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I haven't made any New Year's resolutions, mainly because I know that I'm not likely to keep them for very long, but also because I don't like change. I'm still slowly getting used to having people interested in me (which, on one level at least, I realise isn't quite how the situation is), putting myself in the forefront of things still takes effort most of the time.
I did manage a few times on camp though, probably because there was the feeling with regards to a number of the people there I wouldn't be seeing them again at any stage. And even with the number that don't regularly attend morning church omitted from the count of people that were at camp I don't really have much to do with many of those that saw me acting the fool. On that topic, I'm hoping that the church website will have photos (and maybe even a video or two) of the camp up on it at some point before the month is out so I can show certain people some of what went on.

As I speculated on Boxing Day, my room has been rearranged again. It was Wednesday afternoon when I started moving things again, and I'm actually quite glad I did. While the chest of drawers I'd been using since [livejournal.com profile] shuffler left for Nelson was in the hallway, completely free of load, one of the legs broke and it leaned forward noticeably. I'm quite certain that if my TV had been upon it when the leg broke there would have been a sizeable crash and bang. I now have a larger chest of drawers that I will either completely fill with clothing or use the two bottom drawers to hold books so they are in my room instead of boxes in our hall cupboard (I checked for size and it's almost as if the two bottom drawers were made to hold two rows of mass market paperbacks).

Friday and yesterday there was Shadowrun here at this flat, [livejournal.com profile] pondocus is running a campaign that the four of us living here are playing in. Once again my character is largely me as far as personality goes because it's far easier for me that way (it would be incredibly difficult for me to play a talkative character for example). That non-committal aspect led to him being the only character to avoid trouble during the mission, it may also lead to him being ostracised somewhat by the other team members if things don't change.

Tonight makes the third week in a row that I haven't attended the evening service at Spreydon, it only really registered with me at about 8:30 that I hadn't gone even though a friend had asked this afternoon if I was going to be there. I think I will head over again before the month is out, but I won't be going more than about once a month unless something comes up to motivate me more, and the likelihood of that is quite small.

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Two years ago yesterday I shifted into this flat. I feel that maybe something special should have been done but because I don't plan I settled for the the evening of R18 stuff that started late for me. I wasn't really interested in going to "Laser Strike" (especially with my current job situation) so I only went along to the movie they watched. It's kind of odd how I also saw many of them this morning and will be seeing most of them again tomorrow night.
This afternoon after church I spent an hour with a few people while they discussed the things they want to start doing at church beyond normal services and cell group. After that four of us went to a café and discussed the same things some more and gave mini testimonials to each other which was kind of weird for me as I'm not a Christian and testimonials of that sort are usually an indication of how someone came to be a Christian.

In positive news I worked a couple of days this week just been. I got called at about 9:30 last Sunday night with them wanting me to work Monday morning so I cut my stay away a little shorter than I otherwise would have and I also got to work Wednesday which was quite unpleasant in that I spent all day at a machine with hardly any let up. If the magazines had been noticeably lighter I wouldn't have had any problems I expect. Less positive news; for some reason I was awake at a little after 4:00 both mornings so I didn't get as much sleep as intended and suppose it would have affected me somewhat at least.

I think I want to get back into Shadowrun. And so I want to know something.
Was my ability to role-play such that people would want me to be joining in on games that they have going or might be starting new?
I really should have just asked a month ago when I first came across references to a new game starting up but I'm slack.
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My paid account status runs out in two nights time, I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I should bother renewing it. Since getting upgraded two months ago I haven't really done anything to warrant having it anymore besides a couple of polls, using the search feature maybe half a dozen times for random things and ... I've been looking at my friendsfriends page every few days or more when bored.

Shadowrun was indeed a bust tonight, apparently it's Monday night next week which indicates to me that more people will be turning up than just arkore and myself the way the past couple of weeks seemed to be. I did end up drinking some scotch that pondocus offered me though, I'll be sticking with cider unless I'm given a good reason to change.

