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2017-Mar-14, Tuesday 11:51 pm
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I decided today that I wasn't going back to work this week. I've been taking Wednesdays off since Mainly Music started up again and don't really want to be going to work on Thursday morning after being out gaming the night before either. Which leaves Friday, during which I'm more interested in going to the community lunch. Having a lot of rain recently probably impacted that, I don't like walking in it and we've got a bit of a heat pump issue again.

I helped a friend shift on Saturday, much of the time just waiting at the new place as I wasn't wanting to be travelling between the old and new places but felt inclined to help lift things into the house. Fairly close to me which is why I volunteered to help and a massive back yard compared to what I'd have expected for the area. Time didn't pass as fast as I thought it had when the last trip was made, I got home nearly two hours earlier than I thought I was going to.
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Last Wednesday I went out in the morning and helped someone shift into a new place. The walk there was long enough that I started to feel warm enough to remove my jacket and the day was warm enough that I didn't put it back on. As has seemed normal when I help people shift I felt as though I wasn't really doing a lot, even with my being one of the few actually loading stuff on the trailer.

My Christmas day ended up a bit different than I'd expected as I did wake early enough to get to the service at RBC. As I was arriving I saw the family of an ex walking in, and moments after I got into the auditorium the youngest spotted me and headed towards me. For much of the rest of the service I had at least one of the three of them near me. After walking with them to the car I made the effort to say goodbye to a few other people and walked home. Most of the rest of my afternoon and evening was spent in the lounge at my flat, watching Transformers and a couple of movies.

Boxing day I was awake too early and then went out for the afternoon. The family of the friend I helped shift last week had a BBQ that I was invited to. I knew most of those that were there early, and recognised some of those that arrived later, but spent most of my time there with the children and some of the others that I already knew. The family has a couple of cats, and a dog, the younger cat spent a while on my lap late in the afternoon and one of the others present was kind enough to take photos of it. I made a couple of attempts in the evening to get more photos of the cat when it sat on my lap again, that wasn't managed as well. As I was about to leave I got offered food, which is fairly common, and ended up bringing home a bucket of food. Salad, rice, and a bunch of sausages/patties in a Cookie Time bucket. I still have the sausages/patties, but that was always going to take longer to get through.

Bah Humbug (again)

2016-Dec-20, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Not even a week until Christmas is done with for another year and if was subjected to much in the way of media I'd be looking forward to that even more than I am. I might go spend an hour at the Christmas Eve service RBC is having on Saturday but it's unlikely I'll be making the effort to get up in time for the Sunday service. Most of the rest of the "Christmas" time will be spend with my laptop watching YouTube videos or in the lounge watching DVDs.

Board gaming has picked up for me a bit recently, going back to SAGA on Thursday because of the SGM led to me doing the best I've ever done with Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I also went to the Wednesday group last week and had a good time there. Fortuitously being present for the last session one of the regulars will be at due to him shifting away from Christchurch the following day.
With Game Depository getting sold I decided to spend some money there at the weekend, placing an order on Facebook Sunday night. The box was at my door when I got home from work yesterday and I've already played one of the games. Two of the others were a game I play elsewhere as friends have it, and online through STEAM.

Work dropped off a little quicker than I'd have expected, I got a single day last week (declined Friday afternoon) and have had a short day yesterday for this week which will probably be it until next year. Having done so many weeks of more than two days recently I'm not hurting for money at all and it's left me in a position to help a friend shift house tomorrow.

Being busy

2016-Nov-01, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Since the end of August I've been typically getting three days of work and that's with me turning down Wednesdays for a while so I can go and spend time at the Mainly Music sessions I used to be helping at every week. I don't know how long the better situation will last but I'm managing to save money each week which is good.

This coming weekend will be the eighth in a row that I've had plans besides simply attend church on Sunday morning. One of those weekends I was going to go visit a friend that ended up with conflicting plans such that I didn't go see her. I still spent much of that weekend away from here feeding the cat at another friends place (and walking). There is a local area community event this Sunday around noon and while I'm not expecting to spend a lot of time there I do hope to see certain people.
Show weekend will make nine with the SAGA 48 hour charity event and while I'm not going to make any effort to stay awake the entire time I'll probably be there most of the weekend.

