Books (for a change)

2015-Dec-29, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I've read more books this past week than I did for the entire rest of the year. Not particularly surprising when I didn't read anything between the end of February and last week. While out feeding cat I've been spending at least 30 minutes reading before heading home, giving the cat time to wander outside if he wanted and time for head rubs when he's wanted that as well. I haven't done as much walking as I'd been expecting to though, I caught a bus to games last night, and then slept on a couch there so I wouldn't be walking home at night and to cat in the morning. The first I read was one of those I'd read back a dozen years ago, and the others are from where I got up to in the series.

I really haven't done a great deal else in the interim, I missed the one church service I was aware of happening and the gaming that happened on Wednesday wasn't at the one location I still walk to. I considered buying a bookshelf yesterday (to put DVDs on) but carrying it home would have proved difficult and I wasn't actually sure it would be a good fit. There was actually two, one double the price of the other with just one more shelf that looked to be better made. If it was the right size I think I'd be able to get all my DVDs on the one shelf, which would be an improvement on the four different locations they're currently spread around.

Games, PC and board

2014-Sep-30, Tuesday 11:55 pm
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I started playing Tropico 3 late last week, in a similar way to FTL I've missed some sleep because of it. The aim of the game is to build up the economy of a tropical island while dealing with the desires of it's people for increased wages and entertainments. The first two missions seemed quite simple, with me not struggling to meet the aims.
This week I'm likely to play board games on six different days, and may even get to play on the seventh.

I finished reading a book today near the end of my shift at work. After starting to read it two weeks earlier when I gave someone I sort of know some money for it and some other books. That makes the second book I've read this year, the first being read mostly while on the Church camp in January. Considering that I was reading multiple books a week nearly 15 years ago this seems like a massive come down. My hope is that I'll be taking at least a couple of the others to work in the coming weeks so I can read them as well. Part of my issue is the way my hands end up somewhat ink stained while I work so the books I read get stained as well.
Work itself has been good recently, I'm getting offered more shifts than I want to accept, and have averaged more than the two days I need to pay my bills. They did ask for me to fill out a police check form recently, something that was more of an issue than it should have been, as I had a valid driver's license when I signed up with them, I don't now.

SAGA is back.

2013-Jan-29, Tuesday 11:55 pm
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Sort of anyway. A few of us met tonight and played some games, with one of the group possibly our first new member for the year. We'll (presumably) have another three meetings before the official start of the years gatherings at the very end of February.
In other game news, I spent most of last nights game session more interested in the baby that was exploring and playing with the dog than I was with playing games. This is a trend that has been building for a while, to the extent that I've started wondering if this could be the last year I spend so much time playing games...
Another pleasant (and surprising) realisation was that my aversion to canines seems to have faded, I'd still rather have a cat but the dog that was present is big and I didn't do anything to avoid it apart from trying to ensure it didn't lick me. Years back I'd have moved to the other side of the room.

Work picked up again, so I've had plenty of opportunities to earn money since I returned from Camp. I may even be working four days this week if there's work available Friday, the most I've had since October. That was the only week I've done that much in this tax year as well, so quite a change.
Books at work seems to be the only way I'll get them read, I've read another in the week since my last entry.

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Last week I became aware of information I don't believe I'd ever have been made privy to were it not for the internet. Personal information about someone, of a sort I doubt I'll find out about almost anyone else I know, let alone an acquaintance. The ability I have to put information aside and largely forget it is useful, the fact I barely see most of the people I know is also helpful in reducing my unease after finding out such things.

Tomorrow morning I have work again, because of which I will be missing the first Mainly Music session for 2013. I should have been at work today but, having expected to be out past midnight playing games, I turned down the offer. Almost everyone left early though and I could easily have been home before I normally go to bed if I have work the following morning.
While at work I may finish my third book for the year (after reading one entirely at camp and finishing another that I read a couple of chapters of early last year). I started reading Contact last week and, as has been the case for most of the past few years, I'm only reading more while at work. Which is okay as the machines don't often run consistently through the day. It does result in greatly reduced through put of books though, I only read 7 last year (discounting the Roald Dahl books I listened to on CD). Actually taking a book with me helps as well, most of last year I didn't get around to taking any with me.

Voice recognition doesn't work as well for me as I'd hoped. I started using it to write this entry and was spending about three times as long trying to correct things than I was dictating the entry. I may have an mismatched accent but I expect I'll continue to use the keyboard for a long while yet.

I got to see my Sister and Brother-in-law for the first time in a long time on Sunday night, after nearly missing out due to technical issues. As expected there wasn't a lot to say, on either side, but it was good to see them again. They were in the country to attend the wedding of a former flatmate and apart from some minor issues it was a good day apparently.

