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Sure, I venture out on occasion, but that tends to be only so I can play games, attend Church, replenish supplies, and earn the means of paying for those supplies. This isolation is almost entirely of my own creation, at High School I wasn't interested in the conversations (limited though I suppose they were) that the guys had and so I kept quiet and wasn't invited to much of anything that was happening. That became even more pronounced after High School when I was at Polytech and wasn't interested in going out drinking or the other things that might have allowed bonding.
Over the past several years the time I've spent at Church and the Small Group related to it have put me back in touch with people but I still don't feel as though I connect. I do have the leader of that Small Group to thank for my only long term hobby though, he introduced me to Settlers of Catan back in late 2004 and that led to Carcassonne, which led to Ticket to Ride, and then I joined the Christchurch Euro Gamers back in 2008. I do not know (or want to) what I'd be doing with my life now if I hadn't been introduced to modern board games. My expectation is something like hours with video games where I'd spend no time with people except what I couldn't avoid when working or shopping.
Now, my relationship with my extended family has become practically non-existent, due to me avoiding what few big gatherings have occurred over the past half dozen years. I still see my parents a few times a year and would probably see my sister often if she was living a lot closer. Getting down to it though, I've never really felt any thing missing by not having that family around me, probably because I always felt like the black sheep of my family. Most of my cousins are noticeably older; my interests, such that I had interests, were divergent from what I gathered others had.

The upshot of all of this is that I'm expecting to miss the funeral of my maternal Grandfather. He has recently had to spend time in hospital, is still there in fact, but there is an unspoken implication that he may be passing soon. I don't remember seeing him since my sister got married at the start of 2004. I may have seen him at one or two Christmas gatherings since then. I've only been to one of the family gatherings since I shifted into this flat five years ago and that was the first Christmas.

Halloween, oh yay.

2011-Oct-31, Monday 05:42 pm
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October is (practically) done and so tomorrow marks the start of NaNoWriMo for another year. I went to the first meet-up on Saturday, and was able to keep the ML company for a couple of hours; the only two others that showed up had already left when I arrived. If I hadn't been offered work for tomorrow I'd probably have headed to the morning meetup that's happening at the Hornby Library. All this interest is a little surprising when I currently don't intend to take part in the writing this year. Of course that was how I felt last year, right up until I was at work on the 2nd and had my first lines come to mind.
If I'd been doing more than just thinking about NaNo this year, and was expecting to take part, I'd have spent the past week (or more) with my keyboard set to DVORAK layout instead of the typical QWERTY. I have wanted to get myself able to touch-type with DVORAK for years, and it was suggested last year that a different keyboard layout would increase the challenge for me. After all, when only the first year was a failure, it's no longer something that seems difficult to me. Of course, the real challenge would be to write something that I'd be happy showing other people, but that's not really the point of the exercise.

SAGA is almost done with for the year, this week and the next are the last with scheduled evening meetings. The very last of which I'll be missing due to the Hanmer Springs GamesFest so I won't complain about missing games. My understanding is that it won't be starting up again until (almost?) March so I'm going to have three months without regular plans on Tuesday and Thursday nights. That could allow me extra time to write during the latter half of November compared to the first half. After that I'm expecting to spend more time watching TV, spending money at United Video (after finding my member card 6? months after it went missing in my wallet), and probably, mostly, spending even more time with my laptop.
With the two gaming weekends last month (Mini-Con and SAN-con) I managed to play 106 games during September. About half of those games were no more than 30 minutes so it's not as impressive a count as it might seem. This month I might break 70, but I'm expecting that I'll get to play a game of Agricola and that could be it for the evening (leaving me at 68).

I have decided that I will be taking part in FunRazor this year. So there is just under a month until I no longer have hair enough to wash when I shower. I'll possibly set up an online page at http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/fundraise/topathletes-funrazor.aspx?e=826&c=315 but mostly I'm hoping to get sponsorships in person. With me knowing that I'd be getting my hair shaved off later I've once agian gone and got my hair dyed. The intention was initially just to bleach it but then I decided to get it blue. When the first bleach didn't get rid of enough colour and I couldn't be bothered sitting through another bleach I decided to go red instead. With the first wash at the hairdresser getting rid of more colour than I wanted it's already turned pinkish. I'm still getting used to seeing abnormal coloured strands of hair at the edges of my vision.


