Busy weekend

2015-Apr-28, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I spent my Saturday helping friends shift home, most of which I was more actively watching over the children than shifting things. I also ended up having a short conversation about where I'm at faith wise and while I didn't go over everything I probably told her more than I'd have expected to.
Sunday was spent at the Uni with the SAGA group, I personally played a couple of games that take longer than is reasonable in the regular sessions with a number of others getting played as well. Die Macher showed me again that five is better than four, although it would likely have taken close to an hour longer if we'd had that extra player. I also managed to overbid at one point due to not realising the one thing I really wanted wasn't going to be taken from me. In the game of Eclipse we played I get fortunate explore actions and was able to boost my Money tracks to maximum and Research almost as much. Being nearest to a player that was effectively hemmed in with Ancients also helped my expansion.
Monday morning I was part of a meeting for the planning of the upcoming Buckets of Dice con, things seem mostly taken care of. I'll be doing my desk duty first thing, leaving me the rest of the weekend to play games, without concern for when I'll need to leave.

The weekend Steam sale had Skyrim cheap and free-to-play for a couple of days. Even with me away from the flat for much of the weekend I still got to play 10 hours or so and have since been gifted the actual game. So like StarCraft II occupied many hours at the end of last year, I'm expected Skyrim to be the big time sink for the next couple of weeks (or more).

It seems that this date has more significance for me than I've paid much attention to recently. The FaceBook "On This Day" link shows me that it was nine years ago today that I went to the Harvest Crusade thing and made the decision to follow Christ. Less than six months later actions I took indicated that I hadn't taken that conversion seriously. Actions in the years since just confirm that, largely the basis for me not considering myself a Christian anymore. On the same date last year I had a friendship change, but because I don't make an effort at almost anything that change receded and the friendship is probably worse off now.

Relationship ramblings

2014-Oct-28, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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I've recently been informed by a fourth party that had I dated a particular friend last year at least one member of her immediate family would not have objected, even with a 10 year age difference. Not actually all that surprising when I'd been a part of the particular social group for a couple of years at that point and most of them are 5+ years younger than me. With how old my most recent ex is compared to me the difference was about the same as well. On one level I regret not taking any steps to see if a relationship with her would have worked, the woman in question is someone I enjoyed spending time with since I stopped being quite so passive and withdrawn around her. After I started talking a little more the two of us spent a fair amount of time hugging when we were at the same place and I wasn't distracted with games. If the two of us had dated it would also have meant I didn't get into the relationship with my ex that ended so quickly and left me depressed for a couple of months. On the other hand though, us getting together and then breaking up (which I expect would have happened as she'd likely have started to find me boring) would probably have led to her not getting into the relationship she is in now and from what I've seen the two of them are a much better match than she and I would have been.
My ex got engaged recently, shocking me when I first saw mention of it on Facebook, as I'd not realised that the two of them were that serious. Me not knowing isn't particularly surprising though, considering how little contact I've had with her over the past year. From everything I've seen though it seems that things are very good between them and I wish her well.

Resolutions, endings.

2013-Oct-29, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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One of the guys that had been a SAGA regular for the past 2 or 3 years is leaving for Auckland tomorrow morning and a few of us visited him on Saturday afternoon to play a game of Twilight Imperium and say goodbye. I didn't do any better this time than I managed in my first game, but it was still good to spend time with him and the others that showed up.

Not gaming regularly on Wednesday evenings doesn't seem to be worrying me at all, if nothing else it is allowing me to sleep earlier than I otherwise would be. And it provides more incentive for working Thursday mornings. The fact I do still get to game many other nights is good of course, SAGA continues to allow me to play at least a couple of games each Tuesday and Thursday, with a long, complicated game being the first thing played most nights.
Apart from last night, my Monday nights are less involved, but longer so I"m still playing games then and having a good time. The exception for last night is because I was taken out to Redwood and got fed while helping this years MLs prepare things for NaNoWriMo. We then played a couple of my games while watching Tangled.
After I got a lift home I finally managed to have a conversation, short though it was, that I'd been thinking I should have for at least a week. Probably a lot sooner resolution than I've managed in the past so the improvement is good.