I'm working the rest of this week, three five am starts in a row and I'm not looking forward to it. I do however want the money and as yet there isn't another way to get it. That could change soon however, this morning at another career meeting I found what seemed like an almost ideal job advertised. So tomorrow (after I get back from work and have rested) I'll be sorting out an application. I should also clean up my room tomorrow just in case Anita has an interest in seeing it and the mess of stuff I have.
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- I'm working again but it is the same old thing and usually still hard on my wrists and sleep patterns.
- I don't feel any connection to the people I'm spending time with (my problem not theirs).
- All the games I have been playing don't seem to be even as entertaining as they used to be.
- Reading more recently has been somewhat fun but I'm not expecting to remember anything of what I've read until I try reading the books again.
- Shadowrun hasn't really happened for the past couple of weeks and it seems likely to have more or less ended as well, seemingly half the group is no longer interested.
Coming right down to it I'm thinking that the recently ended cold weather has left me feeling somewhat depressed. No doubt the failure to get up the guts to talk to 'her' about things I've been thinking about for at least the past six months is also affecting me.

Taking two pages out of Dan the Engineer's journal

I am a Druid!
Call me a glutton for punishment, but I'm curious. What do you actually think of me? Leave me a comment to tell me, and remember to make it anonymous so you can be brutally honest. Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings, I can take it.
I wouldn't actually be surprised if people have more positive things to say than I think about myself, on the other hand the reverse is also true.

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I'm not looking for people to try and show me what I have with lasting worth. My problems are mine and I'm going to deal with me feelings of disconnection as I see fit.
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So I haven't updated this week, mostly because I keep forgetting about doing so until it's late enough I should be going to bed. I haven't really done a lot of any interest either though so everything evens out.
We (the flat people) visited Pizza Hut on Monday night and for whatever reason I wasn't even hungry enough to eat a complete piece of pizza and some chips.
I worked on Tuesday and will be doing so again tomorrow, the most work I've done in any give week for almost two months I think. The Shadowrun game on Tuesday night basically died a slow lingering death, none of seemed able to concentrate properly and there were a number of distractions. Once it was called off and the random discussions ended I wound up going to DG with [livejournal.com profile] minion68 and [livejournal.com profile] luathairgiod and then buying junkfood once more at Countdown.
Yesterday evening was the fortnightly R18 study and after getting back from that I came to my room while others watched Kill Bill in the lounge.
Tonight was supposed to be the night Anita visited for a little why but she didn't show up at all and now I'm thinking I really should have called her place when it was obvious she was late.
Tomorrow evening is apparently going to be spent at another R18 thing, this time a pot-luck dinner. I probably won't be eating much then either, this week has seen me eat far less than I should have and too much of what I have eaten was junk food.

For the possible benefit of [livejournal.com profile] shuffler and other Futurama fans, The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever.
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For the past few days I've been feeling a little sick (sore throat and ever present cough), and I'm reasonably sure that me shaving my head on Saturday hasn't helped any. As a direct result of that I've done very little besides sit on our couch watching DVDs and playing "Chaos Bleeds" which I am now more than halfway through. My motivation to spend time here at my PC has waned significantly since I started feeling ill and I've not been keeping up with things as well as I was. I think sitting in the sun during the afternoons has been a better idea though I'm not really concerned at all about the recent change.

Some time next week I may be visited by Anita, and a week later I'll probably be going out to a pizza place with her and an unspecified number of her friends. This is very good news to me, I may be somewhat more inclined to do things for a little while as a result.

I finally finished creating my friends test. I don't care if no-one tries their luck though (actually finishing something is a good enough change), so don't feel obligated to go and fill it out.

Shadowrun is tonight so I'm about to go and brave the cold (with my cold) and see how well Jaldarac and co deal with the second half of their most recent mission.
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Unsurprisingly I only went to bed by midnight once in the last week, it was the night before starting work at 6am though so I definitely chose the right night to do so. I've been somewhat unexpectedly involved with things over the past week.
Sunday was the last of the LAN
Monday I did go to bed at a reasonable hour
Tuesday I went to Shadowrun
Wednesday was Poker night
Thursday was a LAN resurgence
Friday night I went bowling and watched a video, both with R18
and Saturday night was another attempt at Scrumpysoc with a visit to Dragon Garden afterwards, and the service was the worst I remember anywhere which actually allowed a lot of time to talk which was good.

