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So far today I've had breakfast (even if it did take nearly five hours to eat the last of it), put laundry in the machine and then hung it on an airer under the heat pump, played through a run of FTL (winning with 1 hull point left on the new Lanius Cruiser), and spent a couple of minutes trimming my facial hair. I can't think of anything else I've done that counts as remotely constructive, even getting dressed hasn't happened yet.

I should have been out almost all of Saturday night with a couple of friends, playing games and getting hugs. I did get hugged a bit before I left, mostly as I was about to leave because I'd started feeling unwell. As per usual I was about back to normal by the time I got home, leaving me annoyed again. Much of that evening was spent making use of my PS2 again, getting some more SSX3 played to unlock more stuff with yet another character.

With me not working since Monday last week my sleep schedule drifted back to sleeping late mornings again, and I'm not looking forward to getting up at 5am tomorrow. I am also not sure how much of the upcoming stat days I'll be able to get paid for, there haven't been a lot of days I got to work recently and that's been the big factor in prior years. There's also the fact that this new company seems to handle things differently. There was talk the last day I was there about how I'm not the only one to dislike the woman in charge of organising shifts though, which was good for me to hear. "Not the only one" and all that.

Entry 600

2014-Feb-11, Tuesday 11:41 pm
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600 entries, just over 10 years, and apart from who I spend time with and the amount of games I play I feel my life is barely changed. Logically that's obviously false but I don't feel different. (The count of entries is based on both the LJ and DW profile pages. The archive program I have indicates this is entry 606.) Most of last year I was managing to post an entry a week, probably not a lot that was of import but I'm of the opinion it was good for me to write more. I'm going to try and continue that this year which may mean I start writing at other times as well, although I doubt it. It's practically a given that I won't be posting much more than that though, I just don't feel that I have much to say anymore.

In my last entry I posted about feeling ill, about an hour later I was sick and spent the next three hours dozing and getting back up to vomit more. Apart from missing games Wednesday night and deciding to not work on the Friday there doesn't seem to have been any other repercussions and I remember a night about a year after I moved in here being worse. But when it was the second time in as many months after not actually being sick anywhere near that often I'm hoping I'm done for quite some time.

Last week I spent a while playing my Rock Band game, getting through the Easy level completely and some of the Medium. I also started a second user name that I've been playing with the Lefty Flip enabled. Many of the scores with that name are better than I managed right handed.

In the arena of board games:
I went to my second Stray Dog Board Games event and was there about eight hours, playing a few good games. My definite intention is to keep going back each month.
SAGA assets have been moved to the new location for this year meaning that Monday Night games has about half as many games available now. With it also being further away from me now the hosts have shifted I have to walk further so I may be a little less inclined to bring any of my games along.

Last week I saw a FB post about these things and went back to see if the site still had mine from the first time I found out about them in 2006. It did. johari and nohari
I suppose if people were to add to them now it could be indication of what has changed.

Things are looking up.

2013-Aug-20, Tuesday 11:09 pm
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I am soon having a long weekend away, starting in 36 hours and lasting until Sunday night. This has led to me choosing to work tomorrow instead of what I know would be more fun; Mainly Music and hopefully spending time with a friend. After I finish at work I'll be home only briefly and then I'm going to head out for another walk to go collect Guitars for the PS2 Guitar Hero game. Which should lead me to spend at least some time using my PS2 again after not having it plugged in for most of the past year.
This also means that tomorrow would have almost no time to just sit and relax if I went out to games in the evening. As I'll need to sort things for my time away I'm definitely missing game night again. Which isn't actually a surprise or anything, I'm just not sure how I feel about missing so many Wednesday nights.

The possibility of having company again has led to me tidying up the place a little more. Probably not enough that it would be noticed by anyone else but I've been making slow progress to removing the accumulated debris. It remains an annoyance that I require the external motivation to actually make improvements to my life. I remain very content in the status quo.

My spending habits remain less controlled than would be best. I spent about $75 on Saturday when I went out to get bread, finally buying a couple of DVDs I'd wanted for a while, and getting some others that I knew I'd enjoy. That's led to even more time in front of the TV here, watching through DVDs that I hadn't seen in a long time as well as some of the new ones. Next week I expect to watch through Dark Angel which was the biggest spend.