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Nearly four months have gone by since I last posted here. This sort of post frequency might be improved, but I have doubts. Bits from the past four months that I feel have some importance (and can remember).
  • One of my closest friends is about to leave the country to work in Australia for a while.
  • I'm currently back to gaming four nights a week. SAGA has bookings at the Uni again after months of relocations thanks to earthquake damage. And gaming has been relocated on a few Wednesday nights to yet another side of the city compared to where I had already been gaming.
  • Especially on the days I don't get to game in person I've started using BSW again after a couple of years of not even signing in. Mainly Dominion and 7 Wonders because they take about 10 minutes, but also a few games of Peurto Rico, Stone Age and other heavier games.
  • On the Friday mornings I'm not at work I've been helping with child minding at a parents group, basically trying to make sure the parents can talk without being interrupted every minute.
  • Work has fluctuated from no days at all in a week up to three days, it's been quite a while since I did four. (I am still averaging 8-10 a month though.)
  • My Church no longer feels like MY church. Over the past 2-3 years people have been migrating in and out and the group that I would initially think of when thinking of RBC is no longer there. With the pastor and his family leaving in a couple of months there's going to be almost no-one still there that was attending when I started a little over 7 years ago.
  • Three of my friends are pregnant and due near the end of the year. Another is due in a month or two. Keeping intact the run of me having at least one pregnant friend for what seems like practically the past five years.
  • My parents have shifted out of the house they'd been living in for the better part of a decade. I spent much of Easter weekend helping them move the big stuff out of the rental place, into the truck, and then into the new place.
  • I feel like I haven't read a book in a reasonable time frame since the end of February. With one exception due to a particularly easy couple of days at work. Lacking the self-control to not immediately turn on a computer when I'm ready to relax is a big part of that.
  • If my TV is on these days it's probably to watch the TED talks airing on what I believe to be an amatuer channel, failing that it's tuned to the Korean channel. Even when I can't understand what's being said I'm more interested in that, than the rubbish on most of the other channels.
  • Had the Warehouse stocked the first season of MacGyver this afternoon I'd have spent nearly $140 buying the complete run of it.

I don't think that there's any real point to what I'm writing here now. But I continue to feel as though I should be writing something more often. The facebook and twitter updates have undoubtedly lessened my motivation/need to write here. As will the fact that I now spend a fair amount of time out of my home, either gaming, working (some weeks), or at church things.
I probably get similar 'fulfillment' from dealing with things at LibraryThing that I used to updating this. Probably even more, as I know what I'm doing is useful, even if not very.

A lot of games

2011-Jan-31, Monday 06:33 pm
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It's nearly the end of the first month of 2011 and things are going well for me so far this year.

My play count of board games is currently tied for first in all months I've been keeping track, that's five years worth of keeping track. And in less than an hour I'll be involved in another game to increase that count by at least one. I would have surpassed that count already if not for the fact I turned down the opportunity to go out and play last night (to watch Doctor Who) and Thursday, thinking that getting up for work would be easier if I didn't go out.
Four weeks from now SAGA will be starting up again and I'll be going out on most Tuesdays and Thursdays (I think those two days) to play games in addition to the regular Wednesday nights and what I gather is going to be alternate Monday nights. On top of that will be whatever nights I agree to go play Agricola or whatever with Steve.

I didn't get thiefed last week like I had been told I might, but I'm still having intermittent contact with those that were to take me away. I do however have something one of those involved wants so I'm probably going to be meeting her at some point when our schedules match up.

I was told last week that the next month and a half will be full of work so I'm likely to have many busy mornings until my birthday. So far I've had a few days and they're typically easy, especially when the machines have not been set-up and I'm waiting around for things to start. Some of that time I have been reading, getting through four books this month.

Oldening. Take 29

2010-Mar-18, Thursday 06:24 pm
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I have now begun my 30th orbit around the G2V star seen during daylight hours and apart from feeling a little cold the day is good. After actually making it to being awake and moving about I found a package at the front door of my flat, containing 1.8kg worth of chocolate and an MP3 player (which I probably can't use until I upgrade my desktop). I've also found that more of my DVDs will play on the PS2 than I had thought so I'll be spending more time in the lounge not using my PC than expected.

There still hasn't been anyone shift in to replace the former flatmates although we did have three people have a look at the room over the past week. Hopefully we'll have someone move in soon, if only to prevent money struggles. Which would come slightly sooner for me than I'd been thinking as I've had to up my payments.

I'd like to be able to introduce the other game group (not the Wednesday night group) to a wider variety of games after getting very tired of the excessive Stone Age and Settlers of Catan plays I've been a part of. With the relative infrequency however there's a reluctance to learning new games. That has led to me being less inclined to go game there than I used to be, probably reducing my monthly game count a little. Then again, I've been playing a few games here in my flat which hadn't really happened since 2007 when I taught one of the flatmates how to play Carcassonne.

I have now read "The Time Machine" after finding it accidentally while looking through books in the library last week. After being aware it existed for most of the past 20 years I was surprised at how small it was but that could be good considering how long it took me to read it. I've also started reading the first of the Dune Prequels "House Atreides" and am enjoying it so far.

