Parental visit

2016-Aug-23, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Shortly after noon yesterday I got a phone call from my father checking to see if I was at work. (Unsurprisingly I wasn't.) My parents had come up to the city, I've already forgotten what for, and shortly after ending the call they were in my flat and we were talking. I was also given a copy of TRON, the original movie from the year after I was born, which I had expected to watch that afternoon. Getting distracted by even more Rimworld play through videos (which I'm watching again now) means I didn't do so, and may watch both TRON and TRON: Legacy tomorrow afternoon.

I have chocolate at the moment, after seeing the K-Bar Whittakers blocks advertised I got one of the Pineapple blocks on Sunday. While I've shown more restraint than normal the block is still half gone already and won't last 'til tomorrow night.

9 days

2015-Dec-22, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I'm done with work for the year, so I have about three weeks until I go back, with holiday pay coming in that will be more than I likely would have got for working as I had been. My shift yesterday was fine for me, the factory hadn't yet got "hot" by the time I was leaving and the fans hadn't yet been turned on. I wasn't surprised to have all the comments/posts I saw about such be displeased about the heat but aside from the walk home and then to games in the early evening I was enjoying it, and even those walks were only a little hot for me.

For the last week of the year I'm going to be taking care of the young cat a couple of friends have. I'd understood things initially to be them wanting a house sitter as well but they don't need that so I'll be getting plenty of exercise, and probably be using my laptop/internet for the rest of my days. I had begun to wonder if I'd end up reading a lot of Discworld books during the week, I've read the first six or so, back more than a decade ago.

New flatmate has been here a week now and seems to have settled in fine. Not really surprising but good that there haven't been issues. At some point the mattress base will leave the lounge, it was just a little bit big for the stairway so he's going to try and sell it. Once that's happened I'll probably be back to barely noticing the difference except when he's in the kitchen or whatever. If I clear the table properly I might get to play a game or two of Caverna though, not sure if that's motivation or not when I think Agricola is so much better.

My parents came by for a short while late this afternoon, they'll be going up north for the next few days so the fact I intend to spend Christmas alone won't be an issue at all on that front.

Going down.

2015-Sep-08, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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I'm working tomorrow, which means getting up early. After a weekend and couple of days where I've been going to bed almost as late as I will need to get up. After I'm done at work I'll be walking home, buying bread on the way, and then dealing with some cleaning before sitting down to catch up on the normal stuff that accumulates online while I'm away from my PC. Then I'll be getting a ride to games for the first time in a long time because someone wants a conversation about something. After playing Mad King Ludwig last time I was there I want to play again, having played Suburbia again yesterday that desire has grown.

Catching up on PodCasts is mostly done now with only 8 hours besides the one that I have to go back more than a year on. YouTube was close enough yesterday that I spent time watching The Monkees instead.

Tonight at SAGA I had a very good game of Agricola, getting downstream food for half the game and managing to grow my family pretty much as soon as I was wanting to. I think I've managed to score better just the once, and that was only by 3 points. I only took clay the once, with my second action, and used it to by a Fireplace the following round. During the game my father was ringing me and when I called him back I got the bad news that one of my Uncles had died in a truck crash late in the afternoon. The game of 7 Wonders I played after went even worse than they normally do and I doubt it was due to the news I'd received.


2015-May-26, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I'm going to spend a portion of tomorrow watching Pacific Rim, for the first time, and while I already know a lot of what's in the movie thanks to internet spoilers I'm hopeful that I'll have a good time watching it. I have the DVD thanks to spending Saturday afternoon with my parents and going around a few of the Warehouse stores in the city. I also got another season of Smallville and both seasons of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I won't be watching those as soon though, I'm a bit behind on YouTube subscriptions and PodCast listening so I want to get up to date with each of those. Which won't be happening particularly soon thanks to...

This weekend is the annual Buckets of Dice and I'm expecting to spend more than 35 hours at the con, most of it gaming if possible. I hope to get to play certain games, and I'll be avoiding maybe a couple of people, but for the most part I'm just going to see how things go. I won't be working on the Tuesday because I know that doing so would be unwise after so little time here at my flat. I'm also taking Friday off so I can do what little I need to before the pre-con-quiz.

