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2017-May-23, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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Simple work for the past couple of days, still tired though. I spent about half of my lunch break today napping and went to bed "early" last night. Getting up early on Saturday to attend the garage sale of the former Game Depository didn't help either, especially with me falling back to sleep and missing the offered ride.

I decided at the weekend that I'd rewatch the Star Wars trilogies, for the first time in years, probably a decade actually. With the reminder of Machete order I might watch in that order, although I'll probably watch the "first" movie as well. If the controller I have worked at the moment I was also considering playing through the LEGO Star Wars game I have, each episode after the relevant movie. That doesn't really seem worthwhile attempting with keyboard controls though, and I'm now thinking it's Episode I first in the game.

The next couple of weekends I'll be playing games again, this weekend is Dune again, with some different people than last time. Not sure if there'll be other games as well this time, or if we'll end up playing just Dune because it will last longer.
Queens Birthday weekend will be my eighth Buckets of Dice and I expect to be there more than half of both Saturday and Sunday. I doubt I'll be playing much that's long at all but there's been a request for Die Macher already. The reminder of how long it's been since I went and spent an afternoon with a friend isn't overly welcome though, the second attempt fell through due to other plans, and then neither of us has made another attempt.

Parental visit

2016-Aug-23, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Shortly after noon yesterday I got a phone call from my father checking to see if I was at work. (Unsurprisingly I wasn't.) My parents had come up to the city, I've already forgotten what for, and shortly after ending the call they were in my flat and we were talking. I was also given a copy of TRON, the original movie from the year after I was born, which I had expected to watch that afternoon. Getting distracted by even more Rimworld play through videos (which I'm watching again now) means I didn't do so, and may watch both TRON and TRON: Legacy tomorrow afternoon.

I have chocolate at the moment, after seeing the K-Bar Whittakers blocks advertised I got one of the Pineapple blocks on Sunday. While I've shown more restraint than normal the block is still half gone already and won't last 'til tomorrow night.
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... besides things I'm not willing to write about.

The shift supervisor at work seemed to agree with my general feeling that the temp agency (representative) is causing problems for more than just me by bringing in new casuals instead of offering me work. After all the machine operators have to train and monitor the new people while they can just point me at a part of the machine and know I can do the work.

I went out to the Wednesday night game group last week for the first time in what felt like months (and probably was), learning how to play Porta Nigra where I managed to plan ahead on a few occasions. I might do better in further games but I'm not "eager" to play again and see how much better I can do. Was told that getting a game of Asgard some weekend could be managed without great planning so once Buckets of Dice is done I might see about that.

At the Long Board Game day I managed a narrow win at Die Macher with three of us having only a 9 point spread (the new guy wasn't quite 70 behind my score but did well for a first game). Eclipse ended up being similarly close (proportionally) between three of us although one of the new guys was second in it.

I watched the three Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies today between getting up and heading out to SAGA. I'm probably going to watch more of my DVDs tomorrow afternoon, it's been quite a while since I saw some of them. The Magnificent Seven seems like a good choice for one.

Need more work.

2015-Jul-14, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I did a single day of work last week, Handwork on the Saturday after not getting asked about any other shifts. As is normal for handwork stuff it was incredibly simple and ended earlier than a normal shift would have. So far I've not received any offers of work for this week which seems wrong even considering the time of the year.

Gaming is continuing as it seems likely to for a while. Regular Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, many Saturday afternoons, and one Wednesday a month. I have started playing a few more of the light, simple things, than I'd prefer but there seems to be a lot of new people in those I'm gaming with of late. Having the 48 charity event so recently is going to impact on that perception, by the end most people were disinclined to play long or complicated things.

On Friday I purchased the last season of Smallville and then watched seasons 9 and 10 through until this afternoon. With that and the just over two weeks that I took to watch Enterprise last month I've fallen further behind on YouTube subscriptions and PodCast files so I have plenty of media to consume for a while yet. How much time I want to spend playing Skyrim is going to impact on that as well as my computer doesn't really handle outputting YouTube to the TV while gaming. I did find that DVDs were okay as I never really pay a great deal of attention to such and could easily pause them if something important came up in game.