2010-Sep-04, Saturday 12:05 am
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I have again become annoyed with people thinking things about me with no good reason. This time there's even more to how badly people have interpreted the situation and I've actually been a little angry instead of just frustrated or amused as has been the case in most prior situations. Happily though, the individual concerned and I are continuing to get on fine which hasn't always been the case.

I'm hopeful that the slowly improving weather will have a positive impact on the sleep I get as well as my general mood. Spending time with people apart from at work (partly because there's been so little work) is also going to help I think. With me gaming three nights most weeks (and sometimes a fourth), and various church things as well, I'm not spending as much time home (effectively) alone as I had become used to. I might also find that I sleep better with the heat pump working properly again.

Renting Final Fantasy X this week was somewhat unwise, I have been out most evenings, will be away most of the weekend with Mini-Con 2, and then have work on Monday, maybe even Tuesday. Leaving far less time to play compared to the week just been where I'd rented Lego: Batman and could have had far more time to play it if I hadn't spent so much time at my PC.

I continue to feel more and more sure that I will again be nearly bald at the start of December. I missed spending summer without (much) hair and I don't want to try dealing with my hair in any other way either. With the number of people new in my life over the past year or so I'm also interested in how many of them will react. Prior to that I'll also have to make a decision about NaNo, after taking part six years and winning all but the first of those I'm not sure there's much challenge any more. Especially if there isn't work or other things putting a massive claim on my time.

I lead a lazy life.

2010-Jan-20, Wednesday 05:34 pm
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I've spent a lot of the past week and a half playing PS2 games and watching DVDs, rented from United Video after signing up due to the prices dropping. The LEGO games are as fun as I remember the first one being although I'm glad to have access to cheats/walkthroughs online as I'd get stuck otherwise. I also ended up watching Star Trek for the first time well after most of my friends would have expected me to, although I did watch it three times over a couple of days and would have watched once more before returning it if there hadn't been a problem with it playing on my PC.

It seems that my 800th recorded game at BGG was a game of chess using the big set at camp. Being unsure of how to count the many games of Scum that I took part in makes the count uncertain. That averages out to about 200 games a year over the four years I've been keeping track there. Having played 323 last year though that means I am playing a lot more now than I was when I started, thanks to the Wednesday night sessions.
Since getting back to Christchurch I've had an absolutely terrible game of Agricola, one that was okay, and a third that I did very well in. At the Wednesday night session last week I played a new game (Power Grid - Factory Manger) that will hopefully get played a bit as it scratches the same itch as Power Grid but is about half as long. I also played my second game of Cuba (nearly two years after my first) and won, although at least part of that was the general inexperience of all involved.

Last week I spent a lot of time with a friend, mostly just as company while she did other things, but missed out on spending more time with her when the weather on Saturday night made leaving my place unappealing. Not knowing the others that were going to be there was also a factor.

Most of the rest of the nearly three weeks since I bothered updating here has been spent not sleeping enough, not working enough and generally being lazy in front of my PC achieving nothing of consequence. Oddly enough though I have probably shaved more often so far this year than I have in any six month period over the past couple of years.

Changes of plans

2009-Mar-30, Monday 10:37 pm
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It would seem that I'm not going to be travelling to Australia anytime soon. I don't have anywhere near as much money as I did last week after finally getting myself square as far as tithing is concerned. (I really thought I'd given money more recently than I actually had.) As such I'm unlikely to be taking random days off in the same way that I have been and I may consider working Thursdays again so I can (occasionally at least) manage 5 day weeks again. That isn't particularly likely though, I'm going to continue to be out late on Wednesday nights. It does however mean I am unlikely to start taking two days off on a regular basis like I had begun to think I would a week ago.

After playing Guitar Hero again on Saturday night, with friends out in Halswall (and having yet another person think I'm dating someone I'm not), I'm thinking that it could be my next big purchase. Slightly more likely is the chance I'll save the extra money required to get Rock Band, which I had thought was unavailable for PS2. If I get more tidying done around my room and the lounge here there will even be room for it. I am not sure I would actually end up playing it lots though, after first getting the PS2 I played often for about a month and then I ceased using it much. If people were wanting to come by and play however that could be enough to up my use significantly.

