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I spent a portion of today cleaning up the mess that my room has become over the past few months, mainly vacuuming the floor and behind my bed and bookcases. I've also made a small effort to clean up the pile of clothes that had accumulated on the bags at the foot of my bed. The hopeful upshot of which is that after another similar effort (or two) I'll be able to shift back the chair and TV I put in the lounge a year or so ago. Since I last sorted out my books I've accumulated quite a few more so I think I'm going to have to reorganise some of those as well. Probably only to the extent of putting a lot in boxes I'm not currently using and storing them under my bed or with the others that are under the table.

I only did a couple of days of work last week, I wanted an extra day off on Wednesday (having been working for the woman I'd rather not be around a lot more than normal over the prior two weeks) and then there was no work available on Friday (or today). I expect that the next couple of months will be more of the same due to economic conditions and so I'm beginning to question the wisdom of a holiday to Oz in the next few months, even if I don't have to pay accommodation costs I'll still be spending about as much as Hillsong ended up costing me if I go visit both my sister and the friend I want to go see.

By taking the Wednesday off I was able to go and help at Mainly Music the way I'd intended to the fortnight before. I felt somewhat out of place (being the only male above the age of three (?), in a room of mothers and children, will have that effect on a person) but I'll gladly go along to help again the next time I have a Wednesday off.

Games happened a lot for me this week been, Wednesday and Thursday nights and then on Saturday afternoon.
Race for the Galaxy is still not a game I "want" to play but I think that each time I get roped into a game I'll be able to do a little better. Drinking alcohol does impair my performance at games at least a little as well, my ability to build ships quickly in Galaxy Trucker was nowhere near as problematic for my opponents as it has previously been.
The other host seems a little hesitant to get a full game of Stone Age in, during what was going to be his first full game someone else showed up and he was quite keen to quit playing so she could also be involved in a game. We ended up playing a couple of games of Cities & Knights, the first of which I won by a single point, the second of which she that had arrived late won before either of us other two were looking even potentially competitive.
Saturday afternoon I played in my first game of Agricola for the year and while I was confident I wouldn't be losing a lot of points early on I didn't do as well as I'd thought I would. I also got to play Le Havre for the first time and while the rules were confusing the actual game play seems simple enough. It will again be one of 'those' games where I always feel I can't do everything I want to.

My sleep habits are still causing some problems I think, I missed church again yesterday, having left early three times already this year I didn't go at all yesterday. It was due in part, I think, to the fact I'd only slept for about six hours before I woke up. I don't know why that isn't a problem before work more often though. Maybe I'm just less inclined to skip work when it's my only source of income.


2009-Jan-22, Thursday 10:04 pm
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I went out last Thursday to buy compressed air for the purposes of cleaning the keyboard on my laptop (and my desktop when I get to it) and ended up spending just short of $400 over the course of the day.
After selling off my Farscape DVDs (which I purchased in 2003/2005) since shifting into this flat I have now bought the entire series run again, at a relative profit of about $30. I have also purchased a digital camera which should see me taking more photos as long as I remember to take the camera with me and feel the inclination to use it. With a resolution of 8.1 megapixels it will be taking pictures approximately 9 times larger on each side than the previous digital camera I had.

Last night was gaming, and for a change I decided ahead of time to drink alcohol instead of water or fizzy while there so I arrived with a bottle of Scrumpy. Whether or not the drinking affected my first game is hard to assess as it was only the second game most of us had played (with one person having watched the first game but not played) but at the very least I think I was taking longer to assess the turns than I should have been. The three of us that had played ended at 23, 22, 21 (me) though so I don't mind being third of those scores. I'm fairly sure drinking did have an impact in the second game I played however, at least one mistake was easily spotted in my play and I expect there were more. He that won was way out in front of the rest of us though (210, 168 (me), 164, 161), so again, not winning wasn't a big deal. Spending a good portion of the game advising the new person may also have distracted me. With almost everyone leaving a little earlier than is normal the few of us that were left played Buzz on the PS3, flasher than the PS2 version I remember but still a good time.
The week before was much better as far as results go, winning the first two games I played and coming 2nd equal of 4 in the third game. One year in and I have no idea how I am actually doing as far as winning percentages are concerned. With so few games getting played more than a handful of times it's probably not that worthwhile to be concerned at all anyway. Not that it would matter even if I was playing the same games week in week out.
With me not being inclined to go watch the Twenty-20 cricket on the upcoming evening it conflicts with games I've been told that I can host games that evening if I want to. A very surprising offer although having been left to house sit three times means they obviously trust me.

