2017-Sep-12, Tuesday 11:51 pm
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A friend stated tonight after SAGA he is a one issue voter... (paraphrasing) "If the environment continues to degrade the way it has been humanity is doomed and nothing else matters." I hadn't quite gone that far in my thought processes but it certainly explains my viewpoint as well. Conservative, right-wing, etc. parties typically deny that climate change is a thing. And then promote drilling for oil or other such things that contribute to the worsening of the environment because they espouse the idea that it's good for the economy. I've even seen reports of such governments that hobble solar panel uptake by introducing extra charges.

Something I found on tumblr a long time ago now that reinforces my opinion many "Christians" aren't.
"Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait." http://cutevictim.tumblr.com/post/76361676811

I'm probably going to be voting for the Labour candidate in my electorate instead of the Green, simply to make it less likely the National candidate gets in. It won't matter to the country as a whole of course, although I can hope that the results are such that National get so few votes that he doesn't get in via the List either.

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2016-Nov-22, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Unsurprisingly the Smart Phone I purchased cheap has some issues. Even after being gifted a "small" mini-SD card on Monday night I've been having issue with the memory. Transferring everything to the SD card that I could helped but now I've installed some games (from the Humble Bundle) things are problematic again. I am still able to play most of what I try to but there are occasional restarts. I suppose that's a good indication I should have spent a little more money to get something with more internal memory.

I didn't actually spend the first weekend of this month doing what I'd expected, previous years RBC has finished early so people would be able to go join the event and that didn't happen this year. I actually ended up minding a few of the children while parents had a meeting which took until the other event was finished. It's felt a bit weird to have stuff happening (practically) every weekend, although it has meant I've not felt like travelling across the city and haven't made an effort to go see the friend I was meaning to see at the end of September. The weekend activity combined with increased hours at work has led to me being able to consume somewhat less media than I had been, I haven't yet dropped anything from YouTube or iTunes, but I think both will be getting a reduction soon.

Being busy

2016-Nov-01, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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Since the end of August I've been typically getting three days of work and that's with me turning down Wednesdays for a while so I can go and spend time at the Mainly Music sessions I used to be helping at every week. I don't know how long the better situation will last but I'm managing to save money each week which is good.

This coming weekend will be the eighth in a row that I've had plans besides simply attend church on Sunday morning. One of those weekends I was going to go visit a friend that ended up with conflicting plans such that I didn't go see her. I still spent much of that weekend away from here feeding the cat at another friends place (and walking). There is a local area community event this Sunday around noon and while I'm not expecting to spend a lot of time there I do hope to see certain people.
Show weekend will make nine with the SAGA 48 hour charity event and while I'm not going to make any effort to stay awake the entire time I'll probably be there most of the weekend.

The mass of activity at work and weekend has impacted on how far through my Media backlog I manage to get each day. iTunes is currently at about 18 hours of podcasts not listened to and YouTube has 60 unwatched videos on the Watch Later playlist, without me updating it today. I had thought I'd buy a smartphone yesterday which might have impacted how much audio I listened to each day, but the branch I went to doesn't sell phones.

A short while ago I started thinking about what should happen to my stuff when I die, I don't know what brought it on. So far I've decided that my copy of Chicken Caesar goes to someone specific as it seems she's enjoyed it more than I do each time she's played. Her husband requested another game and I'm more inclined to leave him the Babylon 5 DVDs I own. The actual listing is going to take a while and I'll have to make it obvious somewhere so it could be found when needed. About a dozen years ago I signed a will, but there wasn't a lot of detail in it, and my parents would currently be tasked with dealing with all my stuff. Most of which they'll have no idea about.

What new beginning?

2016-Sep-20, Tuesday 11:18 pm
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It's a fairly common saying that with things ending there are new beginnings.