Because it came up last night after games: The sun is not at the centre of the orbit followed by the planets. It's at one of the two focal points of the elliptical orbit they follow. See here for an interactive animation.

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That delay is mainly because I'm easily distracted by other things when I sit in front of my PC. A large part of what's been distracting me in Hanjie puzzles at There's also been the ever present LibraryThing CK editing, BoardGameGeek info and FaceBook games.

For some reason I feel like I'm not really reading any books anymore, and yet I know that I probably read far more than most of my peers, especially when most complain they don't have free time. If I was taking books to work still I'd probably be reading about twice as much as I am but I'm not willing to take library books to work and that's most of what I've been reading recently.

With me starting to use my desktop PC again in May I started listening to the podcast files I accumulated over the past few years and am currently caught up to just over two months behind. That doesn't include the two I have chosen to not include in the line-up or the video files that won't play cleanly on this PC. I don't know what I'll be listening to come November, I doubt I'll be inclined to catch up on either of the two if it's all I'm listening to.

After the pseudo-holiday because of a machine breaking down I only managed 5 hours the following week because I felt unwell; probably due to a combination of four things that I've not really dealt with in any significant way. Things do seem back to normal now but with holidays et. al. I've got less than 30 days left of work for the year. It will be even less if they don't want me there or I feel unwell again.

Gaming apart from the Wednesday night games has been good, finally teaching a couple of others how to play Stone Age so it's not all just 2-player when I go to the other house.
Unsurprisingly the apparent improvement in my games because of the lower attendance numbers on Wednesdays didn't last. The first two of the three weeks was good, with me winning 5 of the 8 games I played and coming second in at least one of the others. Last week however, I didn't win any of the three games I played and was thoroughly beaten in the game of Small World I agreed to play.

Not last night, but the Sunday before, the youth group at RBC had arranged/organised an evening service and I had something of a realisation while there. At least one of the reasons I was going to SBC so regularly would have been the fact that I happen to be more alert in the evenings than I am in the mornings and so probably took more in from those services than I did in the morning services at RBC. I doubt that I'll be heading back, especially when the reason I stopped going was the early Monday morning that typically followed, but it's good to realise things about oneself. I also doubt that there would be many there that I know anymore and that was also a big reason for me to go.
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Looking back over the past few months I see that I only worked five days in June and five in July, more than I would have thought but unsurprisingly not enough to get by on long term. With the past couple of weeks being a lot busier I've had more work and may even end the month with nearly as many days working as I would have been doing 12 months ago. There seems to be a few reasons for the change towards more work for me and I'm hopeful that at least one of them will continue.
The "extra" days of work this month led to me reading the entirety of The People of the Earth six years after I'd read the two prior books in the series. Thankfully the series isn't particularly dependant on having read prior books to understand what's going on. What I'll start reading next week I haven't yet determined although there are a number of choices, even without going into any of the boxes currently under the table in my room.

Gaming night at the start of the month was not a brilliant night for me as far as rules explanation is concerned; I made a mistake that made everyone playing the first game a lot richer than they should have been. Having not played the game this year, and it having never been played a lot I'm not surprised to have made the mistake, but it was frustrating. Even though I won the game I wasn't happy with how the game went. The second game that evening I also won and am fairly sure was taught correctly so I am happy with it.
Last week was my first game of Agricola with cards for quite some time and my first exposure to the I(nteractive) deck, leading to an interesting "discussion" at one point due to a translation issue on some of the cards. My score was among the best I've ever managed but three of us were quite outclassed by the other opponent. After that game I played a couple of games of Dominion with the two young women that hadn't been to an evening there for at least a few months (and a different fourth opponent for each game). I won both of those games but don't have any delusions of having worked out "how to play" such that I'll win more games than my fair share in the future.
This most recent Wednesday night session I ended up in a game of Alhambra to start and yet again managed to win. At one point I'd nearly made it impossible for me to continue adding tiles but was able to buy some that added in the direction I needed to go and actually used the reserve spot which I've almost never done before. Dominion with six people is too many I think, the attacks seem overpowered because of the number of people affected and there's a lot more time waiting for your turn to come around again. The cards from Intrigue could be interesting but when I haven't yet played with all the originals (I think) I'm probably going to prefer the base set for a while yet. Lastly was a trio of games of Blue Moon City where the explainer still hadn't got the errors sorted out by the third game. Whoever taught him at the weekend has apparently been playing a number of things wrong.