The mass of activity at work and weekend has impacted on how far through my Media backlog I manage to get each day. iTunes is currently at about 18 hours of podcasts not listened to and YouTube has 60 unwatched videos on the Watch Later playlist, without me updating it today. I had thought I'd buy a smartphone yesterday which might have impacted how much audio I listened to each day, but the branch I went to doesn't sell phones.

A short while ago I started thinking about what should happen to my stuff when I die, I don't know what brought it on. So far I've decided that my copy of Chicken Caesar goes to someone specific as it seems she's enjoyed it more than I do each time she's played. Her husband requested another game and I'm more inclined to leave him the Babylon 5 DVDs I own. The actual listing is going to take a while and I'll have to make it obvious somewhere so it could be found when needed. About a dozen years ago I signed a will, but there wasn't a lot of detail in it, and my parents would currently be tasked with dealing with all my stuff. Most of which they'll have no idea about.

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2016-Oct-04, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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Two and a half years ago I would have been getting back from SAGA late for an entirely different reason than I was tonight. Walking a friend to the bus stop she'd wait at led to me also getting more hugs than I managed while gaming with her. Tonight on the other hand I stuck around partially to let a committee member know a thing and make a request. (There's also no particular reason to come home as soon as I'm done gaming especially when I'm not working the following day.)

I spent much of my Saturday at the home of a couple I game with less than I'd like to. It ended up being close to seven hours that I was there, with the last half hour or so being conversation instead of games. A conversation that had me admit/confess a couple of things directly that they'd probably had a chance to guess at prior but wouldn't have heard specifically. It's good to have that level of trust with other people, probably far from necessary when talking with most of my friends, but I don't trust easily.

Work picked up a while back and hasn't faded in the interim like prior spikes have led to. I am taking tomorrow off after working yesterday and today, with an expectation for work on Thursday and Friday. If things keep being like they've been of late I'm going to consider taking Wednesdays off as a regular thing again like I was a few years back.
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And didn't walk as much as I'd thought I would be. A couple of friends had a weekend away and I got to go and feed their cat Jarvis, not that I saw him much. Considering the location I asked another friend a week prior if company on the Saturday would be welcome and with a yes arranged to go there instead of home between Saturday feedings. On the Friday night I was unable to see the cat and stuck around to make sure he did come in and eat. During contact with friends I got told it would be okay for me to spend the night on the spare bed and so I didn't head home. Over the course of that afternoon/evening I'd been keeping in contact with the other friend and found out other plans has been made; plans that ended up taking precedence over a visit from me. I didn't actually get all those details until the Saturday morning though, and after feeding the cat again headed back here, getting more exercise than is normal for a Saturday earlier than I'm normally up at the weekend.

I worked the last three days of last week, and was probably more tired at the weekend than I might have otherwise been. (Which likely led to me sleeping earlier and for longer than I otherwise would have on the spare bed.) That and the specific thing I was doing yesterday morning at work led to me turning down the offer of work I had for today. The listing on the board also made it seem I'd be getting an offer for tomorrow, that didn't happen. With it being school holidays this week and the next Mainly Music isn't happening tomorrow and I have nothing to do after I get up. Which means I'll probably end up spending a lot of time playing more Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy. Since getting it about 10 days ago I've spent an average of more than 2 hours a day playing, and even considered taking my laptop to work so I could play during my lunch break. Still haven't managed to win with all six of the Alien races though.

Facebook has shown me a couple of posts over the past couple of days reminding me even more of someone being not around. I miss hugs, smiles, amusing talk. I regret letting things go so long without conversation again. And I regret other friendships fading as well.

Almost busy again

2016-Sep-13, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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In only one of the next four weekends am I not already expecting to do something out of the ordinary for a weekend.
This coming weekend I'm gaming off Colombo street with a couple I haven't seen enough recently due to scheduling conflicts. Not sure what I'll end up playing but even the games I don't much care for are still fun with that group.
The following weekend I'll be going back to feed their cat while they do something somewhere else. Chances are good I'll spend a while reading at least one of their books while I'm letting the cat eat and such. I'm also heading further afield on the Saturday (unless plans change) to spend time with the friend I visited about three months ago. Time gets away from me far more than I'm okay with. The first time I was there I noticed a PS2 and had the thought she might like to play the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game I have.
The second weekend of October is Mini-con III, the first irregular SAGA event I'll have any part of for a nearly three month stretch. I am hoping that certain people show up and I get to play with them. Regardless, it could be a good opportunity to get games of Princes of Florence, Power Grid, and Rococo.