On Friday I was graced with a several hour visit from a friend, during which the two of us managed to play through many of the songs that the Guitar Hero III game I have, a big improvement on the two or three that I'd managed on my own soon after acquiring the game and guitar. On Monday I got another visit from that friend, that was cut short by me getting taken away by the other friends I mentioned prior.

Especially with NaNoWriMo starting this Friday I'm beginning to think it's even less likely than it has been recently that I'll be heading to church for a while. I don't actually have any idea what I'll be writing this year, but I have come to the conclusion that I will be taking part and actually making an effort to write enough.

Many busy weekends.

2013-Oct-22, Tuesday 11:56 pm
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I spent almost all of this afternoon, between getting up shortly after noon until leaving for SAGA and the committee meeting, sitting/reclining on my bed. I have been spending a lot of time here recently, after watching the last of the DVDs I felt like watching I've had less reason to be in the lounge than I used to. My posture has probably been worse as well. This has also led to me being on Skype a little more frequently as I keep the headphones/microphone I own in my room and I'm more likely to speak if my flatmates aren't going to hear the conversation.

My weekends this month, so far, have included many hours with a particular couple of friends, playing the DC Deck Building game and some others. I enjoy the company of the two of them enough that I've told one of them that I'd probably be willing to play Munchkin if she was to bring it along. This information is surprising, to many people. I'm not eager to play it, but to spend time with the two of them I'll play the game. I also missed the start of SAGA last Thursday night to spend time with the two of them at Make Café and was thinking I'd go back this week. That isn't as likely to happen now as one of them has other plans and the second might just come to SAGA at the start of the evening. I'm also thinking about going and getting a sheet of Foam-Core from the one place I know it's available so that the next time I go to Make I'll have something constructive to do.

I decided that I will be going to Hanmer Springs for the annual Gamesfest, mostly as I'd been planning to go since the prior one. I get the feeling that if I was deciding a month from now the decision would go the other way. Having spent a reasonable amount of time helping with the spreadsheet that one of the group started likely also has some influence, to not go now would make the effort wasted.
The reason I'd have decided the other way is that the NaNo group is having a weekend write-in the same weekend. Where I'd get to spend a lot more time with particular people, and probably spend a while playing games in between the writing that I might get done.

I went and visited my ex briefly on Friday night, getting closure on a few things. It still sucks that things are over, but I seem to be moving on again. And we're hopefully going to rebuild the friendship we had before becoming a couple. What I'm not so comfortable with is the fact that on one level I've been moving on for at least a couple of months and am thinking about someone else already. It seems too soon, even knowing that my ex is interested in someone else.

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I feel like I've been getting nowhere in trying to arrange time to spend with a friend recently, which means I'll probably be spending all weekend at SAN-Con. As compared to last year when I had been looking forward to the extra weekend of gaming, this time it seems like a very poor second place compared to how I want to be spending the time.

The 8am starts at work are good, apart from when it means I get home, shower, and then need to be leaving about 30 minutes later. Even with the minimal effort I put into cooking that doesn't leave enough time for me to eat a meal before going out. So last Thursday I found some Express Rice or some soup (I can't even remember) and that was it for the evening until I got home, at which point I probably ate the other. I do understand a little better the widespread tendency of those present at SAGA and elsewhere to be eating McDonald's or other takeaway food on such a regular basis though, were I more inclined to eat I'd probably have got a spring roll & chips before games. This means that while I'll gladly start at 8am Mondays and Fridays, I won't be likely to work those hours on the days I have SAGA, which will lead to even more disjointed sleep schedule. Although that's already fairly well messed up.

