I hadn't liked (only 4 of the 7 things I'd managed to list through the week), but then said that I was still going back. My intention was that even with things I didn't like I still want to go back so it must have been good even if I can't explain what was good about it. I don't know how well that came through. The others that were involved thought the video was funny when we got to see it completed, that took a while due to needing picture in picture at a couple of points and intermixing the audio/video from the two takes.
While we were waiting for final rendering to take place a few of us amused ourselves by doing silly things. Including me proving that I am still capable of supporting my body weight for a while solely on the back of my head and my heels. Something that I first did at my first night attending the Gore Baptist Church Youth Group back in late '96 I think, although I wasn't able to stay up as long Saturday night. I also proved myself capable of winding my way around a chair to bite a biscuit placed upon a glass by the back leg on the far side to that which I was moving around from. There was also a less than fully committed effort to get four of us sitting on each others' knees/laps.

I got invited to the mall just a little after church finished this afternoon, once I'd watched people eat again we ended up in Farmers looking at children's toys. It's been a while since I did that and looking back on the afternoon I am a little surprised to have not really thought about any of those other occasions while there. After that it was just two of us and I ended up wandering along behind/beside her the way I tend to when I'm with any of my female friends in a mall. Getting taken into Strandbags ended up costing me $30 though, after about two months I've finally replaced my wallet, which was no longer holding coins securely. Once we went our separate ways I went to do my grocery shopping and ended up getting one of those 4c off fuel coupons, the first I've had at any point since the offers came into effect.

I watched The Pianist on Friday night / Saturday morning. Another movie like Rabbit Proof Fence in some ways, I'm not sure how I feel after watching it. I don't think I want to watch a lot of depressing movies, regardless of the reasons for watching them. Watching it while tired and needing to go to sleep probably wasn't the wisest idea though.

Goals 3, 4, 5 and 6 may all be taken care of somewhat sooner than expected. I've been pointed in the direction of prezzy cards and once I get money back from my previous flat (something I should have dealt with months ago) I will have the funds available to be taking care of those things. I've also got myself somewhat closer to having a proper cleaning schedule (86) worked out, not to the point of being able to follow one but closer. I cheated a little and asked a LiveJournal community in a poll about a week ago.
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Wil Wheaton posted on his blog today about DailyLit, where it's possible to set things up so that you get sent regular email with subsequent portions of books you would like to read. Of course, almost everything there is quite old, otherwise it would involve infringement of copywrite laws. Once I'm done with Pride and Prejudice I think I might arrange to haveWar of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H. G. Wells emailed to me. I am however, more likely to just go to wherever they are at the website and read them in two or three sessions instead of over the weeks the email option could lead to.

The banner did get made on Friday night. It took about an hour with only three of us there so it wasn't complicated. And though I did mention my new game I wasn't enthusiastic in suggesting it (not surprising really) and I don't think either of the other two really would have paid much attention.

I should have watched Casablanca on Sunday night, it would have been one of the movies off the IMDB top 250 (101_in_1001 item 90). After a few of us from R18 went to the Casino for $5 steak (only possible with a "players card"?) we headed back to the R18 leaders home with the intention of watching a DVD. It took a while before we sat down to watch it thanks to us talking some more and the inertia that tends to be present in our gatherings. About ten minutes in (maybe not even that) we paused it to get dessert and upon returning watched some of Top Gear. During that Steve seemed to be trying to arrange a game night for the week ahead and I indicated I'd probably be able to play whatever night he wanted. He then went and got the Catan boxes and I decided that I would rather play then than watch the DVD. We ended up having our first 5 player game of Cities & Knights for around a year or so I think, leaving only three people watching the DVD.

Tomorrow I should finish my first 40 hour week of work since getting back from Hillsong, the second since I was employed by PMP itself and only the third I'll have done for the year. (Although the first week after being employed by PMP was only 3 hours short because I wanted to attend a funeral.) Therefore I'm going to be 1/4 done with goal 75 unless I get sent home early. I've begun to think I might be well advised to alter the goal though, as I have no guarantee of five days of work in any given week. Maybe make it three months working every day there is work available?

