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2014-May-20, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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I have managed to copy the info from the soon be shut down website that I mentioned last week and it didn't take quite as long as I'd thought it might. I'm not sure what use I'll actually make use of the info at any point, but I like that I have another copy of it. Spurred on by that I did get a little distracted and I've also tried to make a list of all the movies I actually saw in the Cinema. As compared to those I waited to see until they were aired on TV, or purchasable on DVD. So far I've managed to come up with fewer than 20 movies.

I came down with something at the end of the weekend, spending much of Monday with a cough and some of it with a runny nose. That caused me to skip gaming last night and turn down the work offer for today. Fortunately I was feeling much better today, although I did spend almost all my time between getting up and preparing to head to SAGA sitting on my recliner. For about five hours of that I was watching the original Flash TV show from 1990, something I remember a lot of from when it was on TV back then but not all by any means. Being unwell was probably also the motivation I needed to make my bed warmer, there's now more blanket, and my electric blanket as well.

Gaming on Thursday night was teaching one of my friends how to play a couple of games. One of which I failed to explain well enough for her to be competitive. Oddly enough it was the harder game that I seemed to teach better. Wednesday I did better with teaching things, in each game I taught at least one new player did as well or better than I.

Good bye to the co-op

2014-May-13, Tuesday 11:50 pm
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Several years ago, nearly a decade in fact, I started using a website (more accurately a group of websites) that tracked "consumption" of things. At the time it was one of three places I was tracking the books I read and it also allowed me to track where I'd been, the movies I watched, things I wanted to do and at least a couple of other things. At the end of this month that website is going down permanently so I'll be spending some of my free time over the next week or two copying information from there to other places. There's more information there than i remembered so I'm probably going to get at least a little distracted as I go through things, that is after all what happens when I try and sort through things in my room.

I played a game of Terra Mystica on Wednesday night and actually found myself doing well, notable change from the prior four games I'd played. Having one completely new opponent and another who'd played one less game than I probably served me well. There's a reasonable chance that the next time it's offered I'd be willing to play again, now I feel like I can play at least competently. That night also saw my first couple of games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf which I don't think I'll be wanting to play a lot, as there seemed to be a lot of randomness in it, but it does provide a Werewolf like experience in a much shorter time.
My Thursday night saw my first game of Colosseum for a few months, without me even getting around to requesting that it be taken to SAGA. I scored respectably, even though I felt I wasn't picking up the tiles I wanted. It also saw a bunch of us in our first game of Ladies & Gentlemen which I'll probably not be inclined to play again, mostly as it's a team game where you can't really communicate with your teammate. I have enough issues with co-op games in general, I don't want to be working with someone that I can't talk to.

Over the course of my weekend I spent a lot of time with a friend, getting to play DC a few times and I saw the Pretender for the first time in about five years. It was good to get out of the flat without really having set plans. I also got to see another friends new place, all the way across the car park from her old place.

Buckets of Dice is happening in about 2.5 weeks and I'm not sure if I will get enough sleep this time. Last year I ended up sleeping in on the Saturday as my alarm didn't wake me and I went to church on the Sunday morning instead of going straight to games. This year I hope to avoid being late and I won't be going to church.

In less good news, I spent almost all day at work feeling quite down. Without obvious cause besides the weather change and the negative comparison to a good weekend.

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Nearly four months have gone by since I last posted here. This sort of post frequency might be improved, but I have doubts. Bits from the past four months that I feel have some importance (and can remember).
  • One of my closest friends is about to leave the country to work in Australia for a while.
  • I'm currently back to gaming four nights a week. SAGA has bookings at the Uni again after months of relocations thanks to earthquake damage. And gaming has been relocated on a few Wednesday nights to yet another side of the city compared to where I had already been gaming.
  • Especially on the days I don't get to game in person I've started using BSW again after a couple of years of not even signing in. Mainly Dominion and 7 Wonders because they take about 10 minutes, but also a few games of Peurto Rico, Stone Age and other heavier games.
  • On the Friday mornings I'm not at work I've been helping with child minding at a parents group, basically trying to make sure the parents can talk without being interrupted every minute.
  • Work has fluctuated from no days at all in a week up to three days, it's been quite a while since I did four. (I am still averaging 8-10 a month though.)
  • My Church no longer feels like MY church. Over the past 2-3 years people have been migrating in and out and the group that I would initially think of when thinking of RBC is no longer there. With the pastor and his family leaving in a couple of months there's going to be almost no-one still there that was attending when I started a little over 7 years ago.
  • Three of my friends are pregnant and due near the end of the year. Another is due in a month or two. Keeping intact the run of me having at least one pregnant friend for what seems like practically the past five years.
  • My parents have shifted out of the house they'd been living in for the better part of a decade. I spent much of Easter weekend helping them move the big stuff out of the rental place, into the truck, and then into the new place.
  • I feel like I haven't read a book in a reasonable time frame since the end of February. With one exception due to a particularly easy couple of days at work. Lacking the self-control to not immediately turn on a computer when I'm ready to relax is a big part of that.
  • If my TV is on these days it's probably to watch the TED talks airing on what I believe to be an amatuer channel, failing that it's tuned to the Korean channel. Even when I can't understand what's being said I'm more interested in that, than the rubbish on most of the other channels.
  • Had the Warehouse stocked the first season of MacGyver this afternoon I'd have spent nearly $140 buying the complete run of it.