Work again, yay :|

2009-Jun-28, Sunday 10:59 pm
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I will not be sleeping in tomorrow the way I had expected to be, shortly after 9 this evening I was called and asked if I could work in the morning. I have no idea what I'll be doing, there's been to many changes recently for me to remember the schedule. I do expect to have enough time to read at least a few chapters of the book I'll be taking however, and will probably spend my lunchbreak reading more. That is only if there isn't a new magazine that I want to look through however.
During the week just been I got to go to work on three days, ending up with 20 hours which was a welcome change compared to the rest of the month. The redundancies that had been coming went through while I wasn't getting work so I haven't really had to deal with any of the effects of it apart from not seeing a couple of people I was used to seeing. And having a couple of others working during the shift that I would normally see leaving as I arrived. All in all though there wasn't really anything changed for me due to those changes. Having the machine I got used to working on again finally get set up completely (or what I think is completely) means that what I had been doing for much of the past four years isn't needing done anymore (in quite that way) so I'm getting to do other things.

I played three games on Wednesday night, with a very fair spread of end placements, although the third game was something of a blow-out win. The first game I played was one of two I had requested the prior week which was good, coming second after feeling I'd played poorly on a few of my turns was good as well. Game two was a game I enjoy but don't see myself winning regardless of setup, I tend to diversify too much which isn't helpful at all. The third game I was obviously ahead after the first round and only got further ahead in each of the next two. I'd managed half as many points again as the last place player when all the counting was done.
I don't expect to be playing the other game I requested any time soon, I think I like it more than the others do, and there's been one bad game that may have put a couple of people off. With the sheer number of games on the shelving (and elsewhere) it can take a while before a decision is made about what to play. My OCD tendencies make me want to try working out a way of deciding what to play based on how many people aren't in a game already and what everyone prefers to play but I don't think I have the motivation to even make a start on it.
Three weekends from now I'm going to be taking part in a game of Dune which could last even longer than the first game of Die Macher took last year. Luckily it will be in Riccarton so I won't have far to walk home if it goes late into the night. I have far less idea of how to play Dune than I did about Die Macher so I'm expecting the rules explanation to last quite a while.

I finally finished the book I started reading at the start of last month, and have read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, three or four years after having my prior copy go missing when I lent it to someone. I'm nearly back to less than 100 books unread, although that could easily change if I go walking around bookstores and don't think about the mass of books I already have.

I spent another afternoon with people today, going to the mall yet again after church. I saw a couple of people that I hadn't seen since shortly after shifting in here but didn't really feel inclined to talk to them when I hadn't really been talking much to the people I was with. I've still got issues with the way things ended there anyway and the reminder, while better than it would have been previously, still wasn't welcome.
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An entire month has gone by without an update. It seems that paying for another year of paid account time would be an unwise use of my money.

Mainly Music is still fun for me, even though I feel like I'm not really doing anything most of the time I'm there. A few of the children seem to like me, and not just those that already know me because of Church.

Gaming on Wednesday nights continues well, I'm not learning many new games compared to last year (6 so far in 2009 compared to 61 in 2008), which I think is probably good as not needing to learn the game gives a better chance of playing well. Gaming yesterday (because of Queen's birthday) led to me playing Power Grid for the first time this year and managing to win after being last almost all the game. I also played another four games of Dominion (after playing for first time on Wednesday night). It seems that I'll either win or come last most games.
I've also been getting to game one other night most weeks with Steve, lots more Stone Age and a little Carcassonne with various expansions. I did find myself too tired this week just been though and said no twice, not something I would normally consider.

I was feeling unwell near the start of the month (not helped by the heat pump not working for a week) and didn't go to work for a week, then when I was back to "normal" there wasn't work available for a week. I've now been back for a 'full' week and should apparently be getting as much this week coming (considering the public holiday).

The Friday after my last entry I went along to the Youth Group event that was happening and got to throw balls at some of the teens that were there. I felt out of place, which is normal when I'm with those people, but less so than I had thought I might.

I've spent a lot of the rest of my month either sitting here at my PC doing things at LibraryThing, FaceBook or elsewhere. And while I was feeling the cold more I've been on my bed under a blanket with a book of puzzles that I first started during the last Church Camp. I started by finishing the Kakuro and Hanjie puzzles that I hadn't yet got to way back then and have started on the Hashi, Slitherlink and Light Up puzzles.

I have not however spent much time reading over the past month, I started my new Vorkosigan book on the 8th and probably haven't read any of it since the 12th. The books I thought would last until the end of May are, at this rate, going to last till the end of the year it seems.


2009-Apr-28, Tuesday 11:26 pm
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Three years ago to the day I made the best decision I've ever made. Less than six months later I'd made the worst. In the time since I've been living with the results of that duality. Other people, mostly people I know from church, continue to tell me I'm a different person than I was but as I continue to "live in the past" I don't tend to see those changes, especially without prompting. I do find myself wanting things I didn't previously want (or at least not such that I'd do anything to get them) and am unsure how to go about getting them. Or more accurately how I could get them without a lot of effort. Working to achieve goals is the one thing I don't seem to match with as far as personality typing goes. I also still face the issue of really disliking trying things and being unsuccessful, failing at something new is normally enough that I won't try again.