I was wrong about Skyrim surpassing FTL as my most played game on Steam, it go to within a few hours short though. Having spent a couple of hours playing FTL on Sunday was probably enough to keep FTL in the lead. If I'd played Skyrim instead over that time frame the difference would likely have become nil. The time I spent playing Skyrim on Sunday night ended up being wasted though, I got through a location and realised that I'd lost my follower (possibly due to death) so I loaded a prior save that likely had five hours less playtime in it. It does mean the next time I go through I'll have a better idea of where to go but the time spent is a bit annoying.

I am my father's son

2014-Jun-17, Tuesday 05:40 pm
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And it seems he is his mother's son.
I spent a few hours on Saturday with my family at my parents home, the first time I've been there in three years. On the way back to Christchurch my sister and I were talking and the topic of 'hoarding' came up. It's been apparent for quite some time that I don't like throwing things away, hence the piles of things in my room (and all my school books still being stored in a box in my parents garage). This can be likened to my father accumulating CDs, DVDs, and other things. Something I had not heard until the discussion I had with my sister was that my paternal Grandmother had been hoarding many things in her home, this was explained as a holdover from the post War rationing and shortages.

On Friday night I went out to a KAOS event and spent less time just watching/observing than I had at the prior event. I still didn't really talk to people, especially people I didn't already know, but I had a good time again. Something out of the ordinary happened as well, one of the youngest present started talking with me and asked how old I was. Her surprise was evident when I told her, apparently I look to be about 24, or did outside at night.
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My appearance is going to be changing before the month is done, in a way I wouldn't be surprised to have a small number of people not notice. Partially at the urging of a friend I spent a portion of Sunday afternoon having my eyesight tested, for the first time in nearly 11 years. The difference between what my current glasses have as a prescription and what I'll be getting is not a lot. With the minimal change I'm not surprised I haven't felt inclined to get my eyes tested in the interim.

My mother had some surgery today. I don't think I've told anyone that it was happening. Nothing really serious, besides it being surgery of course, but it's still something that I "should" have mentioned at some point. That also led to my sister coming back to NZ for a short visit, and I got to see her for a little while this afternoon. But I'm not all that likely to see her again before she heads back away as I've got plans in the evenings and hope to keep working through the days.

Tomorrow morning a friend (the one that urged my eyetest) is heading north for a few days and I'm unlikely to get to spend a lot of time communicating with her over that time frame due to the internet connection issues. And her reason for going up, three days of study. Considering how much the two of us been communicating recently it's going to be weird until she gets back.


2014-Feb-18, Tuesday 11:37 pm
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Two fairly easy days at work, and with the weather the way it has been that was probably good for me. That sentence was in no way meant as a complaint about the temperature, perhaps a complaint about having to be at work while it was so warm. I would have been more comfortable if I'd worn shorts instead of jeans however. That wasn't the brightest thing I've done this week.

I barely (board) gamed at all last week, totalling only a couple of hours on Monday night after first heading to the Writers Guild meeting. Both the Wednesday and Friday nights I didn't feel inclined to head out so that was it for me playing Board Games. I didn't go into withdrawal or anything. The amount of FTL: Faster than Light that I've been playing will be part of that. I was gifted a copy on Steam back in late December and I've almost reached 100 games played, with 10 of them being wins. I haven't yet tried the "Normal" difficulty level, partly because I was told not to by a friend, and partly because I haven't unlocked all the ships yet. I do have a fair few of the achievements though, and the ships I have are mostly available in both versions.

My parents were in the city on Saturday and woke me up by calling to see if I wanted to spend some time with them. They came around for an hour or so, left me a couple of boxes, and went back out to do whatever it was they were wanting to do. I have been eating candy canes since then.

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Last week I became aware of information I don't believe I'd ever have been made privy to were it not for the internet. Personal information about someone, of a sort I doubt I'll find out about almost anyone else I know, let alone an acquaintance. The ability I have to put information aside and largely forget it is useful, the fact I barely see most of the people I know is also helpful in reducing my unease after finding out such things.

Tomorrow morning I have work again, because of which I will be missing the first Mainly Music session for 2013. I should have been at work today but, having expected to be out past midnight playing games, I turned down the offer. Almost everyone left early though and I could easily have been home before I normally go to bed if I have work the following morning.
While at work I may finish my third book for the year (after reading one entirely at camp and finishing another that I read a couple of chapters of early last year). I started reading Contact last week and, as has been the case for most of the past few years, I'm only reading more while at work. Which is okay as the machines don't often run consistently through the day. It does result in greatly reduced through put of books though, I only read 7 last year (discounting the Roald Dahl books I listened to on CD). Actually taking a book with me helps as well, most of last year I didn't get around to taking any with me.

