Changing times

2017-Aug-08, Tuesday 11:40 pm
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After about 13 years working where I do there's going to be a new shift supervisor when I go back to work. The guy that's been doing the job since soon after I started has his last day tomorrow, and it's going to be weird knowing he's not around. I feel, justified or not, that I owe him me still getting work over the past couple of years thanks to the temp agency depriving me of shifts until he started interceding on my behalf. The phone I purchased before my current smart phone came from him as well, I gave him $20 for it at the start of 2007 and it lasted more than eight years before it stopped charging, I almost miss that phone.

For this term, and maybe the next?, I'll be dealing with the music at Mainly Music, much easier now than it was a few years back with a multitude of CDs. Over the past couple of years especially I've felt the need to work when I was able to do so on a Wednesday. At the start of this year I decided to see if I'd get enough work through the rest of the week to take Wednesday's off permanently. So far it's been working fine and I have been spending the end of those mornings in the room with upwards of 20 toddlers and their parentals. With the person that had been dealing with music deciding to concentrate on other things for a while I'm going along earlier again. Considering everything I'm not likely to experience a lot of other differences in how the mornings go for me, aside from not getting to sleep in as much.

Early tomorrow, around when I'll be waking up, some people are going to make a start on cutting down the big tree at the corner of this section. I don't know how much impact it will have on light levels at this stage of the year, but I expect my room will get a lot more sunlight through summer. It may even lead to the kitchen and shower getting late night sun.

For most of the past 15+ years since leaving school my body mass has been relatively consistent, fluctuating maybe 5 kg total depending on exercise (work) and junk food intake etc. On occasion I'd hear people say that when I hit mid thirties I'd start to notice my metabolism change... it seems to have done so over the past six months. I don't think I've changed much of my activities or habits this autumn/winter compared to prior years but compared to the start of the year I've gained about 15% of my body weight.


2017-Feb-07, Tuesday 11:53 pm
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I spent nearly 72 hours of the long weekend just been a little north of Amberly, enjoying the heat a little less than I would have had I made a slightly better choice of clothing. As expected I didn't take part in almost anything that had been organised activity wise, choosing to not go orienteering, rafting, climbing rocks, or going through the confidence course etc. I did however spend a short while with bow and arrows, although it seemed to be over very fast compared to what it might have been. Much of my time was spent using my smart phone to occupy me with games or playing physical games of Star Realms with the 10 year old I taught on Saturday. Aside from a couple of aborted games of Galaxy Trucker I might as well have left my bag of games here, aside from the Star Realms box.
With a 14 month old being there I ended up spending a reasonable amount of time watching over him, letting one or other of the parents go do other things briefly. I also had the younger children of another individual monopolise some of my time, one wanting me to read to her which is something I've done very little of considering how often I spend time with children that young.
My current expectation is that I won't be going back again next year unless the attendees change a lot. Most of those that have been going in recent years have been families, and while I get on with those I know from that grouping I don't "fit in" as a single middle aged man that doesn't want to talk. Being there also led to me missing out on a game day that I'm sure I would have had a good time at. Getting fed etc. is good but not worth the inconvenience of sharing a room, not having internet, etc.

I went into work an hour late this morning, because of miscommunication yet again. I also found out the supervisor has also been annoyed at how late the casuals are getting contacted about shifts, sometimes four or more hours are going by before the message is passed on. I do still get offered shifts though which I still have to count as a big improvement from a year ago. A depressingly low bar.

January is done.

2017-Feb-01, Wednesday 12:08 am
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The weekend just been saw the 1o year anniversary of me shifting into this flat, longer than I've lived anywhere else and significantly longer than all but the house I consider my childhood home. There's probably been close to a dozen different people in the room upstairs over that time frame, while the other two of us seem unlikely to be leaving anytime soon.

I'm going to miss gaming this coming weekend, because I decided to go to this years church affiliated camp. I'll probably still manage to get a few games played while I'm out of the city, but not the number I might have managed. I also currently have little idea about who else is going to be going, a couple of those I'd expect to play with aren't going to be going because they're out of the area. On another level I'm considering this a test of sorts for the year end GamesFest that I'm wanting to go on, after missing three years due to money and expected travel issues.

