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Monday I had the day off work after arranging such on Friday afternoon because I was going out at Spreydon on Sunday night. After being woken up by the installation of the new oven around 8am I spent a while in front of my PC as is my wont. By about 10 I was ready to do something else and started moving things. My drawers got piled in the lounge, followed by the frame and then my table was cleared off and shifted into the lounge as well. Vacuuming and other cleaning followed before I started putting things back where they hadn't been before. Along with the shift of stuff about 3-4 months ago I have shifted furniture twice since I shifted in here 9 months ago and now nothing is where I initially put it.
R18 started up again on Monday evening after the hosts had been away for about a month on a cruise. It seems that the group has settled at about 8 which is okay, but still seems small compared to how things were when I started. After that finished I stayed and tried to work out the cryptic crossword clues that were being puzzled through by a couple of others and watched "Flight of the Conchords" with the entire household.

Yesterday I went back to work. The machine I like working at had been shifted over the weekend/Monday morning (another factor in me taking Monday off) so working at that machine was a little odd yesterday. It is being replaced over the next couple of months and the new machine will apparently require half as many staff which means I'm likely to be assigned elsewhere far more often once it is all set up.
Last night I went out for dinner and games, leaving me far less time to do things here at my PC than I normally get which was a little odd again. After getting out I spent a little while waiting for food, which I actually ate (indicating an improvement in one area of my life), and then once the meal was over waited for opponents to show up. Cities and Knights was requested so I went and got those while the other two already present worked through another cryptic crossword. When the fourth member of the nights group arrived I started setting up the board and trying to explain to him how it differed from the base game. Once again I managed to unintentionally cause problems for someone with my placements and building, I don't ever intend to be particularly difficult but seem to manage it in most games. Partly due to the new player, partly due to the evenness of the game (scores were 10, 10, 10, 9 at one point) and partly due to one individual consistently asking questions about whose turn it was and other such things it ended up taking us almost 3 hours to finish instead of the 2 hours I'd been expecting, as such I wasn't home until after I'd hoped to get to bed.

I almost fell asleep at lunchtime today thanks (in part) to being out as late as I was so I might have an earlier night tonight. That is, however, dependant on how early I get home from the discussion I'm going to. The Children's Church leader has decided to look into holding a Halloween night gathering for the local children as an alternative to them going trick or treating. As a (former?) part of the Children's Ministry at my church I've been invited along.

Tomorrow night I'm hoping to watch more Quantum Leap with at least one of those that I started watching it with almost three weeks ago. If that doesn't happen I think there's a good chance I'll watch season 2 of Yes Minister.

From Sunday morning I will no longer be helping with the Children's ministry and will instead be staying in the main service after spending almost all year leaving with the children as they go out to their program and missing the main sermon.

101 in 1001 Day one

2007-Jun-22, Friday 11:59 pm
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In just over a week I will be leaving for Australia, I think the change inherent in that began to hit me yesterday. For the first half of my shift at work yesterday I was feeling even less sociable than I normally do and considered asking to be let go at lunch time. I managed to avoid doing so and managed to put aside those feelings far quicker this morning when they came back. I will be taking next Friday off however, I really don't want to be getting up early on Saturday to catch a plane after working all five days beforehand. I also informed my boss that I want the Monday following my trip to Hillsong off as another recovery day.

Wednesday night I was out just past 2300 again, playing games again. [livejournal.com profile] arkore joined the three of us that have been playing most frequently of late so it was four player games. First we had a game of Cities & Knights which I won a little more convincingly than has been normal of late. I then proceeded to come last in a game of Ticket to Ride which arkore picked up quicker than anyone else has without access to the rules beforehand. I'd like to think I explained things better but he probably has a better innate ability to pick up on such things than the others I have tried to teach. Playing against actual people is much harder than the bots online, those I beat almost without fail.

I've managed to miss some opportunities to make starts on things on my list already.

76. There was an extended period of time just before lunch that the machine I was at didn't run (paper got jammed while the operator was away and I was hesitant to remove it in case I made things worse) and I just walked around and spent a little time relaxing on a chair.
80. I thought about saying Grace twice, both times at least an hour before I actually ate.
But, I have also started on three of the goals I assigned myself. Including having a start on one goal (92) sort of forced upon me.
10. I've updated and ran the security programs I have on my PC tonight.
17. I downloaded a touch typing tutor that has a DVORAK option and managed a wpm of 67.97 on the first lesson, which admittedly only involved two letters and the space bar. Not actually bothering to change over the keyboard to my old one with physically rearranged keys is also going to make it less likely that I look at my hands trying to figure out what I'm doing.
58. I actually pointed out a "problem" one of my colleagues had with the work he was doing. Normally I won't as long as it doesn't look likely to cause actual issues with the job.

I think tomorrow is going to be a good day for transferring the list to paper so I can stick it up around my room, in sections probably. That will also make it easier for me to cut down on the amount of time I spend just sitting here at my PC I think.

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I've spent quite a bit of the past three days dealing with TradeMe again. And I'm not spending any money (probably). As an attempt to raise a little money for Hillsong, which is now a week and a half away, a number of things are being put up for auction, some more valuable than others. As I'm the one with lots of free time and a fast internet connection (and I did volunteer) it's been left to me to put things up and so I've been slowly going through the pictures that have been taken and working out where they'd best be put and how to describe them.