SAGA has recently had a bit of an upswing in attendance for boardgaming. And I've no interest in playing the games that the newer people are choosing to play.
The past 2 or 3 weeks have seen games like The Resistance getting played; secret roles, social deduction, and hidden teams. Even Codenames, which was played for a couple of hours tonight, isn't something I typically care to play (and I sat out hoping to be free to play something else when others finished whatever). There are a few others that are interested in Agricola, Colosseum, and other games with involved game play, but it seems that most of the group is now likely to be playing simple, social games. My general feeling about going along had been getting less enthused for a while, and only got lower when I found out I'd caused a couple of people to cease attending earlier in the year.
Gaming on Thursday has been more of interest compared to Tuesday for quite a while, due to someone specific that only games with us on Thursdays and she's been missing some weeks due to other plans for a while. With the comparatively lower attendance on Thursdays though it's almost always a single game, which limits (to some extent) what can get played.
Monday nights have also been a little lighter most weeks of late, although with a new flatmate there it seems I'll be able to play some heavier games there. Wednesday nights would likely be the best chance to play the level of game I want to play, apart from the distance issue and my general disinclination to learn new things.

What this all comes down to is that I seem likely to be leaving board gaming as a big thing by the end of the year, and don't seem likely to bother with SAGA next year at all. Having become so much older than most of the group is also part of that, the regulars I've played most things with are closer to my age (a couple of them are older) but nearly everyone new is going to be more than a decade younger than I am.
If I wasn't so damned lazy and unmotivated I'd clear the mess that exists in this flat (almost all mine at the moment) and try to get certain individuals to visit at some convenient point. Actually having people visit me in that way is so counter to my normal life that I don't see it happening though.

Too much Civ III

2016-Aug-02, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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I spent many hours at the weekend playing Civilization III instead of sleeping or dealing with other things I might have been better doing. I also failed to do well at Civilization III for most of that time frame. I am, by nature, more inclined to build than fight during the game and so even after seeing that other countries were going to run away with the I didn't make an early enough attempt to build up forces or form alliances against them. I have no idea how many more times I'm going to start over before I stop playing again but I'm going to see about doing things quicker, after realising that by changing some of the settings opponent turns were done a lot quicker.

I got my heater out last night with the intention of letting it heat my room for a while, only to have it trip the power strip overload so I won't be trying to use it again. That does mean I'm more put out by the heat pump issues. And I'm staying in bed longer than I otherwise would because it's actually warm when I wake up.

After SAGA tonight I spent a while talking with someone that's intending to run for President next year. Going over some of the things I see as issues, talking about various games and reaffirming that I made the right choice to not stand for committee last time and shouldn't this year.
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Shortest span of sleep I've had for a while as well, not getting to sleep until about 0130 this morning before waking up at 0500 for work. And my intention to sleep during the lunch break didn't pan out, I spent much of it talking with one of the forklift drivers.

The solstice has arrived and for most of the rest of the year the days will be getting longer again, which I hope means that I'm going to see more sun. I've been aware for a while now that I barely ever leave the house during daylight hours, with work early in the morning and sundown well before gaming starts.

I ended up spending longer at church on Sunday than I have for quite some time, even after arriving an hour late. The children's church leaders and helpers had some sort of meeting and I ended up with some of their children watching videos as a responsible adult. The youngest of those that was present spent much of the time sitting on me, and on a few occasions offered me food from the plate that was present. It sometimes seems that even children realise I could probably do with eating more.

I'm going to spend a large portion of this coming Saturday afternoon gaming, unless problems develop, and if it was going to be evening as well I'd probably be considering asking to spend the night again, so I could again go visit the friend I saw two weekends ago. It was good to just spend a few hours sitting together, watching TV and talking.
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... besides things I'm not willing to write about.

The shift supervisor at work seemed to agree with my general feeling that the temp agency (representative) is causing problems for more than just me by bringing in new casuals instead of offering me work. After all the machine operators have to train and monitor the new people while they can just point me at a part of the machine and know I can do the work.

I went out to the Wednesday night game group last week for the first time in what felt like months (and probably was), learning how to play Porta Nigra where I managed to plan ahead on a few occasions. I might do better in further games but I'm not "eager" to play again and see how much better I can do. Was told that getting a game of Asgard some weekend could be managed without great planning so once Buckets of Dice is done I might see about that.