Work has been a little scarce recently, compared to last January I seem to be managing about half as many days. Only partly because I'm no longer available Thursdays. With me not needing to save for Hillsong this year that's nowhere near as much of an issue as it might have been. On the other hand, I'm wanting to go visit my Sister and Brother-in-Law this year so I will be needing a cash reserve. Having spent most of the past few months away from the machine run by the woman that I came to dislike working for has left me happier at work, even if I am still bored a lot of the time.

  • I am not who I think I am. (That individual is a memory at best.)
  • I am not who other people perceive me to be. (Seeing only a part doesn't allow one to know the whole.)
  • I am not who I want to be. (There's always more to aspire to.)
  • I am not who I sometimes fear I am. (Having friends proves that.)

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I am almost finished with what I expect to be the busiest week I'll have this year, apart from the week I'll be spending in Australia for Hillsong conference in the second week of July.
  • Last Sunday I went to church as normal apart from the fact there wasn't children's church due to holidays. After the service I was invited to lunch with friends and that turned into watching a movie and then also staying for an early dinner. I then headed home to spend a little while at my flat before heading to the first of four "Consider your ways" seminars that are occurring this month at church.
  • Monday I headed back to work and arranged to be having Thursdays off from now on. It was also then that I first met the new person that seems to be related (in some way) to the woman that has been providing me with transport for most of the past year. That night I was at R18 again and thanks in part to the seminar the previous night we discussed money issues.
  • Tuesday I didn't really do anything besides go to work. I can't even remember what we were doing for sure. Besides knowing what magazine it was thanks to my calendar.
  • Wednesday was the first day I didn't have any likelihood of getting a lift into work as that lady is in Australia having a two week holiday. I did get a ride home though as the woman I met on Monday offered me a lift. I also went out to play games in the evening and played five different games before leaving at about 1:30 Thursday morning.Three of which I won and one of the other two was the first time I'd ever played it.
  • Thursday I slept until almost noon and then did very little until evening when I went out to a meeting to do final organisation for tomorrows Sunday Funday Mothers Day service.
  • Friday I went back to work and managed to do a number of puzzles because the machine wasn't working all that well. My evening was spent at a gathering for a friend that recently turned 25 and I spent most of my time there with the half dozen of her friends that I know because of church instead of those I am closer to in age. It was a good time though and I went through to the other room when numbers dwindled a little.
  • Today I watched TV I don't normally see, including the music show "Give It A Whirl" before heading out to play games again. I was the only one to show up so the hosts and I taught ourselves a new game that I think we'll be playing again a number of times as each of us liked it. After the two games of that, and giving my host money to buy another game for me I headed back to my part of the city to help with tonight's final preparations for the service tomorrow morning. That largely involved me doing simple things, like grating cheese, but with eight people helping things got done quite quickly. It also led to us being done early to drink a little while we waited for someone to show up. But not enough time to get through the bottle so I was left with it and have finished it since getting home. I may need to eat more to develop any tolerance for alcohol.
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I'm not enjoying the change in weather I've been experiencing for the past 24 hours. Before heading away to Australia the current temperature in my room would have seemed quite nice, now it feels cold. Having acquired a cold on Thursday or Friday isn't helping with things either, although it seems quite likely that my feeling of illness on the flight home was the result of the cold, not the travel. Coming home to practically no food (I had some Weet-Bix, sausages and frozen mixed vegetables left from before heading away) wasn't great either, I had to go out this afternoon to buy food and felt far colder with more clothing.