My 101 in 1001 list will be uploaded on Thursday (I only need 2 more items), with a backdated (foredated?) entry of 18 March 2010. That will make it the first entry random visitors to my LJ see which isn't quite what I want but it seems to make sense for me. When I'm hopefully going to be editing it reasonably often with completed goals over the nearly 2.75 years I want it to be easily found. I have barely had to copy other peoples goal to get my list long enough, most of it has come from momentary realisations of things I want to do, but was unlikely to do spontaneously.

After R18 last night, which was a slightly bigger group than has been showing up (8 in total instead of 6), four of us played a game of Cities & Knights. Not the wisest move when we weren't able to start until after 9 and four player games take longer than the three player games that have been taking us 90 minutes or so. I got home at about 11:30. I managed to get from last to second on one of my last couple of turns though, that was good.

The heat pump that was installed last Wednesday has been wonderful. I walked in after work on Wednesday and as soon as I started moving through the doorway from outside I could tell it was working. My room has been the one to benefit the most, apart from the lounge which it was installed in and I have not felt any need to shut my door to keep heat in since then. Even at the minimal setting of 16° it's keeping enough of the house warm that I'm happy, my flatmates may prefer it up higher but they don't seem to be making any effort to turn it up that I've noticed. Because of that I won't be going and buying a better heater than the one I have, I may even put the other away in it's box again.

Caring For Your Introvert

Things look different.

2007-Jun-09, Saturday 11:05 pm
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Practically everything in my room except my desk and drawers has been moved today, mainly so my bed would no longer be right by the two windows that it had been by since I shifted in at the end of January, when the weather was warm. If my bed was about 5cm shorter I would have had it against the internal wall instead of at 90° to it against the external wall, but one deals with the situation as it presents itself. When I get rid of the monitors I still have from when I left my previous flat and find somewhere to store my bag of bags there will be enough floor space in my room to set up a model train set. Except, I don't have a model train set.

I was out past midnight again last night, after playing three games of Cities & Knights. The first of those was played by four people, something that hadn't happened for quite a while. I remember all three games being close which is undoubtedly part of the reason the three games took us nearly five hours total. I'm a little disappointed to have not got to use either of the expansions I have for it but when one of the group has barely played I was quite understanding of her desire to not introduce new things. I seem to have a better record online at the AsoBrain site than what I've been managing on those times I play with the physical set. Although, when I'm not actually keeping track of any table-top stats myself I could well be mistaken.

Bed building (and furniture assembly in general) would be much easier with instructions most of the time I think. I went out on Thursday afternoon to help a friend put up a bed for a temporary guest. All the pieces were there, there was even a couple of extra bits (that I think actually were extra, the screw holes were a distinctly different size) but without instructions it took a while to realise where each of the pieces was supposed to go. And then it took a while to disassemble it somewhat to insert the slats that had been missed. A fun hour, where fun = oddly interesting.
I had been 'abducted' the night before by the two involved, and taken to the prayer meeting at RBC. During which meeting I was told I have a nice voice and basically told not to worry about not having a clue what I want to do with my life. The woman that told me each of those things had not figured out what she wanted to do until her mid 30's or so and while I won't be realising that is what I should be doing it could, I suppose, be similar. She is a mother now.

My last.fm profile has started deviating from the mass of podcasts that was getting put through it over the past month or so. I've finally started listening to my CDs again. I will probably start listening to Rhema again soon though, while I was cleaning this morning/afternoon I wanted nothing but music instead of the news/advertising/talk back that happens on radio.

[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive - 8 June 2007
  1. Remember the scene with Molly Ringwald putting lipstick on by holding it in her cleavage? Name one really bizarre thing you know how to do. No matter how small. Yes. Hanging upside down from the upper side of my feet is kind of bizarre.
  2. What's your favourite way to pass the time? Playing board games.
  3. What's your favourite restaurant and why? Cobb & Co. I actually eat when I'm there as opposed to almost all the other restaurants that I've been to and had no appetite.
  4. Which TV/Radio show did you like that's not aired any more? Babylon 5
  5. If you had a choice of learning another new language, what would you choose? What do you think that reflects about you? Hebrew, or Klingon. I want to be able to read the OT Bible in it's original language, and that I'm a geek/nerd/whatever.

I have moocards. [livejournal.com profile] moocards even. It took just under two weeks from my initial order for them to arrive and if I had money and means to actually order more I think I would.
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The Mother's Day service went well. Having cars in the front of the church didn't elicit as many comments as I expected it would, although I was admittedly not in a position to be hearing most of the comments that might have been made. The competition for mothers saw the three that competed tie after the three events which was a nice way for it to end. We made a large number of waffles before leaving after my last entry, with 3 of us at the church until 0330. Then the other 2 showed up again at 0700 or so and I returned at about 0815 to finish making more which was good as there wouldn't have been enough if we hadn't made more closer to the service starting. I also spent a little time in front of the congregation as part of the children's ministry (which I help with most weeks) as they (we) sung a song.

Monday morning I had my only day of work for the week just been, this week is also apparently going to be a little quiet but hopefully not quite as bad. I spent the extra free time online and catching up on a very small amount of sleep.
I also went and bought new footwear for work on Tuesday, that I only had to spend $2.50 on thanks to work itself paying most of the cost. That afternoon I also went to the community lunch that my church puts on each week and then instead of heading straight to the supermarket to buy a few things I ended up at Nature Discoveries and spent $70. I now have the other expansion for Carcassonne that I wanted and a couple for Settlers (which I don't actually own myself). I also got a Drinking bird that I'm intending to give my Father after remembering that there was one at home when I was young.