2010-Sep-23, Thursday 09:03 pm
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This week at the small group the topic up for discussion was contentment and how many people have issues because they're not content with what they have. Especially in the western world. Ironically enough I feel many of my "problems" have been due to me being too content with the way my life is. Most people want more and more stuff, partly due to advertising, and find themselves discontent with their lives even though masses of people elsewhere in the world would consider our lives to be luxurious. It seems that I've missed out on that particular motivating factor, to a large extent anyway. The only thing I've been really discontent about for the past six months is my PC and how slow it has become. But after six months I've done nothing to fix it, I continue to complain on occasion, but I haven't spent any money even though I know almost exactly what I want and have done from early on. Especially after the recent economic downturn I've been very disinclined to go looking for a better job, partly because I know I'm fortunate to have a job at all. And yet it's been more than six years now that I've been working where I am and I have said from very early on that I should be doing something else.
I suppose my contentment boils down more to the fact that I detest change. Even though I know that change can be good, some of it very good, I actively avoid seeking it out most of the time, regardless of possible motivations. I still feel surprise when I look back to me joining two new game groups, SAGA in May and the WNGs at the start of 2008. I knew nobody at either when I first went along, they were at places I was unfamiliar with and to some extent I didn't know what I'd be doing there (specifically what games would be played.) I am now glad I went along to each, the WNG sessions especially, as I've been able to play a lot of games I would never have otherwise seen and I have friends that I likely wouldn't ever have met otherwise.

In less introspective thoughts... I've got work tomorrow, for the fourth day this week. I could have worked this morning (or afternoon) as well but when it had been more than six months since I last did more than three days in a week I wasn't wanting to go four in a row. Looking back over the past 18 months I've only had more than three days a week twice until this week. That lack of income can also reflect on my level on contentment, I expect a normal person would be very unhappy with such a limited income but it has provided me with enough to eat and pay rent with some discretionary funds left over.

On the whole I'm becoming less and less content as the months go by. Realising that there are things I want to do but can't. People I want to spend time with but can't, or that I don't feel up to contacting. The ever increasing awareness of how much of my life is wasted time with nothing to show for it.
Second guessing myself about other people continues to be an issue as well, I don't think I'm ever going to feel even remotely confident in reading what others want or think.
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I spent last Sunday morning in the service for almost the entire time it was happening and intend the same for this coming Sunday. With the school holidays coming up the weekend after that it may actually end up being about a month that I'm not helping with the Children's Church. With those holidays I will also not have plans on the two Wednesday mornings so I'll be heading to work if there is any available those two days. Taking the number of days I'll be available for work for the rest of the year to just over 40.
Socialising afterwards was limited to lunch at McDonalds but it was still good to spend time with those people, even if one of them had the 'flu' after a fun night out.

I've been told I'll be "hosting" games in a couple of weeks while the normal hosts are busy. I don't think that it's going to make a lot of difference in how the evening goes though. With at least two tables going most nights it's not uncommon for at least one game to be going without either of them involved.
Last night I played my first Catan game there for about a year. Cities & Knights which is why I was willing to play (and the other choice being a game I prefer to not play) and I was clarifying rules as we went as neither of the other two really remembered all the details introduced by the expansion. All three of us lost our initial cities which made the game longer than it otherwise would have been but it was still good for me. After that was done and I'd had the opportunity to play the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo I played a couple of games of Blue Moon City with someone that had shown up late. The first of which I managed to lose by virtue of being unable to do anything more constructive partway through which would have left my opponent in a position to build as and where he wanted. The second of those games went a little better for me, I was still beaten but had continued to be able to do things.
The abundance of game choice each Wednesday night leads to indecision about what to play, mitigated somewhat by the couch of games in the lounge. Having new people also contributes to that I think, they're not as sure of what is available to be played and would need to learn more than most of the others. Me not wanting to play "complicated" games most nights also limits what will get played some evenings, there's only a thin line of overlap between myself and one of the regulars as he likes the games I tend to find too in depth.

I'm continuing to have things on most days recently, but it's nowhere near enough that I'm not still spending hours here in front of my PC. This month or so is also such that I'm going to feel the solitude more than normal, I expect that to get a lot better later in the year, especially November and December. Helped by the weather change as well.