Work hours/offers seem to be keeping at the level they "should" have been earlier in the year, I did get offered Friday last week but felt I'd not really slept enough on top of the extra working, so didn't think it was wise to do the fourth day. Today was simple enough, especially with the shifting between machines as small jobs were finished quickly leading to down time throughout the day. We also finished all the different jobs earlier than expected, before the last thing was ready so many of us left early. I'm taking tomorrow off because it seems likely that I'll get either Thursday or Friday again (or both?) and would rather spend tomorrow morning sleeping in and then surrounded by little children.

Over the past couple of years at least I've not been getting to church much if any before it was halfway done, and normally later than that. This weekend I arrived no more than 15 minutes after the start of the service, and was there well past end time. For about half of that time I was holding a nine month old, or had let someone else hold him briefly.
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Shortest span of sleep I've had for a while as well, not getting to sleep until about 0130 this morning before waking up at 0500 for work. And my intention to sleep during the lunch break didn't pan out, I spent much of it talking with one of the forklift drivers.

The solstice has arrived and for most of the rest of the year the days will be getting longer again, which I hope means that I'm going to see more sun. I've been aware for a while now that I barely ever leave the house during daylight hours, with work early in the morning and sundown well before gaming starts.

I ended up spending longer at church on Sunday than I have for quite some time, even after arriving an hour late. The children's church leaders and helpers had some sort of meeting and I ended up with some of their children watching videos as a responsible adult. The youngest of those that was present spent much of the time sitting on me, and on a few occasions offered me food from the plate that was present. It sometimes seems that even children realise I could probably do with eating more.

I'm going to spend a large portion of this coming Saturday afternoon gaming, unless problems develop, and if it was going to be evening as well I'd probably be considering asking to spend the night again, so I could again go visit the friend I saw two weekends ago. It was good to just spend a few hours sitting together, watching TV and talking.

A better weekend

2016-Jun-14, Tuesday 11:39 pm
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I'm not sure the weekend I just had wasn't better than the Bucket's of Dice weekend at the start of the month. I didn't play anywhere near as many games but I feel like I might have had a better time. I only spent 24 hours away from my flat instead of the better part of 72 involved in Buckets stuff or sleeping between days.

Saturday night I walked to the new home of a couple of friends for their housewarming (missing one turn that cost me a couple of minutes). While there I got to spend a little while interacting with someone I've been friends with on-line for a few years, as well as limited interaction with others besides the friends I went to see. Once most of the attendees had left there was some limited conversation between the hosts and myself, where I talked about a couple of things I likely wouldn't have a few months ago. Fairly soon after I arrived the nerves I feel in such situations were pretty much gone, still not wanting to eat but I did snack for the rest of the evening.

With another friend I hadn't seen in person for a couple of years moving back to the city recently and the housewarming being sort of half way there I had asked earlier in the week if she wanted company on the Sunday. I ended up spending the night on the couch and apart from waking due to cat standing on my chest slept quite well considering. I waited around a while after waking properly to make sure I could say goodbye to both of the couple, and learnt a bit more about D&D stuff as everyone else was discussing the game. My walk to the other house ended up being nowhere near as direct as it should have been due to me missing a turn and not being familiar with the area, about 25 minutes more walking than I had intended. Thankfully the rain that had been forecast didn't eventuate although it was colder than I'd have preferred.