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I'm not enjoying the change in weather I've been experiencing for the past 24 hours. Before heading away to Australia the current temperature in my room would have seemed quite nice, now it feels cold. Having acquired a cold on Thursday or Friday isn't helping with things either, although it seems quite likely that my feeling of illness on the flight home was the result of the cold, not the travel. Coming home to practically no food (I had some Weet-Bix, sausages and frozen mixed vegetables left from before heading away) wasn't great either, I had to go out this afternoon to buy food and felt far colder with more clothing.

Saturday morning. I woke at about 0430, in the spare bed at a friends (A) place to make getting a ride to the airport easier. Only five hours of sleep to begin my week away, and the rest of the week wouldn't be a lot better as far as sleep was concerned. We got to the airport on time, met up with t and then spent an hour or so getting organised and another hour or so waiting around before being allowed on the plane. Surprisingly I was okay on the flight and didn't really feel ill at all, although I was tired. After getting off the airport and through the final stuff there, we (A, t and myself) headed to the train station and I became quite glad to not be traveling on my own, things went a lot smoother than they might have because I was with someone that had done it all before. We got from the airport station to the central station without difficulty and then, due to a misinterpretation of distance made by t and I (having not been before) we ended up walking for at least 30 minutes, with luggage we had to carry. We got to the hotel and put bags in the storage room before heading out to explore the city a little.
Saturday afternoon. Unsurprisingly there was a lot of Chinese restaurants in the Chinatown area of the city and the three of us were convinced to eat at one of them as we were walking through it, we even got free soup. A trip to the Australian Opal cutters occurred at some point early in the afternoon, during which A managed to pick the most expensive item from practically all the trays she was shown.
I can't currently manage to put things in proper chronological order for the rest of the afternoon, but basically, the three of us that had flown over together returned to the suite at one point and were unable to get into the room we were to be staying in. The couple (C and K) that we would be staying with over the course of the week had managed to get checked in while we were out and their cards had been set as new for the room instead of additional. As near as we could all figure out we had possibly crossed paths in the elevators at some point because we hadn't seen them come in the front of the hotel even after being there for around an hour waiting for someone.
Saturday night. A matter of minutes after getting the key cards sorted out and returning to the suite a message was received indicating that the last of our group (a) had arrived at the airport and would be waiting for us, about 2 hours earlier than expected. The three of us that had flown over together headed back to the airport and after meeting up with a we all headed back to the hotel, this time taking the monorail from the central station to right near the hotel. Once back a while was spent with everyone catching up on each others days before us 'younger' ones went out to the 'Blackbird' restaurant for dinner. With kangaroo on the menu A and t chose that while a and I split a pizza, I also decided to drink alcohol, for the first time in a long time and suffered mildly for it. The rest of our evening was spent walking some of the distance around Darling Harbour before heading back to the hotel so we could all try and minimise the problems sleep deprivation was going to cause us.

Sunday morning. No one got up really early although I was awake earlier than wanted, partly because of the light on our window and partly because I rarely sleep longer than eight hours. My first breakfast consisted of the piece of pizza I hadn't eaten the night before and the Krispy Kreme donut I hadn't eaten from those purchased at the airport. Second breakfast was pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks with A, t and a where I was foolish enough to think I might be able to eat the complete meal after having already eaten that morning. After walking across the Pyrmont Bridge we returned to the hotel, and then caught the Monorail to Paddy's market, which we didn't leave for about five hours. I spent $5 on a small bag, my friends spent far more on clothing.
Sunday afternoon. After finishing at the market we headed off again and I split from the group to try and find a game store that I had found in the yellow pages while they were going to look through the mall we'd found ourselves at. The game store was closed though, so I just headed back to the hotel, managing to catch up with my friends at the next monorail station.
Sunday evening. After spending more time at the hotel catching up a little more with C and K the rest of us headed out again, this time to visit the Wildlife world and Aquarium across the harbour. On our way there we happened to pass a small store that sells imported British candy, I spent almost $30 NZ. Unfortunately it was dark by that stage of the day and so we saw less at the wildlife world than we might otherwise have but it was still fun to be there. The aquarium was also good but I failed to find something I had thought existed after seeing photos from the holiday Spreydon friends took for a wedding. (Photos that were taken in Melbourne.) Walking around under the pools with seals, sharks, sting-rays etc was quite interesting although seeing what appeared to be a dead turtle was less than fun. Once we'd got through the two of those attractions we headed to the nearby McDonalds (I got Subway instead) and then played in the nearby playground for a while before again returning to the hotel.