At the Long Board Game day I managed a narrow win at Die Macher with three of us having only a 9 point spread (the new guy wasn't quite 70 behind my score but did well for a first game). Eclipse ended up being similarly close (proportionally) between three of us although one of the new guys was second in it.

I watched the three Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies today between getting up and heading out to SAGA. I'm probably going to watch more of my DVDs tomorrow afternoon, it's been quite a while since I saw some of them. The Magnificent Seven seems like a good choice for one.


2016-Apr-26, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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Eight weeks ago I shifted most of my stuff out of my room with the intention of shifting the furniture around and cleaning everywhere that was hard to get to. The only thing to not get moved was the large bookcase I have and a lot of stuff was actually moved out of my room. Up until yesterday I had my bed in the corner of my room that is by the two big windows and while that was okay to start with temperatures have dropped enough that I wasn't wanting to keep sleeping there. So as of yesterday afternoon my bed is back where it was three years ago when I shifted it because I felt that here was going to be cold over winter. The mass of stuff that still hasn't made it back into my room is a problem though, I've barely managed to sort through any of it to reduce my stuff count.
I did find the photos that I took during my last years of high school and time at polytech, that I'm no longer able to scan, although most had been already. I'm unsure why I stopped scanning them as I got them developed but there certainly isn't any that I noticed that I'm really wanting to be able to show people.

I managed to get to church again this weekend just been (even it was an hour late), and upon walking into the creche was met by the youngest of my ex. I spent most of the rest of the morning with him and the other two children monopolising my time.

After spending a short portion of the time at the beginning of each recent SAGA session reading the rules to Rococo I finally taught three others how to play tonight. Each of them managed 60+ points and I had 51. I haven't yet read through the rules again to find what I taught wrong (and there's probably something) but the game seemed to work together well enough, even if it wasn't particularly interesting.

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2016-Apr-05, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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I started watching Critical Role a couple of days ago, after hearing from many friends that it was great. I'm not as into it as they seem to be, but I'm enjoying it enough that I fall behind on other things so as to watch more.

Work isn't better, yesterday had about half a dozen casuals in according to one of the fulltime staff today, and I wasn't asked about working it at all. There's also probably at least a couple in tomorrow and I wasn't asked to work then either. If anyone knows of a job going that doesn't require talking to people, driving at all, or any qualifications, and that wouldn't impact the hours I want to be gaming, I'd like to know.

Sleep patterns are completely out of whack at the moment, I wonder how much of my apathy of late is due to that.

I had a weekend.

2016-Mar-30, Wednesday 12:00 am
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It was a month ago that I shifted all the furniture in my room (barring the big bookcase) and made sure my books were where I thought they were. I had expected/intended to continue sorting things the following week so that I would be able to pare down the accumulated stuff after nine years living here. Very little happened along those lines.
With four days of no work and very little planned for Easter weekend I had thought I would spend much of my time from getting home from the short Good Friday service until heading to games on Monday night sorting things in my room. I spent almost all my waking hours with YouTube videos playing on the secondary monitor and apart from emptying the large box and bag I had things in I didn't do anything to clear the mess. That emptying happened yesterday afternoon and I found a bag I had forgotten, purchased early on in my time at polytech.

If I'd been inclined to actually do things, I could have gamed for most of each day besides Sunday. I didn't feel inclined enough to leave the house, let alone walk far enough to go gaming at any of the locations I might have though.
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Had a birthday last week. About a week earlier I hid the relevant facebook details and, after a couple of people posted to my wall, prevented those comments. I just didn't want a mass of comments about it. I've never seen the appeal in having a multitude of friends posting simple Happy Birthday messages because Facebook reminds them to do so. In the early afternoon I headed to the Community Lunch at RBC and had a moments surprise when I saw a cake being brought out, until it became obvious it was for someone else. Near the end of my time there I was asked if my birthday was soon and got the expected response of surprise when I said now.

I missed work today after not seeing the message until mid evening, because my phone had turned off at some point between me getting home and taking a shower. Still getting to work tomorrow though and I was there yesterday so maybe things are better again.

