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2016-Feb-16, Tuesday 11:23 pm
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A recent Dice Tower video had the three guys give their top ten (non board-gaming) hobbies and I started thinking about how hard I'd find it to make a similar listing. With effort this is the list I managed, the four at the end are on the list to make the list 10, and everything is in order for how I feel right now.

Reading - Before I started having 24/7 access to the internet I was reading many books a year, 250 at peak. As a teen at high school I usually read assigned reading far ahead of the others in the class. One of the books was such that I actually read the four sequels before some of the others had read the first. The reading I was doing at the turn of the century was also impetus for the amount of books I purchased, usually on the cheap. A collection that's at 860 books right now if you discount the few audiobooks I have digital copies of. I did stop buying any significant number a few years back now, largely as I realised that I wasn't going to read many if I purchased them.
TV/Movie Watching - My collection of DVDs is up to 234 at the moment, 101 are movies, the other 233 are TV shows with each season counted individually. There are almost none that I've not yet watched, mainly because I haven't got the entire series run of the TV show.
Video Games - While on my own without internet this was the other big time sink besides books. I have played many hours of StarCraft, Dune, Command & Conquer (and Red Alert), Heroes of Might and Magic (I - IV), WarBreeds, and some other games. Since getting Steam a few years back I've played a number of other games, apparently spending about 847 hours on the games I own there, which doesn't count those that were available as demos.
10 Pin Bowling - One of the very few things I've made an effort to do over the past 15 years that would cost money to do on a regular basis. I remember scoring better than 100 in most of the games I've played but haven't done much better than 120. For whatever reason I have also done okay when bowling left handed, not quite reaching 100 as a score on most of the few times I tried.
Logic Puzzles - Something I seem to get from my father, the need to reason out what the clues indicate and cross reference the information makes the type I linked more appealing than Sudoku. Kakuro puzzles also appealed a lot more when I found them. During one of the church camps I had a book of puzzles that I spent a lot of time working on, when I couldn't get board games going. It's also the second best thing to be doing at work during downtime if I don't have a book with me.
Archery - Most of the church camps I went to over the past decade had something set up for archery and I took the chance to have a go at each of them. Without a lot of practice I won't be improving but I seem to manage well enough most of the time. And for whatever reason I seem almost as good with my off hand.

Child Minding - Not something I really consider a hobby, but one of the DT guys had youth group on his list. For a large portion of the time I've attended church services I've spent much of that helping with the Children's church portions of the services. A couple of years after shifting into this flat I was asked if I'd like to help with the Mainly Music sessions that were being run at the time. For about five years I was spending most of my Wednesday mornings during term times helping there, dealing with CD and OHP to start and then often getting climbed on. I also had a year or two where I was helping out at another thing where I'd be in charge of two or three little children while parents discussed things.
Mini Golf - Much less walking than proper golf, and more interesting scenery a lot of the time. Not something I'd do a great deal, even if I had the money, and going back to the same course time after time would likely bore me.
Making Lists - Not something I'd have considered if it wasn't on one of the three lists. I spend a fair amount of time makings lists of things, although mostly it's Board Games related. For example; I've been tracking what I play for the past decade which leads to Five & Dime lists at year end. I also have listings of all my books, DVDs, CDs, etc. that I started more than 20 years ago (for the books anyway, DVDs were from about 13 years ago). I even have a lists tag for these entries.
Snooker, Pool, whatever - The appeal of this for me is bound to be a matter of math. Work out where to hit the ball to get another in a hole. I don't do all that well especially when first playing but it's still enjoyable.

Board Games - would have been first (by a large margin) but it's disallowed because it was specifically things other than board games that they were listing.

Edit: I should have spent more time thinking about this before posting it.
Rock Climbing - Another thing I've done when given the opportunity at church camps, and which I did quite well at while in High School on the rare occasions we got to do it then. I also went to "The Roxx Climbing Centre" once or twice, a decade or so back. (Should have been in the first grouping.)
Crossstitch - Not something I've done since my teens, the last was in my first year at Polytech. I still have the patterns, and the made up kits, but I've not got any closer to doing more even with patterns and thread etc.
Model Making - Not something I've done since my early teens at the absolute latest. I occasionally made Airfix type models and probably had close to a dozen all up before my parents shifted at the turn of the century. I remember purchasing an Aircraft Carrier model near the end of the century that had problems in what was included. That would have been the last I made if I had actually tried to muddle through.