Voice recognition doesn't work as well for me as I'd hoped. I started using it to write this entry and was spending about three times as long trying to correct things than I was dictating the entry. I may have an mismatched accent but I expect I'll continue to use the keyboard for a long while yet.

I got to see my Sister and Brother-in-law for the first time in a long time on Sunday night, after nearly missing out due to technical issues. As expected there wasn't a lot to say, on either side, but it was good to see them again. They were in the country to attend the wedding of a former flatmate and apart from some minor issues it was a good day apparently.

SAGA begins

2013-Jan-15, Tuesday 10:50 pm
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I am a part of the 2013 committee for SAGA, as I was last year. Last night we had the first actual meeting and made a few decisions about the coming year. Dates have been set for the first event, probably a BBQ and boardgame day (maybe fish'n'chips instead of BBQ), the first Mini-Con, and the annual Bucket's of Dice event. As it was last year my input into decisions seems to be small but I'm able to help out with a lot of simple stuff, and will be dealing with the BGG account I created, even if it seems I'm the only one that uses it. Late in February I'll likely spend the better part of each of the two CanU Clubs days with others from the Club signing up students to join the club.

In unrelated news:
I had a visit from my parents this evening before they headed to the airport to pick up my sister and brother-in-law. After a short catch-up they both fell asleep on their seats and I went back to using my laptop to deal with things.
The QW game (that isn't Quantum) I'm running started a little slowly, and has now got to more than 100 comments on the first day. Hopefully this is a good sign that interest will remain.

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Sure, I venture out on occasion, but that tends to be only so I can play games, attend Church, replenish supplies, and earn the means of paying for those supplies. This isolation is almost entirely of my own creation, at High School I wasn't interested in the conversations (limited though I suppose they were) that the guys had and so I kept quiet and wasn't invited to much of anything that was happening. That became even more pronounced after High School when I was at Polytech and wasn't interested in going out drinking or the other things that might have allowed bonding.
Over the past several years the time I've spent at Church and the Small Group related to it have put me back in touch with people but I still don't feel as though I connect. I do have the leader of that Small Group to thank for my only long term hobby though, he introduced me to Settlers of Catan back in late 2004 and that led to Carcassonne, which led to Ticket to Ride, and then I joined the Christchurch Euro Gamers back in 2008. I do not know (or want to) what I'd be doing with my life now if I hadn't been introduced to modern board games. My expectation is something like hours with video games where I'd spend no time with people except what I couldn't avoid when working or shopping.
Now, my relationship with my extended family has become practically non-existent, due to me avoiding what few big gatherings have occurred over the past half dozen years. I still see my parents a few times a year and would probably see my sister often if she was living a lot closer. Getting down to it though, I've never really felt any thing missing by not having that family around me, probably because I always felt like the black sheep of my family. Most of my cousins are noticeably older; my interests, such that I had interests, were divergent from what I gathered others had.

The upshot of all of this is that I'm expecting to miss the funeral of my maternal Grandfather. He has recently had to spend time in hospital, is still there in fact, but there is an unspoken implication that he may be passing soon. I don't remember seeing him since my sister got married at the start of 2004. I may have seen him at one or two Christmas gatherings since then. I've only been to one of the family gatherings since I shifted into this flat five years ago and that was the first Christmas.


2011-Nov-30, Wednesday 05:37 pm
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For the first time since the first year I took part I have failed to reach the 50,000 word target that is the point of NaNoWriMo. Like last year I didn't start at the beginning of the month, unlike last year my idea came on the 4th, and was far less developed at the beginning. I also found myself even more inclined to play games this year while in Hanmer Springs and didn't spend at least an hour a day writing while there the way I managed last year. Having thought for three years now that I might not take part it seems almost certain that next year will be a complete non-event for me. I was happy to spend time with many of the others taking part but I didn't feel at all inclined to write for most of the month.