Saturday afternoon I had been thinking about going to see a High School friend singing in the James Hay Theatre but it was 1230 before I realised the time and as I would have had to be there at 1300 I just stayed home. (I'm sorry to have missed your performance, hopefully I'll get myself along to the next one I know about, and maybe even convince a friend or two to come with me.) I instead watched TV while I waited for a text from another High School friend that has recently returned to NZ from time in Australia and South Asia. I ended up getting a phone call around 1900 and arranged to meet him at church this morning. He hasn't grown since I last saw him a few years back but it's still strange having to look up to him when we started High School at about the same height.

I haven't played Ticket to Ride for a while now. Mainly because the newest member of "Geeks Night" has just got hooked on the Cities and Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan. That has been played 7 times since my last entry, 3 times on Monday, 3 on Friday and once this afternoon.
Before the Friday games I went to a friends house to try and help with something in the attic, me having not hurt my foot recently it made more sense for me to be climbing around. With the stressing I tend to do about all things new (the upcoming trip to Hillsong and seeing people I hadn't for quite some time, see above) and social issues I've been thinking on for a while I was ill again, luckily I was convinced to go play games anyway.

I was intending to be in bed about 30 minutes ago. Once again I've spent longer writing an entry here than intended after starting it to late.
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Last night was one of the best nights I have ever had. For at least 30 minutes I was laughing uncontrollably without any real desire to stop. I had been expecting to go out and play Cities & Knights last night but it was only Steve and myself available to play so I was on-line when one of those from across town came on. Turns out that the two of them were visiting a couple they know that also has Settlers of Catan (although they seem to only have the base game, compared to the three expansions Steve has) and I was invited to go play with them instead. Until work called and cancelled my shift for today I wasn't keen, mainly because of the extra distance involved. Once work called however I agreed to go out and play (big surprise for all I expect) and ended up over there at around 9. Once the game was done (I lost) we ended up talking for a while, mainly about me current situation with regards to a broken friendship. Or at least that was the intention of the others, I had trouble speaking for quite some time because of the laughter.

I only worked for three days this week which should, I hope, be good for the resulting chance to sleep more. Monday and Tuesday I was at the good machine all day, although both shifts were quite boring due to the monotony of what was going through the machine.
   As an aside to [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire, you may want to have a look at the September Consumer if/when you see it at your work. There is an article about the wisdom of buying groceries produced locally instead of imported products. I think I've seen you reference the same (or a similar) issue on one of more of your posts.   
On Wednesday however I probably didn't even get to spend a couple of hours working at the same machine. All up I worked at five different places and it may have been six or seven different jobs.

The Sunday Funday service we had a morning church went well again. I'm thinking that those in charge have things largely sorted out as far a preparation is concerned, even if it doesn't always seem that way.
The evening service wasn't as fun (it was still a good service though), and I almost bolted from the auditorium when the it finished so I could go get food. Which I was eating alone for most of the time I was there :( After a while I was invited to join a friend and one of her friends that walked by me and once they had eaten I got given a ride home again. I've been blessed with nice friends. :)

Wednesday I went to sleep in the afternoon again, something I should be doing more often I think. I only got up when I was informed that our guests were about to arrive. After seeing the new car and waiting a while for [livejournal.com profile] arkore to show up I went with our company to the supermarket to get food for the evening and then we headed over to their place. Once food had been consumed, and I was mocked for wanting fruit buns with my chicken and salad everyone else played a variant of Time's Up while I lay on the floor feeling unwell. Once I came right and their other flatmate arrived home we played another game which I enjoyed even though my team lost. :(

P.S. the mood is something of an in-joke. With people that don't even have LiveJournals of their own. I haven't gone crazy. Any more than normal anyway.

Oh man...

2006-Sep-01, Friday 06:13 pm
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It's very easy to get used to substandard equipment and such. I put my video card back into my good PC this afternoon and things look better, much better. It had been in the my old PC out in our lounge for around a year or so I think and it was only because the on-board video in this PC had a little problem that I actually brought it back here. Things look better and all I've really done so far is go on-line again. Of course if I was to get a decent monitor so I didn't have to put up with the banding at the top and bottom of the screen things would be even better still.

I had a little trouble with work this week. My Tuesday and Thursday shifts were cancelled on me due to lack of available work and on Wednesday I either turned off my alarm without waking up or it didn't go off at all. It isn't necessarily a bad thing though. I got extra sleep because of that time off and won't be getting a whole lot more than normal over the weekend I expect.

