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I've been told that I should not shave my head, unsurprisingly, by a number of women. As yet those whose opinion I'd most care about haven't said anything, probably mostly as they're not aware of my intentions but probably also as they're not likely to care. My effort in shaving only got far enough that I've used scissors to remove beard hair, I may find motivation enough tomorrow, but things don't look good on that front.

I went out on Friday, and after playing a couple of games of Liar's Dice spent a few hours watching people run around a Table Tennis table as eight or so of them played a game taking turns to hit the ball. Contrary to the prior two evenings I'd been to that location and refused to join the game I actually took part this time, for a few games. After which I ended up playing a game of The Resistance where one of the Spies was almost completely free of suspicion from early on, and him that usually manages to incriminate himself avoiding doing so. There was another game of Liar's Dice, which I'm more inclined to play than I'd have expected after the first time I played it. That was about when things ended and five of us walked home at about three am. After I spent a couple of hours doing things I finally got to bed about when I'd start work on the days I have work.

I was woken on Saturday by a text message asking if I wanted to go to a picnic with a friend and some others. I had no other plans so took the time to find out more specific details of where I should go, and deal with other stuff online, then I went for a walk and eventually found my friend to spend nearly two hours sitting by her getting hugs and food. After getting a lift home I spent nearly an hour in the sun catching up on a little more stuff before she and another friend stopped by to take me away again. That time I got introduced to a friend of theirs that spends much of her year in Antarctica and time at Denny's before getting to play DC Deck Building Game with the three of them. After the fact I came to the conclusion it had probably been one of my best days in a long time. Days I got to spend with my ex were better, but apart from that I don't think even the days of gaming have been as close. Yet another nail in the coffin of gaming being the one thing important in my life.

Sunday I stayed at church for the entire service, although I ended up leaving with the children of my ex and playing in crèche. After which I actually ate, spent some more time with other children and then dealt with the mundane shopping before heading home to waste the afternoon. I really should have done a bunch more cleaning than I have, my oven still hasn't been cleaned, more than a week after a flatmate left me the stuff to deal with it.

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I spent most of my work day in motion, lifting bundles that were almost too big for my hands and stacking them in cages. It wasn't constant activity through the entire day though, I did manage to read more of my book. I may also be working away from where I normally have been far more often from sometime within the next month. There is another lot of training going on for the machine that was purchased and installed nearly a year ago as a replacement for what I normally work at. When it does actually replace the machine it was supposed to there will be far fewer people needed for those particular jobs and my 'expertise' will be no longer useful. I've begun to consider dropping another day of work each week, largely as I'm more than set money wise for quite a while. Also... the current operator where I tend to end up isn't a pleasant person to work for (or with usually), I no longer have transport the way I did, and I still don't want to be up that early in the morning. But, when I don't really have anything constructive to do with most of my time now, there isn't a lot of point in adding to it for no tangible benefit. If nothing else, the extra money accumulating could be helpful if I do decide to take some sort of trip.

For a period of about 5 minutes this afternoon I was going to be cooking for a friend on Thursday. Now I think it's changed so that I'll be going there and she'll be cooking for me. I also got to enjoy time in the sun, I'm looking forward to summer.

Hopefully I'm going to get to play games twice this week, Wednesday night is still happening almost every week (and I'll be gaming all Show weekend as well it seems) and the some of the other group are going to try and arrange a night to play. Currently I'd prefer Friday so someone in particular can join us, but I suppose that tomorrow and Friday would be even better, if unlikely. I know which way I'll make my decision if it ends up being Thursday that I get the chance to play games with them. Especially when I'll have already played other games the night before.
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We have a new flatmate, or will on Monday anyway. The previous flatmate left about a month ago and it took a while for other people to be interested in this flat. I will probably be at work when he shifts in so won't be able to help. I don't even remember his name but I figure it took about a month before I could remember the previous flatmates name so anything less than that is going to be fine. He said he wasn't a party person during the very short conversation I was privy to so that's a very good sign in my opinion, I'm not likely to have my already limited sleep interrupted by him.

