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And when I don't recall saying that before it's obvious I don't say it anywhere near enough.

Games last Wednesday night was about as well attended as seems normal. Only two tables instead of the three that were needed the week before.
The first game I played was Manila which may be my new hot favourite. Luck mitigation seems to be the single biggest issue, but, in theory, the 'best' player will win most games.
Game 2 for the evening was Carcassonne with the first two expansions, against only a couple of people so there were a lot of turns each. I won convincingly but was very lucky with my tile draws, often getting the last tile that would fit a particular spot that scored me a lot of points, or allowed me to muscle in to one of my opponents cities.
My last game of the evening was Race for the Galaxy which I may enjoy more after another play or two but it isn't currently a game that I"m going to suggest. Probably because how to play well isn't at all obvious from rules explanation or having played once.

Saturday evening I went out to play games with the hosts of Wednesday night games, a different experience to playing on Wednesdays as the only real decision is what to play, there's no issue of who to play with.
The first game we played was Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries which was new to all of us. With all of us having played other versions though it was fairly quick to learn, although there were a couple of things we missed in the rules that might have made a few differences to what we each chose to do at various points. The 3-player limit was also a little strange but understandable with the more limited connections available.
After finishing that they got me to reteach them Manila, I don't think I missed anything as I skimmed through the rules. With only 3 (instead of the 4 from my first game) everyone gets an extra action before the first lot of dice rolls which I found hard to remember initially.
The last game I played in the evening was Lost Cities which has been touted as "the" couple game on BGG because of.. well I'm not really sure. It doesn't require any communication, there's a lot of math and it seems that it would be very easy to withhold things your opponent would want so as to limit their score. I like it though.

I was almost late to church on Sunday after staying up later than I should have, partly because the internet wasn't almost unusable after midnight like it had been for a few weeks. Since Friday we've been with a different ISP in my flat and so far I've noticed speeds at least 10x what was normal previously. I don't seem to have much of a role to play during Children's Church besides getting the VCR setup and running it at the right time but I'm happy with that. I get to help in small ways and I'm spending time with people I like. I do get to help 'lead' groups on occasion as well though, probably good for me in some ways.

Sunday afternoon I headed to the Arts Centre for the first NaNoWriMo meetup and was spotted almost immediately by the guy that was already there. Having my hair this colour has obviously had one of the effects intended. With the weather the way it was early in the day a few people that had been intending to come pulled out but we still ended up with four writers. The guy that spotted me initially only found out about NaNo a matter of weeks ago, one of last year's newbies is back after winning last year, the only woman to show up is the flatmate of last year's newbie and is going to actually try this year, and of course the fourth was me. Being "in charge" wasn't actually difficult but I was constantly aware of the fact that I wasn't doing as good a job as AJ did over the past few years.

Monday I was up only a little before noon and spent most of the immediate 2 hours after that with breakfast and various cleaning needs. A little later than I'd initially expected (which allowed for more time-wasting online) I got picked up and taken to Shirley for another games day. Only four games got played (unless people were playing elsewhere that I didn't realise) and I was the only one to play in all of them.
While waiting for everyone to show up someone decided that we'd play Manila, and I've since decided that five people is to many for it, to few choices during the last round of placements.
The next game played was one of Mall of Horror wherein the idea is to not get eaten by zombies. After a couple of rounds it seemed that I would be free to go elsewhere very soon as I'd lost two of my three characters, the third lasted until the third from final round. To some extent it's a game that doesn't reward good play so much as personality as there's a lot of voting for who gets eaten. The rest of the people playing all seemed to agree it's better with more people (6 like we had instead of 3), something I can easily see the sense of.
The third game was one of Vikings, teaching the host as the Wednesday night host thought it would be enjoyed. As per normal I ended with insufficient Fishermen but it wasn't as bad as I normally manage. I can't decide how many people I prefer to play against with this game, maybe that's a good thing.
The last game of the evening was Thurn and Taxis which I hadn't played for 3 months. By that stage of the evening the sun was no longer shining on the back yard so we went inside and crowded the living room. It's a little odd to play a game when 'surrounded' by people that aren't playing, especially when they want to have conversations with those that are.