2009-Jan-22, Thursday 10:04 pm
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I went out last Thursday to buy compressed air for the purposes of cleaning the keyboard on my laptop (and my desktop when I get to it) and ended up spending just short of $400 over the course of the day.
After selling off my Farscape DVDs (which I purchased in 2003/2005) since shifting into this flat I have now bought the entire series run again, at a relative profit of about $30. I have also purchased a digital camera which should see me taking more photos as long as I remember to take the camera with me and feel the inclination to use it. With a resolution of 8.1 megapixels it will be taking pictures approximately 9 times larger on each side than the previous digital camera I had.

Last night was gaming, and for a change I decided ahead of time to drink alcohol instead of water or fizzy while there so I arrived with a bottle of Scrumpy. Whether or not the drinking affected my first game is hard to assess as it was only the second game most of us had played (with one person having watched the first game but not played) but at the very least I think I was taking longer to assess the turns than I should have been. The three of us that had played ended at 23, 22, 21 (me) though so I don't mind being third of those scores. I'm fairly sure drinking did have an impact in the second game I played however, at least one mistake was easily spotted in my play and I expect there were more. He that won was way out in front of the rest of us though (210, 168 (me), 164, 161), so again, not winning wasn't a big deal. Spending a good portion of the game advising the new person may also have distracted me. With almost everyone leaving a little earlier than is normal the few of us that were left played Buzz on the PS3, flasher than the PS2 version I remember but still a good time.
The week before was much better as far as results go, winning the first two games I played and coming 2nd equal of 4 in the third game. One year in and I have no idea how I am actually doing as far as winning percentages are concerned. With so few games getting played more than a handful of times it's probably not that worthwhile to be concerned at all anyway. Not that it would matter even if I was playing the same games week in week out.
With me not being inclined to go watch the Twenty-20 cricket on the upcoming evening it conflicts with games I've been told that I can host games that evening if I want to. A very surprising offer although having been left to house sit three times means they obviously trust me.

Work has been a little scarce recently, compared to last January I seem to be managing about half as many days. Only partly because I'm no longer available Thursdays. With me not needing to save for Hillsong this year that's nowhere near as much of an issue as it might have been. On the other hand, I'm wanting to go visit my Sister and Brother-in-Law this year so I will be needing a cash reserve. Having spent most of the past few months away from the machine run by the woman that I came to dislike working for has left me happier at work, even if I am still bored a lot of the time.

  • I am not who I think I am. (That individual is a memory at best.)
  • I am not who other people perceive me to be. (Seeing only a part doesn't allow one to know the whole.)
  • I am not who I want to be. (There's always more to aspire to.)
  • I am not who I sometimes fear I am. (Having friends proves that.)

Time alone, and not.

2008-Sep-08, Monday 06:28 pm
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I managed a full (for me) week of work last week, spending most of my time at the normal machine and apparently the operator thinks that I and others are lazy because we don't do certain things that I think she should be doing. The machine was stopping enough on Friday that I managed to read most of the Six Pack Three which I'd purchased on Thursday during my walk. The rest of time I was not needing to work through the week I managed to fill in time with magazine reading, or 'harassing' the ex-forklift driver.

My Wednesday night game session was a little empty due to people waiting around between games as we had three tables and wanted to mix up who was playing with who. Game one for me was Princes of Florence with 4 instead of the 3 I was used to and it did change the auction noticeably. I managed to plan a little better as far as money left at the end was concerned but still came in third, between the two new people. Game two was a four player game of the family version of Agricola, almost completely at my instigation, a decision I regretted come the end of the game. The other three were within 4 points of each other, I was 7 behind third.

Unexpected time away )

With work having been as dull as it's been recently I decided I didn't want to be there on an anniversary I'd rather not be dealing with. Because of that I have taken today and tomorrow off and had been expecting to spend both days completely alone apart from R18 in about an hour. Now I'm thinking I might head to the Church lunch tomorrow and then go bowling afterwards.

Short Birthday update.

2008-Mar-18, Tuesday 10:06 pm
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I went bowling today, three games with a couple of friends. I think I'll start going more often, on Tuesdays because it's cheap. I didn't really do a lot else except catch up on a little sleep and finish the book I started yesterday at work. There was some cleaning though, unexpected motivation came from somewhere. On the whole a far less problematic birthday than I had last year.
I'm also hoping to go climbing again with one of the two that went bowling with me today (and any others that might be interested). I had expected most of my friends to not be interested in climbing which was part of my reason for choosing bowling. As such it could be less than a month before I take the 'leap of faith' again. I doubt I be going on the 'real' rock face any time soon though.