My week of gaming was a little odd last week, going back to where it all began on Wednesday night, and getting beaten in all three of the games I played against my host. With the big drop in my attendance at the Wednesday night group this year due to distance and working Thursdays it seems that I'll be going back at least once a month from now on. Something I'm now looking forward to as I miss spending time with the host, his wife, and the others that might also attend there.
The Friday Irregulars was held at one of the normal Wednesday locations and I got given a lift from a friend that I've been seeing a lot more recently thanks to games. While there I finally played a game that someone else has been trying to get many people to play for at least a year and while I didn't love it I'll play again with fewer people. I also got to play game of Say Anything for the first time in nearly a year and heard some unexpected things.
Saturday was my last day of games for the week and I was taken to the home of she that had provided me transport Friday to play a couple of games with her and another friend. I also got to briefly see the newborn recently arrived at her flat.


2013-Aug-06, Tuesday 11:54 pm
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I actually stayed at church throughout the entire service on Sunday. I didn't stay in the auditorium though, instead heading out to the foyer and listening via the ceiling speakers. A couple of women hugged me when they saw me, as a result of the breakup a week earlier, which was unexpected. I was also asked if I'd "mentor" a particular child during the Children's Church and had to say no as I'm still not expecting to be around all that often. After the service I spent a little while with some of the youngest children.

Yet again I've been voted onto the SAGA committee as Quartermaster. The rest of the committee is mainly the same as last year, this year's President stepped down to the role of Treasurer and a new club member has become the new President for 2014. It is possible I'll also be assuming some of the Promotions role as the current officer isn't wanting to do the web site stuff.

Yet again I'm going to be at Mainly Music in the morning. This time because I've been told I could work all week and have decided against it. When it's been 2.5 years since I did a full five day week, and I average only two days a week, it seems like a bad idea to try and get up at 0500 and then work five days in a row. An idea that seems even worse after I came close to turning off my alarm this morning instead of getting up and getting ready for work.

More Change

2013-Jul-30, Tuesday 11:43 pm
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This most recent week has been quite a mix of good and bad. I worked everyday besides Monday last week, leading to an expectation of a lot (comparatively) of money in my account tonight. I also managed to deal with the physical stress, etc. a lot better than I'd expected and could probably have managed to work the Monday as well. On the other hand I am, as of tomorrow, no longer employed by PMP itself and will instead be going back to employment through a temp agency. From what I've been told it's not actually going to make any real difference to my work but it's mildly annoying to have to deal with the changes. As it's an agency new to Christchurch (they've been working with the Auckland branch) there isn't other work yet, but if I get off my butt I may manage to get work at other locations, maybe even somewhere that relies on my mental abilities instead of physical.

What I sort of hinted at in the last paragraph of last weeks entry has come to pass. I am again single, this time after just over 2.5 months. She decided that we weren't going to be seeing each other enough, especially with her moving further away, and things are now over. I miss her, which isn't surprising when I was missing her during the month we barely managed to see each other and were primarily communicating online. Like I expected however, I'm basically back to how I was regarding spending of time, and am wondering whether or not I should see about game playing this Saturday with a few of the SAGA group.

Sunday I was only at Church for about 30 minutes before I left and went to do my grocery shopping, I'm still not sure whether I'll continue to attend and stay in the service or skip attending at all. There's going to be at least one Sunday a month that I'll have gaming things on so I will almost certainly be skipping those days. As to Mainly Music, I haven't been offered work for tomorrow, which is why I'm still up instead of trying to sleep, so I'll be heading along there in the morning. There's a good chance I'll be leaving there before the end as well, although I will be staying at least long enough to put some of the equipment away.