I don't think that there's any real point to what I'm writing here now. But I continue to feel as though I should be writing something more often. The facebook and twitter updates have undoubtedly lessened my motivation/need to write here. As will the fact that I now spend a fair amount of time out of my home, either gaming, working (some weeks), or at church things.
I probably get similar 'fulfillment' from dealing with things at LibraryThing that I used to updating this. Probably even more, as I know what I'm doing is useful, even if not very.
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An entire month has gone by without an update. It seems that paying for another year of paid account time would be an unwise use of my money.

Mainly Music is still fun for me, even though I feel like I'm not really doing anything most of the time I'm there. A few of the children seem to like me, and not just those that already know me because of Church.

Gaming on Wednesday nights continues well, I'm not learning many new games compared to last year (6 so far in 2009 compared to 61 in 2008), which I think is probably good as not needing to learn the game gives a better chance of playing well. Gaming yesterday (because of Queen's birthday) led to me playing Power Grid for the first time this year and managing to win after being last almost all the game. I also played another four games of Dominion (after playing for first time on Wednesday night). It seems that I'll either win or come last most games.
I've also been getting to game one other night most weeks with Steve, lots more Stone Age and a little Carcassonne with various expansions. I did find myself too tired this week just been though and said no twice, not something I would normally consider.

I was feeling unwell near the start of the month (not helped by the heat pump not working for a week) and didn't go to work for a week, then when I was back to "normal" there wasn't work available for a week. I've now been back for a 'full' week and should apparently be getting as much this week coming (considering the public holiday).

The Friday after my last entry I went along to the Youth Group event that was happening and got to throw balls at some of the teens that were there. I felt out of place, which is normal when I'm with those people, but less so than I had thought I might.

I've spent a lot of the rest of my month either sitting here at my PC doing things at LibraryThing, FaceBook or elsewhere. And while I was feeling the cold more I've been on my bed under a blanket with a book of puzzles that I first started during the last Church Camp. I started by finishing the Kakuro and Hanjie puzzles that I hadn't yet got to way back then and have started on the Hashi, Slitherlink and Light Up puzzles.

I have not however spent much time reading over the past month, I started my new Vorkosigan book on the 8th and probably haven't read any of it since the 12th. The books I thought would last until the end of May are, at this rate, going to last till the end of the year it seems.

I want a new CD

2008-Sep-26, Friday 10:30 pm
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[Poll #1267269]

A fun weekend.

2008-Aug-31, Sunday 10:36 pm
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I spent this afternoon with a bunch of the RBC youth group, watching a couple of the guys engage in mock light-sword battles and listening to the others try and plan a video that they intend to make for the Youth Awards in three months time. I have suggested that a couple of guys do a Victor Borge routine that I found on YouTube earlier in the week.
Just after we arrived at the mall to get food I saw someone I haven't seen since being dumped and had a very short conversation with her. I also received confirmation of a theory I'd had for a little while when her eldest daughter asked me who I was. A year and a half is long enough to be forgotten by a young child.

I only played a couple of games on Wednesday night so my total for the month wasn't a new record. I played my second game (after 6 months) of The Pillars of the Earth (which I had been winning or nearly so for most of the game before losing at the end) and my fourth game of Agricola (which has solidified my preference for the simpler, "family" game).