For the last half of last year I had a book in my work bag that I intended to read during my lunch breaks and machine downtime. Over the five months I had it with me I managed to read about half of it, in the first three days I worked this year I finished the other half. I will be finding something else to take along, although I may also read on my smart phone during the lunch breaks, if I can keep myself from playing games instead.
A couple of days ago I had Pythagorea 60 suggested to me and I quickly found myself puzzled by some of the levels. I've also been playing a SET like game when I have a couple of minutes.
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Last Wednesday I went out in the morning and helped someone shift into a new place. The walk there was long enough that I started to feel warm enough to remove my jacket and the day was warm enough that I didn't put it back on. As has seemed normal when I help people shift I felt as though I wasn't really doing a lot, even with my being one of the few actually loading stuff on the trailer.

My Christmas day ended up a bit different than I'd expected as I did wake early enough to get to the service at RBC. As I was arriving I saw the family of an ex walking in, and moments after I got into the auditorium the youngest spotted me and headed towards me. For much of the rest of the service I had at least one of the three of them near me. After walking with them to the car I made the effort to say goodbye to a few other people and walked home. Most of the rest of my afternoon and evening was spent in the lounge at my flat, watching Transformers and a couple of movies.

Boxing day I was awake too early and then went out for the afternoon. The family of the friend I helped shift last week had a BBQ that I was invited to. I knew most of those that were there early, and recognised some of those that arrived later, but spent most of my time there with the children and some of the others that I already knew. The family has a couple of cats, and a dog, the younger cat spent a while on my lap late in the afternoon and one of the others present was kind enough to take photos of it. I made a couple of attempts in the evening to get more photos of the cat when it sat on my lap again, that wasn't managed as well. As I was about to leave I got offered food, which is fairly common, and ended up bringing home a bucket of food. Salad, rice, and a bunch of sausages/patties in a Cookie Time bucket. I still have the sausages/patties, but that was always going to take longer to get through.

Lethargic weekend.

2016-Nov-08, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I made it along to the Mainly Music session on Wednesday last week, which involved a bit more walking than normal as most of the group had headed to the Community Garden for a time. Once getting to where they were I got to hold the nearly 1 year old and then spent much of the following hour with him in my arms or beside me.
After the clean up of that I headed to the mall and started wandering around the stores that sell smartphones (and had an extended wander through the DVDs at JB) before deciding to spend a little money on getting my first. I didn't get around to registering the number on that SIM and probably won't be, initially because I didn't remember the need for such more than a dozen years after getting my prior SIM. With the fact that it's an Android and I have been adding various things to the app WishList for quite some time it didn't take long to download a number of apps. I am going to need to get a mini-SD card though as the memory is unsurprisingly low for a cheap phone but the "essentials" seem to be working fine. If I get the current Humble Bundle of at least half a dozen games I'd like to own I'll need even more space to get them as well.

Near the end of my work shift on Thursday I had a couple of sneezing fits and had been feeling weary enough before lunch that I let the agency know I wouldn't be working Friday. By the time I might have been leaving for SAGA (if not for my prior decision to skip it on Thursdays) I was feeling more lethargic and had started going through tissues. I woke earlier than I wanted on Friday and then spent almost all day just on my recliner with my laptop and occasional smartphone play. The dreams I had that night were the first recurrent dreams I remember having, with me waking up three or four times over the 11 hours or so I spent in bed trying to sleep.

On one level I feel like I should be in Hanmer Springs at the moment, with another couple of hours at least before I'd be heading to bed. The Wednesday night came group that I was once a regular part of is having their annual getaway over Show Weekend and some of them have headed up particularly early. Having missed the past couple of years due to the first SAGA 48-hour-charity-event and then money issues last year, I was again unsure of whether I'd be able to attend until very recently. This year the 48 event is again over show weekend so I'd been thinking I'd be there most of this weekend. Instead I've been invited to a smaller private gathering with friends and I'll be there on the Friday, probably heading home after. On Saturday I do think I'll be attending from as early as I can be bothered, and probably leaving much earlier than I would have expected a few months ago. It's become obvious to me that many of those I'd be gaming with over the 48 aren't people I want to spend a lot of time gaming with.
Tonight I had my new phone with me, and in addition to using it to do the scoring for 7 Wonders (and get a headstart on BGG play recording), I also had it playing music most of the time I was playing, and found myself far less irritated by the slowness of others at the table than I think I would have otherwise been.
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I seem to be having trouble sleeping in the way I used to almost any day I didn't have work, didn't reach much past eight hours this morning. Maybe I should close the curtains at the top of my bedroom but I don't recall it being an issue until recently, even during summer.