Most of the rest of my week has been fun though.
Monday night's R18 meeting had us watching a DVD of a guy named Reinhard Bonnke (sp?) who was one of the speakers at Hillsong and thus has been mentioned a few times by some of those that went to Hillsong this year (and last?).
Wednesday night, I, along with two of my flatmates, went over to Linwood area to spend time with a couple of friends we have over there. I came close to eating a reasonable amount while I was out which was good. We also played most of a game of Kill Doctor Lucky (which has now reached it's point of overplay it would seem), Compatibility (a slightly different version than the one I'd played a few months back with friends from church, and the Buzz game that isn't solely music questions. Once again there were a few comments made about how close I was (or should be) to one of the two ladies but I seem to have no problem with it any more. I'm not sure if that is good or bad.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the park near morning Church and attempted to help a friend with her netball shooting, after wondering when she got into archery due to the slightly ambiguous first request. (I think even that somewhat limited exercise may have been more than my body should attempt on even a semi regular basis, I was walking a little funny at work today, enough to get called gimpy by one of my colleagues.) After she had practised enough I ended up tagging along with her when she went to sort some stuff out and was again part of a conversation regarding damaged friendships.
In the evening I went out and played both Cities & Knights and Carcassonne (with both the expansions I own). With only three of us it wasn't surprising that I still had good places available going last and thanks to a few lucky rolls I managed to win in one of the quickest times I've seen at the tabletop. With the game of Carcassonne one of my opponents was in a position to win convincingly if he'd picked up one of a number of "right" tiles during the last almost dozen rounds. Luckily for the other guy (and to a lesser extent myself) he didn't get any of the tiles he could have used until his city was no longer completable.
Tonight I will either be spending time with my friends from Linwood, going to a video night with people from R18, or possibly even both which would be great.

I now have only two months until I want to have started writing my next novel. If it wouldn't actually be so much with the status quo I might consider doing what at least one guy here in Christchurch did last year and not shave when I was behind target. I suppose I could go the other way and shave when I'm behind quota.
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I've had a complete week off of work now, going in on Monday if I get work then will be the first day after 10 off. Apart from the fact I've caught up on some sleep there hasn't really been much in the way of benefit and the loss of income counts as a negative. One thing I really haven't missed however is the 5am starts, so far this week I've seen more of the am before going to bed than I have after getting up.

I was part of a very close game of Cities and Knights on Wednesday night (after completely missing the invitation to play that I received on Tuesday), the last half a dozen rounds had myself and our host at the point of only needing one thing to win. That was with me picking up cards I couldn't use right from the beginning as well, which was quite annoying as it kept happening. Once we finished that game we had a game of Carcassonne with both of the expansions I own, that ended up similarly close at the end although I was quite mistaken as to which of us was going to win.

Reading is happening again. Although I could easily be reading more actually starting and finishing a book this afternoon is a welcome change when I've had the potential distraction of this PC on all day.

Time for more games I think. With no-one else in the house I have to entertain myself even more than normal.
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I may have caused myself a little trouble at work recently with less than stellar attendance (more asking for days off after agreeing to work them than not showing up at all). I haven't been at the good machine since the sixth although I'll admit it hasn't actually been running every day I've been in. There may also be a little trouble with messages being passed along again, I rung the office on Monday afternoon after getting back home and sleeping for a while to say that I didn't want to work as I had been sick and was going to be taking Tuesday off. I received a phone call at about 10am Tuesday asking what had happened with me not showing up.
Starting with the last day I was at the good machine I've been reading at work again. Reading books instead of magazines I mean. A little over two years ago I won the bidding on a series of novelizations of the original Star Trek and apart from a short lived attempt soon after that those books had just been lying around my room until last week. I am now part way through the eighth (of ten) and haven't really read much of them here at home. What I move onto when I finish those I'm not sure although there is still the large number of other books I own that I haven't read yet, some of which I've owned for even longer.

I think I'm now used to my hair being shortish again and luckily I haven't been finding the change cold as I walk to work. I've been told by one woman at work that she liked it better the way it was and two of the forklift drivers were telling me today that I should just shave it all off.

For about a week just recently we had another Nelson person in the flat, luckily the group of them didn't make me feel any more like the odd man out than normal. [livejournal.com profile] arkore's brothers both turned 21 this week and so the one that isn't living here came down to visit and have a party etc. Saturday night saw our lounge occupied by more people than I remember being there at any stage which was interesting. Being me I wasn't there for much of the evening, instead I spent most of that time in my room, either watching Serendipity (which I won't be doing again) or playing games here at my PC. I did come out for the start of the yardies and at irregular intervals through the evening to see what was going on though.

I managed to win another game of Cities and Knights on Tuesday night, either I've developed some sort of strategy or I'm getting lucky. (Or I started politicking recently, so that people don't realise how well I'm doing until too late.) Apart from that game, which happened while arkore, his brothers and others were out eating, I also got to play another game of Lord of the Rings RISK on Monday afternoon during the snow. We didn't actually finish the game though because my two opponents both felt that I was going to win and didn't want to continue.

Since someone departed for foreign shores almost three weeks ago it seems quite obvious to me that I'm going out less than I was for about a month. That isn't surprising considering the busy life that others lead but it is mildly depressing that I shut down socially with so little reason. I think I should see about certain other people's plans for the weekend and spend more time with them than the little that church affords.

How I've been spending my time recently has begun to annoy me a little, I'm also somewhat pleased to be playing PC games again instead of just spending hours online the way I did for much of the past three years. Actually making my way through the games I own instead of just playing for a little while and moving on is also a good thing. I may end up deciding to sell them off once they've been played through, especially as I never seem competitive against actual people and so only play against the AI.
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I still regret not going to the airport last week less than I "should" but there is regret. I'm also (or at least was on Saturday) the only one to have responded to texts from the friend that departed our shores a week ago.

My walk into the city centre last Saturday ended up being largely a waste of time as the venue had changed without my knowledge and by the time I got any reply it seemed not worth me joining the group. That did give me more than two hours of walking though which I figure has to have been good for me. Even with my body type I probably spend to much of my free time sitting.