It feels like my time has been spent with people far more than normal for the past couple of weeks. (Especially discounting work, which I discount as much as possible.) That seems to be largely over as of the end of this coming week although it's quite possible that more things will be added to my calender. Birthday season is also largely over for another year, April is quiet again before things pick up again a little in May.

I didn't go to the Armageddon Expo this year, not because I decided I didn't want to spend the admission fee, but because I had mixed up which month it was happening in. For some reason I thought it was ANZAC day weekend and so I spent Saturday afternoon killing time before heading out to fun times with Guitar Hero. If I'd known the correct information I would probably have gone in the morning, first seeing if certain others were wanting to go, and then come back to my flat to kill time before going out in the evening. I saved $15 at least, quite possibly more, but I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see things there again.

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I only did three days of work last week, with the reason for having Thursday off not actually being relevant because of the trip the host was taking I decided to take Friday off as well and go see my parents for a day and a half. As such I headed down to their place with my father after he finished work on Wednesday and was able to surprise my mother as she hadn't expected to see me when she arrived home. I watched most of the Seven Samurai (one of the movies on the IMDB top 250) that evening and the rest after getting up Thursday morning. After a discussion with my father he decided it wouldn't be worth the effort required to transfer data from their old PC to the newest one. Most of what it has in the way of data is game information and because of the more than 10 year difference in the PCs very few of the games are likely to run in a usable fashion. I also watched the first disc of the Different Strokes box set my parents own, amusing but not great TV. The only other out of the ordinary thing I did was read Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook.

Upon arriving back in Christchurch Friday morning I found the first of three PS2 games I've purchased on TradeMe in the mailbox so it took less than 10 minutes between me getting inside and playing that. Later in the day I was given the other two after my flatmate brought them inside so I changed over and apart from watching Rove and Smallville didn't really do much except play "SSX Tricky" and "Star Trek Shattered Universe" for a span of more than 12 hours.

Yesterday I'd been up for about an hour and had just put a load of clothes in the washing machine when I got invited to go play board games (one in particular) so after I hung my washing on the airer I left for what turned out to be 10 hours of games and DVDs. The host and I learnt how to play "Through the Desert" watched a movie and then made a start on learning "Princes of Florence" before his wife returned from things away from the home. He and I then taught her how to play Through the Desert, the addition of a third player changing the dynamics enough to make me wonder how much different it's going to be with 4 or 5. Pizza and a documentary on Planet Earth (one of the BBC ones, maybe by Attenborough) were then enjoyed before the three of us taught ourselves how to play Princes of Florence and finished off the evening with a game of "Thurn and Taxis".

Today I was a little late rising, partly due to not registering the fact that the radio being on meant it was time to get out of bed. The new program at Children's Church seems to be very popular with the other leaders, I'm not sure how most of the children are finding it although there's likely to be hesitation because it's very different from what the previous leader was doing.
I got invited to head to the local mall with the teens after the service was over and went although I'd been aware I wasn't going to eat even before we left. After getting there and finding that there wasn't enough seats free in close proximity the group of them left back for the church and I slowly made my way to Borders. Margaret Mahy was reading from Prince Caspian as well as a few of her books this afternoon, something I wouldn't have had a clue about if not for LibraryThing Local and the LJ syndicated feed for Christchurch.
Now, I'm about to head out to the last of the "Consider Your Ways" seminars at my church,

New work a possiblity

2008-May-19, Monday 11:00 pm
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The lounge has been progressing very slowly to more clean than it was this time last week, as I clean up the table and my piles of stuff from just outside my room. There is other things that should be done soon as well although it seems unlikely that I'll get to them as I lack motivation.

I got something of a job offer last night while at the "Consider Your Ways" session. One of the men at church wondered if I would be interested in doing some contract work creating web-sites for his customers... If I can understand the software that he's wanting use I think I will be more than willing. I have Thursdays off from my normal job so could start at a reasonable hour and not have to worry about working past the hours I'd want to. While at that session I also received another indication that my financial status confuses people, without really trying to I managed to accrue an average of nearly $40 a week last financial year. That's after one Hillsong trip and the payments to register for and fly to and from this years conference.