I wrote 'attempt at Scrumpysoc' as only [livejournal.com profile] minion68 and myself were actually drinking scrumpy although at least some of the others were drinking alcohol. There was also a small turnout which I found disappointing and there was no poker played so I ended up spending the money I'd expected to lose gambling at DGs instead.

Earlier in the day I shaved my head, going from this, to this to this. Almost no one has commented on it beyond the simple mention of "You shaved" or "Did you lose a bet?" or similar. However, one of the R18 leaders has told me that my beard going is fine but I'm not to shave my head again, if it does there will be a conversation had about it.

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Pain at work

2004-Aug-31, Tuesday 11:57 pm
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Work was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected, getting nearly two extra hours sleep compared to normal had a big part in that. What I was doing was worse than anything else I've had to do before though, it seemed like almost constant work for the entire time I was there (at least 6 hours of the 7.5 I work). During the lunch break I was asked if I was still playing Shadowrun (not by name), mostly because I'd been frequently writing up character sheets or other info during breaks at work a month or two back and people wondered what I was doing. When I said yes the lady who brought up the gaming asked if I had a girlfriend, when I said no she told me I should get one so I didn't need to spend so much time gaming. That was after questioning me as to sexual preference which was kind of surprising with regards to how direct she was but not at all to the question in and of itself.

After returning from work and spending a little time online I went out intending to cash my IRD rebate cheques (two because of a reassessment), pay my cellphone bill and take care of the flat phone account. Instead I ended up walking to the nearby Westpac (thinking that I could cash the cheques there before paying my cellphone bill) and got told that it wasn't possible to cash those cheques, I instead needed to go to my bank and deposit them. I'd waited too long before going out and the line had been long enough that I figured I should just try again tomorrow. Forgetting to take the flat card didn't help either. As such I didn't really do anything I'd intended including going into Spags and seeing what their selection is like as well as saying hello to a couple of people that were working there today.

Tonights Shadowrun game consisted of the GM and three players, quite a change from the seven players we had for a month or so. It seemed to work quite well also, we each got the opportunity to speak up, have our say and contribute which doesn't happen as often in the big group as there tends to be two or three people making decisions without everyone discussing things. I should have mentioned something tonight that I didn't because I thought it wouldn't be right for the character, we needed to find a mob boss and ended up going through stores trying to find people paying him 'protection' money. I thought about looking him up in the phone book but didn't mention it because it seemed unlikely that Jaldarac would speak up once a decision had been made, we did however have enough time between various parts of the run that a simple question as to why we weren't using the phone book would have been very appropriate.

Does anyone with a knowledge of Perl know what I'd need to do with the program linked to at this [livejournal.com profile] lj_nifty page?

Bring on Summer

2004-Aug-25, Wednesday 10:21 pm
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I have again been spending to much time after midnight doing things other than sleeping. For the past three days I've been up until at least four in the morning and with my current sleep problems I'm getting no more than eight hours sleep before getting up at about two in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have to get up around nine again for another of my career advisement meetings so I'm going to try and get to sleep soon after Buffy finishes. As to this weekend and the 48 hour LAN, I'm thinking I'll be taking part only about half the time because I'll need sleep both nights and will want to watch some TV.
I'm also feeling somewhat ill at the moment, either someone's given me a cold or I'm suffering from a lack of sleep. hopefully getting a decent amount of sleep will be enough to have me feeling better.

Last nights Shadowrun was somewhat quick once we got started, the first hour or so was organising what had happened over the six week hiatus between last weeks run and this one. I was given an extra Karma point for having the second copy of my character sheet that our GM asked for the week before, for once me having no life has paid off ;)
On the other hand I haven't done all the stuff I was supposed to for tomorrow morning, maybe I'll get to the rest of it during Buffy.