2013 begins

2013-Jan-01, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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So another year has begun and while I've spent most of it in leisurely pursuits so far I have washed dishes and organised my board games, largely so I could get a photo of all of them in one place.
Other things I should get around to organising
  • the pile of clothes that has again eventuated in my room after emptying the washing basket without putting things away properly.
  • the piles of paper and such that accumulate on the couch beside my recliner.
  • paper financial records, I think it's been at least two years since I trashed any of them.
  • my DVDs now that I have a player that will play zone 4 discs connected to the TV.
  • the mass of digital files that exist on my two laptops, the old desktop, and the 1TB external drive
  • my books. I recently found out there's a term for my tendency to keep buying books I don't read. tsundoku

It would seem that I became less averse to responsibility at some point last year, on a couple of occasions I agreed to babysit. Not merely mind children while parent(s) were doing something nearby, but actually be in sole charge of the child(ren) while parent(s) were elsewhere. I have also agreed to be the adult in charge of a boy I sort of know while we're at the upcoming Church Camp. What I haven't considered is how much time he's going to need of mine, it's a long time since I was that age and I barely remember last week a lot of the time.
Related to that: With most of those that have previously played my games not attending this year I'm not expecting to spend as much time playing games this year as I have previously, so I'll be taking a couple of books and hoping distractions exist in what the young one wants to do.

My weekend away

2008-Aug-18, Monday 08:56 pm
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I had nearly 72 hours away from my flat (no work today) and since returning I have settled right back into my normal behaviour (apart from cooking a couple of hours later than is normal). To be quite honest though, I didn't really do much different while I was away, less time online and more time watching DVDs but that's about the only difference apart from diet. I slept more this weekend than I did the first time, mainly because I went to bed on Saturday night this time. Although I came close to not realising how late it had got because I was watching "Life on Mars" and didn't think about the fact that each episode was going to be just under an hour.
I only watched three movies this time: Donnie Darko (which I enjoyed but don't rate as highly as others seem to), Deja Vu (which I'd wanted to see since seeing a preview while on a date with my ex) and Aliens (which means I'm half-way through the quadrology). The rest of what I watched included the first disc of a Donald Duck Treasury, the aforementioned "Life on Mars" season 2, and nearly all of the "Big Bang Theory" season 1 again (clips of which can be found at YouTube). Apart from having the PS3 on to watch DVDs I didn't make any use of it, no Ratchet and Clank at all.

I helped out with the Children's Church again on Sunday, I'm obviously not staying away like I had thought I would be. After church I was invited to a child's birthday party and ended up having a good time, much like I did nearly a couple of years back with my ex and one of her daughters friends. I spent a lot of time with the younger sister of the birthday girl, at one point being fed fries by her which was amusing. The McDonalds playgrounds seem like they should be less fun than they are.

Before I headed away on Friday I came across a post on the SmileCity forums about what people consider most important in potential romantic partners. Because I've thought about such things a lot over the past few months I took a little time to expand on why I was ordering them that way. (1 is most important to me.) What I posted there... )

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LibraryThing is (for those that haven't seen previous mention of it) a website dedicated to books. I have a complete listing of every book I 'own' on the site and thanks to it am aware that much more of my library is unread than I consider reasonable, even with some of it being new and others being incomplete series that I'll only read when I can access the entire series.
One aspect of the site is the way everyone can tag their books. And from this comes a book meme with a slight difference, the 106 most unread books from LibraryThing users. (There is at least one other tag grouping that seems to be similar but isn't combined because there are somewhat different interpretations of what each tag means.) The thing I like about this list in comparison to most lists is that each of the people admitting to not having read these books actually owns the book (or at least probably intends to) so to some extent it could be considered a list of books people think they should read.
  • Bold - Books I have read. (7 in total)
  • Italics - Books I intend to read. (10 in total)

106 unread books )

Today was a good day.

2008-Apr-19, Saturday 11:56 pm
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I slept for most of the first 10 hours after actually going to bed just after midnight, the earliest I've bothered with bed on a Friday night for quite some time. My flatmate was washing dishes from not long after which meant the kitchen bench was almost clean when I finally left my room, a nice change from the pile of dishes that accumulates.
Early in the afternoon I went to the mall to meet up with my sister, brother-in-law, and a few others that I haven't really seen much of over the past year or more. After largely listening to them all talk about various things we watched Futurama - Bender's Big Score and shortly after that I left for my evening plans.
My church held a Passover meal tonight, with about half the time dedicated to the traditional meal and the symbolism of it all and then about the same amount of time was spent with people eating a normal meal and talking etc. I got to sit at the big kids table, mainly youth group age children, to make up numbers. The Youth Pastor had arranged to have 13 sitting there as that was how many were at the Last Supper. I was at what would be considered the head of the table in our society but the 'head' in those days was off to my right.
Since coming back to my flat I caught up on a few things online again, spent a while adding/updating series information at LibraryThing and generally spent the time messing about as I do.