I was gifted a copy of Q.U.B.E. Directors edition on STEAM for my birthday (thanks Michael) and played through what is apparently half the levels in about 90 minutes. Portal sort of game with silent, unseen, protagonist in a puzzle world. So far at least I've not been needing to react quickly for the puzzles, with them being far more "work out how this works" than do this quickly.
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I started playing Skyrim again this afternoon, after months not spending any time playing it. Got another achievement not long into the couple of hours I spent playing, and am currently off in the mountains needing to kill a dragon before I can go home. The time I spend playing for a while is likely to be spent on the main campaign instead of side quests. Before I took the long break I'd been thinking that I'd finish the main quest, and then remove all (8?) the mods I've added so I can use the proper mod manager. If I actually feel like playing through again I will do that, but I'm not going to be surprised if I don't bother going back.

The room rearrangement and tidy etc. got a little further on Wednesday last week as I spent much of my waking hours checking the locations of all my books and resorting many of them into better boxes. I had thought I would spend much of Thursday afternoon continuing on with the sort/clear of miscellaneous stuff and have done nothing since. I should put all the boxes of books at one end of my room and then start making piles of things I can get rid of from among the many other boxes and bags I have at the moment. It would also be useful to take all my clothing out of the draws and wardrobe and sort that.

Gaming of late has been disappointing for me. I've just started playing even more often than I was, and I'm doing (what feels like) far worse and not enjoying it as much. The way I felt on Saturday for the day of gaming SAGA held didn't help in my general feeling though, after breakfast and shower I started feeling unwell. I still headed out at the expected time, figuring it was probably nerves and thus not likely to last, only to spend more than an hour after arriving still feeling ill and not playing anything. In the latter portion of the afternoon I played a game with one of my regular opponents and an individual I've mentioned here previously as being someone I don't want to play with (I'd figured it would be over quick because the game is simple and she knows it). He and I seemed to be taking our turns much quicker than she did, maybe even quick enough that we could each have had two turns in the time she was taking for one.
Tonight at SAGA I got to play a couple of games I enjoy with people I enjoy spending time with, and still felt like I could have done other things and had about as much fun. The count of attendees was down on last week, but still about 15.

About a week ago I started getting "Interrogated" by a friend on another website. I answered a number of questions and eventually ended up admitting to something that I'm normally not wanting to talk about with people. It's amazing how much certain people can engender conversation.

10 hobbies

2016-Feb-16, Tuesday 11:23 pm
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A recent Dice Tower video had the three guys give their top ten (non board-gaming) hobbies and I started thinking about how hard I'd find it to make a similar listing. With effort this is the list I managed, the four at the end are on the list to make the list 10, and everything is in order for how I feel right now.

Reading - Before I started having 24/7 access to the internet I was reading many books a year, 250 at peak. As a teen at high school I usually read assigned reading far ahead of the others in the class. One of the books was such that I actually read the four sequels before some of the others had read the first. The reading I was doing at the turn of the century was also impetus for the amount of books I purchased, usually on the cheap. A collection that's at 860 books right now if you discount the few audiobooks I have digital copies of. I did stop buying any significant number a few years back now, largely as I realised that I wasn't going to read many if I purchased them.
TV/Movie Watching - My collection of DVDs is up to 234 at the moment, 101 are movies, the other 233 are TV shows with each season counted individually. There are almost none that I've not yet watched, mainly because I haven't got the entire series run of the TV show.
Video Games - While on my own without internet this was the other big time sink besides books. I have played many hours of StarCraft, Dune, Command & Conquer (and Red Alert), Heroes of Might and Magic (I - IV), WarBreeds, and some other games. Since getting Steam a few years back I've played a number of other games, apparently spending about 847 hours on the games I own there, which doesn't count those that were available as demos.
10 Pin Bowling - One of the very few things I've made an effort to do over the past 15 years that would cost money to do on a regular basis. I remember scoring better than 100 in most of the games I've played but haven't done much better than 120. For whatever reason I have also done okay when bowling left handed, not quite reaching 100 as a score on most of the few times I tried.
Logic Puzzles - Something I seem to get from my father, the need to reason out what the clues indicate and cross reference the information makes the type I linked more appealing than Sudoku. Kakuro puzzles also appealed a lot more when I found them. During one of the church camps I had a book of puzzles that I spent a lot of time working on, when I couldn't get board games going. It's also the second best thing to be doing at work during downtime if I don't have a book with me.
Archery - Most of the church camps I went to over the past decade had something set up for archery and I took the chance to have a go at each of them. Without a lot of practice I won't be improving but I seem to manage well enough most of the time. And for whatever reason I seem almost as good with my off hand.