SAGA didn't finish when I'd previously indicated it would; this year the club was able to book right up until Christmas for the first time. As such I've still got another 7 sessions I can (and almost certainly will) attend. Which also means it will likely be next year before I end up gaming with Steve again, with me having a regular group for the first half of the week he hasn't been asking if I want to play for a while now.
That regular gaming has left me in the position of already playing twice as many games this year as I did last year. And with another month to go it's going to be bettered by more. It has also led to last night seeing me record game play 1800 (or perhaps 1796 depending on where I'm getting the figure) since I started keeping track at the beginning of 2006. 100 plays in a month, September and November, helps put the figure way up compared to that first year. Which had a total of just over 100 for the entire year.

Christmas seems likely to be, largely, a non-issue for me again this year. I'll hopefully spend a little more time with my parents between now and then, talk to my sister for a while on (or near) the day, and have no work for a week or two. Apart from that I'll probably spend the day itself with a family from church as I have the past few years. Since I'm no longer really interested in stuff (having too much already) and find the consumerism of the month unpleasant there's little to the time that I find special, and most of that I will get in the morning service at my church.

My hair is very short right now, less than a week ago it was shorn for FunRazor, raising about $250 and getting rid of the pink that certain individuals were very happy to see the end of.
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Nearly four months have gone by since I last posted here. This sort of post frequency might be improved, but I have doubts. Bits from the past four months that I feel have some importance (and can remember).
  • One of my closest friends is about to leave the country to work in Australia for a while.
  • I'm currently back to gaming four nights a week. SAGA has bookings at the Uni again after months of relocations thanks to earthquake damage. And gaming has been relocated on a few Wednesday nights to yet another side of the city compared to where I had already been gaming.
  • Especially on the days I don't get to game in person I've started using BSW again after a couple of years of not even signing in. Mainly Dominion and 7 Wonders because they take about 10 minutes, but also a few games of Peurto Rico, Stone Age and other heavier games.
  • On the Friday mornings I'm not at work I've been helping with child minding at a parents group, basically trying to make sure the parents can talk without being interrupted every minute.
  • Work has fluctuated from no days at all in a week up to three days, it's been quite a while since I did four. (I am still averaging 8-10 a month though.)
  • My Church no longer feels like MY church. Over the past 2-3 years people have been migrating in and out and the group that I would initially think of when thinking of RBC is no longer there. With the pastor and his family leaving in a couple of months there's going to be almost no-one still there that was attending when I started a little over 7 years ago.
  • Three of my friends are pregnant and due near the end of the year. Another is due in a month or two. Keeping intact the run of me having at least one pregnant friend for what seems like practically the past five years.
  • My parents have shifted out of the house they'd been living in for the better part of a decade. I spent much of Easter weekend helping them move the big stuff out of the rental place, into the truck, and then into the new place.
  • I feel like I haven't read a book in a reasonable time frame since the end of February. With one exception due to a particularly easy couple of days at work. Lacking the self-control to not immediately turn on a computer when I'm ready to relax is a big part of that.
  • If my TV is on these days it's probably to watch the TED talks airing on what I believe to be an amatuer channel, failing that it's tuned to the Korean channel. Even when I can't understand what's being said I'm more interested in that, than the rubbish on most of the other channels.
  • Had the Warehouse stocked the first season of MacGyver this afternoon I'd have spent nearly $140 buying the complete run of it.

I don't think that there's any real point to what I'm writing here now. But I continue to feel as though I should be writing something more often. The facebook and twitter updates have undoubtedly lessened my motivation/need to write here. As will the fact that I now spend a fair amount of time out of my home, either gaming, working (some weeks), or at church things.
I probably get similar 'fulfillment' from dealing with things at LibraryThing that I used to updating this. Probably even more, as I know what I'm doing is useful, even if not very.
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After spending three hours in bed failing to fall asleep I've got back out of bed and am spending the three hours between 2 and 5 am killing time online (and slowly writing my first LJ entry in about 10 weeks). I have no doubt that the change in sleep schedule resulting from 9 days of no work (entirely my choice) has caused the problem. I didn't start waking properly until 1pm Thursday and missed out on work that afternoon because of it. It's not even a simple case of me going to bed at 4 or 5 am and sleeping until noon or so either. I've actually been sleeping for more than 10 hours at a stretch a few days recently, something I almost never do when I'm not needing to catch up after work. Yet another reason I should find myself regular employment in an office or the like, my sleep schedule would likely be more consistent.