Since the last entry nearly two weeks ago I have ...
  • Been bowling again, with slightly poorer scores than is usual (and no left hand bowling as I forgot until half way through the second game).
  • Had a shorter than normal gaming session on Wednesday night, during which I won a game of Settlers of Catan by gaining 4 points in my last turn. It was also the quickest I remember any game being with the physical set.
  • Spent a little under an hour at the A&E and then another hour or so with a friend after waking up late on Thursday to find a text message telling me that she was hit by a car as she was riding her scooter to 'course'. She is fine apart from being sore which is good for all concerned.
  • Taken a couple of days off (the Wednesday and Thursday just mentioned) partially in an attempt to avoid working on a particular magazine, only to find it waiting when I arrived in the next day.
  • Had Sunday lunch at the home of a couple from church that I've known almost since I started attending but don't really have anything to do with. Each year (maybe twice a year) the church has a "Who's Coming to Dinner" event where people go to the houses of other members and generally socialise. As is typical I didn't really talk or eat much but I was happy to have gone.
  • Left work early thinking I would go to the Community Lunch my church has each Tuesday and then help a couple of friends clean up the "Little Nuggets" (3-4 year olds) room at church. I ate a sandwich for lunch and then went to help, where I actually spent most of the time just sitting there as I didn't really have any idea what they would want to get rid of.
  • Instead of attending the game session this week I attended a Combined Small Group meeting with Ross Bartlett, whom I know spoke last year but I don't remember. I spent most of the time by myself at the back of the church moving around so I could keep my leg in motion, since Monday morning it had been sore.
  • Finally seen "Superman Returns" after never getting around to watching it in the cinema when it was released.
  • Received an indication that I might be considered a better worker than at least one of the permanent staff. The job I was doing on Thursday involved a section in the magazine that wouldn't go through the hoppers as intended, and even after half an hour of trying to get it to work right the operator left me there with that hopper instead of swapping myself and the permanent staff member.
  • Purchased another half dozen Star Trek books on TradeMe. (Now I'm going to have to go through the shelves and resort the books, again. I had managed to get everything looking almost perfect.)
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  1. What is the longest range goal you have at this time? The only thing I can point to and say I definitively want is marriage and a family. A better job would be nice, more money would be good, but both are far less important to me. Oddly enough, I expect both of those will have to happen before the first does.
  2. What about you and food? I've never, so far as I recall anyway, had a big appetite. From an early age I can remember a couple of my younger (3-5 years) cousins being able to out eat me easily and still be hungry while I was full. When I started leaving my home (for social things instead of school or acquiring library books) at the end of my fifth form year I very quickly became aware of nauseous feelings. That made eating an unwelcome option while I was with people and so I almost never ate while I was out. Having found very few foods that I 'enjoy' is also likely to have had an effect on how much I ate in the past.
    More recently I had to start cooking for myself again (during the 3+ years I was flatting on Field Terrace one of my flatmates did all the cooking) and with that have been doing all my grocery shopping as well. I probably don't buy enough fruit or vegetables and there's almost certainly more junk food than is good for me but I think I'm eating reasonably well. On some level I also feel that I can get away with it because I travel almost everywhere by foot and work a physical job.
  3. Is Christchurch home? Home is where the heart is right? Most of the people I have considered friends over the past five years are (or were) here in Christchurch. My parents live not to far away (and my sister is overseas so I won't be visiting her easily no matter where I might shift to). I have (what seems to be) a steady, if monotonous, job. Basically I have no reason to leave and a number to stay. Back in the middle of January I even went so far as to change my listed hometown on Facebook.
  4. Do you keep up with many of the high school crowd? She that asked these questions is probably the one person I have most interaction with from that group. My former best friend is the one that I most want to keep in contact with. But, on the whole, the answer is a definite No.
  5. What is one thing you would want to learn if there was no time/money problems? Time isn't a problem for me, in that sense anyway. I suppose I do have a problem in that I don't know what to do with myself a lot of the time. Money on the other hand is an issue but I can't really think of anything that I want to learn but can't afford. As soon as I figure out a potential career however that could change. Something I would do if money wasn't an issue is easier to answer, I'd go visit my Paternal grandparents in the UK. Either that or buy a house.

Just over three years ago I posted an entry mentioning the Birthdays page and how once you get 25 random people together there is a better than 50/50 chance that two of them will share a birthday. I feel no surprise at the fact my current LJ friends list has no doubles, 19 isn't enough people (it does get to almost 40% though). What I do find surprising is that the birthday calendar on my Facebook account has just one double birthday (of 55 people only one has not listed a birthday), and what's more, those two that share their birthday were born in the same year.

Bowling tomorrow, 1630 (unless I don't change it from 1600) and only two have said they'll come.
No matter what else happens I'm hoping that almost nothing goes the way it did last year. I was sick after breakfast, got soaking wet in front of 100 or so people (for my baptism so it was okay then), and spent a large portion of the afternoon at the A&E with a friend that was having eye trouble.