Work on Friday was quite simple as we took the whole shift to do what might, possibly, have been managed in half the time. I am however going to miss the woman that used to work at the same machine and has been training for another recently. As of tomorrow she is working the afternoon shift instead of the morning so I'll be walking the entire way to and from work. This does bode well for me as far as exercise is concerned though, until recently I'd been spending little more than an hour walking to work each week and was getting driven the entire way home. So from this week I'm going to be doing almost four hours of walking to and from work assuming I do four days of work.

Yesterday I had a visit from a friend that I've not seen since he got married at the start of the year. During the nearly five hours he was here we played with Torro Blocks and loaded various YouTube videos to amuse each other. It's possible that he'll be putting a picture of what he made up online at some point, I still haven't got myself a digital camera so I won't be putting any up any time soon.
Not to long after he left I head out to the Talent Show that my church was holding, intending to help set-up, only to find that almost everything was already done. Once the show got started there was quite a variety of acts including one young man playing the triangle. Some was stuff I'd have expected after seeing similar things at other occasions, some was quite new including a bagpipe player among the older children in Children's church.

On Thursday night I finished making another insert for my Carcassonne box, after deciding that the thick card I'd used the first time was overkill for stability/strength (and putting dividers in). Apart from thinking that I should have used a completely new sheet of card (after initially using that one for sorting out how to build a Catan frame) and actual measuring equipment (instead of just a ruler and pencil) I'm happy with how it turned out. Each of the three expansions I own is in it's own section, as are the original game tiles and all the meeples. There will even be room for at least one other expansion if I get another.
If I actually owned a Settlers of Catan I would probably have a go at an insert for that next. With me not having quick/easy access to either an actual set or the measurements for everything and no longer having a supply of card to use I won't be bothering to even start. With no other games "requiring" such attention in my collection that creative outlet is exhausted.

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My ears currently feel as though I'm changing altitude, the fact I've barely moved from my chair for the past three hours means there's probably sickness on the way. I suppose being more than halfway through winter before getting sick at all isn't a bad deal but I still don't like it.

I installed Firefox 3 this afternoon and am not really seeing much in the way of significant differences. There are some but with the add-ons that haven't yet been updated I can't be entirely sure how many are the result of being used to the add-ons. It might be quicker for me, although I do miss the fact that I'd set links from other sites to open in new tabs.
The new Facebook display system will take a little getting used to but when they sort out a few issues I think it could be an improvement. I do still miss the timeline feature that used to be in effect though. That's the one thing I really think should be brought back.

On Friday night, after having my plans disrupted by people having new plans, I received a call from my sister. We didn't really talk for very long, she had food coming soon, but I was again informed that I present an image/persona/whatever of being depressed. There's probably a reasonable amount of truth in that assessment, it's something I've heard for the past five years or more from the people that have known me best. I was also informed that conversations could be had (if I wanted to have them) about things I was not expecting her to want (be willing) to talk about. My recent paring down of information also caused her a little confusion as my profile said (for a while) "Gareth is no longer listed as single" and then went back to saying "Gareth is now listed as single". Unsurprisingly she wondered if I'd been involved in a very short relationship.

Saturday afternoon I was invited to go learn new games at the residence I play games at on Wednesday nights. Once again the learning was a little slow for the first game but when none of us have played before I think that's to be expected. The second game was better as one of us had played before, even if it was just the one game. This Saturday coming is going to be even longer with the learning, we're going to be teaching ourselves how to play Die Macher if a fourth can be found, it's a boardgame about the German electoral system and has a listed play time of four hours. Before then I hope to remember to find the Board Games with Scott video that explains things so I'll have something of an advantage.