Games, games, games

2004-Aug-23, Monday 11:56 pm
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I played some board games tonight, the R18 board games evening was brought forward and the bowling got set back. I lost a game of Backgammon to the host, won a game of Reversi against one of the guys and lost badly in a game of Trivial Pursuit "Lord of the Rings" edition. I also spent more time sitting beside the young woman I was apparently flirting with a couple of weeks ago and she seems somewhat insistent I go to the church 'ball' that's happening in a couple of weeks.

Currently my PC is being emptied of a lot of programs, games and such that I don't currently use in an attempt to make Unreal work for more than a minute. I just had the unpleasant suspicion come through that Money may be causing problems, if it is the cause I'll have to see if I can get it to run on the old one. I don't want to not have a money tracking program available, I'm compulsive about that.

Apparently there is a good chance we'll be spending more time at Shadowrun than normal tomorrow night, with it being Uni holidays most of us have less on and we can possibly start earlier. I should either print out a list of weapons etc. that Jaldarac has or spend some of tomorrow afternoon writing that info out again for the GMs character sheet.
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I got to church this morning, and didn't fall asleep, even after having only about six hours sleep. Last night I decided to go with [livejournal.com profile] arkore when he took food to someone and instead of leaving by midnight, which I had intended, I stayed until everyone else decided to go and eat at Dragon Garden.

After I got back from church I watched a ST:TNG DVD and played a little Burnout 2, intermittently also reading some Fraiser scripts. Most of the rest of my day has been spent on Shadowrun stuff, organising a character sheet for our current GM and working out what stuff Jaldarac carries and where on his body it is. That took a while as I tried to find a silhouette of a person on the web and ended up at the BBCs Human Body web page where I printed a skeleton to use as an outline. I think I might be a little to much involved in this game thing as far as activities away from the game itself is concerned; I have very organised character sheets, I'm creating a graphical representation of where weapons are and I've thought about drawing up floor plans.

[Poll #339302]
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I just spent two and a half hours at the R18 gathering, apparently most of that time I was being flirted with. Now I've been told I see it but I wouldn't have thought about if no one mentioned it to me. The young woman in question has behaved somewhat similarly on the two other occasions that we've both been at R18 things and I've probably encouraged her behaviour somewhat because of my obliviousness, should I be concerned at all given the fact that I have no romantic interest in her?

Earlier in the evening [livejournal.com profile] pondocus was around and asking why I don't want my parents reading this, I wasn't really able to come up with a decent answer for him which I find somewhat unpleasant. I like to have reasons for my behaviour even if they're not particularly good reasons.

This week, during my single day of work, I was, in a roundabout way, offered semi-permanent work amounting to 24 hours a week with the possibility of more, I turned it down as soon as I found out it was two twelve hour shifts that I was being offered though. There is, I am quite sure, no way I'd manage that especially when it was to be Monday and Tuesday and I am up until almost midnight every Tuesday with Shadowrun. I really didn't expect to be at this job as long as I have either, I was thinking a week or two before doing some competency tests to work elsewhere, but of course, I never did anything about that.

In KoC I've managed to break through the 40,000 rankings and am at 38,482 currently. The total number of players is 128,580 although that seems to fluctuate, possibly due to people temporarily suspending their accounts. I'm also aware of a few things I'd like to have done differently had I known when I started what I now know, it would also have been good to actually start properly when I first signed up instead of waiting almost a week.

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I need to sleep more.

2004-Aug-10, Tuesday 11:58 pm
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After three early mornings in a row without working (early for me that is, between 9 and 11), I'm going to be getting up at five tomorrow morning after going to bed within the next 10-20 minutes. I'm not looking forward to that although it is entirely my own fault.

I just recently got back from the gutterpunk Shadowrun game which was at times very amusing, and in which I once more proved myself somewhat unversed in the world and what is considered wise. My troll opened a door to find four security personnel with SMGs? and instead of shutting the door and running away he took swings at two of them with his staff before getting shot by the other two, the rest of the night saw him lying in a pool of his own blood, and then, once healed a little, passed out in the back of a van.