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  • Yesterday's XKCD cuts close to home, spending almost no time with people recently I'm feeling even more alone than is normal.
  • I managed to finish NaNoWriMo again this year, after having planned to not work Friday the 30th I ended up getting up at about 11am (after the first real sleep in I've had for a very long time). Over the next 13 hours or so I managed to write 10,015 words during the day, getting me caught up enough to finish. I didn't quite manage to write it so that I'll show people that would like to see it but it's much closer than the last couple of attempts.
  • Over the course of November I was taking my laptop into work and attempting to spend about 20 minutes of each lunch time adding to my word count. That worked for the first couple of weeks after I got the laptop, after that I was being distracted by new friends.
  • In 48 hours I will be bald again. I'm up to $50 above what I had raised last year and expect to get a little more over the next week or so. I'm going to try and borrow a digital camera from someone tomorrow afternoon so I can get a before and after photo. That may be unneccesary though, there may be such photos as part fo the official event.
  • I paid for church camp yesterday, just over three weeks before I'll attending it. I'm a little annoyed about the increase in price compared to two years ago, but it still seems like money well spent. I know that at least one of those I was wanting to spend time with up there won't be going though, she can't get time off work.
  • I may be buying myself another Prezzy card in the next few days. I've decided that there are more things online that would be nice to have and that's the easiest way for me.
  • The man that had been operating the 'good' machine at work since well before I started (he was there 15 years) left a week ago, and had been working elsewhere for most of the week before that. As such there is a new operator of that machine and I'm finding myself less content with things at work because of the change.
  • Over the nearly two years I've been keeping track at BoardGameGeek I have played 76 games of Ticket to Ride, 51 of Settlers of Catan and 48 of Carcassonne. Most of the last two with expansions of some sort. Considering that I've only had TtR for less than 8 months I seem to have played it quite a lot. And when I haven't included any games played online for any of the games you can probably guess that the 'true' count is much higher.
  • The only thing I have purchased as a Christmas present so far I soon decided wasn't a good idea so I ended up eating it myself. Now I'm thinking I may have to ask for ideas.

Edit (5 Dec): Oh, and I've halved the amount of red meat I'm cooking each afternoon. When I cook red meat. I don't know if there's going to be much impact besides saving me money but it certainly isn't hurting any yet.

Asperger issues

2007-Aug-11, Saturday 05:16 pm
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Yet another test has indicated I might have Aspergers, this time the result (39/50) was even more into the zone of 'positive' results. A list of Asperger traits taken from wikipedia, and how I see my self in relation to them. (quite long) ) So that's at least 15 of the 25 traits I consider myself to exhibit, 5 that I don't feel able to judge, 2 that I don't exhibit and the others I'm somewhat split on.
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I've spent quite a bit of the past three days dealing with TradeMe again. And I'm not spending any money (probably). As an attempt to raise a little money for Hillsong, which is now a week and a half away, a number of things are being put up for auction, some more valuable than others. As I'm the one with lots of free time and a fast internet connection (and I did volunteer) it's been left to me to put things up and so I've been slowly going through the pictures that have been taken and working out where they'd best be put and how to describe them.

My 101 in 1001 list will be uploaded on Thursday (I only need 2 more items), with a backdated (foredated?) entry of 18 March 2010. That will make it the first entry random visitors to my LJ see which isn't quite what I want but it seems to make sense for me. When I'm hopefully going to be editing it reasonably often with completed goals over the nearly 2.75 years I want it to be easily found. I have barely had to copy other peoples goal to get my list long enough, most of it has come from momentary realisations of things I want to do, but was unlikely to do spontaneously.

After R18 last night, which was a slightly bigger group than has been showing up (8 in total instead of 6), four of us played a game of Cities & Knights. Not the wisest move when we weren't able to start until after 9 and four player games take longer than the three player games that have been taking us 90 minutes or so. I got home at about 11:30. I managed to get from last to second on one of my last couple of turns though, that was good.

The heat pump that was installed last Wednesday has been wonderful. I walked in after work on Wednesday and as soon as I started moving through the doorway from outside I could tell it was working. My room has been the one to benefit the most, apart from the lounge which it was installed in and I have not felt any need to shut my door to keep heat in since then. Even at the minimal setting of 16° it's keeping enough of the house warm that I'm happy, my flatmates may prefer it up higher but they don't seem to be making any effort to turn it up that I've noticed. Because of that I won't be going and buying a better heater than the one I have, I may even put the other away in it's box again.

Caring For Your Introvert

Reflections on time.

2007-Jun-12, Tuesday 09:54 pm
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One year ago today I walked home from work in the snow, shortly after 7am, after having been ill at work. After heading to bed I spent a portion of the day playing Lord of the Rings Risk with a couple of my flatmates and most of the rest of my time would have been huddling in a blanket. I was also missing someone that I now miss for entirely different reasons as well as having the same issues with cold the way I am now. In contrast, today I spent a large portion of my day meandering around while the machine wasn't running and generally acting as the 'head worker' as the lady that has typically been 'in charge' at the end of the machine wasn't at work.