I was given a lift home with more than sufficient time before I should have gone to bed. But, a few minutes before I would have shut down my laptop I started chatting with a friend about how I've thought I might have Asperger Syndrome. Four and a bit hours later she'd gone through the list I posted here a little over a year ago and basically shown that my interpretation of the indicators was often wrong as was my interpretation of my own abilities/traits.
With only 90 minutes before I'd have been getting up for work anyway I just stayed online doing random things and headed to work without sleeping. Not the best day for it as I ended up working with bundles of magazines that would easily have been a couple of kilograms and large enough that I was only just able to grab the bundle. I ended up napping at lunch time on a pile of pallets so the afternoon was a little easier on my but I'd told the boss when I arrived that I thought taking today off would be a very good idea.


2008-Mar-16, Sunday 09:59 pm
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As my birthday is on Tuesday I'm going ten-pin bowling on their $6 day, I don't yet know when exactly but it may be in the afternoon. So far I've had 2 of the 7 (?) that I invited by text say they're interested . If you're reading this at FaceBook and can come along you're welcome to join us. If you're on my friends list here at LJ and can come along you're welcome. You'll be able to find my cellphone number and/or email at either my FB profile or the first LJ entry and I'd appreciate some indication that you intend to come so I know how many to expect.
If I'd actually got around to doing anything earlier than today I think I might have had more people interested. With seemingly half my current friends pregnant, new parents or just married I realise that most aren't likely to have the time/inclination to go bowling. Which is another reason I'd like to live somewhere nicer and be okay with hosting some sort of get together. Maybe next year.

In other news I've been thinking for quite a while about the lack of understanding between myself and others. I feel quite certain that a lot of people think I'm either lying to them or just trying to avoid conflict or something when I tell them I don't care about particular things. The possibility it could actually be the complete unaltered truth seems to elude them. On the other hand, even after more than a year I'm still unsure why my help at Children's Church etc. seems to be such a big thing for others. I feel as though I'm getting to play a lot of the time I 'help' at Children's Church and don't see it as a big thing at all.
This issue is one of the things that made me consider Aspergers as a possibility. From some of what I've read it seems that different starting points are common in comparisons of thought processes between Aspies and NTs (NeuroTypicals).

The (almost?) five hours of walking I did on Thursday has left me with slightly sore soles on my feet and an intermittent pain in the back of my lower legs. I think I'll be fine for the City to Surf though, that's only going to be a couple of hours or so.

Asperger issues

2007-Aug-11, Saturday 05:16 pm
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Yet another test has indicated I might have Aspergers, this time the result (39/50) was even more into the zone of 'positive' results. A list of Asperger traits taken from wikipedia, and how I see my self in relation to them. (quite long) ) So that's at least 15 of the 25 traits I consider myself to exhibit, 5 that I don't feel able to judge, 2 that I don't exhibit and the others I'm somewhat split on.

Am I an Aspie?

2007-Jun-29, Friday 06:53 pm
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For more than a year now I've been thinking I might have Asperger syndrome, of the 25 Social differences listed more than half are things I definitely see myself exhibiting to some extent. Of course, I could also just be wanting an excuse for why I have trouble interacting with people so that I don't have to work at it. Having taken a test (an OkCupid test so I'm not really taking it all that seriously) on Tuesday that indicated I might be correct in my assessment I think I will be looking into what it would actually mean for me when I get back from Hillsong. There are enough differences that I'm not "obviously" an Aspie though, I am quite literal most of the but don't tend to have trouble understanding sarcasm, while honest most of the time I will lie very easily in certain circumstances and I've definitely not had trouble understanding embarrassment over the years.
If anyone actually knows me reasonably well in person and also knows enough about Asperger's (or bothers to read up about it) I'd appreciate you letting me know (here or elsewhere) if you think that I'm right, wrong or otherwise in thinking this.

I'm about to go out and play games. This may not be the wisest choice but it may help take my mind off the upcoming changes to normalcy.
Sometime later tonight I am going to be sleeping on the couch at a friends place so that both of us can be picked up around 4:40 in the morning and driven to the airport. I have begun to question how much I'll forget to take, having never really travelled away for any length of time and certainly not this far, I'm a little worried. On the other hand I'll have the ability to buy anything I realise I need and will be with others that I can rely on for help.

Greetings new person. I'm guessing you added me from [livejournal.com profile] polloftheday?

And finally, as I'll be away for the next week, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] nightwlf


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