I spent about three hours this afternoon with a friend, mainly walking around Hagley park and the area between it and Cathedral Square. We talked about random things which was nice and allowed me to think about a few things with someone else to provide feedback on them. I also picked up another puzzle book, this one will actually fit in a pocket, unlike the book I had with me at the church camp which is around A4 sized. After we'd finished walking around I was invited to go watch DVDs but declined, I'm still not entirely sure why although I expect there was a sub-concious desire to avoid lots of people contact when I'm going to be surrounded tomorrow morning. Having to catch a bus there and then another back here later on may have also been part of it.

Armageddon Pulp Expo tomorrow, I may be seeing more people I know this year, I may even be going over with someone. During the week just been I met one of the artists that's going to be at the Expo, I just didn't have a clue who he was until after he'd left where we were. I don't know if I'll bother buying any games this year, many of those that I'm aware of and wanting are probably too old to be available there. On the other hand, there's at least a chance that a handful are new enough that they might be available.

I didn't see as much of sister and brother-in-law as I would have liked while they were in the area, mainly because I decided not to head to our parents place when they first arrived. I did get to see them and a few others I've seen almost nothing of over the past year on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons though. We got taken out for lunch after church and I ate most of the dessert I got instead of a proper meal. What I manage to eat any time I go out doesn't seem to follow any pattern. I also failed to catch up with mutual friends that just recently became parents, I expect because the meeting happened on Monday but I never got informed that it was happening.
Monday night was the R18 meeting, slightly better attended than has become normal, mainly because of the couple that's back in the city for the school holidays. We (some of us anyway) also stuck around talking until almost 2230 which meant I basically had time to come home and go to bed, I don't think I bothered going online that evening.

Why my life doesn't suck

2008-Mar-08, Saturday 11:56 pm
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If I actually examine my life it's actually not bad in most respects.
  • I've got more than enough money to do the things I want to do, and more than I need coming in each week even if I skip a day or two of work.
  • The job I have may be boring, but I'm good at it (according to many of the permanent staff) and have over most of the past few weeks found myself able to read a lot due to the poor consistency of the machines.
  • I have friends that seem to enjoy my company, even if I don't do much in the way of arranging to spend any time with them.
  • I get to spend time with children each week (while helping with Children's Church) which is probably helpful in dealing with the whole "single, lonely, never going to be a parent" aspect of my life.
  • I recently (the end of January) found a group of people that like to play board games, maybe even as much as I do, and have been getting to learn a new game or two each week with them since that first night. I've also been welcomed warmly by that group to a degree I don't remember experiencing before apart from church related groups of some sort.
  • I have what probably amounts to an excess of 5000 pieces of Torro thanks to TradeMe and my disposable income. Dice towers shall be built. As will houses apparently, I'm getting company at some point as a friend wants to play with my toys.

More specific news, I spent the middle portion of Saturday afternoon at the wedding of a couple of friends from Spreydon, the same guy I went to the combined 25th/stag night of a couple of weeks back. It was a good wedding, I don't think I've ever been to a bad one, and I got to spend a little time with a few people that I haven't really seen since I stopped heading over to Spreydon on a weekly basis.
After attending the wedding in the afternoon I went to the cinema with a friend that I haven't seen in I don't know how long and saw "Jumper". That makes three movies I've seen with that friend since first meeting her in 2004 and the first movie I've seen at the cinema since seeing "The Guardian" back in November 2006.
If I didn't have this annoying little issue of feeling ill when socialising I'd have spent the latter portion of the evening at the wedding dance, instead, I walked home from the movie after seeing my friend to her scooter and watched another disc of my Fraggle Rock collection.

Oldening in just over a week, as is that of a number of people I know. Three next week, day after day after day, one the week just finishing now and then two others in the same week as mine. I might go climbing again, in the 'fun' section of the building. More likely is bowling and/or mini-golf as more of my friends that I see regularly would be interested in those activities.
The last thing I'll be adding here before sleeping the morning away until church time is that I've got myself an (old) PalmPilot that I will probably on-sell if I can get a newer model, all I wanted it for was to use a particular program that interfaces with my LibraryThing account. What I got is running the prior OS and is not compatible. :(

Work has been good.