Tomorrow is probably going to be quite busy, I expect to have a full shift at work, I'm going to be helping setup for Easter camp again this year, and then, depending on when I return to the city from Spencer Park I'll be going to play games in the evening. I think I'll have to do something about food between getting home from work and helping with camp, otherwise I'm likely to be hungry for most of the evening.
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Not my usual weekend

2007-Oct-21, Sunday 11:59 pm
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This feels like one of the busiest weekends I'm likely to have any time in the near (or even distant) future, and yet, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on. I had a friend from SBC come around last night so it would be easy for him to join me at RBC this morning while the Rugby World Cup final was on. If I'd realised that the All Blacks would be out of the running when they were I probably wouldn't have extended the invitation but I'm glad that I did. We played a game of chess, in which I was completely blindsided by his last three moves causing a convincing loss, and then watched Apollo 13, which I'd had on DVD for more than a year without watching. Then I had the earliest night I can remember having for a very long time, or at least I was in bed earlier than is normal. The two of us talked for more than an hour, something I really wouldn't have even considered a possibility.
This morning he and I walked to RBC and had a simple breakfast (that was still less simple than I'm used to) before watching the South Africans beat the English in what even I could tell was a comfortable victory. I then walked with him back to the bus stop as he was going to be attending his church, we said goodbyes and I ambled back to my church expecting to be there in time to rearrange furniture in the Children's Church room. More time had passed than I expected and the couple that deal with it had already arrived so I just walked around a little until the service started and I once again stayed at the back by myself.
After the service was over I spent a little while with the child of that couple, something I always enjoy, toddlers are fun to spend time. The last thing before I headed back here was a short conversation with the friend I've asked about laptops. I may be buying his soon as his employer is maybe wanting to give him a better one for his work. If I do get that laptop I'll spend a few days getting used to it so that I can use it easily during November to write this years NaNoWriMo novel.
The rest of today, apart from watching Doctor Who, was largely spent here at my PC scanning book covers and updating my Library Thing library. I found a few books that I hadn't added in yet, which is probably enough to bring the numbers even with my other databases. I also added tags to a few of the books to help in seeing what I keep where, something I really didn't need to do as the information is available elsewhere, but I like being compulsive like that.
Tomorrow I'll probably get up late, spend quite a bit of time here again, and might even talk to the flatmate I talk to before heading to R18 in the evening.

I procrastinate, a lot.

2007-Oct-17, Wednesday 11:13 pm
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Days like last Wednesday are part of the reason I don't need to sleep much for work. I spent about half my time at work not really doing anything because there had been problems getting things ready and once I was at a machine that was running, there were three of us doing a two person job. Last Tuesday on the other hand is part of the reason I've managed to bulk up a little and am now stronger than I was a couple of years ago, most of my body was in almost constant motion while the machine was running.

After that easy Wednesday at work I went and visited my parents for a day and a half. I did very little while there apart from watch DVDs (both seasons of Yes Prime Minister and the 1984 version of Dune) with a couple of hours also playing with Torro blocks in an attempt to build a dice tower (goal 24). Apart from proper testing with actual dice I managed all I wanted to, and the next time I visit them I hope to see it there still and be able to test it properly. I also attempted to install a new HDD in my parents newer PC. I was able to get it detected in the BIOS but the OS (Windows XP) didn't seem to want anything to do with it. At no point after windows started running did I get any indication that the HDD was present.

Tonight I've been out to play games again and had a very good result. Lucky card draws in Ticket to Ride meant that I won all three games convincingly (such that scores weren't even added up) and managed to outperform with the farmers in Carcassonne (something I very rarely manage).

Over the rest of the past 2.5 weeks I've had something of a quick visit from my best friend from High School, done a little kitchen duty at a bridal show (where, during the down time, I once again surprised people with how strong I am), played games three nights apart from tonight, spent another Sunday afternoon with friends at their home and watched half of a DVD dealing with the Creationism/Evolution argument that polarises a lot of people. I even found time to add my school photos to an album at Facebook.