Last weekend saw a very short visit from my sister and brother-in-law and so I spent most of a day with them and my parents. Specific things I remember from that day; I should go visit them, apparently it would be a lot cheaper than I'd expected, and while having a beard isn't a problem not keeping it tidy is.

Over the past two weeks I've been rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the lounge while also playing Heroes of Might and Magic III on my laptop. The same laptop that for a year wouldn't work for more than about 30 minutes due to overheating (the fan wasn't working). I got back from a 21st celebration and the fan worked when I booted up that night. Since then I've attempted to get an internet connection with linux, failed, and reinstalled XP only to have that fail to detect the network devices as well. What's worse, there isn't sound as that hardware wasn't detected either. Once I tire of the game I'll save my progress to flash drive and try the whole reinstallation thing once more.

During the last week of April I was made aware of the weekly board gaming group that happens at the University, after thinking the group only met on special occasions, and have been along three times, playing an assortment of games. If not for one specific individual deciding that Agricola is worth playing and being free mainly on Tuesdays I'd have been to SAGA five times. The additional player(s) for Agricola change the game a lot it seems, after doing reasonably well in the 2-player and even the one recent 3-player I've found my score to be low in the 4- and 5-player games.

On an odd note, I can now say I've shed blood in service of my church. After one of the recent Mainly Music sessions I helped construct a cupboard and at one point caught the side of one finger between a shelf and the side of the cupboard. Like is so often the case I didn't notice the blood until later.

The end of 2009

2009-Dec-26, Saturday 12:03 pm
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I have a day of games and a short night of sleep until I get picked up and head to Teapot Valley. From the time I leave until I return to my flat on January 1 I will be almost completely cut off from my normal means of information gathering and communication. The lack of internet will hopefully lead to me sleeping better than I have been recently in a more consistent schedule.

Christmas Day I spent about 90 mintues at Church in the morning and then ended up spending the rest of my day with what seems like a second family to me. Lunch where I tend to play games apart from Wednesday nights before heading to Taylor's Mistake for just over an hour. My first trip there I think and I ended up spending about 30 minutes walking out along the Godley Head Walkway to try and find penguins before heading back to the beach. After that trip I was invited to spend more time with that family and spent the evening with even more of them, even getting involved in a game of "Lemon Ball" that didn't have actual lemons.

Wednesday night at games I taught three people Ticket to Ride: Marklin and managed to miss at least one rule that made me score better than I otherwise would have. After quite a while waiting for other games to finish I was able to convince a couple of others to play Princes of Florence and then got a fourth involved that hadn't played previously. I did well but probably got lucky with my two Prestige card draws and managed to overscore in the final round by having only purchased bonus cards in the round prior. A while after that finished the only other game to have been going ended and once numbers dwindled more I got to play Metro for the second time before being told I should stick around instead of going home. Five or six hours later one of the hosts was getting up for work and I'd spent most of the morning 'til that point on the couch playing PS3 games (mainly Braid and Batman: Arkham Asylum). I stuck around until early afternoon and caught up on the Big Bang Theory before heading back to my flat. Where I ended up sleeping from shortly before 8pm until about 7 Christmas morning with a couple of times waking through that period of time.

Monday night I played four games of Stone Age, three of them 2-player and the last 3-player. Apart from the first I was beaten in all of them, the last being a significant beating as I was concentrating on ending the game early and not on getting points.

Last Sunday (19 Dec) I spent some time with my parents before they headed to Australia to spend Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law (a trip I would have been taking as well if not for the Church Camp starting tomorrow). The beginning and end of that day I spent at Church, with a normal service in the morning and a Christmas Carol service in the evening.

A week ago I got to spend a few hours with a friend I don't see often, due to her being busy a lot and me not doing well at keeping in touch with people. It might have been better if she hadn't been feeling ill at the time but I got to keep her company for a while which was nice and even if I had got sick because of the visit it would have been a worthwhile trip.

Unchanged reality

2009-Aug-03, Monday 11:05 pm
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Once again I'm up later than I 'should' be before going to work in the morning (yes I'm going to work again after another week off). Back while I was at Polytech it seemed that I needed nearly 9 hours of sleep a night to feel properly refreshed and even if that has decreased in the intervening years it won't have reached the point of me only needing 6 hours yet. The fact that I have (for almost as long as I remember) been a 'night person' and disinclined to rise early make the hours I choose to work bizarre. But choose them I have and so I'm getting up at 5am tomorrow. And I'll be sustaining energy levels through the judicious use of cupcakes.