I ended up spending most of Sunday afternoon with some of the RBC youth group, with the intention of watching a movie that we only managed to see about 2/3 of due to hardware compatibility issues. Once again I was the old man out but it didn't seem to matter, I didn't talk a lot or take part in the silly games that some of them played but I had a good time.
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I've just spent about an hour catching up with some things online and unsurprisingly haven't really made much headway yet. After eight days without accessing the internet at all I've got email to check through (most of it spam or automatic notifications of things), Facebook updates to check, forums to read through, everyone's LJ updates (as well as the feeds and communities I read), updates to make to LibraryThing and AllConsuming etc.
And of course, I want to make a proper post here about how things went during my week away.
That's going to require more thought and time than is possible right now, I want at least a chance of getting to church in the morning so this entry is going to be very brief.
The most important thing is that I won't be going back next year, I decided on the second day that I wasn't interested anymore and the fact they're cutting back/changing things just confirmed it for me. The expense (close to $1500 all up, for eight days of stuff) was also a big issue when that's only just less than I earn (before tax) in a typical month. I doubt many will be surprised to learn I'm not going for a third year though, I was never able to give a reason for why I signed up to go to this year's conference while still at last years.
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A year ago today my life went through a very unwelcome change.
In many respects the life I've been leading since then is the result of that change (and in others it's the culmination of bad choices I've been making for the past 15 years). I feel that I spent almost no time socialising this year just been, apart from the time I spent at church or playing board games at Steve's place. Before the year was half done I'd also stopped heading across to Spreydon on Sunday nights and so I've barely seen the friends I have over in that part of the city. With most of them not showing up to those evening services every week the way they seemed to be when I started going to them I lost interest. Now the weather is nice again I might go back if I find out any of them are going back again, but I expect that most of them have found other churches or are simply attending morning services now.
Living with comparative strangers (that I don't really see much of, especially with one of them even more inclined to spend time in his room than my previous flatmates were) has left me almost completely alone while at home. Instead of reading books I want to finally read, in some case after having the book more than five (or even ten) years, or cleaning up, so at least my room isn't a mess, I have spent most of the eight or so hours each day after work wasting time online. I probably spent close to 100 hours playing Ticket to Ride online at the official site and a similar amount playing Cities & Knights and Carcassonne at AsoBrain. On a slightly more positive note I finally got around to watching a few DVDs that I've wanted to watch for a while as well as the complete run of DS9 (most of which I purchased in the month after shifting in here). And I managed to read a book a week on average, even with 10 of them being in the course of the week of Hillsong and the one right after.
Hillsong conference itself was good, even if those I was with would have seen me as bored most of the time we were over there. I might even have a better time this year, especially if I can allow myself to relax myself more when surrounded by people in the conference halls. I might even buy more games this time, I'll have more money to spare if I can keep from purchasing to many DVDs between now and then. Of course I won't be that that inclined to buy games if I continue to have only one regular opponent. On the other hand I recently became aware of a couple of people in Christchurch that host regular games nights that I might be able to start attending if I actually make the effort to contact the people involved. If I start heading to either (or both) of those groups I'll be considering goal 28 done, the main thing I wanted was to be able to play more games than I currently do.

As to the rest of that list I'm not getting as far through as I should be to stay on track, and at least one is not possible any more. It's also dropped off my mental thought processes to a large extent, I haven't updated the list since September, so I'll be doing so once this entry is posted.

Reverting to type

2007-Aug-26, Sunday 10:46 pm
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I seem to be reverting to type with regards to socialising. I haven't really felt inclined to go to Spreydon for evening services with one exception since before I headed to Hillsong Conference. I have also been spending the time after RBC services just standing nearby to others having conversations or walking around the building to some extent. With he that I go play Ticket to Ride and other games against with away for a month or so I'm not going to be playing games much apart from on-line (which I have been doing). That also means that R18 isn't happening for about the same length of time, maybe longer.

I haven't had a weekday off work since the end of July. My bank balance is looking comparatively good because of that but I'm noticing the lack of sleep. I have again adjusted though it seems, I feel (physically) much like I remember feeling when I was first getting used to 4 days of work a week.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in just over 2 months now and the idea I currently have in mind is to re-write my life from the age of either 13 or 15. Bizarrely enough I feel like I've posted almost as many forum comments over the past month as I did during November.

I've spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of evenings watching videos on YouTube. Anyone with time might be interested in searching for "Quite Interesting" which is a British TV quiz show. The catch is, the aim is to give interesting answers, not necessarily correct ones.

Needing to move on.

2007-Jul-26, Thursday 11:57 pm
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I need to put my past behind me. Not forget the mistakes I made but stop focusing on them so much. I think I have thought more about the past than I have about the future since I started High School, if not from then it's been from even further back. In that vein, I've heard it said that "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" and wonder if my lack of any planning could be an argument for why I don't really have a life.

I should have gone to my parents place yesterday with my father as he was heading home. I didn't have work today and don't tomorrow either, a perfect opportunity to go visit and then return to the city without missing out on work. What's worse is I'd been thinking about it a week or so ago, but because I'm trying to not turn down any work didn't ask for any extra days off. The possibility only occurred to me this afternoon, about 24 hours late.

It would seem that my new 'obsession' is Facebook applications. I've spent much of the past three hours adding new ones to my profile and adding information to those that I've added. With the time I spent earlier in the day similarly occupied it's not surprising that the only real cleaning I got done was a load of laundry, a pile of dishes and the shower I took once I had the flat to myself.