2015-May-26, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I'm going to spend a portion of tomorrow watching Pacific Rim, for the first time, and while I already know a lot of what's in the movie thanks to internet spoilers I'm hopeful that I'll have a good time watching it. I have the DVD thanks to spending Saturday afternoon with my parents and going around a few of the Warehouse stores in the city. I also got another season of Smallville and both seasons of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I won't be watching those as soon though, I'm a bit behind on YouTube subscriptions and PodCast listening so I want to get up to date with each of those. Which won't be happening particularly soon thanks to...

This weekend is the annual Buckets of Dice and I'm expecting to spend more than 35 hours at the con, most of it gaming if possible. I hope to get to play certain games, and I'll be avoiding maybe a couple of people, but for the most part I'm just going to see how things go. I won't be working on the Tuesday because I know that doing so would be unwise after so little time here at my flat. I'm also taking Friday off so I can do what little I need to before the pre-con-quiz.

I was wrong about Skyrim surpassing FTL as my most played game on Steam, it go to within a few hours short though. Having spent a couple of hours playing FTL on Sunday was probably enough to keep FTL in the lead. If I'd played Skyrim instead over that time frame the difference would likely have become nil. The time I spent playing Skyrim on Sunday night ended up being wasted though, I got through a location and realised that I'd lost my follower (possibly due to death) so I loaded a prior save that likely had five hours less playtime in it. It does mean the next time I go through I'll have a better idea of where to go but the time spent is a bit annoying.

Information is cheap

2014-May-20, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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I have managed to copy the info from the soon be shut down website that I mentioned last week and it didn't take quite as long as I'd thought it might. I'm not sure what use I'll actually make use of the info at any point, but I like that I have another copy of it. Spurred on by that I did get a little distracted and I've also tried to make a list of all the movies I actually saw in the Cinema. As compared to those I waited to see until they were aired on TV, or purchasable on DVD. So far I've managed to come up with fewer than 20 movies.

I came down with something at the end of the weekend, spending much of Monday with a cough and some of it with a runny nose. That caused me to skip gaming last night and turn down the work offer for today. Fortunately I was feeling much better today, although I did spend almost all my time between getting up and preparing to head to SAGA sitting on my recliner. For about five hours of that I was watching the original Flash TV show from 1990, something I remember a lot of from when it was on TV back then but not all by any means. Being unwell was probably also the motivation I needed to make my bed warmer, there's now more blanket, and my electric blanket as well.

Gaming on Thursday night was teaching one of my friends how to play a couple of games. One of which I failed to explain well enough for her to be competitive. Oddly enough it was the harder game that I seemed to teach better. Wednesday I did better with teaching things, in each game I taught at least one new player did as well or better than I.

Things are looking up.

2013-Aug-20, Tuesday 11:09 pm
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I am soon having a long weekend away, starting in 36 hours and lasting until Sunday night. This has led to me choosing to work tomorrow instead of what I know would be more fun; Mainly Music and hopefully spending time with a friend. After I finish at work I'll be home only briefly and then I'm going to head out for another walk to go collect Guitars for the PS2 Guitar Hero game. Which should lead me to spend at least some time using my PS2 again after not having it plugged in for most of the past year.
This also means that tomorrow would have almost no time to just sit and relax if I went out to games in the evening. As I'll need to sort things for my time away I'm definitely missing game night again. Which isn't actually a surprise or anything, I'm just not sure how I feel about missing so many Wednesday nights.

The possibility of having company again has led to me tidying up the place a little more. Probably not enough that it would be noticed by anyone else but I've been making slow progress to removing the accumulated debris. It remains an annoyance that I require the external motivation to actually make improvements to my life. I remain very content in the status quo.

My spending habits remain less controlled than would be best. I spent about $75 on Saturday when I went out to get bread, finally buying a couple of DVDs I'd wanted for a while, and getting some others that I knew I'd enjoy. That's led to even more time in front of the TV here, watching through DVDs that I hadn't seen in a long time as well as some of the new ones. Next week I expect to watch through Dark Angel which was the biggest spend.