Saturday morning. I woke at about 0430, in the spare bed at a friends (A) place to make getting a ride to the airport easier. Only five hours of sleep to begin my week away, and the rest of the week wouldn't be a lot better as far as sleep was concerned. We got to the airport on time, met up with t and then spent an hour or so getting organised and another hour or so waiting around before being allowed on the plane. Surprisingly I was okay on the flight and didn't really feel ill at all, although I was tired. After getting off the airport and through the final stuff there, we (A, t and myself) headed to the train station and I became quite glad to not be traveling on my own, things went a lot smoother than they might have because I was with someone that had done it all before. We got from the airport station to the central station without difficulty and then, due to a misinterpretation of distance made by t and I (having not been before) we ended up walking for at least 30 minutes, with luggage we had to carry. We got to the hotel and put bags in the storage room before heading out to explore the city a little.
Saturday afternoon. Unsurprisingly there was a lot of Chinese restaurants in the Chinatown area of the city and the three of us were convinced to eat at one of them as we were walking through it, we even got free soup. A trip to the Australian Opal cutters occurred at some point early in the afternoon, during which A managed to pick the most expensive item from practically all the trays she was shown.
I can't currently manage to put things in proper chronological order for the rest of the afternoon, but basically, the three of us that had flown over together returned to the suite at one point and were unable to get into the room we were to be staying in. The couple (C and K) that we would be staying with over the course of the week had managed to get checked in while we were out and their cards had been set as new for the room instead of additional. As near as we could all figure out we had possibly crossed paths in the elevators at some point because we hadn't seen them come in the front of the hotel even after being there for around an hour waiting for someone.
Saturday night. A matter of minutes after getting the key cards sorted out and returning to the suite a message was received indicating that the last of our group (a) had arrived at the airport and would be waiting for us, about 2 hours earlier than expected. The three of us that had flown over together headed back to the airport and after meeting up with a we all headed back to the hotel, this time taking the monorail from the central station to right near the hotel. Once back a while was spent with everyone catching up on each others days before us 'younger' ones went out to the 'Blackbird' restaurant for dinner. With kangaroo on the menu A and t chose that while a and I split a pizza, I also decided to drink alcohol, for the first time in a long time and suffered mildly for it. The rest of our evening was spent walking some of the distance around Darling Harbour before heading back to the hotel so we could all try and minimise the problems sleep deprivation was going to cause us.

Sunday morning. No one got up really early although I was awake earlier than wanted, partly because of the light on our window and partly because I rarely sleep longer than eight hours. My first breakfast consisted of the piece of pizza I hadn't eaten the night before and the Krispy Kreme donut I hadn't eaten from those purchased at the airport. Second breakfast was pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks with A, t and a where I was foolish enough to think I might be able to eat the complete meal after having already eaten that morning. After walking across the Pyrmont Bridge we returned to the hotel, and then caught the Monorail to Paddy's market, which we didn't leave for about five hours. I spent $5 on a small bag, my friends spent far more on clothing.
Sunday afternoon. After finishing at the market we headed off again and I split from the group to try and find a game store that I had found in the yellow pages while they were going to look through the mall we'd found ourselves at. The game store was closed though, so I just headed back to the hotel, managing to catch up with my friends at the next monorail station.
Sunday evening. After spending more time at the hotel catching up a little more with C and K the rest of us headed out again, this time to visit the Wildlife world and Aquarium across the harbour. On our way there we happened to pass a small store that sells imported British candy, I spent almost $30 NZ. Unfortunately it was dark by that stage of the day and so we saw less at the wildlife world than we might otherwise have but it was still fun to be there. The aquarium was also good but I failed to find something I had thought existed after seeing photos from the holiday Spreydon friends took for a wedding. (Photos that were taken in Melbourne.) Walking around under the pools with seals, sharks, sting-rays etc was quite interesting although seeing what appeared to be a dead turtle was less than fun. Once we'd got through the two of those attractions we headed to the nearby McDonalds (I got Subway instead) and then played in the nearby playground for a while before again returning to the hotel.

Monday morning. One of the first things I did on Monday morning was head back to the Game store, which, while closed when t and I arrived, opened not to long after. Unfortunately I was unable to find either of the games I was quite keen on at least looking at but I did find a copy of Wits and Wagers, which I'm hoping will get some play at an R18 type meeting due to the party nature of it compared to the "Euros" that I tend to play on games nights. While t and I were at the store I got a message saying the rest of the group had headed to the "Aboriginal Museum"? and thus the two of us headed back to that part of the city to try and find them once I'd paid my money. It was while walking around there that I found a climbing wall (found as in finally saw after walking past it a few times) and spent a few dollars to have a go. Even after a few years (maybe as many as 10) I didn't find it difficult although my fingers did feel odd for the next 30 minutes or so. (Goal 33 underway.)
Monday afternoon. t and I headed back to the hotel to meet up with everyone else about noon and then waited around while a rental car was organised. As foolish as it now seems (and did from shortly after we set out) the three of us that had never been to Hillsong before (a, t and I) headed off to catch trains to Olympic Park and try and get ourselves registered and everything else while the other three went to get some groceries and check in at the motel we'd be staying at for the following week.