According to discussions that occurred on Monday night I'm likely to be out for a least a little while tomorrow night making a banner of sorts for someone's birthday. And Sunday night may involve mini-golf or bowling before eating at the Casino and then watching a DVD at someone's home. Hopefully I can at least bring myself to ask if people want to play my new game, it seems like one night or the other (or maybe even both) would be a good chance to get it played.
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I've spent quite a bit of the past three days dealing with TradeMe again. And I'm not spending any money (probably). As an attempt to raise a little money for Hillsong, which is now a week and a half away, a number of things are being put up for auction, some more valuable than others. As I'm the one with lots of free time and a fast internet connection (and I did volunteer) it's been left to me to put things up and so I've been slowly going through the pictures that have been taken and working out where they'd best be put and how to describe them.

My 101 in 1001 list will be uploaded on Thursday (I only need 2 more items), with a backdated (foredated?) entry of 18 March 2010. That will make it the first entry random visitors to my LJ see which isn't quite what I want but it seems to make sense for me. When I'm hopefully going to be editing it reasonably often with completed goals over the nearly 2.75 years I want it to be easily found. I have barely had to copy other peoples goal to get my list long enough, most of it has come from momentary realisations of things I want to do, but was unlikely to do spontaneously.

After R18 last night, which was a slightly bigger group than has been showing up (8 in total instead of 6), four of us played a game of Cities & Knights. Not the wisest move when we weren't able to start until after 9 and four player games take longer than the three player games that have been taking us 90 minutes or so. I got home at about 11:30. I managed to get from last to second on one of my last couple of turns though, that was good.

The heat pump that was installed last Wednesday has been wonderful. I walked in after work on Wednesday and as soon as I started moving through the doorway from outside I could tell it was working. My room has been the one to benefit the most, apart from the lounge which it was installed in and I have not felt any need to shut my door to keep heat in since then. Even at the minimal setting of 16° it's keeping enough of the house warm that I'm happy, my flatmates may prefer it up higher but they don't seem to be making any effort to turn it up that I've noticed. Because of that I won't be going and buying a better heater than the one I have, I may even put the other away in it's box again.

Caring For Your Introvert
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Contrary to what I had thought last week I could have had another five day week at work (or something very close to it). Instead of that I asked for Friday off shortly after lunch Thursday due to having been out past 2300 twice so far through the week and feeling tired. I was under the mistaken impression that Friday's shift would have been working at a machine I don't much like, doing the job I actively dislike with the biggest (and therefore most awkward) magazine sections that work deal with. What I found out, less than 5 minutes after getting told having the day off, was that I had been scheduled to be working at the machine I find easiest to work at and would likely have got to go home early. Of course by that stage I couldn't very well ask to not take the day off so I just made do during the time I would have been at work.
Surprisingly, especially to me, making do involved
* vacuuming (both my room and most of the lounge) and then emptying the bag inside the vacuum cleaner.
* washing my dishes (and a few of the other things that were on the bench).
* washing a load of clothes, hanging them out on the clothes line for the short period of time it was still in the sun and bringing the clothes back in to hang them on the airer I have.
I did also spend quite a bit of time at various places online following links the way I tend to (including going here to see a tribute/parody of the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles") and playing games. I even went back to a number of the questions I skipped at OK Cupid and answered them properly, now I'm down to having skipped only 60 of the 3187 questions designed to help the website best find your 'matches'.

For everyone that doesn't have [site community profile] dw_news on their friendspage: The most recent entry includes links to a site that sells little cards that can have pictures from your scrapbook on one side and other information on the reverse. I've ordered 10 with the picture this icon comes from and a couple of contact details on the reverse. For a limited time (actually a limited number, 10,000 to be more specific) anyone on livejournal can get 10 of these cards free. Even those of us here in New Zealand, the complete other side of the world to where the company responsible is situated.

I've found something else online that I want to spend money on. Library Thing is a website basically dedicated to allowing users to catalogue all their books. The problem for me is that there's a limit of 200 books for users that don't pay, I have around 500 in my personal collection and a cataloguing tendency such that there would be a strong desire to add a number of other books that I've borrowed from libraries or have read while visiting my parents. Having paid for the book database last year means I'm not so eager to be making full use of the website though, this may be a good thing.