With the relocation of small group meetings that started a couple of months back I haven't been calling my mother (and father when he was home) as often as I had been. With the increased distance (and initial uncertainty about location) I have been getting a ride each time and so don't really have the ability to call as I walk any more. I had been going to walk tonight, but we all aimed to arrive early to surprise someone and so I got a ride again instead. Maybe I will call tomorrow night, if I don't lose track of time to the extent that I only just realise when Top Gear is starting.

Recent socialising has led to an evening where I was wondering about whether I'd crossed lines in a relationship, nothing was said and I didn't notice any behavioural changes but I still wondered about it. Being unsure of where exactly I stand with the individual doesn't help. Nor does not knowing where I want things to be. I know the best thing would be to simply ask but the implications if I have completely misread the situation could make things even more uncomfortable, and not just for me.
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Monday at work I started where I now prefer to be, but after an hour or so was shifted to the machine I'd rather have nothing to do with as the boss wanted someone competent at the end. The job being one of the heavy magazines just made things that little bit worse. It wasn't actually a bad day all up, I'd just rather work elsewhere, for someone else, although it's a lot better than it used to be.
With the weather nice enough to do so I spent a portion of the afternoon sitting in the doorway at the back of this flat reading "Treasure Island" which was one of the 7 books I got cheap three weeks ago.
R18 in the evening was more talking about random things, getting distracted by the baby in the room and then getting more serious for a while. Instead of keeping a completely separate journal about that stuff the way suggestions went I'm considering a weekly post here about things. Probably friends-locked at the very least.

Tuesday night I was supposed to be bowling but when nobody had showed up by nearly 1830 I decided to just head home again. On the way I called my father as he'd been trying to ring on Monday and I was only noticing just before he hung up each time. Talking with my parents eased the anger/hurt of people not showing although the reason for him trying to call was far from good. I'm pleased that my relationship with my parents is no longer simply a parent/child relationship. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm anywhere near counting them as friends as a lot of people seem to but it's changed in the past few years especially.
Once I got home I started watching Mutant X DVDs for the first time in about 4 years. Having thought a month or so ago that they'd be on the list to sell when I get around to purging my collections I'm now not so sure.

Wednesday I got up kind of late and after wasting a little time online with email, LJ, Facebook etc. I went along to Church and helped with the Mainly Music program that is run each Wednesday morning. After about 90 minutes surrounded by very young children (and a fair few mothers/caregivers) I was no longer feeling so down about the night before and managed to spend most of the afternoon in a fairly relaxed state watching more Mutant X.
Games in the evening was good for me, thanks to it being my birthday I was able to choose games to play. If I hadn't been drinking alcohol throughout the evening I might even have managed to do well in the second and third games I played. Because the alcohol hadn't yet managed to affect me and I was the player with the unwanted share the score for Manila was not even close but in the other two games I was obviously last (Galaxy Trucker) or not really in contention from half-way through (Medici)

Thursday I got up late again, watched the last of the Mutant X DVDs and then watched Contact for the first time since I saw it more than 6? years ago. Steve wanted to play games again (having sort of arranged such on Monday night) and so I went out and played 3 games of Stone Age, doing much better than I had the previous week. Starvation doesn't seem to work all that well in a 2-player game, at least compared to the 4-player game I previously tried it in.

Today (Friday) I went back to work and managed to spend most of it just putting bundles of NWCBs on the table so they could be cut with the Guillotine. It seems I'll be finding somewhere else to spend my lunch breaks from now on as well, there's a sign on the dispatch office door basically saying keep out unless you have business there. I had been in the habit of going in and sitting in one of the comfortable chairs while I ate whatever food I had left by that stage of the morning.

