I was nudged.

2011-Jan-13, Thursday 04:17 pm
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I have received my first 'nudge' and as I was thinking about posting anyway, here goes.

First up is the fact that yesterday was seven years since I first signed up at LiveJournal. That's a long time to have a record of anything, although I do have financial records going back further. I've also got five years worth of board-game plays recorded at BGG. I'm sure I've commented before about the vast change in how prolific I am now compared to the first few months but I still wonder how I had the motivation back then to post nearly every day. Posting twice within a month has been uncommon for the past couple of years if not longer.

This month is not quite half over and I've been out of my flat on all but two of the evenings so far, a ratio that is unprecedented for me, especially with SAGA not running at the moment. Tuesday night I went to see Tron: Legacy and the most recent weekend I was at Wainui with a little over 50 of my Church family. Most of those nights have been various Board Gaming sessions, at five different locations (including Wainui). While I may be out again tonight I expect that the rest of the month will be a couple of nights a week, maybe three. Although there are reports indicating I'll be thiefed one night next week.

When I was at the cinema I was stopped by a couple, neither of whom I recognised. When he spoke, asking if I recognised who he was, I remembered them from my time at polytech. The disconnect kept me from talking much, not that I normally talk much anyway. It was good to see them both though, there weren't many others I felt closer to during the time I was there, largely because I spent a lot of time with them thanks to my living situation that first year. The movie itself was good, a lot like the original which is what it should have been in my opinion.

I discovered something odd during my time at the camp in Wainui. For some reason I shoot arrows better left handed than right. After about 5 rounds trying right handed (which is how I should best manage) and managing only once to get close to the bulls-eye, I tried my last three shots with the left-handed bow and two of the three were in the bulls-eye with the other in the next ring out. That was the only time I did any damage to my arm as well, so poorer posture may have been helpful.
I also got the opportunity to play a few games of Carcassonne after one of the youth remembered playing it at Teapot Valley a year earlier and the two of us attracted a small crowd asking about it. There was also a short discussion about Agricola after the couple that knew me way back when got introduced to it by relatives of theirs recently. I don't think I would have wanted to make the step up they did, from Catan to Agricola, but they both seem to enjoy it so it worked for them.

I had a busy weekend

2009-Dec-14, Monday 10:17 pm
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Last Wednesday morning was the last time I'll be helping at Mainly Music until February thanks to the school holidays and I'm going to miss the children and getting to play with the toys. It does mean that Ill be available for work one more day than has become normal for that time but it seems that there's very little work available at the moment so it might not make a lot of difference. I think I might miss the food that was available there as well.

Wednesday night games last week was a little abnormal. I went along early as the hosts were going elsewhere and wanted me to be there before they left. Until the first others started showing up I was able to spend a while playing Borderlands which I wouldn't buy for myself but can see spending a while on if given the chance again. After there were a couple of others present one of us decided on Carcassonne as a short game to play while waiting for the rest to arrive. A fourth arrived as we chose colours so we ended up with four in what was the first non-expanded game I can recall playing for quite a while. As I tend to when playing against multiple opponents I gave advice a few times in a way helpful to me and gained the ire of one of my opponents at least once. That game also ended up being the first time I can remember a tie for first as the late arrival and myself were even on points before scoring the farmers and the only farm of relevance had two of our farmers in it. After that was done I ended up teaching four others how to play Snow Tails. I wasn't as clear about the rules as I would have been if I'd actually read them for myself but I don't think there was major rules issues (there was at least one small thing). They did enjoy it though and the winner had been well in front from just over half-way through. The last game I played in was a very short game of Cutthroat Caverns which saw myself out in the third round and another in the fourth after everyone lost a lot of health early on. The fifth monster was going to kill one of the other two that were left making it practically impossible for an actual winner to emerge so the game was called.

On Friday night I spent a while at a practice for the small play that is going to happen this coming weekend at Church as I was going to be the substitute if someone else didn't show. After sitting in for a few minutes that person arrived and I spent the next hour being harassed by the children that had come along as well. As I was walking home I got a text message asking if I wanted to go play games so I ended up going out again very soon after getting home and played three games of Agricola. I'm still making a few stupid mistakes but I think that the basics may be eluding me less than they used to, at the very least I'm avoid losing points in most categories.

Saturday I spent lazing around until mid/late afternoon when I went out to help set up the RBC Youth Dinner and Dance. As happens when I wear my suit I got told I dress up nice and I remembered how to tie the tie I keep in one of the suit pockets. After the food portion of the night was done most of the youth headed upstairs to a largely emptied room for the dancing portion of the evening. As expected I didn't join in but I did stick around longer than might have been expected. And I spent longer in the room with the loud music than I would have expected although the lights were more disconcerting at times.