Monday morning. One of the first things I did on Monday morning was head back to the Game store, which, while closed when t and I arrived, opened not to long after. Unfortunately I was unable to find either of the games I was quite keen on at least looking at but I did find a copy of Wits and Wagers, which I'm hoping will get some play at an R18 type meeting due to the party nature of it compared to the "Euros" that I tend to play on games nights. While t and I were at the store I got a message saying the rest of the group had headed to the "Aboriginal Museum"? and thus the two of us headed back to that part of the city to try and find them once I'd paid my money. It was while walking around there that I found a climbing wall (found as in finally saw after walking past it a few times) and spent a few dollars to have a go. Even after a few years (maybe as many as 10) I didn't find it difficult although my fingers did feel odd for the next 30 minutes or so. (Goal 33 underway.)
Monday afternoon. t and I headed back to the hotel to meet up with everyone else about noon and then waited around while a rental car was organised. As foolish as it now seems (and did from shortly after we set out) the three of us that had never been to Hillsong before (a, t and I) headed off to catch trains to Olympic Park and try and get ourselves registered and everything else while the other three went to get some groceries and check in at the motel we'd be staying at for the following week.

I'll continue my recap of last week in another post, dealing with everything that happened during the week at Hillsong proper.

101 in 1001 Day one

2007-Jun-22, Friday 11:59 pm
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In just over a week I will be leaving for Australia, I think the change inherent in that began to hit me yesterday. For the first half of my shift at work yesterday I was feeling even less sociable than I normally do and considered asking to be let go at lunch time. I managed to avoid doing so and managed to put aside those feelings far quicker this morning when they came back. I will be taking next Friday off however, I really don't want to be getting up early on Saturday to catch a plane after working all five days beforehand. I also informed my boss that I want the Monday following my trip to Hillsong off as another recovery day.

Wednesday night I was out just past 2300 again, playing games again. [ profile] arkore joined the three of us that have been playing most frequently of late so it was four player games. First we had a game of Cities & Knights which I won a little more convincingly than has been normal of late. I then proceeded to come last in a game of Ticket to Ride which arkore picked up quicker than anyone else has without access to the rules beforehand. I'd like to think I explained things better but he probably has a better innate ability to pick up on such things than the others I have tried to teach. Playing against actual people is much harder than the bots online, those I beat almost without fail.

I've managed to miss some opportunities to make starts on things on my list already.

76. There was an extended period of time just before lunch that the machine I was at didn't run (paper got jammed while the operator was away and I was hesitant to remove it in case I made things worse) and I just walked around and spent a little time relaxing on a chair.
80. I thought about saying Grace twice, both times at least an hour before I actually ate.
But, I have also started on three of the goals I assigned myself. Including having a start on one goal (92) sort of forced upon me.
10. I've updated and ran the security programs I have on my PC tonight.
17. I downloaded a touch typing tutor that has a DVORAK option and managed a wpm of 67.97 on the first lesson, which admittedly only involved two letters and the space bar. Not actually bothering to change over the keyboard to my old one with physically rearranged keys is also going to make it less likely that I look at my hands trying to figure out what I'm doing.
58. I actually pointed out a "problem" one of my colleagues had with the work he was doing. Normally I won't as long as it doesn't look likely to cause actual issues with the job.