This afternoon we had a visit from [livejournal.com profile] selina_fox that lasted about an hour longer than I had thought due to my disjointed hours. Apparently she manages/managed 120+ wpm with the DVORAK keyboard layout; which I'm going to be using on my old PC (the keyboard actually works which was a pleasant surprise). I don't expect to do that well as I currently manage about 50 wpm on a good day and will be constantly changing from that back to QWERTY if not spending far more time on the QWERTY.

Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] damnitnicole
What makes me different from other people?
Give as many answers as you want, and I'm not fishing for compliments, so they don't have to be good things, either.
I may not reply to everything, though. I don't know yet. I guess we'll see if I have anything to respond with.

This is one of the more amusing auctions I've seen, may disappear any time now as I have no idea how long eBay keeps finished auctions on their books.

Sunny morning.

2004-Aug-09, Monday 11:55 pm
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This morning was nice and sunny again and I saw it for myself. I got up at about 9:30 I think and spent the first couple of hours sitting on our new couch in the sun, under my blanket doing crosswords from the most recent That's Life magazine. After doing more dishes (that I should have done yesterday) I started on my PC modifications.
I managed to resort all the relevant keys on my old keyboard and I've only damaged three of the 100+ connections that  are on the board. When I started taking the letter keys out to rearrange them I saw how dirty the inside of the keyboard was and thought it made sense to clean out the whole lot so it took longer than I expected and I ended up removing three times as many keys as initially planned. The whole thing is now clean though so that is good. What I'm interested to know is whether it actually works this time when I put it back together, currently that PC is making use of one of [livejournal.com profile] arkore's keyboards as the last time I tried to clean mine it wouldn't work right when I put it back together.

Tomorrow after I get up I'm going to be writing up a "Gutterpunk" character for the Shadowrun game tomorrow night, our current GM ([livejournal.com profile] venomcat) is taking a week off for a show he's in and last weeks run didn't get finished before people started leaving so we can't use the same characters in someone else's session. Most of it is already done, I started a third character not long after Jaldarac got started, although having only 1/1000th the money changes a few things I think.

My sister arrives down here midweek, it doesn't seem like more than a month since I saw her last. Maybe I'll even talk with her about things again, I like having her opinion on things.
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If I'd been up an hour earlier this afternoon I could have been doing graveyard shifts tonight and tomorrow, because of my stupidly late night (and only four hours sleep Tuesday morning) however I'm not doing those shifts. This is a bad thing for two reasons, I don't get the money that two extra shifts would have given me and I have already changed my sleep patterns to work those hours (I did not so on purpose but it has happened). Anyway, yesterday I got up at 5, left at 20 past and then worked from 6 until 2 with less breaks than normal because I was working elsewhere. I was lucky enough to get a ride home to the corner of Suva and Middleton so I didn't have to walk anywhere near as far which is always nice and after getting home spent an hour or two online before getting a surprise visit from Phillipa whom I see far too rarely. We didn't really talk for very long, which is not surprising considering the facts that I never talk much and we have far less in common now than we did a few years back when we were seeing each other multiple times a week. [Karyn, shame on you for not ringing her yet :P]

Shadowrun was even more disjointed than normal it seemed, what we got through, should, I think, have taken about half the time we took which meant that people were needing to leave before we got finished with the nights run, disappointing but I won't complain as most people have more in their lives to occupy their time (University and work being the two big things). I did however do at least one thing that I consider 'smart', at one point Double and Jaldarac were going to bust into a room and instead of just pushing a dead guard in first Jaldarac used the body as a shield, saving himself from at least some damage.

Unless my user page is wrong this is entry 150 in this journal. So, in just under 7 months, I've posted more here than I did in the 19 months that I was using my other diary even semi-regularly. I figure this is a good thing as it means I'm at least writing about things, and this time around there are people I care about that know about it.

I believe that this would be a brilliant prank to play on someone as long as you knew they'd be okay with it and you could find the time.