Ideas, good and bad.

2007-Jul-25, Wednesday 11:45 pm
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I want to go out and make some of the same mistakes I made last year. Not fix them, repeat them. Luckily there isn't the option to do so in my life right now although I do think I've learned enough that I wouldn't take advantage of the situation if I was in a position to do so.
In one area though I am continuing to make the same mistake over and over. It's been months since I even bothered to buy a paper on Wednesday or Saturday so I could look through the job listings and I'm not paying attention to any of the online possibilities either.

Something seems to making my cell phone try and communicate with the outside world, I was hearing the effects of transmission in my PC speakers every few minutes earlier this evening.

I did start reading Pride and Prejudice on Monday afternoon, and have barely got anywhere through it yet. Considering it's size I would have finished it already if it was like the other books I've been reading recently. I have a four day weekend though so I should find plenty of time to read more in the days ahead. Even in the middle of the cleaning and tidying I'm hoping to do. I'm considering rearranging even more furniture so that I can, again, watch TV or DVDs (on my PC) from both my bed and the reclining chair the way I could before shifting my bed.

More self depreciation

2007-Jul-10, Tuesday 10:08 pm
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I have realised yet again mistakes I have been making with regards to relationships and how I deal with the people around me. I think there were few things I should have said differently while at Hillsong (as well at least one thing I should probably have not said at all) and I doubt any of those I was with felt I spoke much at any point.
I can't even take much comfort in the fact I'm realising the mistakes are being made, I expect that I'm still hurting some people, even if it is only to a limited extent. What bugs me most about it all is that I can see so clearly after the fact exactly what I did that was stupid, and then I wonder why I wasn't aware of that stupidity as it was happening.

I'm likely to be pruning my friends-list in the next few days I think. I spend to much time here at my PC and some of what has been added to my reading list is no longer as important/interesting as it was. A lot of what I get rid of probably won't make much difference to the amount on my friends-page as there has been diminishing updates from a number of them but it should be noticeable. And as far as people are concerned I'm most likely to be removing people that haven't been updating and/or that don't read my journal.
I might even purge my interests lists.
Somewhat related to all that, I've finally removed quite a few people from my MSN lists (and the related email listing), some of whom I have had on there since I was at CPIT, five years ago. Yahoo will probably be cleared out tomorrow.

It seems possible that I'll have read the entire Mallorean series of books by the end of the upcoming weekend. If not for me expecting to work the next three days I'd say I would be finished by Friday after reading the first two yesterday and today. After managing to read almost the entire Belgariad over the course of my Hillsong trip (I'd read about half of the first book before leaving) that seems like a lot of books in a short space of time compared to the past couple of years. Once I am done with those I'll read Belgarath the Sorcerer, Polgara the Sorceress and The Rivan Codex and then I'll make a start on Pride and Prejudice which my sister has recommended for my 101-in-1001 challenge.

Am I an Aspie?

2007-Jun-29, Friday 06:53 pm
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For more than a year now I've been thinking I might have Asperger syndrome, of the 25 Social differences listed more than half are things I definitely see myself exhibiting to some extent. Of course, I could also just be wanting an excuse for why I have trouble interacting with people so that I don't have to work at it. Having taken a test (an OkCupid test so I'm not really taking it all that seriously) on Tuesday that indicated I might be correct in my assessment I think I will be looking into what it would actually mean for me when I get back from Hillsong. There are enough differences that I'm not "obviously" an Aspie though, I am quite literal most of the but don't tend to have trouble understanding sarcasm, while honest most of the time I will lie very easily in certain circumstances and I've definitely not had trouble understanding embarrassment over the years.
If anyone actually knows me reasonably well in person and also knows enough about Asperger's (or bothers to read up about it) I'd appreciate you letting me know (here or elsewhere) if you think that I'm right, wrong or otherwise in thinking this.

I'm about to go out and play games. This may not be the wisest choice but it may help take my mind off the upcoming changes to normalcy.
Sometime later tonight I am going to be sleeping on the couch at a friends place so that both of us can be picked up around 4:40 in the morning and driven to the airport. I have begun to question how much I'll forget to take, having never really travelled away for any length of time and certainly not this far, I'm a little worried. On the other hand I'll have the ability to buy anything I realise I need and will be with others that I can rely on for help.