I'll continue my recap of last week in another post, dealing with everything that happened during the week at Hillsong proper.

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2006-Apr-07, Friday 11:56 pm
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  1. Do you like chicken? It's okay, like most food I don't really care all that much.
  2. What is 1 food you can't live without? I seem to have developed a dependency of sorts on chocolate over the past couple of years, I always liked it but now I really don't like going a week without.
  3. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl, if not for work I'd be awake until 2 or 3 in the morning and still in bed until noon most days.
  4. Chocolate or vanilla? Depends. Assuming it's ice-cream that's being discussed then vanilla, chocolate flavoured ice-cream doesn't really taste like chocolate to me.
  5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Cat person, I can hardly stand being near dogs most of the time.

I had been intending to attend the "Not the Perversion Party, Party" that is currently happening but will be getting up early tomorrow to meet my parents for a little while so think I should sleep instead of drinking. That means that my cider is probably going to just sit in my room for another couple of months before I get the opportunity to drink it in a social setting.

After spending the weekend thinking I was pretty much done with being sick for this time around I ended up feeling so bad on Tuesday morning that I left work two hours after arriving. I still managed three full days of work this week though (plus those two hours) so being ill hasn't really had a huge impact on me.

On Monday night R18 was quite small after the wall climbing got cancelled. Instead of that there was no more than a dozen show up and watch "Luther" which is about Martin Luther and the split from the Catholic Church that occurred around 450 years ago.

There was another table-top game of Cities and Knights played on Tuesday night which was very close for the last half dozen rounds. After that we had a game of basic Carcassonne, as Steve didn't seem keen on learning the Inns and Cathedrals expansion. I'm thinking that it would be very good to arrange an afternoon over Easter weekend to get a few of the R18 group to play games.

KAOS Party no. 2

2005-Dec-03, Saturday 11:48 pm
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I spent most of today away from my flat, 10am - 1pm or so at the church Christmas Party in the nearby park and from 2pm through until 11pm mostly at the tri-part party for birthdays. The Christmas party was much like last year, except this time around I spent very little time at the flying fox and far more just wandering around once things were set up and running. I feel a little bad about not really helping out but I also don't feel that anyone should have expected me to do anything so it worked out okay.
The KAOS party was also fun but in a different way. I showed up during the "drinks break" of the cricket and because the weather turned a little foul everyone that was there then headed back to the dollhouse seemingly just in time to have the weather clear up. Some music was played and conversations had for a few hours until people went off getting food and other supplies. Preparations were also made then for the themed part of the evening, [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire had previously prepared a large number of oversized playing cards that three of us taped up around the house as well as having some cleaning occur. Big numbers of people started to show up at around eight I think and things were much like the first KAOS party I was at from that point forward, apart from me being slightly intoxicated from the Cider I had purchased during the afternoon lull.

I only got two days of work this week, I didn't make use of the extra time the way I should have, besides washing dishes and shaving off my facial hair. I still need to clean my room again, vacuum the floor, put away all the clothes that are piled upon the chair and sort out more of the pile of stuff in our hallway. With some free time I still intend to type up last years NaNo writings, even if it doesn't go beyond seeing how many words I did get written then.

EDIT: 12:30 Because it was mentioned during the afternoon I'm now including my Purity Test result. 95.2% About what I thought although I have lowered a little since I last took one of them.
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I reached 20,006 words for my NaNo attempt about an hour ago so I've taken a little break from writing that to write this and watch me in a movie.