I went back the Wednesday Night Gaming last week, and had a couple of very good games of (Rise of) Augustus, before a much longer than it should have been game of Castles of Burgundy. With the game end being nearly an hour later than I'd have estimated I was home noticeably later than I'd have preferred and had a somewhat unwelcome morning at work the next day. When I'd last been to the supermarket I'd purchased a can of LIFT+ figuring there would likely be a day it could be useful, I hadn't really expected it to be so soon. At some point in the past month or so Pak'n'Save stopped carrying Glucozade it seems, that's been my "energy drink" of choice since I felt inclined to buy any.

Saturday was the annual Community Fun Day in the park up the street from me, and I stuck around for the entire three hours this time. Most of the early portion just walking around to find people I know, lots of the later portion with particular people, including a baby. I don't look my age it seems, a couple of the young adults got engaged very recently and he wasn't present, sitting down by her briefly I got mistaken for him by a person new to the area. Granted, there probably hadn't been any discussion of what he looked like, but I'd have presumed I look significantly older than she does.

Next Monday is Labour Day, and I'll be spending the afternoon playing Eclipse, after actually making the minimal effort to set up such via FB. It would be better if there was a sixth that seemed likely to fit the group that's already organised, she that I would have asked is due to give birth on (or very near) that day.

End of an era

2016-Sep-06, Tuesday 11:38 pm
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Just over 12.5 years ago I did my first day of work at PMP Print. In that span of time I've worked for a temp agency, been hired by PMP itself, been forced back on a (different) temp agencies books. I've seen one particular process have the machine replaced by a seemingly much never machine, then that was replaced by another version of the first machine (and there was at least five relocations over the time frame). Things change and I adjust. The woman that ran my induction on that first day had her last day last week, which I had all of a single days notice of due to not being there so much recently and not socialising. This means that there is one permanent staff member on the morning shift that isn't an operator of some sort according to the White Board of jobs, I'm sure that would have been half a dozen when I started.
Better news I received this afternoon; the woman that has been responsible for organising shifts for the past 18+ months is leaving the temp agency. I'm cautiously hopeful that the newcomer will listen to the shift supervisor when he asks for me specifically. I have had a big improvement in what I'm getting offered just recently though, four days last week (although I perhaps should have also been offered Monday) and I'm not working tomorrow because it seems likely that I'll get Thursday and Friday shifts offered to me.

While at church on Sunday I was informed that a woman had come back to Mainly Music that week after about six years, with a new child, and asked about (or at least mentioned) me. It's odd to think I was helping out that far back, even when I realise that I didn't really help for most of the past two years. I also had someone else arrive at church for the first time I'd seen her for months at least, while I was holding a friends eight month old, and ask if I was the father. Something that happens reasonably often with strangers, especially if I'm playing with one of the daughters of a particular couple, but I don't think someone I've known has asked if I was a father before.
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Shortest span of sleep I've had for a while as well, not getting to sleep until about 0130 this morning before waking up at 0500 for work. And my intention to sleep during the lunch break didn't pan out, I spent much of it talking with one of the forklift drivers.

The solstice has arrived and for most of the rest of the year the days will be getting longer again, which I hope means that I'm going to see more sun. I've been aware for a while now that I barely ever leave the house during daylight hours, with work early in the morning and sundown well before gaming starts.

I ended up spending longer at church on Sunday than I have for quite some time, even after arriving an hour late. The children's church leaders and helpers had some sort of meeting and I ended up with some of their children watching videos as a responsible adult. The youngest of those that was present spent much of the time sitting on me, and on a few occasions offered me food from the plate that was present. It sometimes seems that even children realise I could probably do with eating more.

I'm going to spend a large portion of this coming Saturday afternoon gaming, unless problems develop, and if it was going to be evening as well I'd probably be considering asking to spend the night again, so I could again go visit the friend I saw two weekends ago. It was good to just spend a few hours sitting together, watching TV and talking.