Buckets of Dice 2013

2013-Jun-04, Tuesday 11:33 pm
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Many dice, at least one bucket, but not a bucket of dice (that I saw anyway).
I am no longer able to get by on little sleep the way I used to. Saturday morning I was supposed to be at the SAGA presidents home before 0800 to help shift games to the Uni for the event, I woke at about 0830. Sunday morning I woke minutes before Church started and arrived just after the service began. Monday I actually managed to get where I was supposed to be on time.
The weekend as a whole was good though, I played a bunch of games, winning a few of them. My Sunday was quite short on game play as I went to church and then spent most of the afternoon at the event doing 'desk duty' with my laptop to distract me. The only real regret I have is that Quantum Werewolf didn't happen, very little interest was shown (which was actually good as I'd have struggled for time thanks to attending church Sunday morning).
The club purchased a couple of games on the Saturday, both of which the President was looking at getting for himself, up until club members started telling him that the club should buy them. One of which was very cheap and the other proved very popular with another copy getting played at least a dozen times over the weekend, and then at least three more times on Monday at the other game session.

Last entry I posted I'd started spending Saturday's with a friend, there's a little more to that than I indicated. As of the first of those Saturday's I'm in a relationship with that friend, unsurprisingly I've happier than normal recently. Not spending this Saturday just been with her was odd, and her son was also asking where I was. Which, while I'm sorry that he missed me, is a good sign for things I think. He has also managed to send me some text messages over the past week or two.

Watching the eighth season of Stargate SG-1 and first season of Stargate Atlantis took me at least a week to watch, largely due to the amount of time I was elsewhere with games and the date afternoon. I think that either tomorrow or Thursday will see the start of the next seasons of each.

Musings on relationships

2012-Aug-11, Saturday 08:49 pm
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In some respects taking any heed of what I write here could be akin to listening to the advice of a colour-blind individual about how to decorate. While they could easily know enough to get by there's going to be details that they just can't see.

In the past few years I've seen many friends get married, and there's now 6 weeks until I will have attended yet another friend's marriage. Unfortunately, I've also seen a few relationships that seemed solid fall apart.

I never found myself in the common teenage romance; unsurprising when I was geeky and almost completely disinclined to talk, even to my friends. Once I left school I spent three years in a course where there was, at most, four women out of at least 50 students. If not for the fact I was attending the course because my cousin was I'd likely have spent close to half the first year not interacting with anyone in a significant manner. As such, while there were other women around (friends of friends mainly), I wouldn't have managed anything more than friendship with any of them, even had I wanted to. In the year and a half between finishing at Tech and moving to this side of the city I didn't really spend any time with anyone, apart from the need to go buy food I basically left the bedsit to get books to read. For a short while there I had developed a friendship of sorts with a young woman that also liked some of the same TV as I did, mistaking her attitude at one point for interest, only to be told she was a lesbian when I questioned her.
When I went flatting in 2003 I started socialising due to my sister, and to a lesser extent one of my other flatmates. Early on that was mainly R18, the young adult group from RBC, the first meeting of which I attended also happened to be an evening where I was for some reason believing that one of the women was talking to me for a reason other than an attempt to get to know the new guy. Later on I got involved in a Shadowrun game and started socialising with some of them and their friends away from the game. R18 quickly branched into actually going to RBC, which also led to evening services at SBC for a little over a year.
My last year at that flat saw the biggest change I expect I'll experience in the realm of relationships. I'd been out gaming, came home and found someone I didn't know in the lounge with my flatmates. After about 30 minutes she had come the conclusion I should be dating her flatmate. A couple of weeks went by before I met the flatmate in question and I was attracted from the beginning. With her in a long distance relationship and a single mother however I decided there wasn't any point in thinking about anything more than friendship. A few months later she'd ended that relationship, we'd spent a lot more time together (including me spending time with her daughter), and I was wondering if there might be something develop. It took until a night we were watching a movie together, sharing a blanket because her home was cold, and she made the move to hold my hand.
Obviously things didn't work out between us (for a variety of reasons), and I've no doubt that it's made me more reluctant to initiate anything with any of the few women I've known in the years since that I otherwise might have. (Not that I was ever going to be asking a lot of women out.)
Of those women I have found myself attracted to over the years I have yet to find any real common factors, besides a lack of prominent tattoos/piercings and her not using offensive language. There's been a redhead, a blonde and a couple of brunettes without even working to remember all the short term attractions; one of the woman is about half a head taller than me and another is about that much shorter; body shape has varied from skinny to overweight; age has been a couple of years older to a few years younger.