Graphical representations )

Yesterday will be the only day since reaching 10,000 that I didn't go over the initial target of 1,667 words and the average for the past five days (not including today) is just over 2,000. I'm reasonably sure that if my father hadn't visited last night I would have reached target then as well, I went to get food at the supermarket and was going to write for about an hour and a half after I returned before going to be so I could get up early for work today. (Yes that's right, I worked on a Saturday.) The second 10,000 has taken about the same time it took to get each of the first two lots of 5,000 so I'm improving still and might actually win although I don't even care if I do or not, the whole point is to have fun writing and I am. No one will ever get to read any of it though. At least not without substantial editing and at least one section being completely removed, it went somewhere very unexpected and while I'm keeping the words for NaNo I won't be keeping them for the novel if I ever do anything with it besides store it on my PC.

Back to the topic of work, I will be working on Saturdays for the rest of the year (apart from December 3 when I'm double booked with more pleasant things) when there is work available unless I've already done five days for that week. Today was good in that I got to work at the machine I like the most and was given free food because the supervisor and one other guy bought a lot of meat from the Mad Butcher and we had a BBQ. Those at work that know I'm involved in NaNo have been supportive, even telling me I should write about there. To an extent I will be, but not in the way I expect any of them would want. It's going to be an example of the worst job one of my characters ever had.

Last weeks entry was number 250 apparently, I only realised this afternoon when looking at my userinfo. And to the two of you that added me to your friendslists over the past week, Hello, and welcome to the ramblings. You (like everyone else) can already read about 95% of my entries but as I've been thinking about culling my friendslist recently I won't be adding you for a little while yet, if at all.

As to the parties I was to attend last Friday, both were good, the second better in my opinion. There was loud music at the first and while I had been invited by the person throwing it I don't know the person for whom it was being held. As to the second, I have now seen a large number of people I was only aware of (thanks to LJs) beforehand and somebody remembered me after meeting me only once before, more than a year beforehand while I had short hair, and this was in the dark. It was also good to finally attend a K.A.O.S. party even if it was sedate and I didn't really speak to almost anyone over the four hours or so I was there (my issue as always). I would have probably been more involved if I had been drinking but until this week was quite short on cash reserves.

Edward Scrumphands

2005-Oct-01, Saturday 07:12 pm
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Drinking is interesting. There was a scrumpsoc last night, I was drunk within about an hour (and had finished my bottle of Scrumpy within 90 minutes) and didn't recover significantly during the rest of the evening. Even with it being five that I finished my drinking I was still feeling uncoordinated and such forth at about eleven which is when I finally went home. My inexperience with drinking (and the fact I was only going to be drinking one bottle worth of Scrumpy) meant that I didn't want to participate in the Edward Scrumpyhands that [livejournal.com profile] pondocus decided would be a fun idea. It might not have made all that much difference considering how quickly I had finished the bottle compared to other occasions but I think I made the right decision.
I was kind of disappointed at the small number of people that turned up although it was very good to see those that did, I even 'met' a couple of new people although I won't be surprised if neither of them remember me if we ever meet again. I don't think I will ever get around to trying to drink two bottles in one evening though, seeing the effect it had on some of those that attended last night makes me fairly disinclined to put myself through that sort of experience. I happened to walk one of those people home thinking that it would be a good idea for someone not completely intoxicated to watch out for him. I'm happy to know that my concern for friends safety doesn't solely extend to the women I know.

Work this week was pretty good all things considered. I didn't quite make it to a full weeks worth of work (I was two hours short) but that's only because yesterday as I walked in I asked the boss to send me home if their wasn't enough work for people. There was also a couple of new people start yesterday and I was making an effort to speak to them and help them out which is a pretty good feeling for me. The fact they had their induction at the end of Thursdays shift and I'd helped a little with that as well was no doubt helpful in putting me at ease around strangers. I recently received notice that I won't be working Monday so I will most likely be staying out late again tomorrow night, this time I won't feel so foolish for not coming home early to sleep however.

Our flat has been cleaned, it looks much better than it did, almost as clean as I'd want my home to be (but would never manage). On the other hand, I still need to get beyond my self-righteous attitude of "I didn't make the mess, I'm not cleaning it up" as it was [livejournal.com profile] arkore that did most of the cleaning again. Or maybe I should just stop getting angry at those that do cause the mess. I also still need to clean up the stuff in our hallway that's now been there at least six months because my room is too small for all of it.

Final election results are now available and almost nothing has changed since election night, National has one less seat than predicted on the night (meaning there's 121 seats not 122) and otherwise I'm not aware of any changes besides actual numbers thanks to the newly counted special votes.