I can drive

2009-Feb-18, Wednesday 04:12 pm
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Monday night I went down to my parent's place with my father as he headed home so I could go through the boxes of my stuff they have in storage. There's less than I'd thought, although I didn't actually see just how full the big black crate is. Around noon yesterday my mother mentioned that she was going to turn the car around and put it in the garage, so I went and sat in the driver's seat and had my first ever lesson on how to drive a car. I have no idea how well I'd do on an actual road with actual traffic, but the simple task of making a car move up and down a driveway I can manage. The instructions weren't great, as she does most things automatically and was a little unclear about a couple of things initially, but I didn't crash or run over anything. I don't think I'll be getting proper lessons though, it's still not something I feel any need to know how to do and I still doubt I'd be able to multi-task to the required extent. (A feeling reinforced both by the actual experience on Tuesday and by the bike ride after church Sunday afternoon.)

Child-minding this morning didn't happen, I wasn't feeling good when I got back to the city and it seemed better for me to stay home. Although I did go and actually explain that's what was happening instead of just not showing up. Tomorrows planned events won't be happening either, it seems like a bad idea to spend a lot of time with children.

I've started seeing more of certain people online recently, only one item I've seen was unpleasant for me (although I think it has been good in the longer run). One individual is going to be a mother in a few months which was a surprise but nowhere near what it might have been at the time we were seeing each other on a regular basis. Another doesn't look any older now than she did when we were at school which makes looking at the images a little bizarre. On the other hand I've seen photos of quite a few that do seem different in appearance, almost to the point I wouldn't expect to have recognised them if I saw them on the street.
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R18 has dwindled even more it would seem, last Monday there was only 6 of us there apart from the host. Having a significant change in the age of those involved is probably a big part of the change, as will the new families. It does make me wonder about the wisdom of heading back to SBC on Sunday nights again, even with most of those I knew there having gone elsewhere now.

Last Thursday afternoon I went to a hairdresser for only the second time in more than 10 years (the first was Tuesday when I made the appointment) and spent nearly $90. It's a good thing I don't bore easily, without being really able to wear my glasses while things were happening I ended up spending more than an hour just sitting in a chair waiting for the bleach, and then the dye, to have the desired effect. With me intending to take part in FunRazor again this year I decided to do something quite unusual and get my hair dyed. It is now a very obvious purple colour. Reactions have been varied from those that have seen it so far, one woman and work seemed to almost fall over and at least one person has looked at it then gone right back to what he was doing. I'm glad I didn't get it done red like I'd considered as next most likely after blue, even knowing it was going to come out in the shower I think I'd have been a little worried at the sheer amount.

Friday afternoon saw the PM visiting my place of employment, something that had made me consider taking the day off. (With me having had many short weeks recently I decided against extra time off though.) Having no desire to speak to her I attempted to 'hide away' a little and apart from a couple of hellos there was no communication between her and myself. It would also seem I wasn't the only one that didn't want to speak to her (or be filmed?) as the guillotine operator disappeared shortly before the entourage arrived in our part of the factory and returned not long after they headed off.

During the majority of the service on Sunday morning I was wearing a hoodie and sunhat to keep my head covered. I figured that me spending time with the children would prove less distracting if I wasn't to let them see my hair while they should have been paying attention to the leaders. After things finished however I removed the hat and hoodie and went out into the foyer where I started getting noticed. I only heard one person say that they didn't like it but there could well have been others.

I have recently spent about 40 hours with my immediate family, most of it at my parents house doing nothing of consequence. Neither of my parents noticed my new hair colour immediately, understandable considering how dark it is at our front door. Dad seemed to take it in stride, Mum was still getting used to it when I returned to the city. Thanks to Facebook my sister had been close in her assumption about what I'd been intending to do, although she'd thought it might be blonde.
One of the few discussions that occurred centred on my recent (recurring?) depressive state and how it could be a lack of Serotonin that causes (or at least contributes to) the way I feel. That gives me another reason to sleep more and leave the house for more than just games, church and work. At the very least I should start reading after work, while I sit out in the sun.

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On Friday night I was made aware of a web comic situated in a library. I finished reading through the archive about an hour ago. I have also spent a lot of time adding 'canonical titles' to works at LibraryThing and very little time reading my book that I'd thought I'd finish over the weekend.

My time at work is still feeling a lot better than it had been until I asked to work elsewhere, mostly because I like the operators I've been working for more than the other. Partly because I had a couple of days with not much work to do. Last night was the second quiz night they've organised and I took part in it with some colleagues. We led (or were close to first) for the entire evening and with the last round of questions ended up one point in front. I think being at a corner table was good because I didn't have any issues eating while I was there, not that there was a lot to eat.