When considering the possibilities it's been easy for me to think of things that would cause issues though. I've never been keen on travel, most of the women I know are (or at least I perceive them to be). I expect few women would be keen on dating a guy that's so comfortable living at subsistence level. Communication is something I've never been good with, even compared to other guys it seems, so I don't think it's just stereotypical male reticence. The only time in my life I thought being a father might be wise (or even simply not unwise) was during the relationship mentioned earlier, now I'm sure that I'm much better off as the "weird uncle" sort of figure to the children of my friends.
There's a couple of good things in how I expect I'm perceived; the frequent identification of me as "a nice guy" and the fact I'm good with children. I doubt there's a lot else.

Yet again, this deviated from where I was thinking it was going to go. I could end up writing more of these posts. Especially if I keep getting short breaks at work because of machine stoppages.

Get to Heaven

2010-Jul-18, Sunday 10:40 pm
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For the past decade or so I've owned a CD with a song that gets me thinking almost every time I hear it.
The song in question has, as a repeated lyric, the line "Get to Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead." (Apparently an old Irish blessing.)
Even before making the decision for Christ that I did just over four years ago now that seemed like a bad standpoint to have. Surely it would be better to have the Devil rejoicing at the moment of your death because you would no longer be in a position to lead people to Christ? Being in heaven for 30 minutes before he was to notice would surely be an indication that you weren't having much positive influence. Although it would also mean that you weren't leading people astray which is a little bit good I suppose.

In more journal oriented stuff...

  • I didn't end up doing anything radical over the past month unless a trip almost to Geraldine counts. One of the Chch boardgame players organised a gathering for a lot of South Canterbury families and I volunteered to go along and help teach some of them. With the combination of 90 minutes on the road and the mass of people I didn't know in an unusual environment I spent much of the evening feeling unwell. I did however come away from the evening having played Hey! That's My Fish! which I'm now vacillating on as far as purchase is concerned and I was given a copy of one of the games I've enjoyed since first playing it during my first Hanmer Springs gamesfest.
  • I continue to attend SAGA game evenings, and will likely be going twice a week unless the other two want to play on either of those nights. That means that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will be playing games for at least some of each evening and with small group starting up again I won't be as bored in the evenings for quite a while. The Buckets of Dice event last weekend wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, but considering the high bias towards RPGs it wasn't surprising, and I did get to play a few games while I was there, including one new game that I haven't yet seen at the Wednesday night sessions.
  • After a month of missing Mainly Music because of work, the past two weeks it wasn't on because of the holidays and I didn't have work. From what I saw of the board at work on Friday it seems that there will likely be work this week as well, which realistically shouldn't surprise me. There is one particular job that goes through every week requiring enough staff that if anything else is also being done all the casuals can work.
  • I quit playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and progressed to Heroes of Might and Magic IV before giving up on that quickly and installing Warbreeds and playing about half of one campaign. I also finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and after watching the first season of Murphy Brown I've now started watching the original Star Trek, most of which I expect to have seen but not for a very long time.
  • I would like to find myself attracted to women with whom I might have a chance at making a relationship work.

Unchanged reality

2009-Aug-03, Monday 11:05 pm
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Once again I'm up later than I 'should' be before going to work in the morning (yes I'm going to work again after another week off). Back while I was at Polytech it seemed that I needed nearly 9 hours of sleep a night to feel properly refreshed and even if that has decreased in the intervening years it won't have reached the point of me only needing 6 hours yet. The fact that I have (for almost as long as I remember) been a 'night person' and disinclined to rise early make the hours I choose to work bizarre. But choose them I have and so I'm getting up at 5am tomorrow. And I'll be sustaining energy levels through the judicious use of cupcakes.