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At least that's what the past day indicates. I didn't go out last night like I thought I might, nor did I stay in my room and watch TV as my second choice indicated I would. (Admittedly I did watch TV but it was in the lounge here at the flat.)
Tonight on the other hand; I did go out to the pub crawl but after waiting until 90 minutes had gone by from the expected first showing there was still (I think) no-one there from the [livejournal.com profile] ljdq and so I left after finishing my drink. On the bright side however; because I was a little early arriving in that part of the city I visited the Whitcoulls that is just down the street and got three books, two of which I've wanted for quite some time.
Maybe I should just stay in my room scheming ways to make money, I would hardly need to see people I don't know and my expenses would probably drop at least a little as I wouldn't be able to buy books, DVDs and chocolate if I wasn't walking through stores with cash in my pocket.

And now, after coming home and wasting time with internet stuff, for the rest of the evening I shall be watching TV and reading one of my new books. I got nearly 80 pages through it while waiting for people to show at the bar so I want to finish it tonight. I changed my mind about drinking once I got home by the way, some other night perhaps.
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I was given some interesting advice today at work on ways to help myself sleep better.
1. The first suggestion was that I drink some alcohol before I go to bed, about a glass or so of wine or maybe a beer. This actually does make some sense to me as I'm aware that alcohol relaxes people and that would no doubt slow down my mind which is part of the problem when I try to sleep.
2. The second thing mentioned was that I smoke something, I really can't remember what exactly, but it wasn't cigarettes. ;)
3. Almost as unexpected as the suggestion to smoke was the final option. Sex. Apparently I'd be asleep 3 seconds after.

I was awake for about 10 hours straight on Wednesday, half of that was with a friend from evening church who had told me on Sunday night that I should visit more often than just after church when I walk people home. I'm thinking about going out again tomorrow and visiting people again, I'll have to go shopping and do some dishes first though. My life got busy at some point over the past year, I'm still adjusting to that fact.

Overall in the area of Money you scored 28 out of 64, which makes you nearly normal in this area.

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I'm currently at home, after spending most of the last nine hours at the place on Arthur Street. Once again I drunk too much and this time I'm actually feeling the effects, mainly because I've been sleeping even less than normal and eating far too much junk food. I feel worse now than I did last Wednesday after drinking nearly twice as much as I did today.
I'm beginning to think that I should refrain from drinking entirely until I've caught up on sleep as that's likely to be a big issue in the way I feel. Of course, chances are good that I will be drinking again at some point soon, there was mention that there will be a repeat of some sort within the next few weeks.

Over the past month I've turned down work on at least half a dozen days I think. Even with that I've managed to work 15 days over the past four weeks and will probably be paid for 17 which I find quite nice.

From Tuesday I won't be connected to the internet, as such I'll next be updating on Monday night and that will be the last for a couple of weeks I think. Any one wanting to contact me will have to do so in person.

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I did three days work this week, the last being the graveyard shift Thursday night after being up since about 8:30 that morning and sleeping far less through the week than I should have. I still haven't caught up at all, mainly due to not sleeping at all after that shift and still being up at 1 Saturday morning, by my count that was 41 or so hours. I am intending to sleep tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours at least once I return from work and hopefully can manage to get work every day this week.
According to a program I saw on TV just recently that means that by Friday evening I would have had a blood alcohol level higher than the legal driving limit without even taking into account the absinthe I had early that afternoon.

I saw her this evening. arkore and myself managed to miss the bus we wanted by a matter of less than two minutes and so we were at Westfields nearly 15 minutes before the next one would arrive. I used the time to go into where she works. Is that stalking? I did actually buy stuff if that makes any difference.

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My paid account status runs out in two nights time, I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I should bother renewing it. Since getting upgraded two months ago I haven't really done anything to warrant having it anymore besides a couple of polls, using the search feature maybe half a dozen times for random things and ... I've been looking at my friendsfriends page every few days or more when bored.

Shadowrun was indeed a bust tonight, apparently it's Monday night next week which indicates to me that more people will be turning up than just arkore and myself the way the past couple of weeks seemed to be. I did end up drinking some scotch that pondocus offered me though, I'll be sticking with cider unless I'm given a good reason to change.