Weight gain has been set back a little thanks to last Friday afternoon and my general inability to speak about things until to late. I didn't really eat a whole lot less than has become normal over the weekend but (with me actually being physically sick) it was enough of a change to bring me back to where I have been for most of the past few months. I might be going back up again now though, it's a little hard to say.

Fingers crossed.

2007-Apr-22, Sunday 10:50 pm
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I'm a little worried that my Hard Drive may be failing. When I got home from Spreydon tonight I turned my PC back on and it refused to load properly. After trying a couple of other things I remembered to try chkdsk from a dos prompt and that seems to have fixed things, temporarily at least. With my PC being about five years old now that's a reasonable length of time for the hard drive to last, especially when I'm not particularly careful about turning it off before moving things.

In other news I've now played more than a dozen games of Ticket to Ride face-to-face since I purchased it last Saturday, most of them 2 player against one specific individual. (I'll have played a similar number against bots as well.) I may also be playing again this Tuesday night, night chosen because there is a public holiday the next day and sleep won't be an issue.
I had been intending to make an entry earlier in the week dealing with my lack of board games played of late, but I think I have (for a while at least) nothing to worry about in that area.

Tomorrow morning I start work as an employee of the company I've been working at for the past three years. They have been slowly building up a workforce of their own bindery casuals for a while and I've now been included in that group. As such I will no longer have to deal with the temp agency I was with for the past three years and all the miscommunication that has been involved there. I'll also be getting a little more than minimum wage which is nice.

Just before my paid account expired I updated my Links list to show all 21 places I could remember having left some sort of profile or web trace that might allow people to "stalk" me.

Big entry it seems.

2007-Mar-22, Thursday 03:04 pm
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I am, once again, without internet access in my room at this flat (for about a week I think). As such I'm currently using my flatmate's PC while he is at work and don't expect to be updating again for a while. If I understand the situation correctly the wireless hub isn't seeing the router properly anymore although the other way is working, basically I can connect to our network, but not the internet.

My Baptism itself went well on Sunday and most of those I invited showed up, one of those from Spreydon didn't and I'm yet to find out why although she could easily have had work or something else. Neither did my ex or her flatmate which was somewhat disappointing although understandable. I had a bad day health wise however, throwing up shortly before the service, luckily my breakfast had consisted of a single pancake because I wasn't feeling hungry at the restaurant I'd been taken out to by friends from church. Once I actually got up to speak things were okay though, I still felt uneasy but didn't lose my voice at all and nor did I feel as though my tongue was swelling up. What was even better was the somewhat unintentional laughs I got from a few people, mainly my friends.

This weekend I will be at the annual R18 Hanmer Springs trip, until Saturday evening, when I'm returning to the city so I can walk the City-to-Surf with a couple of friends from Spreydon Baptist. Before I return I am hoping to play at least one game of Blokus, which was my birthday present from my parents and a few games of Carcassonne. I may even go outside and play mini-golf or visit a river or something. Maybe.

I did work three days last week like I expected, and so far it seems that I'll manage five this week, something I'm not all that keen to do regularly. Although, if I do get taken on as a PMP casual instead of a Drake casual I may end up working more often because things should be sorted better as far as scheduling is concerned. I've been told by a few of the permanent staff that I should see about being taken on as one of the casual employees of the place I work at instead of the temp agency I currently get work through. If I do that there will be a pay rise (although some of that is the upcoming increase to minimum wage), and theoretically less cases of miscommunication but not much else will change apparently. I will still be able to take days off when I want and I'll still be one of the first to lose shifts if there isn't enough work, but more money would be good as would the somewhat increased certainty of work. I expect there would be something in the contract about staying for a certain length of time though as they'll apparently have to 'buy' me from the temp agency.

Once I'm done here I'll be heading back to my room to watch the last episodes of the fourth season of DS9. Or, I may cook first and then watch DVDs. For the past week or so I've been cooking sometime between 3 and 4 in the afternoon and not buying lunch at work. If it's causing any trouble I haven't noticed yet (the possible weight loss can easily be attributed to feeling ill most of Sunday and Monday).
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That's mostly due to not having internet access in my room up until last Thursday, on which day I had about 6 hours access before the router in my flat died. Since then I've been on-line for a while yesterday and today, slowly getting things updated after almost 3 months of reduced or non-existent access. Having decided to reformat my hard-drive about two weeks ago has also contributed to the amount that I'm updating, for some reason I was unable to watch DVD's at my PC after shifting in here and nothing else I tried had any effect. It wasn't actually just as simple as reformatting that fixed the problem either, I think XP SP2 was the big help.