I won't be getting to play board games this Wednesday night, the host is out of the country so meeting at his place wouldn't really be wise. I asked a few people tonight at R18 if they'd be interested but I'm the only one without plans. I think I may have given one of my friends the impression that asking her was a last ditch attempt to have someone come around as I didn't ask until I was getting a ride home and phrased the lead in poorly. Of all those that I asked she was going to be the second however.

I have plans for the weekend of the 7th and 8th, house sitting which I haven't ever done before although I'm fairly certain that looking after a few cats and staying in the house won't be difficult. Having a large TV to watch and a multitude of DVDs to choose from didn't hurt in me agreeing to help the home owners out.

Since this Thursday I should have enough trousers that I won't get too cold over the coming winter. I never got around to replacing the jeans I'd been wearing at work for the past couple of years and only decided to stop wearing shorts a couple of weeks ago when the cold snap hit. If not for my issues with travel I might also have a new jacket but I started feeling somewhat ill before leaving and called off the further op-shopping when I was back near my flat.

Tomorrow after I've returned home and watched StarGate: Atlantis I expect to play games on my PS2 for a few hours. Then I'll watch TV before staying up later than I should, like I am right now.
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I decided over the course of my long weekend that I was going to start taking Thursdays off on a consistent basis, instead of simply telling them on Wednesday that I wasn't coming in the next day. With the morning supervisor away for a couple of days I wrote a note to that basic effect and left it on the desk shared by the bindery supervisors. Less than 15 minutes after the afternoon supervisor came in (at 10 instead of 2) he came to see me and clarify what I had meant in the note. Shortly after the lunch break, certainly before noon, he came out to where I was working again with a sealed envelope... Notice of a pay rise. Not much, and only to the same level as the newly hired casual employees but about what I had been thinking was going to happen when minimum wage went up.
There's also the fact that both days seemed to pass by very quickly in comparison to normal, yesterday especially. It's possible that having my new puzzle book with me (instead of just the novel) helped in that area but I didn't have much time to use it yesterday so it can't be the only factor. Having yesterdays new person (who may have worked Thursday last week) actually competent almost right from the beginning was likely a big factor as well.

By having Thursdays off from now on, I'll be able to stay out as late as I want (more accurately as long as the hosts will have me) when I go out to play games on Wednesday nights. It should also provide some motivation to go do things at the mall or other places that I don't normally feel inclined to go do after work. For example, I'm considering giving blood this Thursday, something I've thought about for quite some time.

A week ago I went into the central city to pick up a couple of TradeMe auction wins and on my way back in towards the bus exchange detoured into Manna, where I finally got myself a copy of "What to do with Daylight." I also stopped in at the Westfield Dick Smith thinking I could get a widescreen monitor on sale, that had ended two days earlier. Instead of that I got myself a 19" widescreen (with a 16:10 ratio) and an adapter for the PS2 so I can use it without having to purchase a new TV.
Since those purchases I have spent quite a bit less time using my laptop than was normal. Having got my two computers to network together has also allowed me to transfer some of the miscellaneous stuff I've be saving to the laptops harddrive. Stuff like the "Friend Wheel" images I've been saving over the past few months as my FaceBook friends list has grown and the individuals on it have friended each other. The next thing is to transfer podcasts from the desktop to my laptop and continue the burning to CD that I started a few months ago.

Two months until I'm in Sydney. Probably eating out at a restaurant again, maybe with alcohol. No penthouse this year though, good as far as time up and down the elevators at least.

New things

2008-Apr-27, Sunday 08:54 pm
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I have a PS2 now. After church this morning I headed to the nearest mall for 'lunch' with some of the large extended family I've been spending time with over the past few months. While there I mentioned (and I don't remember why) that I was intending to get a PS2 if I could and got offered one for an agreeable price. I headed to the home of the now previous owner shortly after that agreement was made (making sure to get cash from an ATM first) and spent a while just talking (and helping shift wood) before coming home to a TV that won't work with my new toy :(

Within an hour of me arriving back home the new flatmate showed up with his stuff, not much stuff compared the other two of us here, but more than I had when I first shifted out of home I think. Parents are good about providing stuff for their kids, a large box of foodstuffs will seem him eating well for a while. He's also a formally trained chef and doesn't like the idea of things being left on the kitchen bench for lengths of time anywhere near what happens here. At some point over the next day or two it seems that there will be a noticeable reduction of stuff in the cupboards and the fridge/freezer. Each of us that have been here during the flatmate transition thought the other owned various items, and it seems there might have been stuff here since before I shifted in.