Once I got there however the two of us quickly settled back to the comfortable hugging and general closeness that was normal when we saw each other often. I got to meet her cat Luna, and we were both surprised with Luna eventually allowing me to stroke her head while she sat off to my side. I also got to see some "old" TV due to her flat having netflix(?), including a few episodes of Buffy, that I really should get around to watching again after not really seeing it for a decade (besides the four(?) episodes I watched with my most recent ex). I also had conversations with her that I'd likely not have had months ago, especially back when we were seeing a lot of each other. I don't know when we'll arrange to spend more time together, distance is enough that I'm not wanting to walk that far often, and she's still getting used to the new place. I have however arranged to take over a video game that she hadn't been aware of and am now thinking I might find a couple of books as well.
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SAGA recently acquired a few new games, three of which I had already played, two of which I was already sort of familiar with and one which I have no particular interest in. Tonight, in addition to teaching a few how to play one I had played before (after teaching another on Thursday), I managed to get through the rules for another game and teach a couple of the other people. We all agreed it was good, and I think that a second game now we know how it works together will be easier. The mass of cards we didn't see means I'm not sure how much I'll come to have preferred strategy, and that probably won't really work anyway when only five of the eight decks are involved in any particular game.
Still haven't got around to trying the Dress Making game, although I've now read through the rules a couple of times. I don't know that I'm going to be able to teach others anytime soon though, I'm still working through things in my head. I should probably just watch the YouTube video I remember seeing a fair while back.

Over the past week I've had a couple of conversations I wouldn't have expected to have, even with there being precedent for each. One with a former partner and how I managed to do certain things well, she misses my hugs, which I've gathered a number of other people do as well. And another friend and I continued to discuss similar topics, with at least one of the things I wrote surprising her due to not expecting it from me.
Yet another friend is moving back to the city within the month and I'm looking forward to seeing her again, and meeting her cat. I don't expect that we'll really spend a lot of time together, neither of us socialises all that much, but when it's been more than a year even just once every few months would be a lot better.


2016-Mar-15, Tuesday 10:56 pm
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I've finally been back to work a decent amount this past week, more than I want to be working in fact. Problem is I feel I have to keep working most of what I'm offered because I know that it won't likely last. Last Thursday I got a shift and have been back each work day since, including having a shift scheduled tomorrow. Yesterday I was informed by the boss that he'd specifically asked for me to be in today instead of just asking for a number of people and I'm wondering if that will be enough for me to keep getting work. I have no confidence that I won't be passed over if he doesn't persist in asking for me. There's been another batch of casuals start recently, at least some of whom were getting work during the two weeks I didn't get offered any (and was later informed it had been a slow couple of weeks).

For all that SAGA has started up again with good numbers wanting to boardgame, it is still not entertaining me the way it used to. I don't feel as interested in the games I've played recently (either at SAGA or elsewhere) and the number of people I don't know is probably a part of that. Having certain people not present this year, or less so, is also going to be some of what's got me down. I may be feeling the effects of weather change just recently, but I doubt that alone is enough.

More realisations about failed friendships and how little effort I've made to maintain a bunch over the years may be impacting my general mental state. The problem remains that I never have anything to say that seems worthwhile bringing up and so I just don't get involved in conversations. My persistent feeling that asking questions about personal things is rude also impacts how easy it is to have conversations with people.
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I started playing Skyrim again this afternoon, after months not spending any time playing it. Got another achievement not long into the couple of hours I spent playing, and am currently off in the mountains needing to kill a dragon before I can go home. The time I spend playing for a while is likely to be spent on the main campaign instead of side quests. Before I took the long break I'd been thinking that I'd finish the main quest, and then remove all (8?) the mods I've added so I can use the proper mod manager. If I actually feel like playing through again I will do that, but I'm not going to be surprised if I don't bother going back.

The room rearrangement and tidy etc. got a little further on Wednesday last week as I spent much of my waking hours checking the locations of all my books and resorting many of them into better boxes. I had thought I would spend much of Thursday afternoon continuing on with the sort/clear of miscellaneous stuff and have done nothing since. I should put all the boxes of books at one end of my room and then start making piles of things I can get rid of from among the many other boxes and bags I have at the moment. It would also be useful to take all my clothing out of the draws and wardrobe and sort that.