Since shifting my furniture on Saturday my bed is warmer each night, especially considering there has been a noticeable drop in temperature recently. The heat pump that is being installed tomorrow should also have a distinctly noticeable impact upon the temperature in this flat. Having it installed right by my room should provide me with even more benefit that it will for my flatmates. Not my decision, but I'm not going to avoid taking advantage of it.
I had been thinking I would ask my father to drop by tomorrow after he was finished at work so I would be able to go and get a column heater instead of continuing to use the fan heater I've been borrowing from my parents for the past five (six?) years. With the heat pump installation happening tomorrow I think I should just wait a week or so to find out whether or not that makes enough difference.

I am currently contemplating joining the 101 in 1001 challenge that seems to have been going around the internet for a while, I'm slow to pick up on trends. I've started watching [livejournal.com profile] mission101 and have read through the advice page triplux has on his site.
Starting Thursday, June 21, 2007 will mean I finish on my 29th birthday. It will also give me just over a week to actually come up with a list of 101 things I want to do. My 43things list will provide a few items for such a list but nowhere near 101. Cheating is probably in order, I'll be looking through a number of the lists that other people have created and culling the interesting/appropriate/achievable things from what I come across.

At 2230 tomorrow night I shall be 230,000 hours old, give or take half an hour as I don't know exactly when between 2 and 3 pm I was born.

I want...

2007-May-11, Friday 11:44 pm
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... To wake up and find that the past year has been a bizarre dream. I made some really bad decisions when I look back on how things went, with regards to a number of things.
... To be able to put things right with those I no longer see because of mistakes I made.
... To know what sort of career I should be working towards so as to make the best of my life.
... To continue eating/exercising the way I have been recently, I'm slowly approaching what I feel is my 'ideal' weight. At a change of about .5kg a week it seems.
... To be able to talk with people about 'important' things. I still hesitate far to long to ask certain questions.
... To be in love with and loved by the same person. And have it be 'right' for both of us.
... More board games.
... An easier, less travel intensive method of getting to Hillsong in seven weeks. I still don't want to fly, not to mention the travelling around Sydney that's going to be happening.

Fingers crossed.

2007-Apr-22, Sunday 10:50 pm
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I'm a little worried that my Hard Drive may be failing. When I got home from Spreydon tonight I turned my PC back on and it refused to load properly. After trying a couple of other things I remembered to try chkdsk from a dos prompt and that seems to have fixed things, temporarily at least. With my PC being about five years old now that's a reasonable length of time for the hard drive to last, especially when I'm not particularly careful about turning it off before moving things.

In other news I've now played more than a dozen games of Ticket to Ride face-to-face since I purchased it last Saturday, most of them 2 player against one specific individual. (I'll have played a similar number against bots as well.) I may also be playing again this Tuesday night, night chosen because there is a public holiday the next day and sleep won't be an issue.
I had been intending to make an entry earlier in the week dealing with my lack of board games played of late, but I think I have (for a while at least) nothing to worry about in that area.

Tomorrow morning I start work as an employee of the company I've been working at for the past three years. They have been slowly building up a workforce of their own bindery casuals for a while and I've now been included in that group. As such I will no longer have to deal with the temp agency I was with for the past three years and all the miscommunication that has been involved there. I'll also be getting a little more than minimum wage which is nice.

Just before my paid account expired I updated my Links list to show all 21 places I could remember having left some sort of profile or web trace that might allow people to "stalk" me.

I have...

2006-Dec-02, Saturday 11:51 pm
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...A beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful girlfriend. I have a new pair of jeans now, that fit better than any others I remember having and which I've been informed look quite good on me.

...A new t-shirt. Yesterday I was at the Warehouse with Tamara and her mother before doing other things and decided to look through the clothing section quickly, I found a version of the "how do you keep an idiot entertained?" joke on a t-shirt that was cheap and so now I have something else to wear at church that will entertain certain individuals.

...Begun my Christmas shopping. Even if I did decide to appropriate 25% of what I purchased for my own use. Of course that does still leave at least half a dozen presents I should buy, and have no real idea about what to get.

...Written another 50,000 word novel in a month. I finished it on Wednesday night like I thought I might although I then realised on Thursday that I could have written the ending in a way that would have fitted the rest of the story better and probably would not have made much difference to the overall word count.

...Begun to notice pain in my right ear and the right side of my face again. I think I should head to the doctor after work on Monday if things haven't changed for the better again.

...Managed to up my funrazor sponsorship level to $65 so far and am hopeful that it will increase even further.

...Wonderful parents. Both my mother and father came up to the city this morning and took Tamara, her daughter and myself to breakfast. We talked for a little while about seemingly random things, finalised some Christmas plans and then went our separate ways. They will also be trying to get me a decent razor for Christmas, the first attempt seemed to be wired poorly, the charge light refused to go off.

...Seemingly lost $5. I cannot, even after around four hours of thinking about it, manage to remember where I spent the last $5 I have been unable to account for since I tried to recall all my spending over the 48 hours I was away from my flat just recently.