Yesterday I headed to church even earlier than normal and made a start on getting things back to normal in the Children's Church room (after they'd been cleared for the dinner the night before) and realised I hadn't really paid any attention to where things were. After the service I got invited to join those that were going to get SubWay for lunch and ended up back in the youth room before a decision was made to go elsewhere and watch episodes of Summer Heights High, largely (it seemed) to test the reaction of one other person present that hadn't seen it already. After a couple of hours of that the group had dwindled and "He's Just Not That Into You" was put in the DVD player instead and instead of crude humour we watched people failing at relationships. While at that home I was offered leftovers from the night before and actually ate all that I'd been given without issue. Apparently that's another house I manage to eat at.

Today I spent a while trying to install software on my desktop PC that would allow me to upload things to the RBC website but for whatever reason it refused to work properly. I'm going to try again tomorrow afternoon if I don't get other offers for how to spend my time but if it doesn't work I'll have to renege on helping with what I'd agreed to. The laptop managed to get the programs working a year ago but it's not reliable enough for me to use it for anything important.

Tomorrow morning I have work again, and it could be the last day for the year if I remember correctly. I think I was told last week that today and tomorrow had work but that would be the end of it for the casuals this year. As such I'm hoping to remember to get my payslips that have again built up for a month or so and also to make sure the boss knows I won't be available the last week of the year.

Change, again

2009-Feb-15, Sunday 09:08 pm
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This week has been the first week since November that I worked all four days that I am "available" to each week. Most of it doing what I now prefer to do (after asking to be taken off the machine with the operator I don't like) so that aspect of it was good, the sheer monotony of it wasn't. Having the extra money come in will be good as well. The staff change around that has been happening (partly because of holidays) has me wondering who is actually going to be there some days. One casual was back for about six months after nearly 2 years away and left again at the end of January, another casual has just come back after about 8 months (or more) away and has mentioned possibly being there long enough to get taken on as a company temp.

With yesterday being Valentines I celebrated the same way I always have, grateful to be under no obligation to be spending any money on a manufactured holiday.
In the afternoon I was made aware of the Twilight Cinema that's happening in North Hagley Park over the current month and had thought I might go watch "Breakfast at Tiffanys" up until about 6 when I decided I would just head out for a walk instead. Foolishly I headed in the direction of the Warehouse and ended up there for nearly an hour looking at DVDs, books, boardgames, kids toys and junk food. I came out with seasons 2 and 4 of Monk, WALL-E, United 93 and a Victor Borge performance from 1979, all on DVD. I was also given a fake rose as the staff were trying to get rid of the oversupply they had.
Church this morning was better than the past couple of weeks had been for me, I actually felt well enough to stay and help with the Children's Ministry. I don't think it was simply more sleep, as I was still later to bed last night than I should have been and that had been the case almost all week. My diet may have improved enough of late to have an impact though, I'm actually eating fruit again.
After the service it was revealed that someone had brought a little motor-bike to the church and at least half-a-dozen of us that were still there took turns riding it in the carpark. I was told (and this may be a misquote) "I rode it as though I had ridden a motor-bike before", odd when I've avoided being in control of mechanised transport of almost all sorts besides dodgem cars most of my life.

Over the next few weeks I seem to have quite a few out of the ordinary plans.

  • I'll be helping with child minding twice this week besides during the Sunday morning service; Mainly Music on Wednesday morning and (maybe) a school thing for a friend on Thursday at some point.
  • A party of some sort on Saturday, the reason for which is currently shrouded in mystery.
  • I've been told I can host the start of the games night on the Wednesday 10 days from now as the hosts are going to go to the Twenty-20 cricket that's happening that evening.
  • I have also been invited to the KAOS first party and am unsure whether or not I should bother heading along. I won't really know most of the people there, even discounting the new (potential) recruits and it's not really the sort of gathering that I'll ever fit in well at.
  • The weekend before my birthday I'll be playing poker again, hopefully lasting longer before getting knocked out this time.
  • The day before my birthday I'm going bowling with whomever else comes along (1 confirmed, 6 potentials). I hope to go more often over 2009 than just twice like I did last year, I enjoy bowling but didn't get around to going much last year due to laziness.
  • At some point I also need to make bookings about air travel to Melbourne (and then Brisbane?) so I can visit my sister and brother-in-law (and maybe another friend I haven't seen enough of for a very long time).

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I did intend to post some sort of 2008 in review entry on New Years Day or very soon after, that never even came close to happening. Apart from not getting to play board games with as many people as had been partially planned just after the start of the new year I haven't had any other plans go asunder; having not really made any plans helps with that.

The two weeks of work since my last post have been another couple of short weeks, one because of the stat days, the more recent because I was thinking I'd be doing something I didn't end up doing on the Friday. Having so few people around has seemed weird, especially when there's only been two machines running all shift instead of the four or so that's more common.

Over the past four days I've been helping people with various things and I've felt good because of it. I like helping people. Today a couple I know shifted houses and I went along to help with shifting boxes and assembling furniture. (I also ended up child minding to a degree; as seems normal to me now, once they got used to me I started getting "harassed" by one of them, and then a second. By the time they were getting taken home the third had started to join in as well.) Over the weekend, from midday Friday until I left for church this morning, I was house-sitting again. More DVDs watched and a PS3 game played partway through. I didn't miss a nights worth of sleep this time though, even with the temperature such that I easily could have. Thursday night I went out to help prepare the house that was shifted into today, apparently I vacuum well - odd with the amount of practice I haven't had.