Self image

2013-Jul-02, Tuesday 11:47 pm
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For years I've had a mental image of myself as generally healthy, which on reflection is obviously bogus. It's been nearly two decades since I first became aware of how easy it was for me to become unwell. Simply show up to something out of the ordinary (or plan to do so) and I'd begin to feel unwell. Granted that's largely a mental thing not physical, but it doesn't lead to general good health. More recently there's been the fact that I don't actually bother eating full meals as often as I "should" or consume vegetables/fruit even half as much as I ought to. The past week and a half this has proven something of an issue, with me actually feeling unwell for an extended period of time, to the extent that I skipped a couple of evenings of games, and finally took steps to heat my room beyond the heat pump effect. I seem to be at the end of whatever it was now, after being glad to not have work offered and a week of mostly sitting on my recliner watching DVDs and playing games online. It has been weird to feel ill for an extended period of time though and it not be worry about something that I knew was coming up.

This afternoon I managed to get in a game of Agricola at Boite a Jeux against an admitted new player. Nearly hit 60 points after coming close to begging in the second harvest (avoided because my opponent left several sheep on the board). I had something of good combo for clay but should have been more concerned with food early. I do continue to struggle with the balance between family growth and setting up a food engine, in all game sizes.
I played a five-player at SAGA this evening and was again close to struggling for food in the second harvest, my opponents would do well to pressure me in rounds six and seven it seems. By the end of the game I had managed a card combo that was making one particular spot worth 10 food to me if I wanted it to be. I don't think I've seen that before.

Stargate Atlantis took less than a week to finish, largely as I was at home for so much of the time. I have also rewatched Yes, Minister like my last entry indicated I was going to. And I've watched Yes, Prime Minister as well (after seeing them years ago on videotape).

Work = money.

2013-Jun-25, Tuesday 11:41 pm
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I had a nearly full week of work last week, for the first time in a very long time. I'd probably have been better off if it hadn't been so cold Thursday and Friday mornings though. I started noticing a cough on Saturday and have had a couple of sneezing fits since then. Considering the time of year though I've got away easy. The extra money coming in had the expected effect on behaviour though, on Friday I went to the Warehouse after work to buy a new umbrella (my prior had inverted on my way to games Thursday night) and didn't track total cost of the things I was going to buy. It's not common for me to spend $40+ without being quite aware of the total cost.

Saturday was expected to be a lot more rain, after the snow we'd had forecast for nearly a week barely showed, and so I decided against going out to visit my girlfriend. Instead, I ended up getting a lift to a friends place to play a 4 hour game of Twilight Imperium that I was consistently comparing unfavourably to Eclipse (mentally not verbally) which I'd played about three weeks prior at Bucket's of Dice. It was still a good time, and I'm glad to have played, but if I get a choice between the two of them again I think I'll be choosing Eclispse unless there's someone involved that I want to avoid.

Stargate Atlantis will likely be finished in a couple of weeks. Meaning I'll have watched every episode from the two Stargate shows that I'm actually noticeably interested in. Once I'm done with them I'll probably rewatch Yes, Minister so I can also watch the Yes, Prime Minister DVDs I acquired last week after wanting them for several years.

Busy times.

2013-Jun-18, Tuesday 11:40 pm
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Apart from Saturday I've had plans every day recently, and not just work. Although that has been more of a factor just recently than it was for a while. I've had a couple of very pleasant afternoons with my girlfriend, spending much of Sunday talking about our respective families and childhood experiences. It seems that we'll be spending time together at least two afternoons a week for the foreseeable future. I also went out and gamed as much as I'm likely to in any given week, at four different locations.

With the upcoming snow I may be very cold in the mornings later this week. I will probably be agreeing to work Thursday and Friday, which could lead to cold days at work if the heating fails to work well enough. The seeming inability of certain individuals to close big doors once they've finished doing things will also lead to cold work areas. Having an iDevice of some sort would likely make work less boring, there's been a few games recently that I'd want to buy if I had an iPad. The fact I don't is probably better.

I've progressed to the final season of SG-1 and the third of Atlantis, definitely into episodes I haven't seen before with Atlantis. Getting as much work as I have been just recently, and spending time with my girlfriend has left far less time in the afternoons to watch DVDs than I used to have. This counts as a positive regarding my bank balance, I'm not as likely to buy other DVDs until I've finished these. More work isn't hurting either. It is odd to still be watching the same season of a show more than a week after starting it though.