...Failed to put a load of washing through the machine since getting home this evening, even though that was something I had thought about doing this morning if I was going to have the time here.

Things I need / want

2006-Oct-19, Thursday 06:25 pm
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In no particular order. (Well, the order I came up with them.)

A new pair of casual shoes: After being ill last week one pair I had been wearing is no longer going to be worn. And the other pair I wear casually has started to show signs of wearing out. For some reason the way I walk seems to be leaving holes through the soles of my shoes. I am also going to have to find my grown up shoes at some point as well, they were not where I expected when I was changing for the wedding so I had to go to that in non-formal footwear.

A new place to live: People are probably leaving here at the end of the year and I am going to need somewhere new to live anyway. Wanting to be closer to my girlfriend is also motivation for finding somewhere new.

A new job: While I work with nice enough people, most of the time, the job itself starts too early and is more physical than I am really suited to. With me wanting to be elsewhere accommodation wise I'll need to get work elsewhere as well (or get some faster transport).

More sleep: I really shouldn't just sit at my PC after I get home from work each afternoon the way I tend to. I'd be healthier if I used that down time to catch up on the sleep I miss by starting work so early. I suppose that if I was to go to bed before 11pm most nights it would help as well but that doesn't seem all that probable.

A razor that isn't going to draw blood if used: Unsurprisingly I am more inclined to shave now that someone wants to be close to me. The razor I have now is nearly 10 years old I think and even with me really not shaving much over most of that time it has got quite a bit of use and one of the foils is tearing.

To bulk up a little: I've been hovering around 55kg for the past six months or so, according to the scales at work. Even with the BMI telling me that puts me in the "healthy" weight category I feel underweight and want to be at about 60kg. That would also mean there was more muscle on my body I think.

To talk to my parents / sister more often: I rung my parents on Sunday night to say hi and see how they were and ended up on the phone for about 73 minutes. Obviously I have more to say than I am used to and more frequent calls would likely be better. I haven't spoken to my sister since she rung about three weeks ago and that feels like a surprisingly long time.

A sound card that allows me to use a microphone at my PC: About two years ago I managed, through incompetence, to apply mains power to the microphone socket on my motherboard. I have still had speaker capability since but there has been no ability to record audio, which makes chatting on-line (with my actual voice) a little difficult.

To sort out just how much time NaNoWriMo is likely to take me this year: For a change I actually have something else that I am going to want to do with my time instead of writing. I still want to write, and will hopefully be more committed to doing so in the afternoon than I was last year. How that's going to work with me wanting to sleep in the afternoons I am not yet sure. I've only got two weeks before this particular brand of madness starts again, so it will be sorted out in some manner fairly soon.

To truly sort out my finances: I have a budgeting program that I use to keep track of all my monetary expenditure. The problem is that I keep very accurate records but fail to follow the budget set for myself because I will, all to often, succumb to impulse buys, mainly junk food or DVDs.

To clean out my room: Over the past few years I have acquired a lot of stuff, most of which serves no real purpose in my life. Even if I was not thinking of shifting soon it would still be wise to reduce the amount of stuff I have. At the same time I do that I should clear out my closet/drawers as there are a lot of clothes I own that I do not wear.

To be more proactive about leaving the house: And that doesn't simply mean visit Tamara more often (although that would not be a bad thing). We went to Akaroa yesterday to visit her mother and apart from falling asleep for some of the trip home I was enjoying myself almost all the time we were away.

To have a medical exam: Back almost eight years ago I had one (or something similar) in preparation for a Navy interview and there was another quicker one almost four years ago when I went to a doctor one morning I felt terrible. I think it's past time that I had myself checked out properly for any possible heath issues.
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Because I am It.
  1. I have the ability to hang upside down suspended solely by my feet. I haven't yet been inclined to try it without shoes though, so footwear probably has some bearing on my ability.
  2. I haven't had a girlfriend at any point of my life, not even at primary school. I have never even had a date. (Regardless of what some people seem to think about the time I spend with certain female friends.) 2006-9-14 Edited to add. That's no longer true. I am now in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman. 2007-01-14 Edited a second time. I was dumped yesterday.
  3. I like to categorise/organise/record things. As proof, I spent more than three hours (largely concurrent with watching Underworld) creating this list at Lists of Bests Sunday night. And then ensured I had logged the last time I had read each of those books. I've done the same for Star Trek: Voyager books and will continue with The Next Generation and the Original Series over the next week or two I expect.
  4. A lot of the time I would rather be taking care of children than interacting with people closer to my own age. This may be because there is far less expectation for me to talk with children.
  5. I feel practically no need to hide my life from the strangers I meet on line, or even those people that I don't meet. If I lived alone my address, phone number and other things of that nature would probably be available wherever I was asked for such.
  6. Back when I first started attending a youth group (late 1996 / early 1997) the ice-breaker on one of my first nights was to see how long each individual member could support themselves with just their head and feet resting on chairs. I remember managing at least a minute, significantly longer than anyone else that tried.
  7. I almost never ask anyone questions about their life, how they feel, or anything else in the way of small talk. This is significantly because I can't get beyond the feeling that it's intrusive and none of my business. I don't have any problem with people asking me those same questions however. Nor do I have any problem listening to people talk about such things, I just don't ask the questions.
  8. I am almost constantly aware of a dichotomy of belief existing in my head. Simultaneously feeling two very disparate things about the situations I'm in.
I'm not going to tag anyone (see no. 7) but I would be interested to see what certain people on my friends list come up with.
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  • My Diet: On Thursday I ate nothing besides an apple and a block of chocolate. Friday I ate the meal [livejournal.com profile] arkore cooked and a kiwifruit.
  • My sleep pattern: The past few days I've been going to bed only a little earlier than I typically get up when I have work.
  • How often I turn down shifts at work: It took Wednesday off because we at this flat were going out on Tuesday night and I then took Thursday off because we were going out on Wednesday night and I expected to be away longer than we were.
  • How little I talk to people: Practically the entire time I was out, on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights I was quiet. And, as per usual, tended to answer questions with as few words as possible.
  • And of course there is the ever present fact I don't talk to people that I think I should.