Before I'd even made a start on the 20 books I purchased at the bookarama I ended up buying another 5. With work being somewhat slow while there I have been reading though, finishing four of the 20 almost exclusively at work. When (if) I get around to borrowing Library Books again (it may have been three years) I will be reading more Doctor Who books. Even having no memory of the incarnations of the featured Doctors I enjoyed the two books I've now read.

One of the big purchases I was wanting to make has been made. I currently have a 1TB hard drive sitting on my desk, with most of the contents of my desktop transferred to it. The laptop stuff is getting transferred in stages because the laptop still doesn't stay on for any length of time. Once it's all transferred I'll be copying the most important stuff to the laptop (just in case) and then wiping the Desktop again so I can repartition the hard drive and then arrange to dual boot XP and some form of Linux.

Contrary to thinking I wouldn't be helping with Mainly Music anymore (apart from work cancelling on me) I will instead be helping every week. I decided near the end of last week to start taking Wednesdays off instead of Thursdays. This does mean that I'll be sleeping even less before my Thursday morning shift than I do before the others but I will get to sleep in four hours on a Wednesday morning in comparison. It also seems to make more sense that my day off be in the middle of the week so I'm working two days, having one off and then working two more instead of working three and then having one off and one more on. (One other benefit will be bowling on a Tuesday without worrying about straining my shoulder/arm, if I get around to going again.)

There has been another poker night, this time with a different host as the regular host has been in Australia for a holiday. Once again I was first lose all my money but I did manage to last quite a bit longer than I had on the two prior occasions. Part of that may have been the fact there was only four of us (compared to six on the first night) but I'm hopeful that practice is making me better. Once that was finished we played about half a dozen rounds of scum, and for the first time I can remember, someone actually commented on my 'strategy' while playing.

Back to work

2009-Apr-19, Sunday 06:20 pm
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After a two week "holiday" I've been back to work this week just been. I am not sure how well I'l do with Wednesday this week coming as it will be the third day in a row and I had trouble after two. The boredom of unplanned holidays is a different boredom form that of work, I'd prefer the not working boredom as it isn't as loud, and I don't need to get up early etc. But the boredom of work pays the bills.

I caught up with a friend on Wednesday afternoon that I've barely seen for quite some time, I remember seeing her two other times in the past 12 months. It was very good to catch up with yet another friend I hadn't seen in too long but the fact she's heading up north means I'm not likely to see much more of her. I also got told by someone else that if I arranged another day with bowling I'd have at least one other person show up.

Games on Wednesday night was crowded to the point of chairs becoming hard to find, according to the host there was 16 which broke the prior record. I ended up playing a teaching game of Stone Age, three new people, one that had played once before and one that has played a few times but not as much as I  have. For a four player game that was a little crowded, and slow. It also ended up being the lowest scoring game I can remember, nobody passed 100. I shouldn't have used starvation as a strategy, especially when the game ended sooner than I would have expected as one of the hut piles was depleted quickly. After that I played a game of Jamaica where three of us were very close at the end, if the dice had been placed the other way around I think I would have won.

As of Thursday afternoon I have 20 books I didn't previously, most of which I haven't read before. I managed to finish reading the last of the seven I purchased back in February on Friday at work and started on of the new ones. I'm expecting that I won't get through them all before the end of May, especially if I only read them at work and the machines work reasonably well.
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Wednesday morning I went to Mainly Music for what I expect will be the last time (by my choosing, if work cancels on me for any Wednesday I hope to remember to get up in time). Once again I was told when cleaning up that I'd done well and felt the same awkwardness I always do when praised for anything I don't feel was an effort of any sort.
That evening playing games was well attended but I ended up in a couple of smaller games because of who was free. Including another game of Race for the Galaxy which I may actually be understanding after three games.

For our Friday morning service there was a 'need' for a lot of keys to be attached to pieces of card with info about the service today and so I spent an hour on Thursday punching holes in those cards and then tying them to keys with string. I was rewarded for that effort with a bag of mini Crunchies and had eaten half of them before I went out to play games with Steve in the evening. I chose to not take Stone Age as the two of us had played nearly a dozen games in the past month. Vikings ended up being close for all three games but may also have an issue of the winner being decided by who starts (although it was the second person that won instead of first as Stone Age tends to).

Over Friday afternoon and evening I shifted practically all the furniture I have in my room, only excepting the drawers which I had shifted on Thursday afternoon. While it was being shifted around I also took the time to vacuum places that hadn't been vacuumed in over a year. That was part of the reason I shifted things. The main impetus in me shifting things was so I would be able to position my desktop computer and the desk it is at closer to my door and thus closer to the wireless router in my flat. I'm not sure whether me being able to connect to the internet from this PC now is actually related, it's not consistent, but the fact I started shifting things has left me feeling good about the amount I've done.