I caused a few people to laugh on Monday night at Alpha and while I don't really remember anything specific I learnt more about a number of people there which is good. The laugh requires back story, I think. An analogy was put forth during the video between becoming a Christian and travelling between Paris, France and Berlin, Germany by train. Most of the travellers will be awake during the portion of the journey that crosses that national boundary and a few will be asleep. They all still cross the boundary and in a similar way all those that are Christians became so at some point even if they can't say exactly when. Later in the evening, during the discussion period, I was asked what I thought of that analogy, partly due to me recently coming to faith. My answer, with me very aware of how it might sound, was "It's all Greek to me."

Tuesday night I got my hair cut by a friend from church and her flatmate the way I had initially hoped would happen on Sunday afternoon. Once a time was actually worked out that it could happen it took less than an hour from me showing up to the point at which I left. It seems highly probable that the hair on my head now is less than the pile that was removed, apparently my hair is very thick and wasted on a guy.
Later that evening I went out and played Cities and Knights again, with just three of us playing. That helped the first game finish in under an hour for a change (I won it as well which was nice) but it led to a second game which ended up being twice as long and therefore we weren't done until almost 11:30. It was also where one of the woman that had been telling me I needing a haircut saw me first after the haircut and she didn't realise it had happened, for whatever reason she thought it had only been tied back which I found amusing as I'd only ever done that a handful of times, all whilst I was at work.

Work on Wednesday was harder than it would otherwise have been because of that late night and with Thursday being almost constant because the machine was working well I took Friday off to recover from exhaustion (I'd come close to napping at the end of my lunch break on Thursday). 4 day weekend. :)

Friday night [livejournal.com profile] arkore, his brother and I were invited out to play games with friends of a friend and ended up playing Settlers of Catan with both of the main expansions. With set-up time and the unfamiliarity with some of it we finished the first game around 10:30 I think and then called the second at around 1am because it was getting too late. I won the first of those games as well, I expect to lose all the rest I play for the rest of the month at least.

Yesterday I went back to old habits and was hardly here all day, I even went to church a little early (intending to help with typing if it was necessary and instead got distracted by children again). After the service itself, which was longer than normal, partly due to the guy that was speaking, almost a dozen of us spent the afternoon at a friends place. We didn't get to play Poleconomy which I'd hoped would happen but I still had fun. After pretty much everyone else left I ended up helping with dishes and then putting CDs in a rack before getting a lift to Spreydon. That ended up with me spending some of the evening waiting for someone to do other things which allowed me relax and watch people before hearing parts of conversations that made little sense due to incomplete information.

Apart from all of that I have been playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV, and, since Wednesday night, updating the database for my books that arkore was kind enough to be a middleman for.

I've been sick again

2006-Apr-13, Thursday 11:59 pm
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Last night my recent illness may have finally finished with me (although, bearing in mind last weeks post, saying that may be invoking bad things). Apart from being a little cold since I actually got up and started doing stuff today has been quite good compared to recently as far as coughing, sneezing etc. is concerned. The fact I was actually physically ill last night may have something to do with that although I'm more inclined to believe that the pizza I had in the afternoon didn't agree with me.

That being ill actually occurred while I was out last night to play games like I tend to do most weeks. It's the first time in quite a while that I've been physically ill especially when how often I feel ill is taken into consideration. Much like most of the other times I recall, within about five minutes of being ill I started to feel almost normal again, and so we finished the game of Cities & Knights that had been interrupted by me leaving the table and once that was done had a game of Carcassonne. Of which I won the first and lost the second. I still haven't had the opportunity to play the Inns and Cathedrals expansion since receiving it on my birthday though. Maybe this long weekend, Steve indicated an interest in getting together again as he doesn't seem to have a whole lot going on either and games can take up quite some time.

I managed three days of work this week. Unfortunately, as I missed today because of the near complete lack of things happening, I won't be getting free money for the holidays we are about to have. I have probably been scheduled for Tuesday but I'll ring and check over the weekend, showing up at 0600 and having to turn around and walk home right away would be annoying after a nice relaxing weekend.

[livejournal.com profile] arkore has been kind enough to allow me very limited use of his foreign monies, I now have a paid account again after around 18 months. This weekend may see too much time finding out how much that allows me to do again. More likely though, I will simply post the occasional poll and spend too much time on my friends of friends page. That's what I remember happening last time.

I don't really know what to make of these memes. )

[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive

2006-Apr-07, Friday 11:56 pm
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  1. Do you like chicken? It's okay, like most food I don't really care all that much.
  2. What is 1 food you can't live without? I seem to have developed a dependency of sorts on chocolate over the past couple of years, I always liked it but now I really don't like going a week without.
  3. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl, if not for work I'd be awake until 2 or 3 in the morning and still in bed until noon most days.
  4. Chocolate or vanilla? Depends. Assuming it's ice-cream that's being discussed then vanilla, chocolate flavoured ice-cream doesn't really taste like chocolate to me.
  5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Cat person, I can hardly stand being near dogs most of the time.

I had been intending to attend the "Not the Perversion Party, Party" that is currently happening but will be getting up early tomorrow to meet my parents for a little while so think I should sleep instead of drinking. That means that my cider is probably going to just sit in my room for another couple of months before I get the opportunity to drink it in a social setting.

After spending the weekend thinking I was pretty much done with being sick for this time around I ended up feeling so bad on Tuesday morning that I left work two hours after arriving. I still managed three full days of work this week though (plus those two hours) so being ill hasn't really had a huge impact on me.