Child Minding - Not something I really consider a hobby, but one of the DT guys had youth group on his list. For a large portion of the time I've attended church services I've spent much of that helping with the Children's church portions of the services. A couple of years after shifting into this flat I was asked if I'd like to help with the Mainly Music sessions that were being run at the time. For about five years I was spending most of my Wednesday mornings during term times helping there, dealing with CD and OHP to start and then often getting climbed on. I also had a year or two where I was helping out at another thing where I'd be in charge of two or three little children while parents discussed things.
Mini Golf - Much less walking than proper golf, and more interesting scenery a lot of the time. Not something I'd do a great deal, even if I had the money, and going back to the same course time after time would likely bore me.
Making Lists - Not something I'd have considered if it wasn't on one of the three lists. I spend a fair amount of time makings lists of things, although mostly it's Board Games related. For example; I've been tracking what I play for the past decade which leads to Five & Dime lists at year end. I also have listings of all my books, DVDs, CDs, etc. that I started more than 20 years ago (for the books anyway, DVDs were from about 13 years ago). I even have a lists tag for these entries.
Snooker, Pool, whatever - The appeal of this for me is bound to be a matter of math. Work out where to hit the ball to get another in a hole. I don't do all that well especially when first playing but it's still enjoyable.

Board Games - would have been first (by a large margin) but it's disallowed because it was specifically things other than board games that they were listing.

Edit: I should have spent more time thinking about this before posting it.
Rock Climbing - Another thing I've done when given the opportunity at church camps, and which I did quite well at while in High School on the rare occasions we got to do it then. I also went to "The Roxx Climbing Centre" once or twice, a decade or so back. (Should have been in the first grouping.)
Crossstitch - Not something I've done since my teens, the last was in my first year at Polytech. I still have the patterns, and the made up kits, but I've not got any closer to doing more even with patterns and thread etc.
Model Making - Not something I've done since my early teens at the absolute latest. I occasionally made Airfix type models and probably had close to a dozen all up before my parents shifted at the turn of the century. I remember purchasing an Aircraft Carrier model near the end of the century that had problems in what was included. That would have been the last I made if I had actually tried to muddle through.

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I may actually be getting offered more than enough work in the immediate future for me to feel at ease about turning down shifts. After a month of nothing I found the shift I did last week, and the one I did yesterday, more tiring than normal. As such, and with me wanting to go out to game last night, I turned down the offer of work today. But I've agreed to work tomorrow (so I should be in bed now) and could have confirmed Thursday already if I'd been more sure of how my legs will feel. I think that being on my feet for so much of the day had the big impact on muscle strain, my calves have been sore today. The amount of walking I did a month ago didn't have the same impact, but simple walking hasn't ever really been much of an issue for me.

The run of good weather seems over for the time being as well, a fairly significant string of rainy days is forecast and temperatures aren't supposed to get beyond 20°C for another week. I realise others are going to be much happier because of that but I had been enjoying my ability to walk around in shorts without feeling cold. I did have my small fan running constantly in my room for a couple of days, which I suppose indicates it was hot, but I don't think I'd have struggled without it. Especially when I actually spent most of my time in the lounge while I was home.

After creating another "Five and Dime" at the start of the month I'd been thinking about which games I wasn't getting to play as much as I want to. There are a couple among the SAGA games that I'll have to wait a while to find out whether or not I'll get to play (depends a lot on who shows up for the year), but mostly it's going to be a case of suggesting specific things on the Wednesday nights I go out, and seeing if there's interest on Monday for the heavier games among the attendees that mostly prefer the simpler things.
Last night however, I got to play Power Grid, at someone else's suggestion; with a couple that had played before (with some rules issues apparently), and a couple of others that were completely new to it. Four of us ended up very close in score at the end, each of us had either 15 or 16 cities and were able to power either 15, 16, or 17. I won on tie-break as I'd had slightly more money than the other player able to power all 16 owned cities. I also won another game of 7 Wonders, almost entirely on the basis of having built much more Science than anyone else.