Reversions and change

2013-Jun-11, Tuesday 11:51 pm
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I had a Saturday at home this weekend just been, for the first time after four weeks of going out. It felt odd to be sitting at home with no plans. It did lead to me watching a lot more of my StarGate DVDs though, which was good. I'm certainly not familiar with most of the Atlantis show past the first season although I think I saw some of it as it aired on TV here.

I've recently had an upswing in general physical activity, walking to Buckets on two of the mornings and getting a little more work than I had been helped. It continues to surprise me that simply having a day at work is enough to put me past the 10,000 steps recommended daily according to what was being put across at work. I never feel all that active as far as my legs are concerned, arms sure, legs no. It may lead to the minimal weight gain that seems to accompany extended periods of working though.

I feel like I was meaning to write about more stuff, but nothing is coming to mind. Getting a copy of Civilisation III isn't particularly worthy of note. And I doubt it would surprise anyone that knows me to realise that the cleaning/tidying that I started a while back didn't really progress any further than that first afternoon.

Buckets of Dice 2013

2013-Jun-04, Tuesday 11:33 pm
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Many dice, at least one bucket, but not a bucket of dice (that I saw anyway).
I am no longer able to get by on little sleep the way I used to. Saturday morning I was supposed to be at the SAGA presidents home before 0800 to help shift games to the Uni for the event, I woke at about 0830. Sunday morning I woke minutes before Church started and arrived just after the service began. Monday I actually managed to get where I was supposed to be on time.
The weekend as a whole was good though, I played a bunch of games, winning a few of them. My Sunday was quite short on game play as I went to church and then spent most of the afternoon at the event doing 'desk duty' with my laptop to distract me. The only real regret I have is that Quantum Werewolf didn't happen, very little interest was shown (which was actually good as I'd have struggled for time thanks to attending church Sunday morning).
The club purchased a couple of games on the Saturday, both of which the President was looking at getting for himself, up until club members started telling him that the club should buy them. One of which was very cheap and the other proved very popular with another copy getting played at least a dozen times over the weekend, and then at least three more times on Monday at the other game session.

Last entry I posted I'd started spending Saturday's with a friend, there's a little more to that than I indicated. As of the first of those Saturday's I'm in a relationship with that friend, unsurprisingly I've happier than normal recently. Not spending this Saturday just been with her was odd, and her son was also asking where I was. Which, while I'm sorry that he missed me, is a good sign for things I think. He has also managed to send me some text messages over the past week or two.

Watching the eighth season of Stargate SG-1 and first season of Stargate Atlantis took me at least a week to watch, largely due to the amount of time I was elsewhere with games and the date afternoon. I think that either tomorrow or Thursday will see the start of the next seasons of each.

Cleaning, sort of.

2013-May-21, Tuesday 11:22 pm
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Some of my afternoon today was spent in my room organising and beginning the process of getting rid of things that have accumulated over the past few years. I quickly came across a stack of magazines to get rid of, after combining them all it's more than a foot high. I also removed my box of excess books from the corner of my room so if anyone wants Star Trek books I have more than a dozen to get rid of. There's also a few Quantum Leap novels as well. What I'm getting rid of. See anything you want?
I didn't do as much to clean up as I wanted but even with the little I've done my room looks better. I expect that moving furniture around so my bed is in the warmer corner of the room will also be useful. I find it hard to avoid cleaning when furniture is moved, it just seems like the right sort of time.

While at games last night I played the game that has taken me to 3000 recorded plays at BGG. A game of Werewolf where I was both Wolf and Lover, with the same other person. Who ended up one of the lynch nominees in the first round. One of the quickest games ever and I lost without really seeing anything I could do to avoid the crushing defeat. I was amused from the moment I realised that the two of us were paired that way though.