2016-Apr-26, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Eight weeks ago I shifted most of my stuff out of my room with the intention of shifting the furniture around and cleaning everywhere that was hard to get to. The only thing to not get moved was the large bookcase I have and a lot of stuff was actually moved out of my room. Up until yesterday I had my bed in the corner of my room that is by the two big windows and while that was okay to start with temperatures have dropped enough that I wasn't wanting to keep sleeping there. So as of yesterday afternoon my bed is back where it was three years ago when I shifted it because I felt that here was going to be cold over winter. The mass of stuff that still hasn't made it back into my room is a problem though, I've barely managed to sort through any of it to reduce my stuff count.
I did find the photos that I took during my last years of high school and time at polytech, that I'm no longer able to scan, although most had been already. I'm unsure why I stopped scanning them as I got them developed but there certainly isn't any that I noticed that I'm really wanting to be able to show people.

I managed to get to church again this weekend just been (even it was an hour late), and upon walking into the creche was met by the youngest of my ex. I spent most of the rest of the morning with him and the other two children monopolising my time.

After spending a short portion of the time at the beginning of each recent SAGA session reading the rules to Rococo I finally taught three others how to play tonight. Each of them managed 60+ points and I had 51. I haven't yet read through the rules again to find what I taught wrong (and there's probably something) but the game seemed to work together well enough, even if it wasn't particularly interesting.

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2016-Apr-19, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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Another week has passed where I was not asked about working at all, I'm going back tomorrow for another later start like the only shift I got last week. Not needing to be up at 5 is a welcome change especially with how late I tend to stay up after a few days of not working.

After the service on Sunday morning I stuck around, as I typically still do when I go along, and had about 30 minutes of a 5-year old climbing on me, trying to push me over, and wanting me to play tag. I'm starting to feel a little more inclined to pay attention to the service itself, but if certain of the youngest children are in crèche I'm likely to go there instead.

Me getting through Critical Role is going much slower than the others I've heard mention it. Not quite managing an episode a day, although I have also been watching a lot of Let's Play videos of Factorio and a few other games. It's probably just as well I don't have a copy of Factorio myself, it seems like a game I'd spend a lot of time playing, maybe even more than I spent with Skyrim when I first got it.

My room doesn't look a lot tidier than it did a month ago, but I have finally put five of the boxes of books under my bed with the others under the table, leaving me with a lot of empty floor space compared to what there was. I've also put an extension cord around the wall so that I'm much less likely to trip as I get up from my bed.

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2016-Mar-01, Tuesday 11:52 pm
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Saturday was another game day with friends, that I missed the start of due to feeling off. I played Cranium again, after more than a decade, reinforcing my lack of desire to play it more, even with the win. After an even longer time frame, more than 20 years I think, I also got to play Scotland Yard, the fourth highest rated game at BGG from those I remember my family owning as I was growing up. The Captain is Dead has become almost trivial for us as a group now. I've lost only 2 of the 13 games I've been a part of and the difficulty has been ramped up more and more as time's gone by.

On Sunday I went along to church again, for the third time this year and met the 10 week old son of a couple I've known for a few years now. I did not get pooped on, or spit up on, or any of that; a few minutes longer with him on my lap and that might have been different. I'm thinking I might start going back a little more often now, a few people commented about me not having been for a while.

Early yesterday afternoon I started shifting a bunch of stuff out of my room so I could rearrange the furniture and vacuum the areas that had been blocked off from access. The only thing that didn't get shifted was the big bookcase, and I'm probably going to be shifting my bed again in a few months so it's not right by the windows. My count of boxes went up by two in the evening as well, I appropriated a couple of boxes that friends had used when they shifted a couple of weeks prior. So far there isn't much change due to that, but I'm going to be resorting to try and get certain books together, like I managed with Star Trek books this afternoon.

Tonight was the first Intro Night for SAGA and there was, at peak, nearly 30 people in the boardgame room. I didn't spend a lot of time playing, with very little of what was taken along being involved enough for me to want to play, especially with people I don't know. I have very little idea about how many will be coming back regularly but it seems like a fair few of them will be.
Thursday night is likely to be less populated going by my past half decade of attendance. I do expect one person to be there that wasn't tonight, and realistically I'd rather game with her than most of the others that might be there.