On Monday night R18 was quite small after the wall climbing got cancelled. Instead of that there was no more than a dozen show up and watch "Luther" which is about Martin Luther and the split from the Catholic Church that occurred around 450 years ago.

There was another table-top game of Cities and Knights played on Tuesday night which was very close for the last half dozen rounds. After that we had a game of basic Carcassonne, as Steve didn't seem keen on learning the Inns and Cathedrals expansion. I'm thinking that it would be very good to arrange an afternoon over Easter weekend to get a few of the R18 group to play games.

I'm 25, hooray.

2006-Mar-25, Saturday 11:58 pm
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This week just been was a good week for work so I'm happy about that happening, even taking after lunch off on Tuesday (to head to the Uni) I still managed nearly 30 hours for the week. Each one of those days was quite boring as the work was incredibly repetitive and largely uninterrupted by machine breakdowns, with the exception of about half of Monday after the woman I was working with started talking and doing strange things.
The reason I headed to the Uni on Tuesday was to hear L.T. Jeyechandran speak again, after three of the six hours I was at R18 Monday night involved him talking about things.

The past three nights I've spent time away from the flat so tomorrow it might be nice to just stay in and watch C.S.I. (unless my Monday morning shift is cancelled in which case I'll be going to Spreydon again).
Thursday I went out and played Cities and Knights, eventually winning the game after having two of the three metropolises stolen off me and building the third to win the game three hours after we started. That did mean we didn't get the chance to play Carcassonne with the expansion [livejournal.com profile] arkore and another friend got me for my birthday.
Last night I was taken out to the Casino by the leaders of R18 and gambled a little as well as eating dessert so that was nice.
Tonight I spent around four hours at an engagement party for a couple from church that I only found out was happening last night (I found out the party was happening last night, the engagement I've known about for a couple of months). My NaNo came up again as one of the guys that was there had mistaken my NaNo t-shirt for a Superman t-shirt when I wore it back in November and we hadn't talked since then.

My birthday last week was not quite how I expected it to be, even considering I didn't really have expectations. I got up around noon and only left my room when the phone rang. Six hours later I had just watched a DVD and was walking to a friends place where I was getting food cooked for me. I ended up there until around midnight I think after having half a dozen friends there to talk with for the evening.

Goodbye to family.

2006-Feb-26, Sunday 10:11 pm
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I spent more than 40 hours in Hanmer Springs over this weekend with a few of the people from R18. There were 10 of us up there for most of the weekend which was a mildly disappointing turnout considering the 15 or more we had the past couple of years. I really cant complain though, I got to play half a dozen games of Carcassonne, one of Cities and Knights and a six player game of Kill Doctor Lucky. One problem was the I managed little more sleep than I normally do before a shift at work. Because of that I actually napped for about an hour yesterday afternoon and had expected (incorrectly) to nod off on the drive home today.

I had another pretty good week at work before the trip away, three of the four days I was there were mostly on the machine I like best. There was some sort of communication breakdown on a couple of occasions though, I didn't go in on Monday and was apparently supposed to and I did go in on Friday but shouldn't have. Friday ended up being interesting though, one of the machines just wasn't running well at all and the operator told me that she was happy to have had the extra help to deal with it all.
With me not thinking I had work on Monday morning I went to evening church at Spreydon again last week, not a lot has changed again although one of the guys is now engaged to the woman he went to Australia to spend time with.
The idea of me ending up living in Spreydon presented itself to me this morning in Hanmer when one of the guys was mentioning how he is now quite a bit further from his girlfriend, church, R18 etc. now he has shifted over there and the resulting need to walk long distances or catch buses. I would, if we swapped flats, be a little closer to work I think and far closer to Spreydon Baptist so I could again start going to the evening services even with work the morning after. It would however mean I was far further from R18, morning church and most of my friends. Expenses would also go up. Not really a good deal overall but the bigger room might be nice.

In other news, I saw Mr and Mrs. [livejournal.com profile] bstratton for what could well be the last time in a couple of years or more tonight. They spent much of the past four days down south and stopped in here before check-in for their flight back to the windy city.
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I have, once again (it seems to be becoming a yearly tradition), formatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP. As this only happened on Monday and I've been busy (with work and other things) there is still quite a lot missing compared to what I had previously set up. I did a better job of backing stuff up this time however so I should have lost very little information.

Last Thursday afternoon I was rung and told not to go in to work on Friday morning. I ended up staying up until about 3am Friday because I figured I was going to have another three days to recuperate from that sleep deprivation. Someone that hadn't had their shift cancelled didn't show up on Friday and so I was called at 7:10am and asked to come in. I did a somewhat shorter than normal shift and then a couple of hours after I returned home I was rung again and asked if I could go back and work that evening. I turned them down as I expected to crash that evening and figured the work would get to be to painful. Looking back on that decision it may not have been the correct one considering the extra pay I would (possibly) have received for working longer hours either side of Waitangi Day.
There's been a near constant state of change over the past couple of weeks with machines getting moved around and a new one about to be installed, in theory I will get more work now that the University is about to start up again and some of the casual staff will have less chance to work but I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday was busy for me, I went to church like I normally do but also did other things such that I wasn't home until Monday morning. I spent the afternoon with a couple of friends from church as they searched for things to use at this Sunday's Sunday Funday and I took film to be developed. Later on I was at the home of one of them and managed to annoy her somewhat as I didn't fall for a three move checkmate attempt. Apparently it's usually successful as so few people notice it coming but her failure to check properly left her with a queen down so I was unsurprised to win. As to the rest of the evening I was at a BBQ where I again met a few people that I see nowhere but there. I was also informed of something that I've been thinking might be a possibility for almost two months now so things are changing in my life.