I have purchased the complete Stargate Atlantis TV show on DVD so for the next however long it takes I'll be watching the last three seasons of SG-1 and five of Atlantis during my free time here. Aiming to keep the internal chronology straight as I watch them. Of course this comes just before Buckets of Dice is going to take an entire weekend of time and the week after I had no work. I've also started spending my Saturday afternoons at a friends place, watching children's DVDs and enjoying the warmth of a fire and a lot of hugs.

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I spent much of my Saturday watching children's DVDs at a friends place. Very relaxing especially as I got a few hugs, and the lack of internet wasn't really noticed by me during my time there. Being somewhere with a fire was also a welcome change to here with the heat-pump, the heat each provides is different in some way. I did realise that I should have worn a coat of some sort for the walk there and back though. Even if I did feel colder for most of the walk there than I did while walking home.

Buckets of Dice is approaching, with just under three weeks until I spend most of a three day period at the University playing games. I've been trying to work out if I'll be able to run a game of Quantum Werewolf in person, dealing with the state resolution during the breaks between sessions. I think I've figured out how to do it, but the time involved may be prohibitive. In addition to that I hope to play a bunch of games, and see at least one person attend that doesn't come along to SAGA.

I need to get a little better about judging how long games are going to take I think, last night we played a game of First Sparks that ended up going longer than it should have due in part to teaching. Similar issues have come up with other games in the past months, I've expected the game to be over noticeably earlier than it was. This isn't usually a problem, especially at SAGA as we don't really have a set time for leaving, but last night it held up the rest of the group and that's not something to be ignored.

After a friend starting getting rid of excess stuff he had last year I started thinking about finally getting rid of the extra books and other things I've accumulated over the years. Unsurprisingly nothing came of it then, but I got a little motivation just recently and uncovered the relevant box last night. As such I may be offering a number of books to good homes in the next week or two, mainly Trek stuff as I manage to acquire duplicates easily. (Over 300 in my collection leads to memory lapses regarding what I own, what I've read, what I want to own, etc. etc.)

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We had a big dumping of snow at the end of July, bigger than anything I remember for a long time, to the extent it was enough to get a lot of people off work for a day. Unsurprisingly many of those that no longer had work on the Monday went out and played in the snow, making snowmen and such. I was already taking the day off after waking up at the start of the weekend with a cold so it didn't really affect me then. I was largely over it after a couple of days but would have benifitted from more time staying inside where it was warm.
The current forcast is for us to have a similar, if not worse, dumping of snow about now. At least some of which has come down already, I got caught in it this afternoon, after dropping my umbrella back at my flat before going to go buy some bread. I will probably spend most of my time over the next couple of days occupied as I was the first time, although hopefully not also feeling sick. Having purchased the rest of MacGyver that I didn't get a month ago I have plenty of DVDs to watch.

48 hours from now the SAGA AGM will be over and next year's committee will have been chosen. A committee that I'm almost certainly going to be putting myself forward as a potential member of. It seems to me that Quartermaster would be a good match for my personality, especially when I'm already thinking of one way to improve/expand the record of what collection the club has. In theory I'll be gaming at the SAGA meetings for the next three and a bit months, I'm not sure when they stop meeting because last year was more than just a little messed up due to quake issues.
With the exception of tomorrow night I'm likely to be spending most Monday nights in Agricola games, which probably won't be helping me improve all that much, I seem to score less well there than elsewhere. (Of course the relative experience of opponents has something to do with that.) The exceptions will be spent playing simpler games at another location, typically with a lot more people present.
That leaves one more night of gaming each week, Wednesdays at whichever location is organised for that week. With the newer of those locations the turnout is enough for a couple of games at a time, I typically play the simpler of what's on offer.
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This year there continued to be less available than I'd have liked for most of the year, but I think there was a little more available than 2009 so that's some improvement. An improvement that I should admit was partly due to choosing work over helping with Mainly Music this year. I don't feel any more inclined to find a better job than I did a year or two ago so I'm likely to still be there for quite a while yet.
Somewhere in management there was a decision made to pay for any of the staff wanting to take part in this years City to Surf and as I'd wanted to take part again and see if I could do it in less than two hours I signed up with the rest of them. I didn't quite manage that time but I figure that the hold-ups crossing bridges were enough to slow me down a lot. I also spoke for a while early on in the walk with one of the operators and his wife about Settlers of Catan, which they'd recently been playing with another couple they knew.