Gaming of late has been disappointing for me. I've just started playing even more often than I was, and I'm doing (what feels like) far worse and not enjoying it as much. The way I felt on Saturday for the day of gaming SAGA held didn't help in my general feeling though, after breakfast and shower I started feeling unwell. I still headed out at the expected time, figuring it was probably nerves and thus not likely to last, only to spend more than an hour after arriving still feeling ill and not playing anything. In the latter portion of the afternoon I played a game with one of my regular opponents and an individual I've mentioned here previously as being someone I don't want to play with (I'd figured it would be over quick because the game is simple and she knows it). He and I seemed to be taking our turns much quicker than she did, maybe even quick enough that we could each have had two turns in the time she was taking for one.
Tonight at SAGA I got to play a couple of games I enjoy with people I enjoy spending time with, and still felt like I could have done other things and had about as much fun. The count of attendees was down on last week, but still about 15.

About a week ago I started getting "Interrogated" by a friend on another website. I answered a number of questions and eventually ended up admitting to something that I'm normally not wanting to talk about with people. It's amazing how much certain people can engender conversation.

9 days

2015-Dec-22, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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I'm done with work for the year, so I have about three weeks until I go back, with holiday pay coming in that will be more than I likely would have got for working as I had been. My shift yesterday was fine for me, the factory hadn't yet got "hot" by the time I was leaving and the fans hadn't yet been turned on. I wasn't surprised to have all the comments/posts I saw about such be displeased about the heat but aside from the walk home and then to games in the early evening I was enjoying it, and even those walks were only a little hot for me.

For the last week of the year I'm going to be taking care of the young cat a couple of friends have. I'd understood things initially to be them wanting a house sitter as well but they don't need that so I'll be getting plenty of exercise, and probably be using my laptop/internet for the rest of my days. I had begun to wonder if I'd end up reading a lot of Discworld books during the week, I've read the first six or so, back more than a decade ago.

New flatmate has been here a week now and seems to have settled in fine. Not really surprising but good that there haven't been issues. At some point the mattress base will leave the lounge, it was just a little bit big for the stairway so he's going to try and sell it. Once that's happened I'll probably be back to barely noticing the difference except when he's in the kitchen or whatever. If I clear the table properly I might get to play a game or two of Caverna though, not sure if that's motivation or not when I think Agricola is so much better.

My parents came by for a short while late this afternoon, they'll be going up north for the next few days so the fact I intend to spend Christmas alone won't be an issue at all on that front.

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There's a number of things I should do in the next couple of weeks. one of which is continue to work when offered shifts. I've filled out the leave form that was left with time sheets so I should get money over the Christmas break which will be better than last year. I've stalled on the cleanup and tidying that I started a while back so there's probably a fair amount more in my room that I need to sort and put away in a specific place. At some point in the next couple of weeks the new flatmate should shift in, and there's bound to be a period of adjustment to a new person in the flat, although knowing him already will hopefully make that easier.

With the multitude of free time I have some days while at work I've accumulated half a dozen pieces of paper with various writing on them over the past year or so (possibly even further back) and I need to start digitising that info. Much of it is the rules explanations I mentioned at the start of the year, most of which I haven't yet written up on Google drive although I did get another couple of files sorted late last week. I also spent a while making lists of things that are relevant to SAGA and the incoming committee which I intend to add to the DropBox before I no longer have access as I am not on next year's committee.

I might be going out both this Friday and the following one, for a Birthday and a Leaving the Country gathering respectively. The day after the second of those I have a clash of gaming events and will miss most of the Mini-Con III on the Saturday to spend time with the others celebrating another birthday (that may also include cat time).
This weekend just been was another game day, at a new place, where I played a couple of games I'd never played before. Both of which I enjoyed enough that I'll gladly play either again, and would be inclined to buy the second if not for the great benefit to having a Smart Phone.

On an upswing

2015-Jun-23, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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As I posted last week I was sick at work on the Tuesday, that started nearly a week of me feeling lower than I have in recent memory. After I got home I sat on my recliner and apart from getting some sleep each night didn't really do much else besides use my laptop until I went to buy food on Friday night, mostly to play more Skyrim. That's not a big issue for me apart from the obvious fact it indicates I didn't go out gaming, to either night of SAGA or the Wednesday night session that was at the house close enough I'd normally go. I also felt that going back to work would be a bad idea so last week I managed a total of 1 hour of work.
On Saturday I went out to visit friends that were going to play games with some of their friends. I was still not entirely back to normal but felt close enough to head out, only to find myself feeling off while out again. I did get to play a game of Lords of Waterdeep while I was there but didn't feel up to staying for more. Only to head home and start feeling much better.
Last night I went out to the regular Monday game night and didn't have any of those issues. I also won both the games I played and had a good time while playing them. More important to me though was the time I spent talking with and hugging a friend as others played a couple of games I didn't feel inclined to join and she was too tired to join.