Board game sessions will (I've been informed) continue throughout this year as they did last year. That bodes well for me, I doubt I'll be playing anywhere near as many new games this year and that should enable to me to improve my performance. Averaging a game a day (as I have been since my last entry here) isn't likely to continue unless the other group gets more interested in playing, but hopefully with a few new games (that I'll be supplying) there will be more interest from them than there was last year. On the other hand, that might be counter-productive, I don't think that group is as interested in learning new games.

I started thinking today that I might have made the wrong decision about Hillsong this year, odd when I was so adamant about the choice when I made it. I had also thought about attending Parachute this year, and even notified work that I wouldn't be working the Friday and Monday concerned when the December/January holidays were being worked out. Knowing only one person that was intending to go probably put a big damper on that, especially when I got the impression she was wanting it to be an independence thing for her.

Tomorrow marks the 5 year anniversary of me creating this journal, I don't know what to think of the fact I actually have such a long term record of my thoughts and actions.

My weekend away

2008-Aug-18, Monday 08:56 pm
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I had nearly 72 hours away from my flat (no work today) and since returning I have settled right back into my normal behaviour (apart from cooking a couple of hours later than is normal). To be quite honest though, I didn't really do much different while I was away, less time online and more time watching DVDs but that's about the only difference apart from diet. I slept more this weekend than I did the first time, mainly because I went to bed on Saturday night this time. Although I came close to not realising how late it had got because I was watching "Life on Mars" and didn't think about the fact that each episode was going to be just under an hour.
I only watched three movies this time: Donnie Darko (which I enjoyed but don't rate as highly as others seem to), Deja Vu (which I'd wanted to see since seeing a preview while on a date with my ex) and Aliens (which means I'm half-way through the quadrology). The rest of what I watched included the first disc of a Donald Duck Treasury, the aforementioned "Life on Mars" season 2, and nearly all of the "Big Bang Theory" season 1 again (clips of which can be found at YouTube). Apart from having the PS3 on to watch DVDs I didn't make any use of it, no Ratchet and Clank at all.

I helped out with the Children's Church again on Sunday, I'm obviously not staying away like I had thought I would be. After church I was invited to a child's birthday party and ended up having a good time, much like I did nearly a couple of years back with my ex and one of her daughters friends. I spent a lot of time with the younger sister of the birthday girl, at one point being fed fries by her which was amusing. The McDonalds playgrounds seem like they should be less fun than they are.

Before I headed away on Friday I came across a post on the SmileCity forums about what people consider most important in potential romantic partners. Because I've thought about such things a lot over the past few months I took a little time to expand on why I was ordering them that way. (1 is most important to me.) What I posted there... )

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[livejournal.com profile] shuffler (and anyone else interested in film) you might like to have a look at Art of the Title, it's a website dedicated to the opening credits of films and TV shows.

According to the Board Game Geek website I own 8 of the top 50 board games when you order them by the number of people owning them. I have played half of them as designed, and another couple that I've only played online.

At some point this coming weekend I'm expecting to meet the new flatmate, she came by on Monday night while I was out at R18 to look at the place and decided then that she'd like to shift in. As I was with the search for the previous two, I had only one thing I wanted in a flatmate, someone that won't be making noise while I'm trying to sleep.

I did get to see "Prince Caspian" on Sunday but not at the time I'd initially intended. A group of teens decided they would come with me but failed to show up in time to get tickets to the screening that sold out so we went to the next one. In the inbetween time we went back to the church and played a little badminton upstairs and generally messed around.

Someone I had never expected to hear from again contacted me early this week. It's good to have the possibility of redeveloping the friendship but I'm unsure what more, if anything, will happen. It's also led to me realising (more than I already had) that I spend to much time thinking about what might go wrong

With me expecting snow yesterday, and having felt a little ill early at work on Monday, I took yesterday off work. After getting up late I shifted my recliner through to the lounge from my bedroom so I'd be more comfortable while I sit here with my laptop and/or play PS2 games. Having the TV intermittently fail to show the picture it should over the past week means I missed TV I would otherwise have watched yesterday and I haven't spent as much time playing PS2 games as I otherwise would have. But I was more comfortable missing things than I would have been.

My Friend Wheel at FaceBook looks neater than it has for quite a while, probably as the result of me changing the sort method. The one I put on my Bebo page looks bare in comparison, but much like the first few from FaceBook did.
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The only problem for me is the distinct lack of appetite I'm likely to experience any time I go again. It is unsurprisingly a good idea to eat and drink well before giving blood, neither of which I really tend to do in the course of a normal day. Because of that I was almost not able to donate, before being permitted I had to drink half a litre of water. I will be giving again, in a few months I expect, I just won't do so with as little forethought. The actual process was almost painless although the way my arm seemed to lose most of it's strength was disconcerting.
As a result of me feeling lightheaded and being a little short on food I decided against seeing "Prince Caspian" on Thursday the way I had been planning to. Instead I'll be going on Sunday afternoon unless other plans develop, and may go with a number of people from church if they are interested.