Since finishing last year I'd been intending to skip this year but still helped organise the first Christchurch meet up and got to meet a few people that I otherwise wouldn't have. After having an idea on the second day I started writing but, as in most other years, what I ended up writing was crap. I won't be showing anyone any of it apart from the first chapter or so that I sent one friend when she complained about being bored. After now finishing six years in a row I'm thinking that I need some other challenge and have been told that using a DVORAK layout on my keyboard would provide such a challenge. One other suggestion was to aim for more than the 50,000 words. Thanks to the effort of one of the other regulars we had a "Night of Writing Furiously" this year, which I managed a couple of thousand words at. A total vastly overshadowed by one of the attendees, she managed about 1000 in each of the 5 (?) ten-minute sprints. I would no doubt have managed more words if I hadn't been playing "Race for the Galaxy" and "Dominion" on my laptop instead while not doing the sprints.

I became a little less concerned about attending the Wednesday night game sessions for the maximum time possible somewhere through the year. Probably due to a combination of things, one of which was the fact I stopped refusing to work Thursday mornings. Signing up as a member of SAGA at the University also would have had a hand in me being more willing to leave early on Wednesday nights. From May I was going to the University most Tuesday nights and most of the nights I was there I got to play at least one game I liked. Especially after one of the regulars got a copy of Endeavor and the club got a copy of Power Grid. Even with the Thursday night group being far more inclined to role-play I went along to some of those nights as well and got to game a little then. SAGA nights came to an end in September however with the quake disrupting things and the previously booked rooms being claimed for study areas. At the start of July I'd agreed to go down to Geraldine and try teaching some home school children how to play some of the games I like to play as part of a group from Christchurch. With the travel and unfamiliar situation I ended up feeling unwell for most of that night but I did get to play "Hey! That's My Fish!" a couple of times, correcting the woman that was teaching it as far as at least one rule was concerned.
November saw GamesFest '10 in Hanmer Springs and contrary to the prior couple of years I didn't really game until late on the first night. Nothing that the others started was of interest to me on that first afternoon so I ended up sitting with my laptop and typing for a while before playing games and then going back to writing. The first couple of nights I managed about 3 hours sleep and was thus one of the last to bed and first to rise, leaving me plenty of time to game over the weekend, and time to write as well.
All up this year I learnt 21 games, played about 60 different games and recorded in excess of 320 total game plays. 91 of which was Agricola after Steve got a copy at the end of last year and the two of us started playing it a couple of times a night once a week or so for most of the year. I also managed 41 games of Dominion (combining all expansions to a single 'family' group), largely because of how quick it is and the mass of people that know how to play, both at SAGA and the Wednesday night sessions. Stone Age dropped from 67 plays last year to 29 this year, mostly because Agricola took over, but partly because I lost interest after the mass of games last year.
My Friendless stats for the year (friendless is the chosen username of an individual at BoardGameGeek that has a statistical bent).

I went elsewhere for one service at the start of the year after having thought that I was spending to much time in the Children's ministry and not enough in the main service. That service ended up being about Fellowship and the need to connect with people, which led to me thinking I should stay at RBC. I've missed a few sessions since then due to feeling ill (and the City-to-Surf) but for the most part I've been there helping every week since with an occasional week in the main service.
In July I started going along to the Community Lunch, partly to spend time with a couple of people in particular, partly to get out of the house. That led to me spending a bit more time with a new friend and her son, including playing in the nearby park. After a while I even started eating while there, something that I hadn't really expected to do, especially when I was typically getting up an hour earlier and having breakfast before leaving my place.
Mainly Music continued throughout the year, with me going along any day I hadn't agreed to work. I still don't see that what I do is particularly useful but the leader was happy when I showed up, which is nice to hear. I heard mention they may be starting sessions on a second day through the week, if true that could leave me better able to attend as Wednesdays seem to be the most consistent as far as work.