2006-Aug-11, Friday 10:07 pm
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Work was busy this week and should be for a couple of weeks at least according to both the shift supervisor and one of the permanent staff I end up working with reasonably often. Apart from getting sent home an hour early on Wednesday afternoon I had complete shifts every day through the week. My bank balance is going to be good come pay day. While I was at work but not working (because of machine problems or lunch) I either read, did crosswords, or, over the past couple of days, made myself a little model bookcase in an attempt to figure something out.

Last Sunday afternoon I watched three different movies with a small group of friends after morning church and didn't return here until it was too late to head to Spreydon and be assured of being there on time.

Monday night I stayed home instead of heading out to R18, mainly because I wasn't feeling well again.

Tuesday night I went out and again played Cites & Knights (which saw someone that's not played for quite a while winning well) and Carcassonne (which I lost after being severely crippled at the beginning because I got greedy).

Madagascar isn't the greatest movie ever but it would certainly have been worth the price of admission if I'd gone to see it in the cinema instead of chancing upon the DVD being played here when I got home on Wednesday.

Tomorrow evening many people are going on a drinking bus trip. I on the other hand will be staying here and providing company for another friend that won't be going out drinking. That means I'll have maybe three hours without something specific to be doing tomorrow which is a lot less than normal. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, DVD watching seems like the most likely option at the moment.
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Today, for the third distinct time that I can recall, I have been informed of a misconception relating to myself and a woman I know (three different women on three different occasions). Something about my behaviour is leading people to believe that I have a girlfriend, somewhat odd considering I don't date at all. In one case that lead to behavioural changes being required but mostly I'm just amused by it, mostly. I'm curious to know if the same thoughts would be coming to people if the behaviour didn't change but I was a female (or the women in question had been male).

I spent a couple of hours at Spreydon Baptist this evening, the first time in over a month and it was largely as though I hadn't been away which bodes well for the next time I go back after an extended period away. I even had a conversation with the web monkey for the extended youth groups web forums. I'm beginning to think I should come to distinct conclusions about what my novel was about so it's easier to explain. I could of course just get around to removing those sections responsible for me being so adamant about showing no-one and put the rest up on the internet somewhere. That would be more logical and possibly easier though so it's not likely to happen.

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I hardly worked at all this week, Monday was a normal day and then the rest of the week I received phone calls saying don't come in the next day. I'm also not working tomorrow so that will be a complete week without work and I'm going to be signing up for complete weeks until I either feel confident of my ability to go so long without work again, my body starts complaining or I get myself a better job and it's reasonably obvious to me which of those three will be the issue.
Because I wasn't working I spent much of the week playing Spiderman 2 on the PS2 here at the flat, I'd have played it differently if I knew what the last couple of chapters entail. There is still plenty of stuff I can do in it though so I will no doubt be playing more tomorrow. I have also watched most of "Crusade" (the "Babylon 5" spin-off cut short by another idiot network) which I only saw some of when it aired here in NZ about 5? years back because it was a couple of weeks at least before I knew it was the spin-off and that it was on.

I walked from the bus stop to evening church with the same young woman I walked with last week. We still don't know each others names and we didn't talk as much this week but there was still conversation. I actually sat with people I know (more specifically a person, the others were further down the row I was at the end of) during the service and then spent almost two hours with some of them in the café there at the church. I didn't spend any time with either of the two I consider myself closest to though, one has been ill and wasn't there at all, the other was helping with (in charge of ?) lighting and seemed to leave as soon as the service was over.
The Young Adults from Spreydon are having a camp this coming weekend that I actually got invited to twice tonight. If not for the poor week I've had work wise I would I think have been almost certain to go (assuming I managed to find transport) which I think is quite a change from even six months ago considering I'd have known less than 5% of the attendees.

I'm probably going to the movies this Tuesday night, unless my currently ill friend doesn't get better as she expects to we'll be going to see something so she can repay me for when we saw "Kingdom of Heaven". And to pre-empt any comments of the sort, it isn't a date, even forgoing all other issues there's the matter of faith that won't be got past at any stage soon.

Overall in the area of Socially you scored 34 out of 64, which makes you nearly normal in this area.