Wednesday night gaming continues to be a highlight of each week. I think I'd like to play shorter games next week though, Colosseum and Power Grid ended up taking about two hours each this week and while I don't mind playing a single game for that long I think I'd rather play more short games than fewer long ones.

In other news I did only one day of work this week, there has been a slow down and there was only work available for me on Wednesday (I might have been able to work Thursday). The extra sleep has been good although I would have been better going to bed at the normal time and sleeping in.

Hillsong, two weeks, still not feeling excited about it.

Why my life doesn't suck

2008-Mar-08, Saturday 11:56 pm
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If I actually examine my life it's actually not bad in most respects.
  • I've got more than enough money to do the things I want to do, and more than I need coming in each week even if I skip a day or two of work.
  • The job I have may be boring, but I'm good at it (according to many of the permanent staff) and have over most of the past few weeks found myself able to read a lot due to the poor consistency of the machines.
  • I have friends that seem to enjoy my company, even if I don't do much in the way of arranging to spend any time with them.
  • I get to spend time with children each week (while helping with Children's Church) which is probably helpful in dealing with the whole "single, lonely, never going to be a parent" aspect of my life.
  • I recently (the end of January) found a group of people that like to play board games, maybe even as much as I do, and have been getting to learn a new game or two each week with them since that first night. I've also been welcomed warmly by that group to a degree I don't remember experiencing before apart from church related groups of some sort.
  • I have what probably amounts to an excess of 5000 pieces of Torro thanks to TradeMe and my disposable income. Dice towers shall be built. As will houses apparently, I'm getting company at some point as a friend wants to play with my toys.

More specific news, I spent the middle portion of Saturday afternoon at the wedding of a couple of friends from Spreydon, the same guy I went to the combined 25th/stag night of a couple of weeks back. It was a good wedding, I don't think I've ever been to a bad one, and I got to spend a little time with a few people that I haven't really seen since I stopped heading over to Spreydon on a weekly basis.
After attending the wedding in the afternoon I went to the cinema with a friend that I haven't seen in I don't know how long and saw "Jumper". That makes three movies I've seen with that friend since first meeting her in 2004 and the first movie I've seen at the cinema since seeing "The Guardian" back in November 2006.
If I didn't have this annoying little issue of feeling ill when socialising I'd have spent the latter portion of the evening at the wedding dance, instead, I walked home from the movie after seeing my friend to her scooter and watched another disc of my Fraggle Rock collection.

Oldening in just over a week, as is that of a number of people I know. Three next week, day after day after day, one the week just finishing now and then two others in the same week as mine. I might go climbing again, in the 'fun' section of the building. More likely is bowling and/or mini-golf as more of my friends that I see regularly would be interested in those activities.
The last thing I'll be adding here before sleeping the morning away until church time is that I've got myself an (old) PalmPilot that I will probably on-sell if I can get a newer model, all I wanted it for was to use a particular program that interfaces with my LibraryThing account. What I got is running the prior OS and is not compatible. :(

I was busy yesterday.

2007-Aug-05, Sunday 10:54 pm
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Hello anyone reading this at Facebook. Come on over to LJ to read the entirety of the entry with intact links if you're interested. (Just click the "View original post" link above.)

I spent almost all of yesterday between waking up and midnight either at my church, or the house next door. Today's service was the Hillsong Conference recap and we (the six of us that went over to Hillsong Conference and a couple of others that chose to help) spent yesterday setting up and preparing for it. That involved a short script writing session, most of which had been done by the time I was 'abducted' from my home. I let my pessimistic tendencies out to play a little in my description of the conference, mentioning a few things I hadn't liked (only 4 of the 7 things I'd managed to list through the week), but then said that I was still going back. My intention was that even with things I didn't like I still want to go back so it must have been good even if I can't explain what was good about it. I don't know how well that came through. The others that were involved thought the video was funny when we got to see it completed, that took a while due to needing picture in picture at a couple of points and intermixing the audio/video from the two takes.
While we were waiting for final rendering to take place a few of us amused ourselves by doing silly things. Including me proving that I am still capable of supporting my body weight for a while solely on the back of my head and my heels. Something that I first did at my first night attending the Gore Baptist Church Youth Group back in late '96 I think, although I wasn't able to stay up as long Saturday night. I also proved myself capable of winding my way around a chair to bite a biscuit placed upon a glass by the back leg on the far side to that which I was moving around from. There was also a less than fully committed effort to get four of us sitting on each others' knees/laps.