The situation at work may not be sorted the way I received an indication it had been. I realised late yesterday that there hadn't been any phone call about work and I wasn't up early enough to really register the passage of time for me to ring in during business hours. I actually hope they have scheduled me for work again even without asking as I'm going to try and do a full week if the option is there. Mostly for the money, but partly to prove to myself that I still can.

On the whole I've had a reasonably empty week again, I only had work on Monday and Tuesday (both days I was dealing with New World Coupon Books, which tends to be even more dull than other things). Large portions of the rest of my time were spent reading books or here at my PC reading stuff online.
I will hopefully sit in front of the TV in our lounge some time this week and watch my newest DVD. Apart from that I don't currently have anything specific I'm wanting to do apart from head to Alpha on Monday night and hopefully get the chance to play Cities and Knights at some point through the week.

[livejournal.com profile] shuffler, I'm sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday. Hopefully you had a good day anyway.

If anyone remembers me mentioning that I had been hit by vans one afternoon a while back; the guy conducting the experiments has had a write-up about his research in the press.

Oh, and this is entry 301. Only took about two and a half years.

Lots of Church things.

2006-May-20, Saturday 04:39 pm
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I ended up not going to Spreydon last Sunday. During the afternoon I decided that with the weather being so unpleasant I didn't want to be out in it. One of the two people I'm most inclined to spend time with while I am there wasn't going to be around anyway so I didn't really miss as much as I might have.

I've been to morning church three times already this week and that doesn't include going to see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" tonight or actual proper church tomorrow morning. The Alpha course seems to be of some benefit so far but not much if anything of the video on Monday was new to me. The repetition of things could be enough to make my attendance worthwhile though and as R18 proper isn't happening while Alpha is I have no better plans.
Tuesday afternoon I headed to the church to do some typing for the Easy Worship program so there isn't always the mad rush on a Sunday morning. I also spent about half an hour playing Mah Jongg with some of those attending the Chinese Club and belatedly realised that they weren't allowing chicken hands when I tried to go out with no points.

I only worked a couple of days this week so I'm happy to have been told that this week coming is going to be busy and that I'm likely to be at the good machine. The new binder is much like the old one apart from a slightly increased pace and the small change in movement required. That difference is enough that I think I prefer working on the old one, which isn't going to be an possibility for very much longer, especially with me typically elsewhere.

About when I would have got home from work on Wednesday if I had been working that day I started rearranging my room again. My bed has been warmer since then as it's no longer along the big window that my room has. It has however left me needing my desk to be up on the higher level again which means the door is largely blocked any time I'm here at my PC. I got distracted a few times the way I do and still haven't really finished sorting things out although the piles are far more contained than they have been on other occasions when I have shifted things.

Thursday night my flatmates and I headed to the other side of the city to have dinner with friends who had for some reason unplugged their freezer and thus needed to eat prematurely thawed meat. Unsurprisingly I didn't help much in that department but it was all consumed eventually. Games were played after food was eaten and we didn't end up leaving until early morning so the night counts as a good one in my books. Comments about myself and one of the two of them persisted but that is to be expected and as long as I find it amusing I won't be complaining. Going with her to the movie tonight won't lead to any lessening of those comments from flatmates but at least some of those from church that would make similar comments are away in Hanmer this weekend so that's a small blessing.

thefridayfive - 19 May 2006
  1. What type of mood are you generally in on a rainy day? A little more depressed than normal.
  2. What are your favourite things to do when the weather is gloomy? Play video games and read in front of the fire.
  3. Have you ever been kissed in the rain? No
  4. After the rain stops, do you continue what you were doing, or do you run outside to do something else? Continue on, inertia is a big part of my life.
  5. What is your favourite drink/food to have when it's raining outside? Milo.