I'm working the rest of this week, three five am starts in a row and I'm not looking forward to it. I do however want the money and as yet there isn't another way to get it. That could change soon however, this morning at another career meeting I found what seemed like an almost ideal job advertised. So tomorrow (after I get back from work and have rested) I'll be sorting out an application. I should also clean up my room tomorrow just in case Anita has an interest in seeing it and the mess of stuff I have.
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Unsurprisingly I only went to bed by midnight once in the last week, it was the night before starting work at 6am though so I definitely chose the right night to do so. I've been somewhat unexpectedly involved with things over the past week.
Sunday was the last of the LAN
Monday I did go to bed at a reasonable hour
Tuesday I went to Shadowrun
Wednesday was Poker night
Thursday was a LAN resurgence
Friday night I went bowling and watched a video, both with R18
and Saturday night was another attempt at Scrumpysoc with a visit to Dragon Garden afterwards, and the service was the worst I remember anywhere which actually allowed a lot of time to talk which was good.

I wrote 'attempt at Scrumpysoc' as only [livejournal.com profile] minion68 and myself were actually drinking scrumpy although at least some of the others were drinking alcohol. There was also a small turnout which I found disappointing and there was no poker played so I ended up spending the money I'd expected to lose gambling at DGs instead.

Earlier in the day I shaved my head, going from this, to this to this. Almost no one has commented on it beyond the simple mention of "You shaved" or "Did you lose a bet?" or similar. However, one of the R18 leaders has told me that my beard going is fine but I'm not to shave my head again, if it does there will be a conversation had about it.

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Shadowrun was again somewhat less than a well oiled machine, I am not complaining about that though, it only ends up being more entertaining when people get distracted. I am however thinking I may have a chance to shine in next weeks run, either that or I'll prove how much of an egg I am and get myself killed. Either way I'll be doing something other than just reacting poorly to stimulus. I didn't remember my Scrumpy which I'd thought about taking and drinking through the game and I think I'll forgo doing so next week as well. It probably won't be a good idea to ask pondocuspondocus if I can have a shot of Absynthe before we start either, I'm likely to get very distracted myself and start saying things I shouldn't.

Tonight is baking night apparently, the arkoreBot and I are going to be making cakes I think. I mentioned at church that I'd been thinking for a while that I want to do something to provide food for the flat and he suggested that we bake tonight as nothing else was on. This means that our 'mystery' visitor may end up being here and helping us eat stuff which could be very strong motivation for her to remember our address this time and return again. (On Sunday she mentioned that she thought about coming around last week but couldn't find our address and since I've texted it to her again she's indicated a possible return this week.)

I'm going to bed very soon, I needed food and wanted to check on some things before actually turning my PC off again. It also went and did it's crazy freeze thing which is annoying, especially as it took half an hour from when I started using it again. Every so often the screen blanks and upon resuming display there is one or more bars about 7mm thick across the screen with heavily pixelated display and no response from the mouse or keyboard.

Anyone up for some Goth Hunting?
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I've decided to pull an all nighter for the first time in a while, I hope to still be awake when midnight comes again as "Trekkies" is on tonight and I have yet to see it.

Tuesday (after my last entry) I woke up mid afternoon and didn't get out of bed until four, giving me two hours until I expected to be leaving for Shadowrun. It ended up being later than that before [livejournal.com profile] arkore and I left so I seemed to have a whole lot more time to do stuff than I expected when I got up. The game seemed to go well and the ending was rather unexpected, it probably means a whole lot more to the others as they have experience with the "Shadowrun" world but it still seems quite significant to me. I may be getting more into the game as far as doing things that make sense, not just shooting when I should and such but taking actions that a character would actually take.

Wednesday morning I went to PMP and worked again, actually a full shift, and I wasn't moved from where they initially put me to somewhere else which was good. Mainly because they put me in the webroom again which is always easy if the machine has been set up and aligned correctly. Once I got home and had both put stuff 'away' and eaten I watched the next Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD that I have (I'm now onto disc four of season 3, way behind where I could/should be). We in the flat then proceeded to watch TV for the rest of the evening and some of the morning, with an unexpected (to me at least) visit from [livejournal.com profile] minion68 just after "Viva La Bam" finished.