I got invited to the mall just a little after church finished this afternoon, once I'd watched people eat again we ended up in Farmers looking at children's toys. It's been a while since I did that and looking back on the afternoon I am a little surprised to have not really thought about any of those other occasions while there. After that it was just two of us and I ended up wandering along behind/beside her the way I tend to when I'm with any of my female friends in a mall. Getting taken into Strandbags ended up costing me $30 though, after about two months I've finally replaced my wallet, which was no longer holding coins securely. Once we went our separate ways I went to do my grocery shopping and ended up getting one of those 4c off fuel coupons, the first I've had at any point since the offers came into effect.

I watched The Pianist on Friday night / Saturday morning. Another movie like Rabbit Proof Fence in some ways, I'm not sure how I feel after watching it. I don't think I want to watch a lot of depressing movies, regardless of the reasons for watching them. Watching it while tired and needing to go to sleep probably wasn't the wisest idea though.

Goals 3, 4, 5 and 6 may all be taken care of somewhat sooner than expected. I've been pointed in the direction of prezzy cards and once I get money back from my previous flat (something I should have dealt with months ago) I will have the funds available to be taking care of those things. I've also got myself somewhat closer to having a proper cleaning schedule (86) worked out, not to the point of being able to follow one but closer. I cheated a little and asked a LiveJournal community in a poll about a week ago.
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Wil Wheaton posted on his blog today about DailyLit, where it's possible to set things up so that you get sent regular email with subsequent portions of books you would like to read. Of course, almost everything there is quite old, otherwise it would involve infringement of copywrite laws. Once I'm done with Pride and Prejudice I think I might arrange to haveWar of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H. G. Wells emailed to me. I am however, more likely to just go to wherever they are at the website and read them in two or three sessions instead of over the weeks the email option could lead to.

The banner did get made on Friday night. It took about an hour with only three of us there so it wasn't complicated. And though I did mention my new game I wasn't enthusiastic in suggesting it (not surprising really) and I don't think either of the other two really would have paid much attention.

I should have watched Casablanca on Sunday night, it would have been one of the movies off the IMDB top 250 (101_in_1001 item 90). After a few of us from R18 went to the Casino for $5 steak (only possible with a "players card"?) we headed back to the R18 leaders home with the intention of watching a DVD. It took a while before we sat down to watch it thanks to us talking some more and the inertia that tends to be present in our gatherings. About ten minutes in (maybe not even that) we paused it to get dessert and upon returning watched some of Top Gear. During that Steve seemed to be trying to arrange a game night for the week ahead and I indicated I'd probably be able to play whatever night he wanted. He then went and got the Catan boxes and I decided that I would rather play then than watch the DVD. We ended up having our first 5 player game of Cities & Knights for around a year or so I think, leaving only three people watching the DVD.

Tomorrow I should finish my first 40 hour week of work since getting back from Hillsong, the second since I was employed by PMP itself and only the third I'll have done for the year. (Although the first week after being employed by PMP was only 3 hours short because I wanted to attend a funeral.) Therefore I'm going to be 1/4 done with goal 75 unless I get sent home early. I've begun to think I might be well advised to alter the goal though, as I have no guarantee of five days of work in any given week. Maybe make it three months working every day there is work available?

meme )
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Amazing Grace was definitely worth watching, although I was once again completely unaware of how much time had passed as the movie progressed, something that I always find annoying. And with my only timepiece being my phone it's not available when I'm at the cinema.
I spent a few hours last night watching movies (to the extent I watch movies when my PC is on), A Bug's Life which I'd seen twice already I think, Terminator 3 which I'd seen none of before, and most of Star Wars I which I've now seen enough to not want to watch again it seems. All in all, I watched more TV last night than I seem likely to in the entirety of any given week. The reminder of how much I've changed in that area since High School is welcome.

After almost finishing "The Rivan Codex" this afternoon and then cleaning up a few things, including the dishes, I rung my parents. Something I should have done two weeks ago, the first day I was back from Australia. It was not only an opportunity to finally let them know I was okay, I also made use of my new hands-free capabilities for my cellphone. I had also bid on a bluetooth device but decided that this was going to be cheaper, and probably as convenient for me.
I'll probably start reading Pride and Prejudice tomorrow afternoon when I've finished cleaning up after work. Looking back on the past three weeks it seems that if I had been reading books at the same rate for the entirety of the year I'd probably be up to book 100 or so by now.

As of today Morning Church has returned to normal for me after the holidays, I arrive a little early and rearrange furniture / turn on heaters in the room set aside for Children's Church. Apart from either next Sunday or the one after that is, during which service those of us that went to Hillsong will be talking about what happened. I don't think I'll have much to say, and not only because I find myself unable to remember most of it.

I've been getting to know one of my flatmates a little better recently, the one I actually see some afternoons between me getting home from work and her heading out. It was her that I watched Rabbit Proof Fence with earlier in the week and there have, for a while, been short conversations as she passes through the house to smoke outside. The other flatmate I barely see as he seems even more inclined than me to spend his time in his room and thus at least somewhat cut-off from the other two of us.