Games night was (unsurprisingly) good again.
The first game I played was Power Grid, chosen by others for the sake of choosing something it seemed. After being a little trapped initially I was almost forced to save my money which allowed a break-out later on. Managing to get very good power plants early on helped ration spending as well. On the final round I almost threw away my victory by overspending but was advised by she that ended up second that there was no point to me building more. As it was I only won by 3 electros.
While waiting for another game to be chosen (and I'd thought that we'd be splitting the groups once one or both of the other games ended) I got out Tantrix which I'd taken and was going to see about doing one or two of the solitaire puzzles while waiting for others to make a decision of some sort. Instead of that I ended up teaching three of my Power Grid opponents how it was played. I almost gave one of my them a decisive victory because I didn't look far enough ahead as to what was going to happen after I played my tile. It ended up that what I'd become worried about was blocked so three of us ended up very close and she that almost beat me in Power Grid managed to loop tiles instead.
The last game I played was a teaching game of Metropolys where I was the teacher as I had played it twice before, a month prior. After explaining all I could initially recall we began, and I don't think I needed to add much as we went on. Nobody seemed particularly enthused about it, although with one drunk and another not far behind it's not surprising that neither of them was playing a whole lot of attention to trying to win. He that has shown lots of potential (coming second in most of the games he's playing for the first time) in the two (three?) months he's been coming along showed that he had been thinking about it all as he won by a few points but even he didn't think that there is much to the game.

I did, thanks to my parents, manage to get rid of a number of computer things last Saturday, I didn't manage to remember the present I got them while I was in Australia though. There is no longer a collection of monitors under the table here in the lounge. I have also got rid of the computer I purchased from a classmate my second year at polytech. I won't be surprised to find something else in my room when I next rearrange things (or move out) but I've done enough to count goal 18 complete. I've not really done much for anything else on that list for quite a while though, I'm going to have to look through it and see if there's anything that just doesn't appeal any more or if I do simply need to start working towards things on it.

NaNoWriMo is looming a little currently, still no idea what I'm going to write which doesn't concern me at all. What is annoying is the lack of communication back from those in charge about me being a ML this year. Oddly enough I'm wanting the ugly fluroescent t-shirt.

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My ears currently feel as though I'm changing altitude, the fact I've barely moved from my chair for the past three hours means there's probably sickness on the way. I suppose being more than halfway through winter before getting sick at all isn't a bad deal but I still don't like it.

I installed Firefox 3 this afternoon and am not really seeing much in the way of significant differences. There are some but with the add-ons that haven't yet been updated I can't be entirely sure how many are the result of being used to the add-ons. It might be quicker for me, although I do miss the fact that I'd set links from other sites to open in new tabs.
The new Facebook display system will take a little getting used to but when they sort out a few issues I think it could be an improvement. I do still miss the timeline feature that used to be in effect though. That's the one thing I really think should be brought back.

On Friday night, after having my plans disrupted by people having new plans, I received a call from my sister. We didn't really talk for very long, she had food coming soon, but I was again informed that I present an image/persona/whatever of being depressed. There's probably a reasonable amount of truth in that assessment, it's something I've heard for the past five years or more from the people that have known me best. I was also informed that conversations could be had (if I wanted to have them) about things I was not expecting her to want (be willing) to talk about. My recent paring down of information also caused her a little confusion as my profile said (for a while) "Gareth is no longer listed as single" and then went back to saying "Gareth is now listed as single". Unsurprisingly she wondered if I'd been involved in a very short relationship.

Saturday afternoon I was invited to go learn new games at the residence I play games at on Wednesday nights. Once again the learning was a little slow for the first game but when none of us have played before I think that's to be expected. The second game was better as one of us had played before, even if it was just the one game. This Saturday coming is going to be even longer with the learning, we're going to be teaching ourselves how to play Die Macher if a fourth can be found, it's a boardgame about the German electoral system and has a listed play time of four hours. Before then I hope to remember to find the Board Games with Scott video that explains things so I'll have something of an advantage.

I ended up spending most of Sunday afternoon with some of the RBC youth group, with the intention of watching a movie that we only managed to see about 2/3 of due to hardware compatibility issues. Once again I was the old man out but it didn't seem to matter, I didn't talk a lot or take part in the silly games that some of them played but I had a good time.


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