According to this thing (found in [livejournal.com profile] lj_nifty) it seems that my posts are of a reasonable length most of the time although I expect some of that is the mass of meme posting I indulge in.
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I was given some interesting advice today at work on ways to help myself sleep better.
1. The first suggestion was that I drink some alcohol before I go to bed, about a glass or so of wine or maybe a beer. This actually does make some sense to me as I'm aware that alcohol relaxes people and that would no doubt slow down my mind which is part of the problem when I try to sleep.
2. The second thing mentioned was that I smoke something, I really can't remember what exactly, but it wasn't cigarettes. ;)
3. Almost as unexpected as the suggestion to smoke was the final option. Sex. Apparently I'd be asleep 3 seconds after.

I was awake for about 10 hours straight on Wednesday, half of that was with a friend from evening church who had told me on Sunday night that I should visit more often than just after church when I walk people home. I'm thinking about going out again tomorrow and visiting people again, I'll have to go shopping and do some dishes first though. My life got busy at some point over the past year, I'm still adjusting to that fact.

Overall in the area of Money you scored 28 out of 64, which makes you nearly normal in this area.

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Days 8796 and 8797

2005-Apr-18, Monday 11:22 pm
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I don't start my work week until tomorrow (the following story eventually shows why that is a good thing). I had been told that I could work all this week last Friday but yesterday morning while at church a phone call came through to inform me that work today was off. I could however have chosen to do a 12 hour shift starting at 6pm yesterday if I wanted it. That did of course hold no appeal. Instead I left the flat a little earlier than normal in an attempt to spend about 10-20 minutes with her before heading to evening church. The BBQ I'd been invited to earlier wasn't on (or started later than expected) though and so I headed back in the other direction, passed through Countdown quickly (getting chocolate on the way) and waited at a bus stop I don't normally use.
While waiting for my friends to show up (they normally show up just on time and I'm about 20 minutes early) I was sitting in a seat and had someone actually try to converse with me a little. Most weeks the row I sit in initially gets left alone for most of the lead up to the service beginning so that was an interesting change. Once people showed up I ended up going to sit with a couple of them and listened to this message. As I was walking out of the service with the friend that hadn't left to go sell stuff I saw a couple of the others from that group helping someone outside, after getting out there I was asked to wait for 'she that was working' so I could walk her home and so I ended up staying at the church for another hour or so. Shortly after arriving at that residence some people went driving to return a sick person to her home and while they were out I watched the last hour of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" with the only person that was still around (that's a good thing, I like spending time with her). People returned and then went out again very soon after and I continued to watch TV, by now "Blade II" was on which my companion quite likes apparently. By the time everyone returned properly it was getting close to 11:30 and so I said my goodbyes and headed home. A 45 minute walk isn't something to put off until you actually are tired after all.
Shortly before I got half-way home an 'authority figure' drove up beside me and asked me some questions about where I had been and where I was going. I'm guessing that either someone 'escaped' from the hospital I had just passed by or there had been people trespassing on the property shortly before I came along. Regardless of the actual situation I was kind of amused to be considered at all suspicious and then almost dismissed from consideration because I informed the gentleman that I had been at church earlier in the evening.

Today I've spent time on-line as always and didn't really do anything constructive apart from filling the dish rack with clean dishes. I did shave again though, after having done so just over two weeks ago, once more before the month is done and it will probably be some sort of record. More recently tonight I've been out to play a game of Cities and Knights and for the first time at the table top actually held the lead for a while, near the start in fact I had scored three new points before anyone else had any. I actually got to 10 (13 wins the game) before getting some of those taken away thanks to me being quite nice and advising plays against me (that was where I lost the lead). The guy I advised to hurt me went on to win the game in fact, I think I still need to become a little more cut-throat when playing games like this.

As a completely pointless reference I leave this.

An eventful 10 days

2005-Jan-23, Sunday 10:52 pm
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Last Sunday after Church there was going to be a picnic at Hagley park and after getting dropped off early by someone that wasn't staying I failed to find anyone I recognised. To kill time I went further into the central city and along the way saw [livejournal.com profile] sasscat with some other people whom I did not know, hopefully none of her friends were worried when they saw me smiling at her. Once I had gone around a few shops in the area I headed back to the park and ended up getting fed bacon & egg pie when I confessed to having not eaten yet.