As you no doubt realise, there is no personalised messages, I just don't have the time right now. Maybe some other time, but more likely I'll just forget again. And if anyone missed it and would like to fill in a poll I created one on the entry two before this one but it isn't going to show up on any friends pages.

Work again

2004-Aug-02, Monday 10:49 pm
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Tomorrow morning, 6 am - 2 pm so I'm not getting a lot of sleep tonight and tomorrow is going to be a long day. It could have been a far longer day if I was inclined to find out what a twelve hour day felt like. Once I'm done with work and have got home I'll be back into the lounge to watch the last episodes and the special features of TNG season 4. It's only just taken over a week to get through the whole season which is surprising. Then the evening, or most of it anyway, will be spent at Shadowrun meaning I'll be up for 19 hours straight if not more after what will probably be less than five hours of sleep.

The next entry I make after this one will make 150, I'm thinking I should put something different in it, maybe words to the people I know read this and that I can't bring myself to say in person. This Friday will also see the one year anniversary of me shifting into this flat which was one of the best decisions my sister ever made for me. :P (I love you for it too)

For those of you that haven't seen it, (and that's probably most of you) I created a poll yesterday. Because I made a mistake (and had to create a second copy) I backdated the second copy of that entry and it hasn't been showing up on peoples friends pages.
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Shadowrun was again somewhat less than a well oiled machine, I am not complaining about that though, it only ends up being more entertaining when people get distracted. I am however thinking I may have a chance to shine in next weeks run, either that or I'll prove how much of an egg I am and get myself killed. Either way I'll be doing something other than just reacting poorly to stimulus. I didn't remember my Scrumpy which I'd thought about taking and drinking through the game and I think I'll forgo doing so next week as well. It probably won't be a good idea to ask pondocuspondocus if I can have a shot of Absynthe before we start either, I'm likely to get very distracted myself and start saying things I shouldn't.

Tonight is baking night apparently, the arkoreBot and I are going to be making cakes I think. I mentioned at church that I'd been thinking for a while that I want to do something to provide food for the flat and he suggested that we bake tonight as nothing else was on. This means that our 'mystery' visitor may end up being here and helping us eat stuff which could be very strong motivation for her to remember our address this time and return again. (On Sunday she mentioned that she thought about coming around last week but couldn't find our address and since I've texted it to her again she's indicated a possible return this week.)

I'm going to bed very soon, I needed food and wanted to check on some things before actually turning my PC off again. It also went and did it's crazy freeze thing which is annoying, especially as it took half an hour from when I started using it again. Every so often the screen blanks and upon resuming display there is one or more bars about 7mm thick across the screen with heavily pixelated display and no response from the mouse or keyboard.

Anyone up for some Goth Hunting?
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I've decided to pull an all nighter for the first time in a while, I hope to still be awake when midnight comes again as "Trekkies" is on tonight and I have yet to see it.

Tuesday (after my last entry) I woke up mid afternoon and didn't get out of bed until four, giving me two hours until I expected to be leaving for Shadowrun. It ended up being later than that before [livejournal.com profile] arkore and I left so I seemed to have a whole lot more time to do stuff than I expected when I got up. The game seemed to go well and the ending was rather unexpected, it probably means a whole lot more to the others as they have experience with the "Shadowrun" world but it still seems quite significant to me. I may be getting more into the game as far as doing things that make sense, not just shooting when I should and such but taking actions that a character would actually take.

Wednesday morning I went to PMP and worked again, actually a full shift, and I wasn't moved from where they initially put me to somewhere else which was good. Mainly because they put me in the webroom again which is always easy if the machine has been set up and aligned correctly. Once I got home and had both put stuff 'away' and eaten I watched the next Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD that I have (I'm now onto disc four of season 3, way behind where I could/should be). We in the flat then proceeded to watch TV for the rest of the evening and some of the morning, with an unexpected (to me at least) visit from [livejournal.com profile] minion68 just after "Viva La Bam" finished.