Thursday I got up late again and left less than half an hour later to go see a movie. I ended up deciding to see "Twisted", which is not one of the options I listed on my Sunday entry, I don't know why, as it was not a no comps movie (else I wouldn't have seen it) and therefore should have been on the listings the website had. I was a crime thriller and I didn't see the ending coming until about five minutes before it was all explained. I also managed to avoid thinking the most obvious person had done it, only because he was the most obvious person though.
Scrumpsoc was good even with highly reduced numbers, apart from those resident where it was held there was (I'm reasonably sure) only five show up, that barely doubled the number taking part and two people left around midnight. I didn't leave until four thirty this morning as some of us had started watching "Human Traffic" at three and I wanted to see the whole thing. I've already forgotten most of the discussions that were had although I do recall some of a discussion about creationism/evolution and the existence (or not) of God. The bottle of Scrumpy I bought on my way home from the movie was all drunk as well, about half by me before midnight (almost four hours drinking) and the rest by [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire before she had been there half an hour I think. There were also shots of Absynthe {sp?} had by at least four people, one of whom was me, even if mine was only about a half shot. It burns a little.
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I was still awake at about three this morning, obviously there is something affecting my sleep habits and I'm hoping it's as simple as me being foolish and staying up well past midnight far too often. When I got to work I was very surprised to see that only five temp staff had been called in for the day and one of them didn't show up at all for some reason. Instead of working in the webroom the way I was scheduled to I ended up working take off on the NormBinder which was about as easy as the webroom work would have been. (Speaking of which, I find it mildly amusing that some of the things I do at work are called 'take off', 'strapping', 'knock up', 'inserting'.)
I got sent home at noon today because they wanted to let the full-time workers stay on and do what little work there was left. Instead of catching up on sleep the way I should have, I turned on my PC and have been using the internet for most of the entire 11 hours since.

I was mistaken about my recent additions to Memory Alpha bringing the total to 3500, because they were articles already linked on the website they didn't increase the total. It seems likely that it was an anonymous user that passed the milestone I was hoping to.

I've already agreed to attend the next Scrumpysoc and will be drinking scrumpy as long as I find an actual bottle of it before getting started. That could prove interesting as it will be nearly double the alcohol content of what I drunk the first time I went, and there was a few changes in my attitude/personality then.
Leading on from that is the fact that I've been thinking that I'll be more open about certain things, either here or in 'real life'. Not everything of course, we all need a private life and private thoughts after all, and I'd rather keep what friends I have.

Finally, as I've seen it on a couple of other peoples' journals from the extended circle I'm becoming a part of. (I first saw it months ago I think but I can't find the actual place anymore. I also have another similar thing I think I'll add to one of my next entries.)
"This is the problem with LJ, we all think we are so close, and we know nothing about each other. I'm going to rectify it. I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you."

Delayed gaming.

2004-Jun-29, Tuesday 11:22 pm
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I wanted to be at Shadowrun right now, from 6 pm until midnight would have been good in fact. However, other people have lives and things that they need to do so it has been put back until tomorrow night. Add together the facts that I agreed to work tomorrows' graveyard shift (before finding out we'd be playing tomorrow) and the game starting later than normal, I'll probably stay out of it instead of only being in the game for about two (at most three) hours instead of the more normal five or so. I will also endeavor to remember to have 'Jaldarac' talk to 'Mongoose' about the end of last weeks run, something happened that he'd have wanted an answer about when things calmed down.
Anyway, instead of that, I've been sitting in my room drinking cider and wasting time online. What I should have done with this extra time was write an e-mail or two, finish the Jaldarac character sheet that I'll be taking with me when I go Shadowrunning from now on and maybe actually read a book (or part thereof).

R18 was nice last night, Karyn and [livejournal.com profile] bstratton got a nice send off and had nice things said about them before everyone started leaving. It will be interesting to see how much of life changes now that Karyn is gone, as I may have mentioned she was my social director for a long time. Now however she is going to be in Wellington while I remain here in Christchurch and I have to take charge of my own life or I'll hermit again.
I actually ate and got invited to go Ice Skating this Friday night for a 21st which surprised me a little. We didn't end up with a gathering here at the flat the way we did two weeks ago, although with the amount of sleep I got it wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference, going to bed just before midnight and still being awake at 1:30 is not pleasant especially with a 5:00 am wake up time, on the plus side I was at work quite early[/sarcasm].

Toast anyone?

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