We have no more [livejournal.com profile] shuffler in this flat, he left early last Sunday afternoon and won't be back. The place looks kind of different without him here, various areas of the house are now without things that I'm used to seeing without actually seeing.
I have shifted into what was his room while he was here. This means I get sun in my room at a time that suits me but I'm going to have to put some of my stuff in boxes elsewhere in the house as the room is quite small in comparison. Previously I had a lot of cupboard space which was good for all my clothes and such as well as the 'junk' I own. It is also a lot warmer than my other room was and at least while the weather is like it has been for the past couple of weeks I'm likely to be hotter than is healthy if I'm not careful.

Once again my body conspired against me Tuesday night, I had been invited to Anita's place for a BBQ and a matter of minutes before leaving I started to feel ill. Unlike previous times I didn't get better as time wore on and so I had to leave about an hour after arriving. I basically came home and went to bed for about 90 minutes after which I was feeling better so some of it may have been lack of sleep although I doubt much of how I felt would have been anything other than spending time with her and some of her friends I don't know.

During the shift between rooms on Wednesday I decided to clean my keyboard out, while that seemed to work fine - in that it is now noticeably cleaner between the keys - I am unable to put it together again such that the connections are good. So, until I purchased another this afternoon, I'd been logging into my PC and then websites etc. with arkore's keyboard and then returning it to him. Most inconvenient. The 'On-Screen Keyboard' that can be found in the Accessibility menu was useful, even though it took at least twice as long to type with it as a proper keyboard does.

Thursday at work I had the strong feeling that Steve would be wanting to play Settlers of Catan and sure enough that turned out to be the case. I managed to win the first game quickly after getting far luckier than I should have with the numbers being rolled. The second game however I was behind almost from the start and had only just caught up to the level everyone else was at when [livejournal.com profile] arkore won the game.
That afternoon also saw the arrival of some people that will be here about a week all up, so far the girls have cleaned on four separate occasions and entertained me with their antics, I'm happy they came even though it's something else to distract me from sorting out the room change.

Last night I ended up unable to use my PC as there was some sort of problem with a RPC fault or similar, arkore suggested it was the Blaster worm. I ended up spending most of the afternoon once I returned from getting a new keyboard until leaving for evening church trying to sort things out again. Starting again at about 9.30 meant I only just got XP reinstalled and am updating from 98 for reasons of safety, unfortunately I decided that I was going to need to format the main XP partition and have lost a lot of files, many of which I had not backed up at all, let alone recently.

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2004-Jul-21, Wednesday 09:18 pm
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My first ever non-date went okay considering the fact that I normally get nauseous when I go to social things. This definitely counted in my book so I wasn't surprised to get uncomfortable especially when I started eating. It may also be possible I had an unfortunate reaction to something of what was cooked for me, I started feeling worse very quickly after I ate. As such it is my own fault, I should have simply said there was something unpleasant to me in the food and enjoyed the rest of the evening.
Instead, we watched "Sixteen Candles" (which I found very amusing) and then talked for a short time before I left. It came up during that conversation that she doesn't like me in the way I'd been hoping, or, at the very least she likes someone else more. The fact I still haven't dated at all did seem to throw her a little but that doesn't really mean anything as most people wouldn't expect it. Then again she did remember that I had feelings for someone else nearly four years ago which threw me.

Helping out a little.

2004-Mar-05, Friday 11:31 pm
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There was about half a dozen young women go past my flat just now, all dressed in sheets. I assume for a toga party but I can't be sure. I never got invited to that sort of party, even when I did have friends, am I missing out on anything interesting/exciting?

I'm going to be spending a lot of time here in the next few days I expect. It's a site dedicated to the complete accumulation of all information about Star Trek and I'm gong to be able to add small amounts of information about most of the episodes I think. I've also started yet another book reading phase it seems, three Star Trek books finished in the past three days and another three I expect to be finished reading by about Tuesday.

The end of tonights Stargate-SG1 episode contained this exchange
Carter: Thank you, sir.
O'Niell: For what?
Carter: (Pause) Nothing.
O'Niell: Think nothing of it, I've done plenty of that.

Would taking about a dozen people bowling on my birthday (or more likely the weekend after) be lame? Should I care if it is? And should I invite Anita who no one else but my sister would know?