Books (for a change)

2015-Dec-29, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I've read more books this past week than I did for the entire rest of the year. Not particularly surprising when I didn't read anything between the end of February and last week. While out feeding cat I've been spending at least 30 minutes reading before heading home, giving the cat time to wander outside if he wanted and time for head rubs when he's wanted that as well. I haven't done as much walking as I'd been expecting to though, I caught a bus to games last night, and then slept on a couch there so I wouldn't be walking home at night and to cat in the morning. The first I read was one of those I'd read back a dozen years ago, and the others are from where I got up to in the series.

I really haven't done a great deal else in the interim, I missed the one church service I was aware of happening and the gaming that happened on Wednesday wasn't at the one location I still walk to. I considered buying a bookshelf yesterday (to put DVDs on) but carrying it home would have proved difficult and I wasn't actually sure it would be a good fit. There was actually two, one double the price of the other with just one more shelf that looked to be better made. If it was the right size I think I'd be able to get all my DVDs on the one shelf, which would be an improvement on the four different locations they're currently spread around.


2015-Dec-08, Tuesday 10:34 pm
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I'm going to be ignoring Christmas again this year, for the most part anyway. It will be unavoidable in the lack of work offered to me, and I'll probably go to whatever Christmas service happens at "my" church. This weekend is Mini-Con III: Merrycon as well, although I'm not taking part in the Secret Santa and I don't think there's really going to be much else themed.
Back a couple of years ago when I was still considering myself a Christian the commercialisation of the holiday bugged me (and had for a few years), and I didn't have the money to be buying things for people anyway. Now, I'm not feeling any connection to the traditions, I won't likely be seeing any more of my family than my parents, and I don't want to do anything Christmas related.
This also means that I'm expecting no presents and giving none. An attitude that might change if I worked more, but realistically I doubt it.

New flatmate intends to move in next Monday so I have less than a week of solitude in the afternoons after work. Not that my behaviour is going to change, I'll keep sitting in this chair with my laptop and maybe watching YouTube on the TV. It's going to be strange living with someone I consider a friend again though, especially someone that I know before the move. I've been here very nearly nine years and didn't know anyone that I've lived with in that time before they shifted in (or before I did).

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There's a number of things I should do in the next couple of weeks. one of which is continue to work when offered shifts. I've filled out the leave form that was left with time sheets so I should get money over the Christmas break which will be better than last year. I've stalled on the cleanup and tidying that I started a while back so there's probably a fair amount more in my room that I need to sort and put away in a specific place. At some point in the next couple of weeks the new flatmate should shift in, and there's bound to be a period of adjustment to a new person in the flat, although knowing him already will hopefully make that easier.

With the multitude of free time I have some days while at work I've accumulated half a dozen pieces of paper with various writing on them over the past year or so (possibly even further back) and I need to start digitising that info. Much of it is the rules explanations I mentioned at the start of the year, most of which I haven't yet written up on Google drive although I did get another couple of files sorted late last week. I also spent a while making lists of things that are relevant to SAGA and the incoming committee which I intend to add to the DropBox before I no longer have access as I am not on next year's committee.

I might be going out both this Friday and the following one, for a Birthday and a Leaving the Country gathering respectively. The day after the second of those I have a clash of gaming events and will miss most of the Mini-Con III on the Saturday to spend time with the others celebrating another birthday (that may also include cat time).
This weekend just been was another game day, at a new place, where I played a couple of games I'd never played before. Both of which I enjoyed enough that I'll gladly play either again, and would be inclined to buy the second if not for the great benefit to having a Smart Phone.