To counter the trend of new things, I don't have any new board games, Armageddon was something of a wash in that area, the only games I saw were the half dozen at the Whitcoulls table, none of which I have any significant interest in. I did get to spend an hour or so walking around the displays and such with [livejournal.com profile] shuffler though, before we headed to the Christopher Judge / Alexis Cruz Stargate panel. I also saw a couple of other people I knew - [livejournal.com profile] nightwlf and [livejournal.com profile] selina_fox - but didn't say anything to either of them, mainly because they were doing other things at the times I saw them.

The next time I eat pizza I want to try and remember that it burns the roof of my mouth. I have eaten one this afternoon and another yesterday evening and my mouth is sore now. On the topic of food, yesterday was quite good as far as what I ate for a day off: Breakfast of muesli, lunch of honey pork on fried rice with vegetables, a couple of sandwiches at some point, and in the evening a tin of fruit salad and the aforementioned pizza. I think the fact I'd walked from my place to the far side of Hagley park (3.75km) to meet my friend and then around the central city area for a couple of hours before heading home again on Friday and then home about as far yesterday after the Pulp Expo is the big factor. Eating less than is normal on Thursday undoubtedly contributed as well though.

And now, I aim to update the church website calendar for members. If I can find the newsletter I brought home today.
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Three months from now I will be in Australia, probably as part of a crowd of 20,000 or so if my memory of last year is accurate. Hillsong conference is coming up again and I'll have spent much of the prior two days in central Sydney, maybe even looking at the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and other similar 'sights'. This year there is only four of us going over from my church, and while I'm going to be the oldest of us I don't have much to do with the organisation, which I'm grateful for.

I have now watched the entire 5 season run of Babylon 5 and the five tele-movies, over the rest of this week I'll watch the Crusade series and then may stop watching DVDs for a while. The DVD player on my desktop PC has started having a little problem with sound though, about halfway through the fifth season the sound became corrupted with what seemed like static to me. Having just purchased the first season of Monk as well as the Back to the Future movies and Superman Returns it won't surprise me if I do continue watching DVDs though.
I started bidding on PS2s which (assuming I can connect a PS2 to one of the TVs here at this flat) means I'll be able to watch DVDs on a decent sized screen as well. If that doesn't work out, and I do actually get a PS2, I may also look around for a LCD of some sort as well.

As to where else my money is going, I'm going to try and remember to ask Mr B. (the host of the board game group I started attending in January) what prices I'd be able to get particular, various games for so I can know ahead of time whether I should pick them up at Armageddon. And then I'll probably wait until my time in Oz is up and I've had a chance to look around the game stores there.

Thank you to the friends that have been there for me recently, looking out for me, asking about changes, answering questions and all the rest. It's good to know that people care even (especially) when I hide myself away.

Five days.

2006-Mar-13, Monday 12:25 pm
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I spent last Thursday (and much of Wednesday night) at my parents place. Partly because I hadn't been down to see them for almost a year I think and partly to go through the boxes of my stuff that they have in their garage to see how much could be got rid of without it annoying me. All up it took me about five hours to look through four boxes because I kept actually going through the books and playing with the toys and such forth. I didn't' really want a lot of it disposed of though so there isn't much less stuff there besides that which I came back with and now need to find places for. Not necessarily the wisest decision considering the fact I was already needing to have some sort of clean up of stuff in my room.

That leads to the current state of my room here at the flat. On Saturday afternoon I decided to finally swap my computer desk and the "new" chest of drawers to create a little more room to get in and out of my room from the outside. That led to at least half a dozen piles of stuff being created and I now need to sort out where I'm going to put it all.

Friday night was a social thing for R18 where the intention was to play Buzz. That did actually happen but thanks to the rugby that was on we didn't start until half past nine or later and ended up finishing at midnight when were sort of kicked out. It entertained me more than I would have expected, partly because of the singstar experience, and with cash reserves I haven't had for years I'd be tempted to get my own copy (assuming I could expect there to be a PS2 around as well). The game did make me aware once more of how little I do actually know about the songs and singers I've heard over the years but I still managed to do reasonably well.