Random stuff
I headed to Cave Stream during the "church" trip this year but didn't go through the cave. Time away from my flat, and with actual people was my main reason for going out there but I did think there that it might be good to go through.
The September quake was enough to wake me and get me out of bed but I would have been back in bed for much of the morning after it apart from a friend being scared and wanting company. I ended up spending most of my day with her and the others that showed for her son's birthday party (unfortunate timing). Only one of the subsequent shakes was big enough, where I was, to get me to move again. One night I was out gaming and my opponent went to a doorway while I continued to look over the board as I was shaken.
At the end of October I had to clear out my room (and the lounge) so new carpet could be put down. As a result of that I got rid of a portion of my accumulated stuff but still have boxes that I haven't found a good place for again.
After not taking part last year I had my head shaved for the FunRazor event again this year, meaning I don't find my head getting as hot as it had been on the sunny days.
In the final couple of weeks before Christmas I watched all five seasons of Babylon 5, and then in a few days after I watched the movies and Crusade. Obviously free time is not something I'm short of.

Get to Heaven

2010-Jul-18, Sunday 10:40 pm
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For the past decade or so I've owned a CD with a song that gets me thinking almost every time I hear it.
The song in question has, as a repeated lyric, the line "Get to Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead." (Apparently an old Irish blessing.)
Even before making the decision for Christ that I did just over four years ago now that seemed like a bad standpoint to have. Surely it would be better to have the Devil rejoicing at the moment of your death because you would no longer be in a position to lead people to Christ? Being in heaven for 30 minutes before he was to notice would surely be an indication that you weren't having much positive influence. Although it would also mean that you weren't leading people astray which is a little bit good I suppose.

In more journal oriented stuff...

  • I didn't end up doing anything radical over the past month unless a trip almost to Geraldine counts. One of the Chch boardgame players organised a gathering for a lot of South Canterbury families and I volunteered to go along and help teach some of them. With the combination of 90 minutes on the road and the mass of people I didn't know in an unusual environment I spent much of the evening feeling unwell. I did however come away from the evening having played Hey! That's My Fish! which I'm now vacillating on as far as purchase is concerned and I was given a copy of one of the games I've enjoyed since first playing it during my first Hanmer Springs gamesfest.
  • I continue to attend SAGA game evenings, and will likely be going twice a week unless the other two want to play on either of those nights. That means that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will be playing games for at least some of each evening and with small group starting up again I won't be as bored in the evenings for quite a while. The Buckets of Dice event last weekend wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, but considering the high bias towards RPGs it wasn't surprising, and I did get to play a few games while I was there, including one new game that I haven't yet seen at the Wednesday night sessions.
  • After a month of missing Mainly Music because of work, the past two weeks it wasn't on because of the holidays and I didn't have work. From what I saw of the board at work on Friday it seems that there will likely be work this week as well, which realistically shouldn't surprise me. There is one particular job that goes through every week requiring enough staff that if anything else is also being done all the casuals can work.
  • I quit playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and progressed to Heroes of Might and Magic IV before giving up on that quickly and installing Warbreeds and playing about half of one campaign. I also finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and after watching the first season of Murphy Brown I've now started watching the original Star Trek, most of which I expect to have seen but not for a very long time.
  • I would like to find myself attracted to women with whom I might have a chance at making a relationship work.

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After spending three hours in bed failing to fall asleep I've got back out of bed and am spending the three hours between 2 and 5 am killing time online (and slowly writing my first LJ entry in about 10 weeks). I have no doubt that the change in sleep schedule resulting from 9 days of no work (entirely my choice) has caused the problem. I didn't start waking properly until 1pm Thursday and missed out on work that afternoon because of it. It's not even a simple case of me going to bed at 4 or 5 am and sleeping until noon or so either. I've actually been sleeping for more than 10 hours at a stretch a few days recently, something I almost never do when I'm not needing to catch up after work. Yet another reason I should find myself regular employment in an office or the like, my sleep schedule would likely be more consistent.

Last weekend saw a very short visit from my sister and brother-in-law and so I spent most of a day with them and my parents. Specific things I remember from that day; I should go visit them, apparently it would be a lot cheaper than I'd expected, and while having a beard isn't a problem not keeping it tidy is.