Yesterday I went to play games and had a mixed day for results, mostly good. Two games of Le Havre, which I don't do as well at as I feel I could, but if there is an abundance of time I'll continue to play. I am even more sure that it is too long for me to want to play it on a Wednesday though.
I also got to play RoboRally for the first time, apart from against AI online, and won. That may have been because I got sort of stuck at the beginnning and therefore didn't have the interference of others when it came time to program in subsequent rounds.
With the time of night and the fact we'd just played a "heavy" game we then set up Jamaica and I was again lucky with what I got, practically maxing my holds with money, as well as getting the two best treasures and being one of two to make it to the end.
With no-one needing to be anywhere early today four of decided to play another "light" game and that one was Cutthroat Caverns. We had a mix-up at one point regarding cards going out that shouldn't have but was mostly okay. I ended up getting a lot of prestige and would have won apart from the dying aspect (to win you must have acquired more prestige than your still living opponents and be alive yourself).

Getting up this morning was unpleasant as I was still feeling ill from the excess of junkfood yesterday (which only seemed to take effect when I arrived home). If I hadn't agreed to go mind children during the combined service at La Vida I'd probably have just stayed in bed for a few hours. Staying out of the actual service and waiting in the foyer helped me recover to the point that I was thinking I'd be fine when the children came out, and allowed me to catch up with a couple of people very quickly as they arrived late (after going to the normal church because they hadn't been aware of the change). That all chnaged when I saw someone walk in that I really wouldn't have expected to see and I started feeling worse again instantly. I don't know if I was seen by her but I let a couple of people know that I wasn't going to be sticking around and went for a walk. A walk that ended up being just over 6km and took me 90 minutes. I was almost normal again 30 minutes in but felt like walking for some reason.
After getting back home I started dealing with all the books that were lying around and have got almost all of them boxed or shelved in a way I'm happy with. I even found half a dozen that I hadn't yet added to my LibraryThing account. Which I spent at least a couple of hours tweaking this afternoon because of the relocations.
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Tonight was a much better early evening that the one I had last week. After having someone actually make the effort to see if I wanted to try again I ended up bowling with six friends. For the first half of the first game there was basically three pairs of scores, the married couple (R & M), the two young guys (S & L) and both myself and she that had initiated things this time (A). Scores became more diverse around that point though, with M gaining ground on my score and A falling behind a little. In the last frame it looked as though I might end up getting passed, only to have M bowl a 7-10 split and not manage to hit either pin with her last ball. 109, 108
Game 2 we split as someone else (K) was arriving and it's not possible to bowl 7 to a lane. This time it was R that did best, me bowling left-handed meant I did a lot poorer than is normal. Although I have managed much better than the 30 that I managed tonight. The other four (A, K, L, S) ended up bowling with the guard rails out and all of them scored near 100 with L managing 101.
I think I would enjoy going again soon, especially with the people that were there tonight, but I think I should see about climbing first as I've been meaning to do that even longer than I'd been thinking about bowling. There's also not a 'cheap' day like there is for bowling so it would possibly be easier to find a day that a lot of people could go.

I managed to read nearly a third of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court while I was at work today, surprising considering the job that was going through the machine and how well it was running much of the day. I read about as much of the two books I finished yesterday and the machine didn't seem to be running as well then.

I spent Saturday afternoon with a friend removing things from the walls of her classroom in preparation for the whole room to be redone. The time passed surprisingly quickly considering how little I'd eaten and how little conversation there was. The fact I ate the full foot-long SubWay that I'd purchased soon after getting home is a good indication of how little I'd eaten and how hungry I was. It's also bound to be part of the reason I seem to have lost almost 5kg in the past month or so.

Sunday morning I again spent much of my morning helping in Children's Church, after getting candy for having survived another year. I ended up spending a while cutting up paper and then some more time colouring other paper with a felt. In the evening I ended up going out to play games with Steve again, two more games of Stone Age of which we won one each. I also had a conversation I would not have expected to ever have prior to gaming while waiting for the table to be free.

Having a question answered, without actually asking the question, is a good thing when the question could lead to awkwardness. It may even lead to less uneasiness in the future although I'm doubtful based on previous experience.

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Monday at work I started where I now prefer to be, but after an hour or so was shifted to the machine I'd rather have nothing to do with as the boss wanted someone competent at the end. The job being one of the heavy magazines just made things that little bit worse. It wasn't actually a bad day all up, I'd just rather work elsewhere, for someone else, although it's a lot better than it used to be.
With the weather nice enough to do so I spent a portion of the afternoon sitting in the doorway at the back of this flat reading "Treasure Island" which was one of the 7 books I got cheap three weeks ago.
R18 in the evening was more talking about random things, getting distracted by the baby in the room and then getting more serious for a while. Instead of keeping a completely separate journal about that stuff the way suggestions went I'm considering a weekly post here about things. Probably friends-locked at the very least.