Yesterday was another one of my days away from the flat, I left a little earlier than normal and returned after getting another ride home from the evening church service at Spreydon. Instead of coming home I went a couple of friends to the Northlands mall and spent a little money on food and a couple of things I'd intended to get on Friday after returning to the city. I still want to go elsewhere but I may put that off depending on how the rest of this week pans out work wise.

The reason I went to the service last night was that I had been asked to start at nine this morning instead of six. Upon arriving at work this morning however my name wasn't on the sign-in-sheet or the whiteboard and because the shift supervisor wasn't in today I turned around and came back home.

Finally, [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire, do I have good reason to remember you making a post about collecting Jokers from card decks some time back? If so I have a couple that you are more than welcome to as I have no recollection of ever seeing the rest of the deck they would have come from.
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For the past couple of days I've been feeling ill. My nose is runny, my head aches a little and I'm even more lethargic than normal. Largely as a result of that I spent most of this morning and afternoon playing Ratchet and Clank 3 and then watched the first couple of episodes of Angel the Series before watching Friday night TV. From about 9 pm I've been alone in the flat as my three flatmates went to an effigy (that includes an old pair of my track pants). I'm intending to go to bed reasonably soon though, not only because I'm tired of being awake until three or four in the morning, but also because something woke me at about 8:30 today. Hopefully this will also allow my body to heal itself somewhat of whatever is causing my current illness.

Apparently I have work for all of next week, there is a lot of work available for a change and I've been asked back. As long as I recover by Sunday night I'll be working all five days and will experience the lovely benefit of not needing the benefit for that week. It will also be almost twice as much money cash in hand as I currently get so I'll be closer to out of debt than would otherwise be the case. If I keep not spending money the way I did last month I could be out of debt in a couple of months. Getting a full time job would almost guarantee that but with me (hopefully) working all next week that search is going to be put on hold.

Sunday I should be spending almost all day at the two churches I attend, the first SundayFunday is happening at morning church so I'll be there until mid afternoon (maybe even a little later if I help clean up) and I'll be at evening church for most of the evening although I will hopefully remember to leave earlier than I've got into the habit of staying in that part of the city.

I went to the University to listen to L.T. Jeyachandran speak on whether God is a fundamentalist on Tuesday and got to see some people I don't normally see any more. I passed by [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire as she was heading home (I assume), [livejournal.com profile] el_gremmo was kind enough to try and help me find my way (I really don't know my way around the grounds at all), although I'm a little embarrassed to admit that if I'd been watching the ground at all I could probably have found my way on my own. At the seminar/speech/whatever it was I also saw the couple that got married at the end of last year which was nice.

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em.
List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Attractive women, violence, humour and the realisation that High School could have been much, much worse.
Cities and Knights The expansion to Settlers of Catan, it's a board game I can hardly get enough of.
Fantasy Worlds that don't exist and never will, almost a quarter of my books come under this genre heading. (And of those I've read it's closer to a third) Oddly enough it wasn't until I was almost out of High School that I got around to really giving Lord of the Rings a try.
L.J.D.Q. Usually quite amusing and occasionally informative.
Origami Folding paper to create stylised representations of animals, plants and other things. Really though I expect it's the desire to create something precise from instructions, I've always been one of those types.
Sci-Fi Probably influenced by my early Star Trek watching I've been interested in the possibilities for what our world (galaxy, universe etc.) would become like for a long time.
Star Trek No longer having the impact upon my life it did while I was growing up I still want to own all the DVDs (of each series) and I've got myself a bookcase full of the books.
TV Partway through High School I worked out I was watching an average of five hours a day worth of TV programs. Now I only watch about that in any given week but I keep going back on occasion.
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I haven't worked for two complete weeks now, if I don't work this week I might have to go back to WINZ [shudder].