2007-Jul-17, Tuesday 11:06 pm
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I've started combing my hair on occasion, after not knowing where my comb was during most of the time I was at the Field Terrace flat it still seems a little weird to be doing anything with my hair besides patting it down. With my hair now being longish again it seems almost a calming thing to comb my hair a little after I shower. It also makes it less likely that my hair will stick out oddly when it finishes drying.

I watched Rabbit Proof Fence this evening, with one of my flatmates, and am somewhat unsure what I should be thinking now. Going out to the supermarket almost straight after and buying nearly $20 worth of junk food doesn't help with my attempt to come to a decision about how I feel.

The pruning I'd been intending ended up being a little more in depth than I had expected. There are now 20 less entities on my list, 9 of those I removed are actual journals (4 that actually update) and 7 are communities (all of which were updating at least semi-regularly). I now have almost as many people friending me without reciprocation as mutual friends. My interests list has yet to be dealt with though, maybe later in the week.
Once I'd purged both yahoo and hotmail address books I used both to see how many people I know on Bebo. Might have been more interesting to try before purging but I didn't really give it any thought until after the fact.

People from my church are going to be seeing "Amazing Grace" this Sunday night. It will be the first movie I've seen at the cinema since I saw "The Guardian" last year and that was the only movie I saw at the cinema last year.

The second Hillsong entry will be up at some point. I just have to figure out what to write, which is hard when I don't really remember specifics.
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Friday was about what it would normally have been, apart from a quick visit from my Father to drop off an extension cord. At that time I also gave him the present I got for him and a few books for Mum that I got from work. Apart from that I didn't really do much after work apart from sit here at my PC and watch a couple of things on TV.

Excessive detail of my weekend. )

What I should do before heading out tonight is sort out the washing that I have so that things are a little tidier, making rearranging my room less problematic when I get around to it. Currently my bed is positioned by two windows which is going to become more of a problem in the next month or so. I also think it would be good to have my PC posittioned such that sunlight only strikes the screen in the morning, when I'm not typically at home, instead of the afternoon like it currently does with open curtains.
I'm probably going to play another game or two of Cities and Knights at AsoBrain.com
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I'm going back to a four day work week, for a while at least. After almost missing the start of my shift Tuesday morning and then leaving a little late yesterday as well it seems obvious that I need more sleep than I'll get during a five day work week. That's even with the two hours or so that I napped in the afternoons after wasting some time here at my PC. While at work today the operator for the machine I was assigned to noticed the small pile of stuff I had placed near me and questioned the lack of a Star Trek book. That isn't surprising considering the past week saw me with a different book there each day.

This afternoon as I headed home I finally found the motivation to see about getting myself a bigger, better jacket. What I have currently is nine years old, somewhat damaged because of my job and not long enough to cover my knees as I walk to work. This means that when it rains in the morning I arrive at work with wet legs and cold wet knees. The place I was going to go into had apparently closed for business so I went into the Warehouse instead and because I was unable to see any jackets larger than the one I already have I purchased DVDs instead. I now have "The Magnificent Seven" which I've been thinking about buying for quite some time and "Star Trek: Generations" which should surprise no-one (and which I've already watched).
On the topic of jackets, does anyone know a good place to find long coats, big jackets or some similar means by which I can ensure that very little of my legs will be exposed to the rain on the unpleasant mornings I have to walk to work? Without requiring a large expenditure? Until I can control my spending a little better I don't have tons of disposable income.

thefridayfive - 18 August 2006
  1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake? I don't remember doing so for a long, long time. (I don't think I've actually had a cake for a long, long time either.)
  2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes? I'd be fairly surprised.
  3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g., love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.) On the whole, I just don't care. Taking it from an extreme view point, it's simply a celebration that a person avoided dying for a whole year.
  4. Tell us a favourite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday. I was given Star Trek DVDs a few years back, more recently I received an expansion to a game I quite enjoy which was also nice.
  5. What flavour cake? Chocolate.
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For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I left morning church early, as in before it finished. I really do need to keep myself from consuming milk, cheese or yoghurt for at least a week to test my current suspicion. On the plus side though, I watched Serenity and some of the bonus features this afternoon after watching the last half of Project Alf.
I also headed to Spreydon (for the second time in as many evening services) and spent some time with the other good friend I have there. With me, from the week after next I believe, missing out on most of the sermons at morning church due to helping with the children I intend to start going back to evening services most weeks, at least until I'm no longer missing out on morning services.
On my way back from that part of the city, which was the long way thanks to catching a couple of buses instead of walking, I saw[livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire for a few minutes which was a pleasant surprise.

I found a satellite photo showing my old home yesterday. One of the owners (assuming there has been more than one) has, at some point over the past five or so years, planted trees and got rid of the vegetable garden that was there. They've also apparently got rid of the small flower gardens that my parents put in over their last few years in that house but they don't seem to have painted the roof at all (unless they really liked the colour I suppose).
The whole reason I was found that photo was me creating this list at Lists of Bests. Apart from adding in Gore myself I haven't bothered to add any of the other places I've been, mainly because I really don't want to expend that much effort. I have however been making the effort to map some of the locations that had already been added in.