Done with camping

2016-Jan-20, Wednesday 12:00 am
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Last Wednesday afternoon I got a text message indicating there would be work this week (none of which I've been offered yet), but not the rest of last week. As a result of that I came home from games in Spreydon that night and stayed up late, figuring I wasn't going to need to be getting up early until Monday at the earliest. Instead, after I got up on Thursday around noon I got asked to work Friday and had to say no as I'd have been getting up barely 24 hours after going to bed. Not fit for work in my opinion.

While out gaming last night I got to play a couple of games I particularly enjoy, and lost both. Before playing another game that I'm usually willing to play but don't seek out because I normally lose, and I won it. I also got hugged a bit and had the cat let me pay attention to it.

After I got home from games last night I saw a facebook post with a lot of photos from the Camp from the prior weekend. Seeing those photos makes it even more obvious that I chose correctly when I decided to not attend this year and stay in the city instead (even before I was expecting to be able to game most of that weekend). The past few camps have had attendees skew far more to the young family demographic than the first ones I attended. While I like spending time with children the demographic change has meant that I don't get to play games like I did at the first few, and almost no-one is up even past about 2300.

With the mass of rain, and generally wet days, I've done very little in the way of leaving the flat for the past week, besides the two days I went out to play games and me taking advantage of the sun today to buy bread. The near complete lack of domestic activity over that week makes it obvious I'm going to need to prepare for winter. Although getting out of the flat for work will help, that's only going to be useful if I am getting work.

SAGA might be an issue for me earlier this year than has been normal, for some reason the club has been able to book rooms well ahead of Clubs Days which I believe was the prior start point. The issue is going to be knowing that others are wanting to play Board Games ahead of time so I make the effort to go along.

No more SAGA

2015-Nov-24, Tuesday 11:19 pm
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Aside from the last Mini-Con event (MerryCon) in a couple of weeks it seems that I won't be gaming with SAGA again until the end of February. Only three of us were present tonight and we agreed that it doesn't seem worthwhile returning. This leaves me with even more time for cleaning my flat/room that I probably won't make much use of, I spent today just sitting on my recliner like I normally do. I have been able to game on the past couple of Saturdays though, and may well be doing so again this coming weekend.
If I don't go out to game, I've also been invited to attend the Christmas in the Park thing that's an annual event here. When the only other time I remember going was nine years back and I spent it with my (then) girlfriend sitting on my lap I don't know that I have any interest apart from spending time with friends. Which isn't normally enough on it's own to get me out of this flat.

Work stopped being quite as busy for me as it was for a short while, I only got two days last week, although it would have been three if doing three in a row hadn't seemed unwise. Tomorrow will be my second for the week after not getting asked about today which I think I should have been. Not working today let me stay out later last night though, leading to a couple of games of Hanabi, with one new player, and it was good to play that again. I also seem to be getting hugs from more people of late which is good.

I've managed to make it to church every Sunday since the start of October, a big change from the middle half of the year when I barely made it once a month. I'm not arriving on time, or sitting in the service, but I'm hearing most of the service and talking with a few people after the service ends. I don't expect I'm going to be changing those basic behaviours anytime soon, but the getting up in time for church hasn't been as much of an issue lately as it was.

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Saturday was the second "Long Board Game Day" for the year and we probably had more than 15 people present over the course of the 12 hours people were present. Like two of the other three that have happened I got to play Die Macher to start with, and had to teach at least one of those that were playing. Coalitions were a lot less of a thing than I remember from other games, and I'm now wondering if there were missed options for such. The end game scores were reasonably close though which is good.
Early in the afternoon a game of Eclipse was started, with just one new player, that managed to go through the rules while Die Macher was ending up. Partly a result of us not needing to explain rules we got through that game quite a bit quicker than expected, three hours instead of four plus. Contrary to my prior games I managed to avoid going tech heavy, and actually went a little bit aggressive to start with. Neither of my first attempts to expand worked out, which I think was a little unlucky for me. Two of the others did a lot better than I did though.

After heading to church on Sunday I left earlier than I otherwise would have and went back to the Uni to see about taking part in the Nano-con RPG event that was happening. It took quite a while before there was anything for me to do, having shown up near the end of the first session, so I sat with some paper going through things that seem relevant to future committees. Once the first session ended, and some others had shown up I joined in a game without really making any attempt to find out what was involved. Not a brilliant choice on my behalf considering what happened in the game. I still had fun, and was for a while so amused that I couldn't continue talking, but the theme/content wasn't something I have a desire to repeat. As the afternoon ended, and others prepared for the LARP, make up was applied to one of those present to aid in her 'costume' and then she that had been applying it turned to me. I didn't react at all as she held lipstick up and allowed her to apply it to me. The sensation was a little weird, and I don't know if I'd get used to it or not, but she removed it almost straight away so I doubt I'll find out.