Greetings new person. I'm guessing you added me from [livejournal.com profile] polloftheday?

And finally, as I'll be away for the next week, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] nightwlf
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I've spent quite a bit of the past three days dealing with TradeMe again. And I'm not spending any money (probably). As an attempt to raise a little money for Hillsong, which is now a week and a half away, a number of things are being put up for auction, some more valuable than others. As I'm the one with lots of free time and a fast internet connection (and I did volunteer) it's been left to me to put things up and so I've been slowly going through the pictures that have been taken and working out where they'd best be put and how to describe them.

My 101 in 1001 list will be uploaded on Thursday (I only need 2 more items), with a backdated (foredated?) entry of 18 March 2010. That will make it the first entry random visitors to my LJ see which isn't quite what I want but it seems to make sense for me. When I'm hopefully going to be editing it reasonably often with completed goals over the nearly 2.75 years I want it to be easily found. I have barely had to copy other peoples goal to get my list long enough, most of it has come from momentary realisations of things I want to do, but was unlikely to do spontaneously.

After R18 last night, which was a slightly bigger group than has been showing up (8 in total instead of 6), four of us played a game of Cities & Knights. Not the wisest move when we weren't able to start until after 9 and four player games take longer than the three player games that have been taking us 90 minutes or so. I got home at about 11:30. I managed to get from last to second on one of my last couple of turns though, that was good.

The heat pump that was installed last Wednesday has been wonderful. I walked in after work on Wednesday and as soon as I started moving through the doorway from outside I could tell it was working. My room has been the one to benefit the most, apart from the lounge which it was installed in and I have not felt any need to shut my door to keep heat in since then. Even at the minimal setting of 16° it's keeping enough of the house warm that I'm happy, my flatmates may prefer it up higher but they don't seem to be making any effort to turn it up that I've noticed. Because of that I won't be going and buying a better heater than the one I have, I may even put the other away in it's box again.

Caring For Your Introvert
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There was a small communication issue as far as how I was getting up to Hanmer Springs though which started the weekend on a slightly annoying note. Once under way though things were good, most of the attention seemed to be on the other two in the car as they asked questions of each other about stuff. I did get asked about me ex when the new guy was getting food though, something I want to talk about more with certain people but aren't willing to because of trust issues.
Once we got to Hanmer Springs we spent an hour or so just talking with those that were already there and then I got to play games. We had a game of Blokus, which wasn't a good choice in the eyes of one of us, Settlers of Catan went better though as did our game of Carcassonne.
I failed to sleep as long as I should have, even after staying in bed until it seemed to be late enough in the morning that others would be getting up soon. Once people were up we all headed into the main town and spent a while at a cafe and then walking around a little. The first of two trips to local rivers happened not long after we'd all got back to the house we were staying in and this year I not only went with everyone else I actually regretted not having taken togs. It seems possible that I'll swim next year. The only other thing I participated in was the mini-golf, during which I was doing so poorly to begin with that I changed to playing left-handed and immediately got a hole-in-one. That luck didn't last but I still had fun.
Coming back was interesting as I'm used to a slightly more sedate driving experience and there was quite bad fog for the last 30-40 minutes of our drive. I'm back to old habits again though, I'd wanted to ask a question since the night before and never got around to it.
Back in the city we ended up at a going away party for a soon to be police officer and apart from a somewhat unusual last hour that was good fun, especially as I was quite sober and most of the others weren't.

Early on Sunday morning I got up, got dressed and headed to the bus stop nearest me on Riccarton Road so as to get into the central city early enough to meet friends where we had agreed to meet. I wasn't up early enough however as there aren't many buses running at that time of day. I still got to meet up with everyone before the City to Surf was due to begin, other issues ended up delaying our start however and so the two ladies and myself were among the last to begin. We made good time for most of the course however, passing people right up until the 10 km mark when one of my companions slowed down. I believe that if not for that reduction in speed and our late start I could have managed to finish the course in about 2 hours, as it was the time displayed as I crossed the line was 2:22:09 which still isn't bad.

As my ex's church is right near the finish line I went in after I was done walking and saw her for a little while before heading back to my flat. The rest of my day was largely alone although I did get to see one of my friends from Spreydon, because I went by her place before the service started. With none of the others showing up at the service itself I was alone and left as soon as it finished.