Things I like...

2006-Mar-05, Sunday 11:32 pm
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I like weddings.
Yesterday I attended the wedding of a couple of friends. I've only known each of them a little more than six months and.. I don't know where I'm going with that. It was about 10 hours total that I was away from the flat thanks to heading to the nearby mall with a few people (maybe quite a large number went altogether) between the afternoon tea and the reception. Heading away from the flat early and not leaving until almost everyone else had gone was also largely responsible for that amount of time. Being there as much as I was had been at least somewhat planned however, it allowed me to help with the set up and such forth.

I like flatmates that clean up.
Upon arriving home after the wedding [livejournal.com profile] arkore and I found the hallway cleared of much of the accumulated debris and the lounge/entrance way also cleaned. As a large portion of what was in the hallway belongs to me having it cleared/cleaned was a very nice surprise for me.

I like being told that I dress up well.
Quite a number of women, including the bride, told me that I looked good dressed in a suit. Contrary to how I would have reacted even just a year ago that led to me showing up at the morning service today again dressed in that suit (although I didn't bother with the tie today). The next time I expect to be dressing up again is September so I may find out just how poorly that suit manages to keep a person warm.

I like spending time with friends I've hardly seen for 10 weeks.
Tonight I went to Spreydon again as I don't have work tomorrow morning. (I got rung just before I headed to morning church which saved me the phone call to ensure I wasn't again missing work I could have had.) While there I said hello to most of those I was spending time with at the end of last year. I also spent an hour with one of the two friends over there that I'm closest to. If not for how busy everyone else seems to be I would come close to trying to arrange things in the way of socialising with them.

I like casual acquaintances that are willing to go out of their way and give me a lift home.
Instead of having to walk or catch a bus back to my flat after the groups split up I was given a lift home by a guy I've spent very little time with. Admittedly I started the little conversation that led to the offer of a ride and I knew he was coming towards this part of the city as he had invited a couple of the group to his place to watch DVDs.
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Apart from starting two hours later than normal on Monday morning I have had a full week of work. That's the most work I've had in a week since the middle of October and I'm hoping the same (or similar) level of work continues next week. I even did abnormal shifts in that I worked Wednesday afternoon and then Thursday morning, something that I was apparently not supposed to do because of OSH restrictions or something. The thing of it is, I got no less sleep that night by working those hours than I did any other night through the week.

Over the last three of those shifts I had at work I tried to come up with list of every board, card and other similar game my parents owned as I was growing up. I think I'm still missing quite a few as I believe there was three shelves of just the large boxed games (i.e. Monopoly, Risk etc.) at one point and there was also other (smaller) games elsewhere.

Games remembered so far. )

And while I was looking around Board Game Geek for those links I came across some lists of unusual methods to determine who plays first in various games. That also led to this page off that site where there are a larger number of listed methods.

I seem to have developed a Friday, Sunday update schedule for the year so far which seems a little odd. Of course, now that I've seen that pattern, things are bound to change.

[livejournal.com profile] arkore, you might find this game of interest or amusing or something. And this is the HomestarRunner wiki I mentioned.
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I just finished reading all seven of the Narnia books, for most of the time from about ten this morning until now I have been reading. There was an hour I took out to play a couple of games of Cities and Knights and another half hour to listen to Adventures in Odyssey. All up it took me around nine hours to read all seven books which was a lot quicker than I'd initially expected.

I seem to have been spending as much time away from my flat just recently as I do when I'm working a lot, and I haven't really been working much at all. Yesterday I left around four and didn't get back until after 11:30 thanks to going to see the Narnia movie and then playing a couple of table-top games of Cities and Knights. There was also two days last week my flatmates came to find me not here without knowing why.

Yesterday I also worked out what movies I've seen at the cinema this year. Of those that I'd intended to go see there was only one that I missed seeing but even with that I've at least doubled the number seen compared to every year for the past five or six years. (And prior years I saw even fewer.)
  • Blade: Trinity: [livejournal.com profile] arkore, [livejournal.com profile] shuffler, the other two flatmates here and myself went to see this back in January just before shuffler was to head back home before arranging a trip he still hasn't taken.
  • Kingdom of Heaven: I went and saw this with a friend one afternoon when we decided to see a movie and nothing else really appealed at all.
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: I saw this on my own late one night when I realised it was about to stop showing at theatres.
  • Batman Begins: I saw this with the same friend I saw Kingdom of Heaven with, this time because we were both interested in seeing it.
  • Serenity: The movie of the short lived TV show from a guy I count in the top five creative types for TV.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: Even without knowing a friend was in this I was going to see it. I've read the book at least half a dozen times I think and was going to read it again before seeing the movie if I hadn't been picked up earlier than expected.

F.Y.I. Free users now get six user icons free. That means I still have one I can't use from the month I was a paid member last year.


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