Monday night I played yet another game of Cities and Knights at the table top and the newest addition to the C&K group won after only three prior games and the half dozen or so of basic Settlers that got played at camp. Only one of us was not obviously in the running for the win over the last half a dozen rounds though so it was a very close game. Earlier that day I went and picked up the photos from camp and while about half came out poorly (lack of flash mainly), there are a number of decent ones, including, oddly enough, three of me, only one of which I actually remember asking someone to take.

Other than all of that I haven't really done much since I posted last week. Besides work the past couple of days that is. I'm almost rolling in money, until there's a problem again of course.

<td align="center">Avron --

A hermit living in the big city

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

From WWdN: in exile
A different friend (I guess I should just fudge here, and say it was the same friend, but I've already typed all this out so I'll leave it as is) of mine can be described thusly: if we're having a party, and we invite him, more often than not he'll tell us that he can't make it. If we ask him to help us move, or paint, or install sod in the yard, or whatever, he'll drop whatever he's doing and be at the door before we hang up the phone. If you have a friend like that, you're lucky as hell. If you are a friend like that, you rule.
I want to be that guy.

Holiday fun.

2006-Jan-01, Sunday 10:33 pm
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I have been away and am now back in Christchurch. Even the travelling to and from camp was okay so I'm very happy to have had a holiday away.
What I did while I was away. )

I will probably not be heading to Diamond Harbour tomorrow, I think everyone that is there at the moment will be coming back before Wednesday and I don't want to head over for only a couple of days considering how I will likely feel on the ferry. That means I have another couple of days here alone at my flat to clean up if I so choose, or, more likely, to kill in front of my PC the way I have been since getting home today at around 4:30 this afternoon.

After a week of getting no more than seven hours sleep on somewhat substandard bedding (a small air-bed that deflates through the night makes for far from optimal sleeping conditions) each night while I was away I've been feeling more and more tired as the week progressed. Staying up to watch stars for an hour with a friend each of the past couple of nights instead of going to bed when games finished didn't help that situation either even though it was pleasant to lie on the hill and talk for a while. Because of that fact I'm going to have a game of Cities and Knights and then go to bed, without an alarm to wake me.
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I just finished reading all seven of the Narnia books, for most of the time from about ten this morning until now I have been reading. There was an hour I took out to play a couple of games of Cities and Knights and another half hour to listen to Adventures in Odyssey. All up it took me around nine hours to read all seven books which was a lot quicker than I'd initially expected.

I seem to have been spending as much time away from my flat just recently as I do when I'm working a lot, and I haven't really been working much at all. Yesterday I left around four and didn't get back until after 11:30 thanks to going to see the Narnia movie and then playing a couple of table-top games of Cities and Knights. There was also two days last week my flatmates came to find me not here without knowing why.

Yesterday I also worked out what movies I've seen at the cinema this year. Of those that I'd intended to go see there was only one that I missed seeing but even with that I've at least doubled the number seen compared to every year for the past five or six years. (And prior years I saw even fewer.)
  • Blade: Trinity: [livejournal.com profile] arkore, [livejournal.com profile] shuffler, the other two flatmates here and myself went to see this back in January just before shuffler was to head back home before arranging a trip he still hasn't taken.
  • Kingdom of Heaven: I went and saw this with a friend one afternoon when we decided to see a movie and nothing else really appealed at all.
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: I saw this on my own late one night when I realised it was about to stop showing at theatres.
  • Batman Begins: I saw this with the same friend I saw Kingdom of Heaven with, this time because we were both interested in seeing it.
  • Serenity: The movie of the short lived TV show from a guy I count in the top five creative types for TV.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: Even without knowing a friend was in this I was going to see it. I've read the book at least half a dozen times I think and was going to read it again before seeing the movie if I hadn't been picked up earlier than expected.

F.Y.I. Free users now get six user icons free. That means I still have one I can't use from the month I was a paid member last year.


2005-Dec-09, Friday 12:49 am
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Over the past few weeks I've come to realise that at least one of the problems I have had with certain people (unconsciously until the realisation hit me) has been the hypocrisy inherent in their behaviour. It was also brought to my attention during the 40 Days of Community readings that what we find most annoying about others is usually what annoy us most about ourselves.
Therefore I am hereby asking... Does anyone out there, regardless of how well they know me, find any of my behaviour, attitudes or anything else hypocritical?
Everything will be screened on this post so if you don't want me to know that you, specifically, have an issue with me, have at it with the anonymous comments.

My life seems to be going nowhere, and it isn't in any hurry to get there either. I was only given one day of work this week and unless I get lots over the next two weeks I'm going to have trouble making ends meet I think. I keep getting little cuts while I'm there and don't notice until quite a bit later, I think I should be somewhat concerned I don't notice them happening even if they wouldn't hurt at all. My behaviour is continuing to change slowly while I'm there as well, I've actually had conversations of sorts with some of the people there, especially about my novel which I spent some time writing during some of my lunch breaks.