[livejournal.com profile] el_gremmo, I don't know whether or not you'll remember it but I recall an entry of yours quite some time ago where you felt that you were sort of wasting your time because you didn't want to go overseas many places and there was therefore only three or four countries coloured on the map you'd created at some website. I commented that I didn't see why people were so eager to leave when they hadn't explored their own home country and you questioned whether or not a similar thing could be made for New Zealand. If you are still interested, and I didn't hallucinate all that, you may find that 43 places allows you to do what you wanted.
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On Sunday afternoon, an hour or so after the Sunday Funday meeting ended, a couple of friends showed up and asked if [livejournal.com profile] arkore, his brother and myself would like to go to the beach for a while. Some of us ended up walking along the boardwalk near Scarborough Park without shoes and received blisters for our lack of forethought. I felt quite foolish once I sat down to watch everyone else in the water, I'd taken my shoes to wear while I was walking around and then wore them right up until I started walking on the hot ground. I think maybe I should just go swimming the next time I'm invited to do so, it certainly won't be worse than sitting watching everyone else have fun.

I got hit by three vans on Monday afternoon and came close to getting run over at least that many other times. Someone from K.A.O.S is performing a study that involves VR and road crossing, I failed to accurately judge the apparent speeds of the vans and heard unwelcome sounds.

R18 has started up again for the year, we had a BBQ on Monday night and then watched the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was enjoyable but I'm not sure how it would compare to the original anymore, it's probably best I don't try and find out as most things don't compare well with recollections from childhood. At least four of those that were regulars at the end of last year didn't come on Monday night, two because they were in Auckland (having attended Parachute) and the other two I'm thinking of were on holiday in the Taupo area. Undoubtably I'm missing others from the mental list I have but hopefully numbers will be decent throughout the year even with the couple that was in Auckland intending to shift there for a few months or more.

Tuesday night I got to play Cities and Knights at the table again, this time it was arkore that won so my winning streak came to a halt fairly quickly. Lack of sleep had been affecting me for at least some of the game I believe, I could tell I was on my way to becoming angry at the perception I had of being picked on even though arkore was in the lead. I also didn't manage to concentrate later on in the evening when arkore wanted my opinion on something and I actually went to bed just after midnight even though I didn't have work this morning because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open as I was reading here at my PC.

Work has again dropped off somewhat, nothing today and (so far as I currently know) nothing tomorrow so I will miss out on LAN sessioning on Saturday if there's work available then.

Firefly personality )

Because of the MBTI gamers list I found at Board Game Geek I decided to do another test to find which of the four possibilities that seemed closest I was. This was probably the first of these tests I've taken that has had such a definitive split for the Sensing/Intuitive grouping.
Your personality type is ISTP.
Introverted (I) 93%Extraverted (E) 7%
Sensing (S) 82%Intuitive (N) 18%
Thinking (T) 85%Feeling (F) 15%
Perceiving (P) 59%Judging (J) 41%
It was the the description in the ISTP entry that initially caught my eye, most noticably "they do not present an impression of constant activity. On the contrary, they lie dormant, saving their energy until a project or an adventure worthy of their time comes along--and then they launch themselves at it," as this is how I expect a number of people at the church camp may have seen me after the second last evening where I actually played a game of indoor soccer after almost a week of very little besides playing Settlers. The descriptions of INTPs and ISTJs also seemed reasonably close and the INTJ seemed about half right.
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I just finished reading all seven of the Narnia books, for most of the time from about ten this morning until now I have been reading. There was an hour I took out to play a couple of games of Cities and Knights and another half hour to listen to Adventures in Odyssey. All up it took me around nine hours to read all seven books which was a lot quicker than I'd initially expected.

I seem to have been spending as much time away from my flat just recently as I do when I'm working a lot, and I haven't really been working much at all. Yesterday I left around four and didn't get back until after 11:30 thanks to going to see the Narnia movie and then playing a couple of table-top games of Cities and Knights. There was also two days last week my flatmates came to find me not here without knowing why.

Yesterday I also worked out what movies I've seen at the cinema this year. Of those that I'd intended to go see there was only one that I missed seeing but even with that I've at least doubled the number seen compared to every year for the past five or six years. (And prior years I saw even fewer.)
  • Blade: Trinity: [livejournal.com profile] arkore, [livejournal.com profile] shuffler, the other two flatmates here and myself went to see this back in January just before shuffler was to head back home before arranging a trip he still hasn't taken.
  • Kingdom of Heaven: I went and saw this with a friend one afternoon when we decided to see a movie and nothing else really appealed at all.
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: I saw this on my own late one night when I realised it was about to stop showing at theatres.
  • Batman Begins: I saw this with the same friend I saw Kingdom of Heaven with, this time because we were both interested in seeing it.
  • Serenity: The movie of the short lived TV show from a guy I count in the top five creative types for TV.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: Even without knowing a friend was in this I was going to see it. I've read the book at least half a dozen times I think and was going to read it again before seeing the movie if I hadn't been picked up earlier than expected.