This recap has to end now though, my sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit soon. :D

Change, change, change

2007-Feb-22, Thursday 04:49 pm
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I've now finished my third week of work since shifting back close enough to walk there. Four days a week which is what I was wanting to be doing before I went away during January so that's okay. More money from more hours would be nice, but would require more hours, not pleasant. It all seems as boring as it used to though and I'm confident the ability to do crosswords while I work is helping with my mental state.

My PC monitor died on Tuesday so I haven't been able to use my PC for 48 hours now and the change in how I'm spending my time will take a while to get used to. Even before it went though I've been reading more books again, and I completed a 1000 piece jigsaw (after a week or so I think) half an hour or so before the monitor stopped working. I haven't been out to play games again though which is disappointing, although I could be trying to arrange such an event here considering the place has been noticeably tidied since I shifted in.

I'm also more aware of specific upcoming expenses than I would normally be, having to buy a new monitor (and wanting an LCD), thinking about heading to Hillsong (and probably detouring to see Mr and Mrs. [livejournal.com profile] bstratton while over in Oz), reconsidering my decision to not attend a wedding in Oz at the end of the year and my decision to buy a few specific books has my financial situation a little less positive than it looked a fortnight ago before I started thinking about these things.

Finally, on the quite divergent topic of faith, I'm thinking about being baptised on my birthday, which is now just under a month away. As of yet there hasn't been any discussions with either of the pastors at my church (besides my asking if it would be possible) but I'm hopeful things can work out in time. I've also started reading a little of my New Testament each day at work during the lunch break and am listening to a lot of Radio Rhema which has me feeling better about my walk. Having read Mere Christianity last weekend is also a part of that I think as will be realising that I made mistakes in my now defunct relationship that would possibly have been avoided if I hadn't stopped doing certain things that I've started again.

Things progress

2007-Feb-09, Friday 09:12 pm
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I've had a good 10 days since shifting in here.
- A full week of work this week (taking into account that Tuesday was a public holiday) and the people I know have been sympathetic about my recent break-up as well as welcoming me back. Being a competent worker is a big part of that, when many of the temps seem unable to grasp simple instructions someone that knows what they are doing is a welcome change.
- Time to sort out my room last week, which took a while as it's quite a bit bigger than I've been used to and I 'inherited' a big bookcase the day I shifted in as someone else is leaving and doesn't want to take it to Wellington. Including having to deal with a lack of cutlery and crockery for longer than expected as it wasn't in the box my father bought up with some stuff specifically so I would have my cutlery/crockery.
- I found out last Sunday afternoon that someone was willing to buy two seasons of my Farscape DVDs at the Buy Now price so I'll be sending those away tomorrow after not using the internet between then and now to know that my email had been replied to.
On that topic, I'm using my flatmate's PC at the moment as it's the one connected to the internet. My room is at the other end of the house and has it's own connection for ADSL but no network exists as yet. Getting right down to it, I don't miss the hours of surfing I used to do as much as I would have expected to. Instead of spending hours online I have continued to read a little and play PC games that had been largely unused since purchase.
- After the game session last week discussions were had about small group plans for the year, I've been prodded to budget such that I can head to Hillsong this year. It certainly seems more likely that it did this time last year. Even it I don't go, the prodding is welcome, as is everything else that a certain group of people are responsible for.
- A friend I continue to see far less of than I like got in contact with me a week before I shifted in here, and I've seen her at her place of business. Hopefully we'll get to talk in person more often again.

The only bad news I can think of is that I'm still not sleeping the way I should be when I have work. And I'm not yet eating as well as I could be (both a lack of meat/vegetables and a surfeit of chocolate etc.)

Edit: I did have my address here but since deciding to make the rest of the entry public I have chosen to remove that info.

I also think I found the journal of a High School friend quite some time ago but the birthdate didn't seem to fit. Now I've friended this person I'm expecting 'something' at 'some point'.

This is also entry 334 here (which means my birthday 2013 could be entry 1000).

Ups and downs.