Tuesday night I was supposed to be bowling but when nobody had showed up by nearly 1830 I decided to just head home again. On the way I called my father as he'd been trying to ring on Monday and I was only noticing just before he hung up each time. Talking with my parents eased the anger/hurt of people not showing although the reason for him trying to call was far from good. I'm pleased that my relationship with my parents is no longer simply a parent/child relationship. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm anywhere near counting them as friends as a lot of people seem to but it's changed in the past few years especially.
Once I got home I started watching Mutant X DVDs for the first time in about 4 years. Having thought a month or so ago that they'd be on the list to sell when I get around to purging my collections I'm now not so sure.

Wednesday I got up kind of late and after wasting a little time online with email, LJ, Facebook etc. I went along to Church and helped with the Mainly Music program that is run each Wednesday morning. After about 90 minutes surrounded by very young children (and a fair few mothers/caregivers) I was no longer feeling so down about the night before and managed to spend most of the afternoon in a fairly relaxed state watching more Mutant X.
Games in the evening was good for me, thanks to it being my birthday I was able to choose games to play. If I hadn't been drinking alcohol throughout the evening I might even have managed to do well in the second and third games I played. Because the alcohol hadn't yet managed to affect me and I was the player with the unwanted share the score for Manila was not even close but in the other two games I was obviously last (Galaxy Trucker) or not really in contention from half-way through (Medici)

Thursday I got up late again, watched the last of the Mutant X DVDs and then watched Contact for the first time since I saw it more than 6? years ago. Steve wanted to play games again (having sort of arranged such on Monday night) and so I went out and played 3 games of Stone Age, doing much better than I had the previous week. Starvation doesn't seem to work all that well in a 2-player game, at least compared to the 4-player game I previously tried it in.

Today (Friday) I went back to work and managed to spend most of it just putting bundles of NWCBs on the table so they could be cut with the Guillotine. It seems I'll be finding somewhere else to spend my lunch breaks from now on as well, there's a sign on the dispatch office door basically saying keep out unless you have business there. I had been in the habit of going in and sitting in one of the comfortable chairs while I ate whatever food I had left by that stage of the morning.

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I'm going to be playing games again tonight, the third night this week, after playing on three separate nights last week as well. Tuesday night I played a couple of games of Scrabble, with less than complete adherence to the rules and did better than I think I would have a year ago, probably largely due to the Word Challenge application at FaceBook. I wasn't close to winning either game but still did better than I'd initially thought I would. Last Saturday night I went out near Westlake and took part in what ended up being a five-hour game of Texas Hold 'em, I was one of the first two out but stuck around because it was fun. According to what was said at the end of the evening it could be a monthly occurrence and won't always be poker games. I also happened to drink alcohol at the past three Wednesday night game sessions, although this most recent night was only finishing off the last of what I hadn't drunk the previous week.
I also think I heard comments on Wednesday night that indicate I'm, once again, going to have to deal with the misconceptions about my relationship with someone (and what I want from the relationship that does exist). After a couple of years without such questions I'd almost welcome it, almost.

Work is scarce at the moment, not to the point of being a problem for me but it would be good to have more work, or actually find motivation to use the extra time in a worthwhile manner. My room is not quite as much of a mess as it had been but there's still a lot of tidying/sorting I should do. On the other hand there's a lot less mess on a few author pages at LibraryThing as I've taken the time to combine/separate, and add Canonical titles to, lots of books.

With the BoardGameGeek 2.0 restart that's just happened I'm needing to manually check a couple of things that I was getting automatically fed to the LJ feed system and while I think I've sorted it I feel like I'm missing things. From what I've seen so far, and what I tend to use of the site, there isn't really much different but I figure the people in charge had good reasons.

I came across information 2.5 weeks ago that has, since I came to terms with it, put the past 2.5-3 years in perspective for me that I don't think I would otherwise have had. I still regret mistakes, and would gladly give up lots of the past three years to avoid the mess I made of things, but I seem to be moving on more than I had been previously. Apart from the past year gaming in Harewood and the Hillsong trips I can't think of much that's happened that really matters in any significant way. But, it's that sort of thinking that prods me to change, not enough yet that I'll really be doing much, but I'm thinking more about making an effort than has been normal for me.

I want a new CD

2008-Sep-26, Friday 10:30 pm
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I've played many different board games a few times each so far this year, largely at the expense of playing any specific games many times. I'm a lot happier about this year of games though, not only am I getting to play regularly, the different, often new games and varied opponents mean I am not able to play with only a half my mind on the game most of the time. I also more than doubled my years worth of Carcassonne plays this week, five games over Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly with people other than my previously normal opponent; including three people I haven't yet been introduced to.
I have also just started another online game of a board game I learnt this year. At yet another site. Bringing the count to at least 5 I'm a member at.