Mini-Con II

2015-Sep-29, Tuesday 11:23 pm
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I spent more than 12 hours of each day over the weekend at the Uni, mostly playing games, with not as much time waiting around as has previously occurred. I also got more hugs than is normal for me, from three people, including one that I hadn't seen for a couple of years.
Shortly after a lot of people started showing up on Saturday a game of Eclipse was suggested and I thought briefly that if might be an eight (or even nine) player game. That didn't end up happening as one of those that might have joined realised how much time it would take and didn't want to commit to that long. The six of us that did play ended up spending six hours in game, I'm not sure if that included the rules explanation for the new player (and refresh for a couple of others). With a last round influx of neighbouring forces into mine I had victory taken from me, something I should have seen coming considering how many missiles that player had on his ships. For the next time I play I will be far more aware of the danger missile ships can be. It seems that my tendency while playing will always to go Tech, I had more than the player that was playing the Tech race.
Early on the Sunday I got a play of Ad Astra in and we had the lowest winning score I remember it ever being. Normally the game ends in the round that someone passes 50 points and that is usually seen approaching so players choose to score in the final round, inflating scores. This game had a couple of us sort of close but it apparently wasn't expected that any of us would get to 50 so not many score cards were played and I reached 51. Around the middle of the afternoon I played in an Agricola game (with the G-deck cards) and scored much less well than I have in the prior two games (with E-deck), beaten by all but the newest player.

On Wednesday last week I ended up managing to get back to Mainly Music for the first time in six months, nearly to the day. I'm wondering if the earlier rise time might become more of a thing when I don't have work, I certainly woke earlier today than I'd expected to. I haven't been back to church much more over the same time frame, I don't expect the frequency of that to change much.

With one of my flatmates using the lounge at the weekend to play PS games on a big screen (sheet hanging from the wall) I have spent the past few days with my laptop in my room instead of the lounge. As such there's a good chance that tomorrow will see me watching YouTube here again instead of using the big screen TV in the lounge. It might also see me start logging into Skype again, after not doing so while in the lounge.

Going down.

2015-Sep-08, Tuesday 11:49 pm
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I'm working tomorrow, which means getting up early. After a weekend and couple of days where I've been going to bed almost as late as I will need to get up. After I'm done at work I'll be walking home, buying bread on the way, and then dealing with some cleaning before sitting down to catch up on the normal stuff that accumulates online while I'm away from my PC. Then I'll be getting a ride to games for the first time in a long time because someone wants a conversation about something. After playing Mad King Ludwig last time I was there I want to play again, having played Suburbia again yesterday that desire has grown.

Catching up on PodCasts is mostly done now with only 8 hours besides the one that I have to go back more than a year on. YouTube was close enough yesterday that I spent time watching The Monkees instead.

Tonight at SAGA I had a very good game of Agricola, getting downstream food for half the game and managing to grow my family pretty much as soon as I was wanting to. I think I've managed to score better just the once, and that was only by 3 points. I only took clay the once, with my second action, and used it to by a Fireplace the following round. During the game my father was ringing me and when I called him back I got the bad news that one of my Uncles had died in a truck crash late in the afternoon. The game of 7 Wonders I played after went even worse than they normally do and I doubt it was due to the news I'd received.

Spring has sprung.

2015-Sep-01, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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My BoardGameGeek account indicates that I learnt 11 games last month. Three don't really count as new though for a variety of reasons. One I'd played as a child/teen well before I started recording plays of games at BGG, one as it's basically the same game as another I'd played a few times, and the third I'd played online. Of the other eight I would gladly add four to my personal collection if I expected to get them played (and had the cash) and none are games I'll actively avoid. That's a much better rate than is normal when I learn games with as little prewarning.

Skyrim has taken a back seat to other things recently, mainly as I'm aiming to catch up with the YouTube subscriptions I have and PodCasts that iTunes keeps messing up. I had thought that one of the podcasts I'd been listening to for a few years died about a year ago. It turns out that the RSS file changed or something and so now I've found it again I'm going to have to download the 20 or so files that weren't in the new feed because it doesn't go back far enough. The damned program also keeps dropping the automatic updates of podcasts it thinks I haven't listened to recently enough, even with some podcasts that I've listened to in the past couple of days.

The rest of this week seems to be full of birthdays for people that I used to be close to.


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