I did see a movie with a friend last Tuesday, Batman Begins in case any of you care, and most of the afternoon leading up to it was spent doing nothing of consequence with the friend in question. I feel a little sorry that we didn't really talk at all during the mass of time that we could have been talking but hopefully she doesn't regret agreeing to go see the movie. I haven't yet got around to talking her at any stage about the things I want to talk to her about but after last night's conversation (which was with a different friend) being as simple as it was I might manage this coming weekend.
While waiting to meet up with my friend I ended up buying a copy of Spider-Man on DVD and watched it twice over the next couple of days (once with commentary); annoyingly, after I returned home that night I saw it advertised cheaper. This Saturday just been I ended up at the new Warehouse on Blenhiem Road and purchased a copy of Spider-Man 2 which I hadn't actually seen at all before watching it twice that night (again, once with commentary). We also saw two couples from morning church while we were there which was nice.

During the rest of last week I spent most of my mornings asleep (not waking up until the afternoon in fact) and playing games on the PS2. I did play more Spider-Man 2, starting over from the beginning so all the extras aren't wasted time but once I beat the boss again I decided to have a look at Ratchet and Clank 2. I spent a few days playing the first one at the start of last year and decided to see what I think of the sequel, I got stuck on the second level because I'm not skilled enough so I decided to stop playing and do something else. That something else has most recently been watch Farscape episodes, I've finally got around to watching the fourth season DVDs which I'd had almost two months before watching any of them.

Last night after church I walked a friend home again, and because she wanted to detour a little to find an address we had more time to talk than normal. The extra time was apparently the motivation I needed to I finally got around to asking some of the questions I'd meant to ask her almost every time I've seen her for the past 2 or 3 months. I didn't manage to explain myself as well as I wanted to but that isn't surprising in the least, there is a lot that I believe but can't explain why I believe it.
Talking to her earlier in the evening also led to me confusing her (quite a bit I think) with regards to where I stand spiritually. Of the six things she listed as qualities of a Christian (conversion experience, prayer to God, acts of service, reading the Bible, belief in the Creator and attendance at a Church) I "qualify" on three counts (the latter 3 of that list), and those three are apparently the hard ones. The problem is however, I can't explain why my belief hasn't lead to a conversion.

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Days 8799 and 8800

2005-Apr-21, Thursday 11:30 pm
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Dressed up and no-where to go. I got up early yesterday afternoon (Wednesday being my mid-week weekend and all) and after having a shower put on some of my nicer clothes. I then waited for a phone call that never came expecting to be told what was happening about a dinner for the church group I'm a part of. Instead I ended up sitting around watching (and occasionally playing) Burnout 3 on the PS2 and enjoying a simple night in with my flatmates.
Today was little different as far as activity is concerned, I didn't get up until just about 2:00 when the phone rang because the lady from work wanted to confirm I was still available to work tomorrow. After that I tried to play a few games of Cities and Knight but had trouble because of the connection dropping fairly often. I also started another game at the basic Settlers site but people decided to quit so it lasted only a few minutes and no result was reached. Apart from the normal internet activity and me walking through to the every hour or so there hasn't really been anything happen today besides us watching the first Babylon 5 movie.

I had to use my best judgement with regards to a few of the answers to this weeks "How normal are you?" questions, having never had a relationship makes some of the questions unanswerable based on experience. My result as best I could judge it however; Overall in the area of Relationships you scored 28 out of 64, which makes you nearly normal in this area.

As I have work tomorrow I'm going to bed in a few minutes and after only being up for about 10 hours I don't expect to get to sleep for a while. It will be only the second day this week which is not a good thing considering the money situation that results. To counter that I'll be signing up for everyday next week in an attempt to get at least three days; which is the minimum I regularly need to pay all my bills.

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My expectation to spend my afternoons this week either surfing the net or watching DVDs didn't pan out, instead I ended up playing Burnout 3 which I like quite a bit. Unfortunately there is only a short time left in which I'll be able to play it, more disappointing is the fact that [livejournal.com profile] shuffler is leaving in January, this flat won't be as amusing without him here. And leading on from that fact is the fact I now have three PS2 games of my own and in a short space of time won't be able to play any of them here. (When I got back from the wedding a couple of weeks back I was informed (by shuffler) that for $20 each I could get copies of SSX3 and Soul Calibur II at the nearby mall ... so I did.)