2007-Jan-26, Friday 12:23 pm
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I've been looking for somewhere new to live for about two weeks now, and getting nowhere it seems. Limiting myself to a small area of the city is part of the reason I expect but I don't really have the means to live elsewhere without cutting off too much of the life I want to live.
I've been to look at three seperate places that would be good as far as distances are concerned and was only informed by one that I didn't get it. Is there some bizarre 'motivation check' in place that means if you don't call back you don't get the place? Even if you were told that they would contact you?
The other place I've actually been to see is further than I want but seemed otherwise fine, they aren't deciding for another week or so though. Everything else has gone before I got in contact or has some problem with it (problem for me that is).

In more postive news, I've been reading books again, partly because I don't want to be using this PC for internet surfing the way I used mine at my prior flat. It seems rude, especially when it's a dial-up connection. I have also been playing some of my PC games that sat mostly unused since I shifted into the flat on Field Terrace.
I also got to play a couple of board games over the last week or so, one game of "Settlers of Catan" with Steve and a couple from church, and a game of "Law and Order" with my ex-girlfriend's flatmates after one of them was kind enough to give me some help with my CV.
There's only one thing I've actually made any effort to watch on TV recently, "Heroes". I may also watch "How I Met Your Mother" and "House" when they start but that's likely to be it apart from maybe watching "Doctor Who" and "Mythbusters" before "Heroes".

Church, more specifically the people I know at both churches, have been a blessing over the past couple of weeks, even not seeing any of them over most of that time I have been comforted by them when I have seen them. Listening to Rhema again for much of my days, especially when I'm out on the streets or buses (although listening on the buses requires constantly readjusting the position of the radio due to interferance), has also been good. I should never have stopped taking my little radio with me when I was going out walking.
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I seem to have come across a wall of sorts already, the story is still coming but it feels almost as slow as last years was.

On the other hand there have been a few surprises for me even with little more than 1000 words down so far.
  • MC 1 is the middle child of three and won't be the "smart" one.
  • MC 2 is the eldest child of the three and has a child of about four. As of Friday morning: There's also twins on the way.
  • MC 3 (the youngest child) is going to be overseas for the first month or so of story time, that could be a matter of pages or the entire story, I don't know yet.
  • The father of the main characters is dead, and contrary to common convention won't be coming back.
  • Instead of it just being the father that was able to do weird things, he was one of at least five, possibly more.

If anyone has any ideas for ways I could be changing reality in the novel that could be useful as well, so far I've got two things and there's no way that's going to be enough. First, an intersection like the one at Riccarton, Ilam and Middleton Roads ended up as a more normal four way intersection. And the second is things like hair, eyes and possibly even skin tone changing colour without the use of dye, contacts or fake tan.
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For the most part this week at work has been fairly standard with me having three days there and two off. Much of that time was at the machine I like though so I'm pleased enough with things. Especially when there was about an hour on Thursday just before the end of my shift that nothing was happening because a power supply stopped working.

My relationship with Tamara is still going very well, we've been spending more time together than I would have expected to be likely before we got together but it really doesn't feel like too much on this side of things. That time together has also included more time with her family; we spent much of yesterday out at Spencer Park including too much time out on the beach so her nieces and nephews could swim like they wanted to. I don't understand how they weren't turning blue though, even sitting out of the wind to the extent that I could with a long sleeve shirt on I was shivering.

With the new expectation of another flatmate leaving here at the end of the year or so (one has been intending to leave since before shifting in) it seems almost guaranteed that I'll be looking for somewhere new to live in a month or two. Hopefully that searching will also extend to a new job, one on the other side of the city so I'm closer to where I spend most of my free time now.

I started this week on a down note. Monday at work was boring and somewhat tiring as the machine I was assigned to wasn't the one I like working at, and getting to use the lifters didn't really make things much better. The R18 study that evening was more fun, but less organised, so that we got through the study but not to the same extent that we have in the past. And just before I left I started feeling ill and was actually sick upon the driveway as I left.
This afternoon has been a little down as well... After church this morning much of the congregation headed to the nearby park to participate in or watch a soccer game between the youth and oldies. (Due to sheer numbers the oldies should have been anyone out of school it seems but there was a little skills balancing.) Early on I went for the ball, ended up rolling a little and landed somewhat flat on my back. Unsurprisingly there has been a little pain there since, although I was able to ignore it during the rest of the game and even took another two or three tumbles without immediately feeling the effects. I also managed to get grass stains on the top of my shoes which puzzles me a little, the toe end would make complete sense, but that part of the shoe doesn't look like it would come in contact with the grass at all.


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