Over the past two weeks I've been rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the lounge while also playing Heroes of Might and Magic III on my laptop. The same laptop that for a year wouldn't work for more than about 30 minutes due to overheating (the fan wasn't working). I got back from a 21st celebration and the fan worked when I booted up that night. Since then I've attempted to get an internet connection with linux, failed, and reinstalled XP only to have that fail to detect the network devices as well. What's worse, there isn't sound as that hardware wasn't detected either. Once I tire of the game I'll save my progress to flash drive and try the whole reinstallation thing once more.

During the last week of April I was made aware of the weekly board gaming group that happens at the University, after thinking the group only met on special occasions, and have been along three times, playing an assortment of games. If not for one specific individual deciding that Agricola is worth playing and being free mainly on Tuesdays I'd have been to SAGA five times. The additional player(s) for Agricola change the game a lot it seems, after doing reasonably well in the 2-player and even the one recent 3-player I've found my score to be low in the 4- and 5-player games.

On an odd note, I can now say I've shed blood in service of my church. After one of the recent Mainly Music sessions I helped construct a cupboard and at one point caught the side of one finger between a shelf and the side of the cupboard. Like is so often the case I didn't notice the blood until later.

(no subject)

2010-Mar-23, Tuesday 10:45 pm
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After the entry I posted on my birthday I went out to play games at Steve's and ended up playing a couple of games of Agricola, winning the first by a couple of points but getting crushed in the second. I came out of the evening with a block of chocolate though so I count it as a win.

Saturday I woke shortly after noon when my father called my cellphone. I would probably have already been awake if not for the fact I stayed up late reading while I waited for the party next door to quiet down. I then spent about 5 hours with my parents doing nothing of particular import.

Sunday was the first time in a long time I've chosen ahead of time to not attend a church service at some point of the Sunday (excepting the day travelling to Teapot Valley). Instead of what I would normally do I got up at least an hour early, barely ate any breakfast, walked to the nearest bus-stop, rode to the central exchange and walked to the square. Where I waited for about 20 minutes before starting to walk to QEII with I don't know how many other people. As I walked there I spoke for a short while with a couple of colleagues, finding out one of them has recently been playing Settlers of Catan with his wife and another couple. After arriving at the park I walked around some of the corporate tents trying to find the one set up by my employer and then spent about 90 minutes waiting for the prize announcements. My new MP3 player lasted well through the day as well, I had managed to get it recognised by my PC the night before and spent at least three hours listening to my music through the course of the morning.

Much of the rest of my time recently has been spent watching the Dead Zone after buying the first season at the start of the month. I had thought I watched it regularly when it aired on Prime back in 2003 or so but I remembered almost nothing of what I've seen so far.

Oldening. Take 29

2010-Mar-18, Thursday 06:24 pm
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I have now begun my 30th orbit around the G2V star seen during daylight hours and apart from feeling a little cold the day is good. After actually making it to being awake and moving about I found a package at the front door of my flat, containing 1.8kg worth of chocolate and an MP3 player (which I probably can't use until I upgrade my desktop). I've also found that more of my DVDs will play on the PS2 than I had thought so I'll be spending more time in the lounge not using my PC than expected.

There still hasn't been anyone shift in to replace the former flatmates although we did have three people have a look at the room over the past week. Hopefully we'll have someone move in soon, if only to prevent money struggles. Which would come slightly sooner for me than I'd been thinking as I've had to up my payments.

I'd like to be able to introduce the other game group (not the Wednesday night group) to a wider variety of games after getting very tired of the excessive Stone Age and Settlers of Catan plays I've been a part of. With the relative infrequency however there's a reluctance to learning new games. That has led to me being less inclined to go game there than I used to be, probably reducing my monthly game count a little. Then again, I've been playing a few games here in my flat which hadn't really happened since 2007 when I taught one of the flatmates how to play Carcassonne.

I have now read "The Time Machine" after finding it accidentally while looking through books in the library last week. After being aware it existed for most of the past 20 years I was surprised at how small it was but that could be good considering how long it took me to read it. I've also started reading the first of the Dune Prequels "House Atreides" and am enjoying it so far.

Because it came up last night after games: The sun is not at the centre of the orbit followed by the planets. It's at one of the two focal points of the elliptical orbit they follow. See here for an interactive animation.


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