Instead of buying a new monitor like I'd intended to I ended up purchasing six seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine recently and have been using the monitor that was left in the flat by the flatmate that left two weeks after I shifted in. I've spent a lot of the past several days watching the new DVD's, although if the internet connection had been working all of today and yesterday I'd have watched less of them and spent more time on-line resorting my life.

I now have less than five days until I will be getting baptised, one of those I wanted to be there is going to be elsewhere and one other hasn't replied at all so probably won't be coming but most are so I'm happy about the projected turnout. What I'm not so happy with is my inability to figure out what I want to say.
I also had the somewhat unexpected experience of finding myself almost unable to pray aloud at an intercessors meeting (that I hadn't realised I was attending). I've been aware for a very long time that I was uncomfortable speaking up with people around, I hadn't realised there was actually some sort of block in place.

This week will be the first that I don't do four days of work since coming back as there was nothing yesterday and only afternoon shift available today (which I didn't want to do), I should be getting three days though so I'll be fine. I have yet to receive any notification about the library job I applied for a month or so ago so I'm not at all hopeful about getting it. And on the topic of working, I need to go to bed, getting up at 5 am isn't something I want to do on less than five hours sleep and I don't know how long I'll be lying in bed before a sleep state is attained.

Things progress

2007-Feb-09, Friday 09:12 pm
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I've had a good 10 days since shifting in here.
- A full week of work this week (taking into account that Tuesday was a public holiday) and the people I know have been sympathetic about my recent break-up as well as welcoming me back. Being a competent worker is a big part of that, when many of the temps seem unable to grasp simple instructions someone that knows what they are doing is a welcome change.
- Time to sort out my room last week, which took a while as it's quite a bit bigger than I've been used to and I 'inherited' a big bookcase the day I shifted in as someone else is leaving and doesn't want to take it to Wellington. Including having to deal with a lack of cutlery and crockery for longer than expected as it wasn't in the box my father bought up with some stuff specifically so I would have my cutlery/crockery.
- I found out last Sunday afternoon that someone was willing to buy two seasons of my Farscape DVDs at the Buy Now price so I'll be sending those away tomorrow after not using the internet between then and now to know that my email had been replied to.
On that topic, I'm using my flatmate's PC at the moment as it's the one connected to the internet. My room is at the other end of the house and has it's own connection for ADSL but no network exists as yet. Getting right down to it, I don't miss the hours of surfing I used to do as much as I would have expected to. Instead of spending hours online I have continued to read a little and play PC games that had been largely unused since purchase.
- After the game session last week discussions were had about small group plans for the year, I've been prodded to budget such that I can head to Hillsong this year. It certainly seems more likely that it did this time last year. Even it I don't go, the prodding is welcome, as is everything else that a certain group of people are responsible for.
- A friend I continue to see far less of than I like got in contact with me a week before I shifted in here, and I've seen her at her place of business. Hopefully we'll get to talk in person more often again.

The only bad news I can think of is that I'm still not sleeping the way I should be when I have work. And I'm not yet eating as well as I could be (both a lack of meat/vegetables and a surfeit of chocolate etc.)

Edit: I did have my address here but since deciding to make the rest of the entry public I have chosen to remove that info.

I also think I found the journal of a High School friend quite some time ago but the birthdate didn't seem to fit. Now I've friended this person I'm expecting 'something' at 'some point'.

This is also entry 334 here (which means my birthday 2013 could be entry 1000).

Entry 325

2006-Nov-28, Tuesday 06:34 pm
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Funrazor happens in 9 days. I doubt that any of you will have the money lying around but if you'd like to sponsor me in this hair cutting endeavour you can do so on-line at fundraiseonline.

My NaNo progress for the month has been quite inconsistent although I am on target to finish on time, possibly even early if I keep at it today. What I end up letting people see will be a little short though I expect, some of it is not worth printing.

I worked every day last week, and did not really end up feeling very tired because of it. More than half of the week was spent out at the good machine so that will have been part of why I didn't suffer much, sleeping for a while on three different afternoons will also have been helpful. Unless plans change noticeably I have less than four weeks left in which I can work where I have been so I'm probably going to be on the benefit again for a while in the near future :( I have been informed about a potential job over in the area I want to live though so that might be good for me.