With the relocation of small group meetings that started a couple of months back I haven't been calling my mother (and father when he was home) as often as I had been. With the increased distance (and initial uncertainty about location) I have been getting a ride each time and so don't really have the ability to call as I walk any more. I had been going to walk tonight, but we all aimed to arrive early to surprise someone and so I got a ride again instead. Maybe I will call tomorrow night, if I don't lose track of time to the extent that I only just realise when Top Gear is starting.

Recent socialising has led to an evening where I was wondering about whether I'd crossed lines in a relationship, nothing was said and I didn't notice any behavioural changes but I still wondered about it. Being unsure of where exactly I stand with the individual doesn't help. Nor does not knowing where I want things to be. I know the best thing would be to simply ask but the implications if I have completely misread the situation could make things even more uncomfortable, and not just for me.
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Monday at work I started where I now prefer to be, but after an hour or so was shifted to the machine I'd rather have nothing to do with as the boss wanted someone competent at the end. The job being one of the heavy magazines just made things that little bit worse. It wasn't actually a bad day all up, I'd just rather work elsewhere, for someone else, although it's a lot better than it used to be.
With the weather nice enough to do so I spent a portion of the afternoon sitting in the doorway at the back of this flat reading "Treasure Island" which was one of the 7 books I got cheap three weeks ago.
R18 in the evening was more talking about random things, getting distracted by the baby in the room and then getting more serious for a while. Instead of keeping a completely separate journal about that stuff the way suggestions went I'm considering a weekly post here about things. Probably friends-locked at the very least.

Tuesday night I was supposed to be bowling but when nobody had showed up by nearly 1830 I decided to just head home again. On the way I called my father as he'd been trying to ring on Monday and I was only noticing just before he hung up each time. Talking with my parents eased the anger/hurt of people not showing although the reason for him trying to call was far from good. I'm pleased that my relationship with my parents is no longer simply a parent/child relationship. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm anywhere near counting them as friends as a lot of people seem to but it's changed in the past few years especially.
Once I got home I started watching Mutant X DVDs for the first time in about 4 years. Having thought a month or so ago that they'd be on the list to sell when I get around to purging my collections I'm now not so sure.

Wednesday I got up kind of late and after wasting a little time online with email, LJ, Facebook etc. I went along to Church and helped with the Mainly Music program that is run each Wednesday morning. After about 90 minutes surrounded by very young children (and a fair few mothers/caregivers) I was no longer feeling so down about the night before and managed to spend most of the afternoon in a fairly relaxed state watching more Mutant X.
Games in the evening was good for me, thanks to it being my birthday I was able to choose games to play. If I hadn't been drinking alcohol throughout the evening I might even have managed to do well in the second and third games I played. Because the alcohol hadn't yet managed to affect me and I was the player with the unwanted share the score for Manila was not even close but in the other two games I was obviously last (Galaxy Trucker) or not really in contention from half-way through (Medici)

Thursday I got up late again, watched the last of the Mutant X DVDs and then watched Contact for the first time since I saw it more than 6? years ago. Steve wanted to play games again (having sort of arranged such on Monday night) and so I went out and played 3 games of Stone Age, doing much better than I had the previous week. Starvation doesn't seem to work all that well in a 2-player game, at least compared to the 4-player game I previously tried it in.

Today (Friday) I went back to work and managed to spend most of it just putting bundles of NWCBs on the table so they could be cut with the Guillotine. It seems I'll be finding somewhere else to spend my lunch breaks from now on as well, there's a sign on the dispatch office door basically saying keep out unless you have business there. I had been in the habit of going in and sitting in one of the comfortable chairs while I ate whatever food I had left by that stage of the morning.