Today I went back to work, and had a reasonably simple day, with only an hour or so that was in anyway difficult. I felt a little off colour for maybe an hour around the middle of the morning, but my biggest issue was feeling the cold.
SAGA tonight was also good, I got to play Chicken Caesar again, with much lower scores than have been normal, and more Lords of Waterdeep where I got quite lucky early on and couldn't be attacked.

Busy weekend

2015-Apr-28, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I spent my Saturday helping friends shift home, most of which I was more actively watching over the children than shifting things. I also ended up having a short conversation about where I'm at faith wise and while I didn't go over everything I probably told her more than I'd have expected to.
Sunday was spent at the Uni with the SAGA group, I personally played a couple of games that take longer than is reasonable in the regular sessions with a number of others getting played as well. Die Macher showed me again that five is better than four, although it would likely have taken close to an hour longer if we'd had that extra player. I also managed to overbid at one point due to not realising the one thing I really wanted wasn't going to be taken from me. In the game of Eclipse we played I get fortunate explore actions and was able to boost my Money tracks to maximum and Research almost as much. Being nearest to a player that was effectively hemmed in with Ancients also helped my expansion.
Monday morning I was part of a meeting for the planning of the upcoming Buckets of Dice con, things seem mostly taken care of. I'll be doing my desk duty first thing, leaving me the rest of the weekend to play games, without concern for when I'll need to leave.

The weekend Steam sale had Skyrim cheap and free-to-play for a couple of days. Even with me away from the flat for much of the weekend I still got to play 10 hours or so and have since been gifted the actual game. So like StarCraft II occupied many hours at the end of last year, I'm expected Skyrim to be the big time sink for the next couple of weeks (or more).

It seems that this date has more significance for me than I've paid much attention to recently. The FaceBook "On This Day" link shows me that it was nine years ago today that I went to the Harvest Crusade thing and made the decision to follow Christ. Less than six months later actions I took indicated that I hadn't taken that conversion seriously. Actions in the years since just confirm that, largely the basis for me not considering myself a Christian anymore. On the same date last year I had a friendship change, but because I don't make an effort at almost anything that change receded and the friendship is probably worse off now.


2015-Apr-14, Tuesday 11:08 pm
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Today was one of the least pleasant mornings at work I've experienced. At some point recently management decided it was a good time to turn off the heaters, or disconnect them, or maybe even taken some away. As such they weren't on yesterday and hadn't been reconnected or whatever today. Temperature in the main bindery was down to 14°C and it was even colder in other parts as there are big doors for the forklifts to get through, thus even more cold. I was informed after leaving work that the heaters were being turned on again this afternoon so I'm really hoping that it's not so cold tomorrow morning. If it is I'll likely not be going back this week.

My weekend was a day of games, and a day of nothing. International TableTop Day on Saturday and I showed up to the event not too late after 0800 and then proceeded to play in 18 games before leaving around 2130 as nearly everyone had left. After which I went with a couple of friends and played three more games. Very little of what I played was of significant length, hence the many plays, but I did enjoy practically all of it. After getting home around 0130 Sunday morning I stayed up for at least an hour more and ended up not waking until church was nearly over. I then spent most of my day sitting on my recliner adding info to BoardGameGeek for the games I'd played Saturday as well as though that had been played by SAGA.
If last Thursday's party hadn't been ended earlier than initially planned due to the host having something to do the next morning there's a good chance I'd currently be at 16 continuous days of board game plays thanks to three nights transitioning to the next morning. I'm not going out tomorrow though, and this weekend is going to feel strange with no plans after weeks of doing something. Being busy is easier to get used to than I once would have thought.
ANZAC weekend is going to be busy again though, I'll spend much of Saturday helping friends shift home, possibly getting distracted by their children. The Sunday is SAGAs first Long Board Game Days for the year and I'm hopeful to get both Die Macher and Eclipse played again. Much of that Monday will be recovery and then I'll be out in the evening for more games.