Thursday I got up late again and left less than half an hour later to go see a movie. I ended up deciding to see "Twisted", which is not one of the options I listed on my Sunday entry, I don't know why, as it was not a no comps movie (else I wouldn't have seen it) and therefore should have been on the listings the website had. I was a crime thriller and I didn't see the ending coming until about five minutes before it was all explained. I also managed to avoid thinking the most obvious person had done it, only because he was the most obvious person though.
Scrumpsoc was good even with highly reduced numbers, apart from those resident where it was held there was (I'm reasonably sure) only five show up, that barely doubled the number taking part and two people left around midnight. I didn't leave until four thirty this morning as some of us had started watching "Human Traffic" at three and I wanted to see the whole thing. I've already forgotten most of the discussions that were had although I do recall some of a discussion about creationism/evolution and the existence (or not) of God. The bottle of Scrumpy I bought on my way home from the movie was all drunk as well, about half by me before midnight (almost four hours drinking) and the rest by [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire before she had been there half an hour I think. There were also shots of Absynthe {sp?} had by at least four people, one of whom was me, even if mine was only about a half shot. It burns a little.
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I think maybe I need to work more, I don't feel bored so often if I've been doing things that seem constructive (there is also a small, miniscule really, possibility that I'd start saving money again if I worked more). Last night/this morning when I was trying to sleep I decided that when I got up I would and do a little drawing up of furniture and architectural layouts for future housing possibilities. Instead I wasn't up until about three (after nearly 12 full hours of sleep) and spent most of the next four hours on the internet, Memory Alpha and [livejournal.com profile] damnitnicole mainly. I've also done a little reorganizing of my stuff in an attempt to clean up the mess I made on Sunday when I shifted my PC. There is still a fairly large mess of stuff though, my desk looks about as covered as it was before I shifted stuff and I've only cleared about a quarter of the stuff that I 'need' to.

A few hours later: I'm no longer quite so bored, I went Shadowrunning this evening after [livejournal.com profile] arkore came back from his holiday and quickly organized tonights game. My character needs to wise up (as do I of course), he got effectively kidnapped when his 'wife' showed up and told him to leave before 'they' showed up. After managing to get out of the car and knifing the tires he was foolish enough to call one of the other team members, who then proceded to set him up, as she herself had been caught. Pulling guns with such little provocation may be somewhat unwise as well, especially in populated areas. It's all worked out reasonably well however as if Jaldarac had managed to get away the second time (or avoid getting taken completely) arkore would have had some trouble getting Jaldarac back in the group that got separated last week because only half of the group was able to take part.

My heart )

Delayed gaming.

2004-Jun-29, Tuesday 11:22 pm
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I wanted to be at Shadowrun right now, from 6 pm until midnight would have been good in fact. However, other people have lives and things that they need to do so it has been put back until tomorrow night. Add together the facts that I agreed to work tomorrows' graveyard shift (before finding out we'd be playing tomorrow) and the game starting later than normal, I'll probably stay out of it instead of only being in the game for about two (at most three) hours instead of the more normal five or so. I will also endeavor to remember to have 'Jaldarac' talk to 'Mongoose' about the end of last weeks run, something happened that he'd have wanted an answer about when things calmed down.
Anyway, instead of that, I've been sitting in my room drinking cider and wasting time online. What I should have done with this extra time was write an e-mail or two, finish the Jaldarac character sheet that I'll be taking with me when I go Shadowrunning from now on and maybe actually read a book (or part thereof).

R18 was nice last night, Karyn and [livejournal.com profile] bstratton got a nice send off and had nice things said about them before everyone started leaving. It will be interesting to see how much of life changes now that Karyn is gone, as I may have mentioned she was my social director for a long time. Now however she is going to be in Wellington while I remain here in Christchurch and I have to take charge of my own life or I'll hermit again.
I actually ate and got invited to go Ice Skating this Friday night for a 21st which surprised me a little. We didn't end up with a gathering here at the flat the way we did two weeks ago, although with the amount of sleep I got it wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference, going to bed just before midnight and still being awake at 1:30 is not pleasant especially with a 5:00 am wake up time, on the plus side I was at work quite early[/sarcasm].

Toast anyone?

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