My general unwillingness to be the centre of attention (or even peripherally near it) led to me avoiding the Youth Awards dinner the morning church organised on Tuesday night. I went along in the afternoon and helped set it up but left shortly before it was due to begin. Having picked up on two separate things indicating I could be included in one of the awards I was even surer that I wanted to be elsewhere during the presentations. Feeling that my contributions are insignificant also had something to do with that decision, I don't like getting credit for something that I feel was not worth mentioning.

[livejournal.com profile] arkore and I went out to play Cities and Knights Thursday night and after he came very close to winning for a couple of rounds I stole some points and managed to win myself. I think that makes six games of C&K I have won at the table.

Because I've rarely met a meme I didn't like. )

PS. Hello [livejournal.com profile] confusiontempst.
PPS. Credit to [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire for using HTML I have now pilfered.
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I shifted at least three tonnes of paper at work on Wednesday (assuming my math was correct) and that wasn't all the work I did. I even got some pizza because there was a problem with one of the magazines and someone in the hierarchy ordered three Pizza Hut pizzas around the time I got sent out to help fix the problem. There was a need for a number of people to come in and hand collate instead of using a machine to do it. That ended up more than doubling the time spent on that magazine and some of those doing the handwork were incapable of the simple work required (or just didn't care enough to do it properly).
Thursday was better although it was mostly spent on that magazine again and for about an hour I was moving faster than I expected to be able to. It wouldn't have been as bad if the weather hadn't been as warm as it was today, I'm going to have to start wearing shorts to work I think, if I keep wearing jeans I'll suffer heatstroke. The heat also led to me considering cutting my hair back to prior years length but I know that some people would be displeased if I did so and I'm still finding it interesting having the longer hair, although I keep being surprised by how long it is.

Events today (Thursday) conspired to me getting invited to two distinctly different parties tomorrow (Friday). I left work early because there wasn't really a lot of work and my nose had started to bleed at lunch time (it dried up pretty quick but I was inclined to go home in case I started bleeding on the magazines). As I got to the corner of Blenhiem Road and Annex Road a friend and her flatmate were stopped at the lights on the way to the dump as part of a repeat of last years cleaning session of her yard. I got invited on a little trip and helped the two of them empty the trailer before getting dropped off near my flat. During that time I was told I should go to their place for the birthday party happening on Friday.
In the evening I was to attend a meeting of some of the morning church people for preparations of a skit to be performed this Sunday morning. If not for that I'd have spent some of the evening helping to teach some young ladies how to play the Cities & Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan so I missed out on something that would have actually been quite fun I expect and which I'd been looking forward to for a couple of weeks.
I had thought the meeting was starting at 1930 and had been timing my departure for that time frame until the point that my alarm went off and I realised it was 1900 that I was supposed to be there. So I basically left as soon as possible and as I passed the Dollshouse [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire and [livejournal.com profile] el_gremmo were crossing the road to their flat and we talked for a short while. During that conversation I was invited to a party they are having Friday night which would require dressing up of some sort. Apparently, if I go wearing a lot of black, sequins can be added there and I'll fit in more.
As the R18 hosts home (which is where I play Settlers) is basically on the way to where I was going I stopped in there on my way with suck up material for the lady of the house. They were kind enough to provide me with a little food (I could have had more if I wanted) and then I was given a lift the rest of the way. The meeting itself also ended up being different to what I expected, we took somewhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours to work out what we'll be doing and then talked until midnight. I don't think I was particularly helpful as far as coming up with ideas is concerned but I got to play with a laptop to make notes / write the basic skit outline. If I had the money I'd almost certainly be getting one of my own, not a new one though, just something to take with me to church and wherever else I would want to write or do other computer things.

With the heat being up to 30°C between finishing at work and heading out to the meeting I wasn't really all that able to concentrate on my writing so I managed only about 400 words and was expecting to come home around 9pm and spend another couple of hours on it, that didn't happen so I'll be spending even more of my four day weekend (I have no work on Monday) writing.

Guess that Friend
Well, let me break it down for you:
You have a total of 25 friends
You requested to guess 25 entries.
1 was skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 24 guesses.
You got 24 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 100% correct

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I don't think I'll be complaining about work getting quiet again. After the week with one single day I just managed to do a full week (five eight hour days) and it was getting to be unpleasant at the end. The need for sleep actually caught up with me a little through the week as well, two afternoons saw me sleeping for a few hours. There was also work available over much (maybe all) of the long weekend but I didn't want to do that. I'm not complaining about all the work I just did either, I want to do another four days this week, especially when working tomorrow will get me paid for today.

There were three table-top games of Cities and Knights that I played in this week, one of which I won (taking my total to four I think). At some point coming up I'm apparently also going to be helping to teach a few young ladies how to play the expansion. They already know how to play Settlers of Catan so it could be interesting to see how quickly the younger minds pick up on the largely increased rule set (and how well the other guy and I manage to explain those rules before getting started).

The rest of my afternoon is largely going to be me doing somewhat random things I think, certainly less time spent here at my PC than is normal. I've had a few ideas about how to go about creating my own Settlers set that would be more resilient to general wear and tear as well as not moving around as much. So in addition to enjoying the sun we have again I'm going to do a little sketching of those ideas.

Tonight however, I will (along with [livejournal.com profile] arkore) be heading to R18 again, we've been offered a ride with one of the newer members so don't even have to walk there. Hopefully I can get myself home early enough to sleep at least six hours before work tomorrow even if conversations develop the way they did last week. I still don't know how much I'm likely to get out of the current series we're going through. Something has already presented itself though and that's good enough for one session so I don't regret spending the money that I did.


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