Passion of the Christ

2004-Feb-25, Wednesday 11:50 pm
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Any of you wanting to see this should be aware there is some quite graphic violence in it. I saw it tonight with a friend and didn't see all of it because I averted my eyes. To the best of my ability to recall I didn't have any dreams last night, about the movie or otherwise, and I'm able to sit down but am on a high so that's good.
Apparently my sister rung while I was out and left instructions for the flatmates to give me extra ribbing when I got back. Everyone seems to think (or pretends at least) that because I was with a female there is something going on. While I'd be lucky if that was true it's never going to happen.

I have chocolate for the weekend as well, three blocks so it won't dissappear before we go away either.

I need stability

2004-Feb-22, Sunday 07:04 pm
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At the moment it seems like nothing in my life is working the way I plan, not that I actually plan much but it is still annoying. What I really want is order, things happening the same way at the same time each week. Of course it's not going to happen unless I get a job, but that is looking a little more likely at the moment so here's hoping. One small step towards stability is discussion of a dish washing roster, so far I've been the only one doing any with few exceptions in the past couple of months I think.

I haven't spent time playing games today, about half an hour after I got up Karyn and Blair showed up telling me to get my stuff and leave with them. I spent the next six hours with them and about half that with my parents as well, I got the day they were coming up wrong. They have just arrived here at the flat as well, we'll be watching a bit of TV tonight it seems and Blair will be playing games on one of the other PCs.

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Thanks to the flatmates, I've finally started watching homestarrunner stuff, it only took me six months. I've also been watching Red vs. Blue and No Need For Bushido thanks to them.

Movie plans are almost set, the friend I'm going with actually decided that we would go see "The Passion of the Christ" with a Uni group that she goes to. I no longer have to try and come to a decision about which movie to see, which is good for me, and I may meet a lot of people which isn't so great. Also, I won't actually be bothering with a moviemaxx card quite so soon anymore, it's not necessary for the film as the group gets a discount and I see very few movies.

While I was at WINZ this afternoon I put my name down for a position near here as a Factory hand at a bookbinders, they were supposed to ring this afternoon after receiving my CV by email but I didn't get a call. Hopefully they'll be calling on Monday and I won't have the interview on Friday next as I want to go to Hanmer then.

I've just started on my last block of chocolate too, I bought two 100g blocks and a 250g block a week or so ago with chips and creme eggs and was intending to take this block of chocolate with me to the movie, now I'll have to go buy some other junkfood, more's the pity.
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Monday night is R18 again at which I'll be finding out a little more with regards to the Hanmer trip I expect and making the final decision about whether or not I do go. (If there are a lot of people going I won't so numbers don't go over)
Wednesday night I'll be going to a movie with a friend, I'm not sure what movie yet or the actual time although it will be after eight. The friend I'll be seeing the movie with is the same friend that I was told to e-mail three days ago and one of my flatmates sounded quite annoyed by the fact I have something close to a date and didn't do anything for her on Valentines.
Friday afternoon after a meeting at WINZ I'll be heading off to Hanmer if I'm actually going. Once there I'll be able to enjoy sun and hot pools apparently, more likely I'll sit in a corner of our residence for the weekend and read. I expect the rest of the weekend could well be much the same unless there are games of some sort.

Sooner than that, as in tomorrow or Thursday I hope, I need to go and return library books, buy myself a Hoyts MovieMaxx card, arrange next Wednesday night better, buy my mother a birthday present and clean myself up even more by trimming my beard evenly.

Sound again.

2004-Feb-06, Friday 05:42 pm
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My computer is currently open and somewhat disconnected as I just managed to fix the problem I'd been having with my microphone. I still don't know what caused it but all I really did was reinstall XP and get rid of a little dust so it can't have been a major issue. (I still haven't checked whether 98 will work with the microphone yet but I doubt it because not even the speakers were working last time I was there.) There are new speakers attached to my PC as well, the Warehouse had/has half price Multimedia speakers and I got a pair for $10 so I'm quite happy about hearing stuff again. In theory I'll be able to take some photos with my digital camera soon as well, without it needing to be attached via the USB cable, I hadn't had batteries for it for the past year or so I think.

Can anyone tell me what sort of flowers I could send to people without them getting the idea I have romantic intentions? I know roses are considered the flower of love and red is usually considered to be the colour of choice for romantic messages. What else is there?


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