I also continued to take the drugs prescribed to me when I went to the doctor the day before Show Day about my throat. Once again I proved that I don't have any issue ingesting pills, my problem is with the drugs themselves. They did seem to have an effect though, even if what was ailing me was a virus and not bacterial.

After nearly eight years up here in Christchurch I have finally attended a "Christmas in the Park" event. On Saturday I went with Tamara and much of her family, I had been expecting to not enjoy it much and was pleasantly surprised, although if I'd been on my own I would not have been as happy to be there. I would also have been able to leave a lot earlier, the number of cars in the parking area meant that we did not get away until almost 90 minutes after the event ended, I could simply have walked off if I'd been on my own.

This afternoon also saw me discover that if you search both my first name (Gareth) and my internet pseudonym (Avron) in google the first ten entries are to do with me.

And now I am off to see about food. [ profile] arkore has cooked a belated thanksgiving type meal and I'm hungry.

I have had a good day.

2006-Jul-29, Saturday 11:41 pm
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I woke up for a short while early in the morning to hear a friend talking to a flatmate and another flatmate leaving for the weekend. Once I woke up again I spent a couple of hours here at my PC and put washing on airers. I then stopped doing things here at my PC and lay on my bed to watch Threads the antepenultimate episode of Stargate SG-1 season eight. Loose ends have been tied up somewhat although more would be apparent to me if the network had actually aired the entire 90 minute version of the episode instead of the shortened 60 minute version. (I'm hoping that the DVDs, which I should be getting right around 2008 or so, include the extended version.)
Just before the end of the episode a guest showed up, so I turned off the TV (missing maybe two minutes of the shortened episode (yes, it annoys me, deal with it)) and we talked for a couple of hours. It came up that she sort of knew someone that was at my high school for the last year or two that I was there, not quite as small world as other things that have happened but still quite surprising.

This evening I watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and had been thinking about watching it a second time with one of the commentaries going. That hasn't happened, but it probably will at some point before another week passes.

On the topic of another week passing, I get this Monday off because there isn't enough work available. And I had Thursday and Friday off after getting sent home a little early on Wednesday. My intentions to do a five day week don't seem all that likely to pan out for a while. I'm also really glad the Skywatch is only a monthly publication, Monday and Tuesday were incredibly boring and tiring thanks to the sheer volume of magazines needing to be sent away.

Most of the rest of my time over the past week has been spent either reading books, catching up on sleep or online. Including the hours I spent at All-Consuming and Lists of Bests again and the time last night looking through Userboxes at wikipedia to create a sub-page for my account there.

I did get to play Cities and Knights again through the week, two games on Wednesday, both of which I lost, noticeably. In one of the games I was severely crippled early on and didn't really seem to have a chance of recovering. The other just didn't seem to go my way at all. But I still had fun, and got fed.
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For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I left morning church early, as in before it finished. I really do need to keep myself from consuming milk, cheese or yoghurt for at least a week to test my current suspicion. On the plus side though, I watched Serenity and some of the bonus features this afternoon after watching the last half of Project Alf.
I also headed to Spreydon (for the second time in as many evening services) and spent some time with the other good friend I have there. With me, from the week after next I believe, missing out on most of the sermons at morning church due to helping with the children I intend to start going back to evening services most weeks, at least until I'm no longer missing out on morning services.
On my way back from that part of the city, which was the long way thanks to catching a couple of buses instead of walking, I saw[ profile] the_legionnaire for a few minutes which was a pleasant surprise.

I found a satellite photo showing my old home yesterday. One of the owners (assuming there has been more than one) has, at some point over the past five or so years, planted trees and got rid of the vegetable garden that was there. They've also apparently got rid of the small flower gardens that my parents put in over their last few years in that house but they don't seem to have painted the roof at all (unless they really liked the colour I suppose).
The whole reason I was found that photo was me creating this list at Lists of Bests. Apart from adding in Gore myself I haven't bothered to add any of the other places I've been, mainly because I really don't want to expend that much effort. I have however been making the effort to map some of the locations that had already been added in.

[ profile] el_gremmo, I don't know whether or not you'll remember it but I recall an entry of yours quite some time ago where you felt that you were sort of wasting your time because you didn't want to go overseas many places and there was therefore only three or four countries coloured on the map you'd created at some website. I commented that I didn't see why people were so eager to leave when they hadn't explored their own home country and you questioned whether or not a similar thing could be made for New Zealand. If you are still interested, and I didn't hallucinate all that, you may find that 43 places allows you to do what you wanted.


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