A very long weekend

2015-Jul-07, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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I had set an alarm for 0800 Friday morning and was intending to spend the 90 minutes following that having breakfast, washing dishes, having a shower and then making sure I was okay to leave my flat. I ended up spending nearly 30 minutes longer than that before leaving but managed most of what I intended. After the nearly 30 minute walk to halfway along Homestead Lane I joined the group that had started this years' SAGA 48 hours of gaming for Charity.
Because I was late I ended up not playing anything for about an hour, but then spent most of the rest of the day involved in some sort of gaming. As I'd not made any attempt to get sponsorship this year (I'd not really known if I'd be there long enough to try staying awake for the full thing) I felt no particular need to be playing at all times. When I'd left home and for most of the early part of the day there I'd been expecting to leave, probably not long after midnight. When it got that late I'd just finished a game of Die Macher and was feeling up to more games so I stayed longer, and then found myself the only other person there to play boardgames besides one of those that had got sponsorship for the entire weekend. If I'd left then she'd have been on her own and basically unable to do what people had sponsored her for, so I stayed. When the sun came up and others were again there to play boardgames I didn't feel like leaving anymore so I stayed longer. It wasn't until about noon that I stopped playing games, and chose to nap on a couch for a while. I managed to time that nap (possibly with assistance) so that when someone had to leave I was able to take over for the last couple of turns. By the time dinner came around on Saturday I'd played another couple of games, winning one of the only four games I won total, two of which I'd been teaching all the others. By that stage it had become obvious that I wasn't going to be heading home and I played a bunch more games through until late Sunday morning. With the expected drop off in mental ability of those that had been awake all (or even most of) the time I wasn't inclined to ask about particular games that I might have been more inclined to play so mostly it was short, simple games for the last several hours.

After I got home on the Sunday there was a few minutes sorting myself out before I headed to church for the first time in more than a month. It seems I've committed myself to heading back more often, which I don't regret, it was good to see a number of the people there, including the children that asked about where I'd been. About midway through that afternoon I fell asleep while I'd been watching YouTube videos and ended up heading to bed before 1800. I woke again about 2300 and decided to get up again for another couple of hours, going back to bed about 0200, leading to another eleven hours of sleep. I think I'm about back to my normal already, although the big test is going to be going back to work, whenever that happens to be.

Not all meh.

2015-May-19, Tuesday 11:28 pm
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Back to work again in the morning, after a long weekend of staying up very late playing Skyrim. At some point this week it will surpass FTL for my most played game on Steam, after no more than a month of playing. I'm quite certain that both Heroes of Might and Magic II and III (maybe even the first and fourth) as well as the original StarCraft have many more hours played but I don't have a record of that, possibly a good thing. I expect that if I was better with the combat portion of the game I'd have a lot more accomplished by now, having to try certain fights multiple times because I kept getting too close to my follower and inadvertently landing a killing blow. Being more organised as to what Quests I was doing would also likely have helped as I'd have spent less time wandering the countryside.

I went back to church on Sunday morning, for the first time this month, and I'm not expecting to be back until late next month if that. I've only been twice since the start of April and I'm really not missing Church, I do miss some of the people but not the service and such.

I've been missing certain people at SAGA though, three of those I most enjoy playing against have quit going or have been missing sessions recently and it's less interesting for me now. I still enjoy it, and am unlikely to stop going, but I left early tonight even with time left over and don't regret that at all.
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Gaming finished for me almost exactly at 2200 tonight, I didn't leave until almost exactly 2300 as I was listening to discussion of the RPG campaign. I also managed to come from behind in Tobago with a very fortunate final treasure dig giving me about 15 points worth of treasure, after the second cost me 6 when a curse showed up before I'd acquired an amulet. In the game of Jamaica I played, the first four treasure cards I drew (possibly the first four taken at all) three were curses and the other didn't come close to being of use to me (the player that stole it from me got reasonable use of it though).