I think tomorrow is going to be a good day for transferring the list to paper so I can stick it up around my room, in sections probably. That will also make it easier for me to cut down on the amount of time I spend just sitting here at my PC I think.

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I've spent quite a bit of the past three days dealing with TradeMe again. And I'm not spending any money (probably). As an attempt to raise a little money for Hillsong, which is now a week and a half away, a number of things are being put up for auction, some more valuable than others. As I'm the one with lots of free time and a fast internet connection (and I did volunteer) it's been left to me to put things up and so I've been slowly going through the pictures that have been taken and working out where they'd best be put and how to describe them.

My 101 in 1001 list will be uploaded on Thursday (I only need 2 more items), with a backdated (foredated?) entry of 18 March 2010. That will make it the first entry random visitors to my LJ see which isn't quite what I want but it seems to make sense for me. When I'm hopefully going to be editing it reasonably often with completed goals over the nearly 2.75 years I want it to be easily found. I have barely had to copy other peoples goal to get my list long enough, most of it has come from momentary realisations of things I want to do, but was unlikely to do spontaneously.

After R18 last night, which was a slightly bigger group than has been showing up (8 in total instead of 6), four of us played a game of Cities & Knights. Not the wisest move when we weren't able to start until after 9 and four player games take longer than the three player games that have been taking us 90 minutes or so. I got home at about 11:30. I managed to get from last to second on one of my last couple of turns though, that was good.

The heat pump that was installed last Wednesday has been wonderful. I walked in after work on Wednesday and as soon as I started moving through the doorway from outside I could tell it was working. My room has been the one to benefit the most, apart from the lounge which it was installed in and I have not felt any need to shut my door to keep heat in since then. Even at the minimal setting of 16° it's keeping enough of the house warm that I'm happy, my flatmates may prefer it up higher but they don't seem to be making any effort to turn it up that I've noticed. Because of that I won't be going and buying a better heater than the one I have, I may even put the other away in it's box again.

Caring For Your Introvert

Reflections on time.

2007-Jun-12, Tuesday 09:54 pm
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One year ago today I walked home from work in the snow, shortly after 7am, after having been ill at work. After heading to bed I spent a portion of the day playing Lord of the Rings Risk with a couple of my flatmates and most of the rest of my time would have been huddling in a blanket. I was also missing someone that I now miss for entirely different reasons as well as having the same issues with cold the way I am now. In contrast, today I spent a large portion of my day meandering around while the machine wasn't running and generally acting as the 'head worker' as the lady that has typically been 'in charge' at the end of the machine wasn't at work.

Since shifting my furniture on Saturday my bed is warmer each night, especially considering there has been a noticeable drop in temperature recently. The heat pump that is being installed tomorrow should also have a distinctly noticeable impact upon the temperature in this flat. Having it installed right by my room should provide me with even more benefit that it will for my flatmates. Not my decision, but I'm not going to avoid taking advantage of it.
I had been thinking I would ask my father to drop by tomorrow after he was finished at work so I would be able to go and get a column heater instead of continuing to use the fan heater I've been borrowing from my parents for the past five (six?) years. With the heat pump installation happening tomorrow I think I should just wait a week or so to find out whether or not that makes enough difference.

I am currently contemplating joining the 101 in 1001 challenge that seems to have been going around the internet for a while, I'm slow to pick up on trends. I've started watching [ profile] mission101 and have read through the advice page triplux has on his site.
Starting Thursday, June 21, 2007 will mean I finish on my 29th birthday. It will also give me just over a week to actually come up with a list of 101 things I want to do. My 43things list will provide a few items for such a list but nowhere near 101. Cheating is probably in order, I'll be looking through a number of the lists that other people have created and culling the interesting/appropriate/achievable things from what I come across.

At 2230 tomorrow night I shall be 230,000 hours old, give or take half an hour as I don't know exactly when between 2 and 3 pm I was born.


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