Something I'd be interested to know peoples opinions on - I found the following list on a friendsfriends page last night and would like to know whether everyone else thinks the same about me as I do. If I get any responses while I'm in Wellington I'll edit this with my opinion about myself in bold after my return.
leader or follower
quiet or talkative
spontaneous or planned
dominant or submissive
logical or intuitive
social or loner
kinky or vanilla

a reasonably accurate quizilla thing )

And my final words today; Merry Christmas to those of you for whom this holiday has deeper meaning and happy holidays to those of you for whom it doesn't. May we all receive presents we'll enjoy and not overdo the dessert more than we should.
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For the past few days I've been feeling a little sick (sore throat and ever present cough), and I'm reasonably sure that me shaving my head on Saturday hasn't helped any. As a direct result of that I've done very little besides sit on our couch watching DVDs and playing "Chaos Bleeds" which I am now more than halfway through. My motivation to spend time here at my PC has waned significantly since I started feeling ill and I've not been keeping up with things as well as I was. I think sitting in the sun during the afternoons has been a better idea though I'm not really concerned at all about the recent change.

Some time next week I may be visited by Anita, and a week later I'll probably be going out to a pizza place with her and an unspecified number of her friends. This is very good news to me, I may be somewhat more inclined to do things for a little while as a result.

I finally finished creating my friends test. I don't care if no-one tries their luck though (actually finishing something is a good enough change), so don't feel obligated to go and fill it out.

Shadowrun is tonight so I'm about to go and brave the cold (with my cold) and see how well Jaldarac and co deal with the second half of their most recent mission.
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I've been up and awake since about three yesterday afternoon, and was somewhat conscious from around noon when I received a phone call. As such I'm feeling as though I should be sleeping and will be doing so before to long. I have decided that I should try and get my sleep pattern into something resembling normalcy by going to bed at around midnight most days through the upcoming week. Tuesday and Wednesday nights will be the only ones where I actually have a reason to be up that late but I hope to avoid staying up much later the way I have been recently.

The LAN has been something of a non-event it seems, [livejournal.com profile] malekith_nz and [livejournal.com profile] pondocus were here yesterday with their PCs and today malekith_nz showed up again but there really hasn't been much in the way of games being played on the network and the only PS2 game to get any real use has been Soul Calibur II. [livejournal.com profile] minion68 and [livejournal.com profile] pixie004 have been here this evening as well but all that happened was everyone watched Star Wars VI.

Bring on the games.

2004-Aug-26, Thursday 11:40 pm
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Unreal Tournament has been working fine the past couple of days, either there was a conflict somewhere or I was trying to run it at too much of a drain on resources. As such I've spent a little time playing it the past couple of days as well as time playing a couple of Starcraft missions and lots of time on the PS2 playing Soul Calibur II and a short while playing Burnout II. It wasn't until after the poll had been up for a couple of days that I realised I couldn't practise at Counter Strike as I don't have it installed, so either I'll not be playing that at all or I'll suck even more than I would have with some practice.

After my meeting this morning I did end up spending a little money, half of it was necessary though as my metro card was about empty. The rest was some more dice, I really should just keep away from anywhere from all the shops that sell anything fun. Once I got back I spent a few hours watching another DVD and then started up Soul Calibur II to get more used to the characters I don't normally have anything to do with, unfortunately for me I can't recall any of the combos once I start playing a different character. But regardless of all that, I'm still eager for another long gaming session, even if I don't perform superbly (which I won't against anyone with experience) I'll still enjoy myself and that's something I don't really do all that often.

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I got to church this morning, and didn't fall asleep, even after having only about six hours sleep. Last night I decided to go with [livejournal.com profile] arkore when he took food to someone and instead of leaving by midnight, which I had intended, I stayed until everyone else decided to go and eat at Dragon Garden.

After I got back from church I watched a ST:TNG DVD and played a little Burnout 2, intermittently also reading some Fraiser scripts. Most of the rest of my day has been spent on Shadowrun stuff, organising a character sheet for our current GM and working out what stuff Jaldarac carries and where on his body it is. That took a while as I tried to find a silhouette of a person on the web and ended up at the BBCs Human Body web page where I printed a skeleton to use as an outline. I think I might be a little to much involved in this game thing as far as activities away from the game itself is concerned; I have very organised character sheets, I'm creating a graphical representation of where weapons are and I've thought about drawing up floor plans.

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