F.Y.I. Free users now get six user icons free. That means I still have one I can't use from the month I was a paid member last year.
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My NaNoWriMo attempt this year has been successful, I even have seven words left over if someone needs to borrow some. That's after I removed the notes and other minor word debris that the file contained and had another short burst of typing to take the count back above the 50,000 word target.
I think that next year (if I do go ahead and have another crack at it next year) I'll make sure to leave a couple of hours free each evening when it's dark, that's when most of my writing got done this year, especially on the hot days. Even before that though I'm thinking I might write more of what was last years attempt, I still think the story could be a good one, although it would be better written by someone with actual talent.
My final result graph for the month looks like this ) and I'm quite happy with it. There is also a customizable table on the site, which shows not only that it took me a single week to need more than 2000 words a day to win but according to the math used in the table I should only have 25,124 words at the moment. Having such a noticeable change in pace over the course of the month appears to have messed up the formula accuracy.

Work has been less successful this week, so far I've done two days and am getting at least two off. Hopefully I do still get to work on Friday as Saturday is double booked already and I'm not going to miss either of those things if can avoid it. It would also be nice if the next time I arrive at work I am able to know where I'm working as soon as I find my name on the whiteboard of jobs. Both Monday and this morning my name was neither there or on the sign in sheet, luckily for me there was work for me to do both days however.

I finally saw Serenity on Sunday (as part of my 13 hours away from this flat) and I think I was a little spoiled for it as well as expecting it to be great. I did enjoy it and if I was the type to go see a movie at the cinema twice (and I had the money to be spending it that way) I'd be going back. However, I think I liked Batman Begins more and currently would rather see it again. Most of all however, I want to go see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" before Christmas, even better would be to go see it with R18 people as one of them has a small part in it.
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I've gone over 40,000 words today, and that's without the evening writing I'll almost certainly start within the next hour. Over the past couple of weeks I have written an average of 2,300 words a day so I could have been finished on Tuesday if I'd started off at this pace and managed to retain it. It also means I've written around 20,000 over the course of a single week, very surprising, but it does bode well for my chances next year if I decide to have another go at something other people will actually be able (allowed) to read.
I also decided to not go to evening church last week so I'd be able to write for more time than I'd otherwise get and after waking from a nap when I'd normally have been leaving didn't actually get started writing until about ten in the evening. I was missed however, which is comforting. Tomorrow I will be heading back barring some unforeseen reason to not do so. While there I'll probably see someone I haven't seen since he went to Australia at the start of the year, I'm wondering if he will immediately realise it's me with the long hair or if he will need to be told.

My intentions to work five days a week didn't pan out for this week just been, I took yesterday off because my back, shoulders and wrists were all feeling pained on Thursday afternoon. I didn't ring up Drake yesterday to find out if there was work today either, staying up late on a Friday and then going to work at six in the morning isn't really wise, especially when you fell asleep on the Thursday for two hours in a rapidly cooling room and only woke up properly when your flatmate let you know there was food. Basically that means I only managed just under four days worth of work after getting called at seven Monday morning when I thought I didn't have work and starting at eight. That day was incredibly simple however as I'd been called in to help somewhere that very soon after was determined no help was necessary and I ended up simply strapping newly guillotined bundles of Farmer's mailers and stacking them on a pallet all day.
Next Saturday is looking to be very busy for me, morning church is having their annual Christmas party in the nearby park for a couple of hours either side of midday and [livejournal.com profile] el_gremmo is having a birthday thing starting at about noon. I may even have a NaNoWriMo TGIO get together at some point that day as well. I may end up missing some or all of actual morning church next Sunday as I recover from all that activity.

I've decided that I'll finally wear the NaNo T-Shirt I purchased last year, now I've pretty much got to the end of my writing I feel that I've earnt the right to wear it. Tomorrow after I've been to morning church and the last of the NaNo weeekly meetups I'm going to finally get myself to a cinema and see Serenity. It's well past time when both my flatmates have seen it already and I'm the Whedon fan of the three of us.

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I slept for about 12 hours today, I'm not really sure why as I've been sleeping for more than eight hours a night most of the past month thanks to not working. Having been to WINZ early yesterday morning and spending five hours with a friend and one of her other friends last night would likely have contributed to how tired I felt though. It does mean that when I go to see Star Wars III tonight I should still be wide awake at the end of the movie which if not the case would make going to see it pointless. For the first part of tonight I'm going to be watching TV, no change from most Friday nights besides the fact I'll also be playing a game during the add breaks.

I finally finished reading "The Three Musketeers" this afternoon, more than two months after I started it. That makes three books I've finished this week. Hopefully I'll be continuing with this increased rate of reading; just counting the books I own but have yet to read there's about 30 to go through before I'll need to borrow any more.

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