Just because we talk sometimes doesn't mean I consider you a friend. And just because we haven't talked for a while doesn't mean that I no longer consider you a friend.

Getting worn out

2015-Apr-07, Tuesday 11:23 pm
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Massive week of gaming (average of three games a day) without SAGA organising anything and plenty of exercise with me walking out just past Broomfield on two occasions as well as just getting to Hoon Hay on Friday. If you count the last 30 minutes or so of the Terra Mystica game that started on Friday Night I have been gaming every day since Monday last week. That also led to 90 minutes walks on Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon with Friday taking me 40 minutes or so. I got to play Asgard again on Friday and am glad to have done so, I 'm just hopeful that it's going to be quicker eventually. Getting others willing to play for three hours or so isn't particularly likely.

Because I was out so late Friday night (until 1am Saturday) I missed most of the party for a friend that just turned 30. I was still there in time to spend time with a few of the last attendees, including someone that was surprisingly drunk (surprising to me anyway) and entertaining because of it. I would likely have had more fun at the party than I did while playing Terra Mystica (because the game confuses me, not the other players) but it was good to play again and nearly manage a win. Sleeping on a couch after the party for a few hours instead of walking home also led to me feeling too tired to go out Saturday night to a drinkies and I regret not going along, even if it was because I thought I might fall asleep on the floor.

Little things.

2015-Apr-01, Wednesday 12:50 am
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I went out on Saturday night to a party, and while I left after only a couple of hours and didn't really talk to anyone after the first 30 minutes I was glad to go out. The host has told me she'll keep inviting me to things which is nice, especially when she realises that there'll be times I just don't go, and even more important, how I won't really socialise much while out.

My Board Game rules write-ups continue, since the last entry I've dealt with Endeavor and Ad Astra and today I started on Agricola which could end up being the longest by a large margin. So far I've written about as much for Agricola as the longest others got to and I feel like I'm about half done.

Minimum wage goes up tomorrow, and with the increase in how much work I've been getting I'll probably end up with an average of about $10 more a week. I haven't yet managed to find any reference to tax brackets for the next financial year or the earners levy so I'm not going to be able to get my spreadsheet sorted for a while yet. The fact that my employer seems to do things in a different manner to how things were done also means that I should find out what the actual situation is.

More planned activity.

2015-Mar-10, Tuesday 04:29 pm
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I wasn't offered work for the first couple of days this week, which did let me stay out a little later last night than I might have otherwise. The usual degradation of sleep schedule did occur though, today is going to be about 12 hours of wakefulness for me. My expectation is that I'll be doing a very simple job tomorrow, based on years of knowing what gets done on Wednesdays. With not having had work already I'll be accepting normal shifts if I'm offered them for the rest of the week as well. I won't be accepting a Thursday shift that goes later than normal though, I don't want to have so little time between getting home from work and heading out.

Last week was a lot busier than I've been used to for quite a while, largely because SAGA started up again. I was out for nearly 5 hours on each of Tuesday and Thursday nights with the intro nights. As has been the case longer than I've been a part of the club there was a lot more people present on the Tuesday than were present on Thursday. As such the games I'll be playing on Thursdays are going to be more dependant on the others that are present. I also had plans on both the Friday and Saturday night.
On Friday a friend hosted a Party Game Party that I ended up spending most of running (not playing) games of "Two Rooms and a Boom" as I wasn't particularly inclined to play it. My ability to run things would have been slightly better with a more modern phone, I was trying to use the timer on mine for the round limitation but found resetting it awkward. Trying to remember all the roles that the owner/host was putting in also caused me some issue, I don't understand the desire many people have to overload games with things before being used to the original/base elements. Saturday was much more sedate, I went to a small gathering that was a combined birthday and flat warming where there was a lot of time spent playing Phase 10. I even had something out of the ordinary on Sunday, early in the afternoon there was a community thing in a local park area. I ended up spending a lot of the time I was there at the Bouncy Castle, even playing on it briefly, and had some of the children of friends nearby as well.


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