I spent a fairly large portion of my weekend playing Skyrim, ending up with my "Friday" being 25+ hours as I didn't go to bed until a little after 0600 Saturday and had had work. With the wireless issues I've been having again for the past week or so I've also not watched YouTube videos and will have quite a bit to catch up on when I sort that out. I seem to have enough free time but am not using it as best I might.

With the amount of time I spent playing Skyrim at the weekend it wasn't surprising to me that I woke up shortly before noon on the Sunday, and thus missed church for the second week in a row. I miss the people, not the service at all. It seems obvious that I'm no longer going to be even trying to get up early enough on a regular basis.

Still active

2015-Apr-21, Tuesday 11:55 pm
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My weekend of not doing anything didn't last, I got invited to play games with friends on the Saturday and spent practically all afternoon there. I spent a portion of my time not playing games, while others were, and a little while listening to conversations about Game of Thrones. If I'm invited back I'll be going again, and might even manage to eat the next time. I'll also be taking one of my games over to expand the choices. Having one of those present be someone I've interacted with a fair bit online but only met briefly in person was good as well.
It's looking likely that I'll be able to play the two games I'm most interested in playing at SAGAs Long Board Game Day. The interest on the poll went up a little over the past few days, probably due to me posting about it, and both of the games have people saying they'd like to play.

I don't know if the heating has actually been fixed at work, but it hasn't seemed as cold since last Tuesday. The level of work has been good as well, mostly active but not rushed at all. With all the shifts I've been doing recently my bank balance is back above the level I want it to be. Which has unsurprisingly led me to start thinking about buying a tablet, not sure if I'll bother to do any research for a while though

I ended up spending most of Sundays church service in the children's church helping out for the first time in what could be more than a year. I certainly feel like it was a long time since I was there and it was nice to be back, but I don't feel any desire to go back and help more. Time in crèche would be nice though, I like spending time with the babies.

New year

2015-Jan-06, Tuesday 10:14 pm
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I'm going to be spending this weekend a little further north than Amberly with this years Church Camp. I expect to read at least one book while I'm there, as I'll not be taking part in at least some of the activities that have been arranged. And if I can't convince people to play the games I take with me I'll probably get to read for most of the evenings as well while other things are happening. I will not however be taking any photos this year,, I snapped my SD card a few months ago and, while I was offered a replacement by a friend that has a spare he finds too small, I haven't yet got another.

My New Years Eve/Day went about how I expected it to. I watched some movies, played games with my laptop, and didn't really interact with anyone. The day after however, I went out and played Board Games, for nearly 10 hours. As often happens I ended up teaching many of them, to some extent at least. Gaming yesterday saw the return of Medici to my play roster, two games with the guy that just got himself a copy and I'm expecting it to be played a number of times throughout the year.

After more than 2 weeks of nothing I went back to work yesterday, having prepared for the expected heat by not wearing jeans as I normally do throughout the year. The room I was working in had two large doors open for much of the shift, and a couple of fans working from early in the morning. I still felt a little warmer than I'd have preferred. but I did manage better than others likely would have. Still not getting offered the shifts I should be though.

Blah, again

2014-Nov-25, Tuesday 11:53 pm
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Tonight at SAGA was fine for those that role-play, I got a single 2-player game of Race for the Galaxy before the only other board gamer left. I wasn't really surprised to have so few show up, with the Uni year finished there's been a few of the regulars leave the city, and at least a couple of the others have stopped attending for other reasons of late as well.
Last Friday night I got to play a bunch of games at the Irregulars meeting. My first game of Hanabi in person for a while (after it came to Board Game Arena recently) and the wild cards change things significantly. It's also interesting, if potentially frustrating, to play with people that don't thing the same was as you. The Captain is Dead was played again, and for the second of three times most of the Engineering cards were out early with the Chief Engineer as a chosen role. I wondered on my walk home how many more levels of Jump Core repair we could have managed after getting through the chosen difficulty very easily.

I've spent some of the past couple of Sunday mornings at Church helping in the Crèche, mostly with the daughter of my ex. I also got to spend time with the elder boy who still seems quite happy to see me most days we're both there. On my way home this Sunday I stopped at the park and spent at least 30 minutes with the boys (and father) of another family, probably spending more time on a swing than I had all the rest of the year.


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