I can drive

2009-Feb-18, Wednesday 04:12 pm
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Monday night I went down to my parent's place with my father as he headed home so I could go through the boxes of my stuff they have in storage. There's less than I'd thought, although I didn't actually see just how full the big black crate is. Around noon yesterday my mother mentioned that she was going to turn the car around and put it in the garage, so I went and sat in the driver's seat and had my first ever lesson on how to drive a car. I have no idea how well I'd do on an actual road with actual traffic, but the simple task of making a car move up and down a driveway I can manage. The instructions weren't great, as she does most things automatically and was a little unclear about a couple of things initially, but I didn't crash or run over anything. I don't think I'll be getting proper lessons though, it's still not something I feel any need to know how to do and I still doubt I'd be able to multi-task to the required extent. (A feeling reinforced both by the actual experience on Tuesday and by the bike ride after church Sunday afternoon.)

Child-minding this morning didn't happen, I wasn't feeling good when I got back to the city and it seemed better for me to stay home. Although I did go and actually explain that's what was happening instead of just not showing up. Tomorrows planned events won't be happening either, it seems like a bad idea to spend a lot of time with children.

I've started seeing more of certain people online recently, only one item I've seen was unpleasant for me (although I think it has been good in the longer run). One individual is going to be a mother in a few months which was a surprise but nowhere near what it might have been at the time we were seeing each other on a regular basis. Another doesn't look any older now than she did when we were at school which makes looking at the images a little bizarre. On the other hand I've seen photos of quite a few that do seem different in appearance, almost to the point I wouldn't expect to have recognised them if I saw them on the street.

My weekend away

2008-Aug-18, Monday 08:56 pm
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I had nearly 72 hours away from my flat (no work today) and since returning I have settled right back into my normal behaviour (apart from cooking a couple of hours later than is normal). To be quite honest though, I didn't really do much different while I was away, less time online and more time watching DVDs but that's about the only difference apart from diet. I slept more this weekend than I did the first time, mainly because I went to bed on Saturday night this time. Although I came close to not realising how late it had got because I was watching "Life on Mars" and didn't think about the fact that each episode was going to be just under an hour.
I only watched three movies this time: Donnie Darko (which I enjoyed but don't rate as highly as others seem to), Deja Vu (which I'd wanted to see since seeing a preview while on a date with my ex) and Aliens (which means I'm half-way through the quadrology). The rest of what I watched included the first disc of a Donald Duck Treasury, the aforementioned "Life on Mars" season 2, and nearly all of the "Big Bang Theory" season 1 again (clips of which can be found at YouTube). Apart from having the PS3 on to watch DVDs I didn't make any use of it, no Ratchet and Clank at all.

I helped out with the Children's Church again on Sunday, I'm obviously not staying away like I had thought I would be. After church I was invited to a child's birthday party and ended up having a good time, much like I did nearly a couple of years back with my ex and one of her daughters friends. I spent a lot of time with the younger sister of the birthday girl, at one point being fed fries by her which was amusing. The McDonalds playgrounds seem like they should be less fun than they are.

Before I headed away on Friday I came across a post on the SmileCity forums about what people consider most important in potential romantic partners. Because I've thought about such things a lot over the past few months I took a little time to expand on why I was ordering them that way. (1 is most important to me.) What I posted there... )

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The washing machine at my flat has a problem somewhere and is no longer draining itself of water. As a result of that I've had to hand rinse the clothes I tried to wash and am hoping that it will be fixed later in the week so I can do another load before heading to Hillsong.
The TV I own has also progressed further on the way to being unusable, the picture is currently looking like a half encrypted Sky signal. As such, I'm thinking I'll buy a new (to me) TV shortly after I return from Australia in a couple of weeks.

Days like yesterday on the other hand help me realise it's not always a bad thing to be single. If I'd come home from work yesterday to a girlfriend/wife/whatever I'd almost certainly have been in the awkward position of needing to explain why I smelt of another womans perfume. While others from where I was working were away having a break I went to lie down as I tend to and upon them returning one of them got a spray deodorant from her bag and started spraying me with it. She also gave me fruit at the end of our shift, because there's too much at her place and she doesn't want it wasted, but it was nice nonetheless.