Yesterday I finally made a start on reading the Annotated Chronicles (of the Dragonlance Chronicles) after having purchased it at the beginning of January and having half read the first book one day at work about 18 months ago after someone left it there between shifts. When I'm actually bothering to read, instead of being distracted by a friend on Skype or other internet things, I do remember what I'm reading but not enough to be aware of it before I read it. Currently I'm trying to decide if I should take it with me to work so I can read there, it's probably at least 6 times as big as the books I was taking with me earlier in the year.

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I think I'd be wanting to leave a little later in the morning next time I went to Australia if I was going back to Hillsong. With my persistent tendency to stay up later than I know I should, early flights start my trips on a bad footing. Getting up at 3:30 to get a lift to the airport, an then needing to wait around for about an hour after getting checked in and stuff wasn't good. I do admit that arriving in Sydney around 7am and being out of the airport by not much after 8 was good though, we had plenty of time to do things during the day.

The first thing was to head to the Hotel we'd be staying in the first couple of nights so we didn't need to keep carrying bags around, particularly important for she that didn't have a bag with wheels. We actually made more use of the public transport to get to the Hotel this year, no walking for ages because we didn't know how far it actually was. Once we'd stored our bags we headed into Darling Harbour and after a short walk around some of it decided to go to the Maritime Museum. I have now been on another warship, this time the HMAS Vampire, and while I don't remember any real details of the tour I'm happy to have spent the time being shown around it. Just after that the four of also went through the HMAS Onslow which is a submarine from the same time period. All of us agreed that serving on the ship would have been preferable.
After getting lunch the other three decided that they would go to the IMAX and see the "Grand Canyon" experience. Instead of that I went for a walk to the two game stores I was wanting to visit and ended up getting the 1910 expansion for Ticket to Ride and the Abbey & Mayor expansion for Carcassonne. Once we all met up again we went and checked in properly to the Hotel before going back to the museum to look over the Endeavour replica they have there. I don't know where from, but I'd picked up more info about the time time period than the other three seemed to have over the course of our respective lives, not to surprising when I'm older than each of them. I'm not much taller than a person would have had to have been to walk around the middle deck at the stern comfortably.
We went out in the evening to eat, at the "Blackbird Cafe" again. This time everyone but me ate Kangaroo, I had another pizza. Once we'd all finished eating we took a slow walk back to the Hotel and ended up spending about 90 minutes in the gym/pool. I should have taken shorts with me, exercising in trousers isn't really comfortable. I did spend some time on an uncomfortable exercise bike though, and I proved myself weak as far as lifting weights is concerned. I was also told I have no "core" strength when I was unable to hold myself stable on one of those large squishy balls. I did go swimming, sort of, when the others did, something I hadn't really expected to do even though I made the effort to pack togs.

Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast, I'm sure I ate more than I did last year but still felt wasteful. Once we'd finished eating we heading across to The Rocks and walked through the market that was operating on one of the streets. I have a new wooden gift for my parents, a castle that expands out when shaken the right way.
Once done with the market we found the ferry that would take us to Manly and ended up spending about an hour on that beach, with the two younger members of our group fighting over their individual sandcastles and then working together on a third. It seems that I've mostly got over the issues I had with travel, the ferry ride was calm and I felt fine, as was the actual flights.
That evening the three I was with headed out to the nearby casino buffet for their evening meal while I stayed in the Hotel eating my leftovers and watching TV after I finished the first of the four books I took over with me. I saw the new Doctor Who episode that I had thought I was going to miss, as well as most of a program about cars and the need for renewable energy for them.
That evening most of us went to the gym/pool again and while I didn't spend any time on the gym equipment I did swim a little again and spent some time in the spa.

After getting up later in the morning than we intended we checked out of the room and left bags in the storage area like we had before checking in. After making our way into the main city area again from the Hotel we went and rented a car which we then proceeded to leave on the side of a street while we went walking. The court house that we went into is quite old, and has original sewer pipes visible in a couple of places through clear flooring. We also went into a rather large church, that I think is significantly bigger than the Christchurch Cathedral, maybe 2 or 3 times the size.
Getting back to the Hotel in the car proved to be a little difficult as the map reader had a little trouble working out where we were, but mostly because there are a large number of intersections that don't permit right hand turns and those weren't shown on the map we had. I think we ended up at Bondi beach (it was the one I kept hearing had signs up saying "No Fun") before we actually got back to the Hotel, collected our bags and headed out to get checked in at our Motel. That ended up being a little difficult as well, none of could remember the street name the motel was on. After getting past the turn-off we should have taken the street was remembered, directions were found and we made our way to where we were going.
There wasn't really anything else before the Conference began besides us deciding that the room was bigger than what we'd had last year and I think it was then we realised that we weren't given enough towels, 3 for the 4 of us.

Part 2 of this should be up tomorrow I expect, there isn't much to it as I wasn't as aware of things this year as I was last year.


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