Until I bother trying to sleep I'm going to be reading. It seems I may have lost some interest in the internet.
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[livejournal.com profile] shuffler (and anyone else interested in film) you might like to have a look at Art of the Title, it's a website dedicated to the opening credits of films and TV shows.

According to the Board Game Geek website I own 8 of the top 50 board games when you order them by the number of people owning them. I have played half of them as designed, and another couple that I've only played online.

At some point this coming weekend I'm expecting to meet the new flatmate, she came by on Monday night while I was out at R18 to look at the place and decided then that she'd like to shift in. As I was with the search for the previous two, I had only one thing I wanted in a flatmate, someone that won't be making noise while I'm trying to sleep.

I did get to see "Prince Caspian" on Sunday but not at the time I'd initially intended. A group of teens decided they would come with me but failed to show up in time to get tickets to the screening that sold out so we went to the next one. In the inbetween time we went back to the church and played a little badminton upstairs and generally messed around.

Someone I had never expected to hear from again contacted me early this week. It's good to have the possibility of redeveloping the friendship but I'm unsure what more, if anything, will happen. It's also led to me realising (more than I already had) that I spend to much time thinking about what might go wrong

With me expecting snow yesterday, and having felt a little ill early at work on Monday, I took yesterday off work. After getting up late I shifted my recliner through to the lounge from my bedroom so I'd be more comfortable while I sit here with my laptop and/or play PS2 games. Having the TV intermittently fail to show the picture it should over the past week means I missed TV I would otherwise have watched yesterday and I haven't spent as much time playing PS2 games as I otherwise would have. But I was more comfortable missing things than I would have been.

My Friend Wheel at FaceBook looks neater than it has for quite a while, probably as the result of me changing the sort method. The one I put on my Bebo page looks bare in comparison, but much like the first few from FaceBook did.
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My sleep schedule has been mixed up this week. I arrived home at about 1am both Tuesday and Thursday mornings, getting four hours sleep before work on Tuesday and sleeping 12 hours before waking up today because I had no alarm set. The rest of the week has been more normal, just under six hours before a shift at work and about seven before church.

Four nights over a span of eight just been I got to play board games, leading to 11 different games being played 16 times, at three different locations. Mostly with different people at each place as well. I would like more weeks like this one just been but it's not likely to happen very often. I might get to play at the new location monthly, that's how often I gather they play there but at least for the next occasion I won't be going unless I get taken across like I was this time. As to the 'old' location, I may simply need to find out what nights tend to be good for the host there and other see what other people would be interested.

I think I'll be getting a credit card in the next couple of weeks, I want to be able to spend up large in Australia next month without needing to withdraw a lot of cash before I go. I don't think there will be much I want to buy at any point, unless I find new games at the same store I found "Wits and Wagers" at last year. It will also be good for me to be able to pay for some of the stuff so that my friend that has done a lot of the paying already won't need to.

Sunday night was going to be dessert and games (movie for the ladies) but with the lack of interest we all ended up just watching "Message in a Bottle" which was the second Kevin Costner movie I've seen in the past couple of years, both of which ended similarly. R18 social things have greatly diminished in attendees since people shifted away and others started having children. Good for them I suppose but not good for my meagre social life.
Because I was first to show up, which has become standard, I spent a little while talking to the lady that hosts gatherings there. The normal topic of conversation between her and I over the past 3-4 years has been my job status, more recently it changed to romance and the lack of it in my life. Having considered issues of that nature recently I was able to point out to her that the only single, Christian women I know at the moment are either only just out of high school or not interested in me as more than a friend. She also asked about my ex and whether things were truly over there. Even discounting the facts of why we split and it now being a year since I had any communication with my ex, her dating someone new puts things definitively in the realm of not going to happen.

Intentions for ten-pin bowling again this coming Tuesday are looking pointless now. I've not got around to asking most of those I'd intended to and the one person I did specifically ask may be still injured from car/scooter incidents.


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