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2007-May-05, Saturday 11:42 pm
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I'm trying to work out how best to phrase what could be a lengthy post about some problems I have. After not really getting anywhere, even with it being in the back of my mind all week (especially while I was at work) I'm not expecting to get things sorted out any time soon.

Four days of work at my new pay rate and under the new contract provides me with only $11.04 less than five days was providing me through the temp agency. Admittedly some of that is due to getting holiday pay paid immediately instead of having it accrue for use later. Regardless of that I'm unsurprisingly happy with the change. Not getting paid for ANZAC day isn't good however, I don't know whether it was an oversight on behalf of payroll or something else. I do know that I would have been paid for the public holiday if I'd still been with the temp agency as I got paid for both of the Easter holidays. Questions have been asked and I'm hoping to find out when I get back to work on Tuesday, I have a three day weekend due to insufficient work on Monday.
After managing to avoid needing to buy lunch for about a month (helped by the café not really being available for a couple of weeks) I have started spending money there again although it's not everyday and I think I'm still eating as much other food as I was. That may be helping me to gain weight slowly, something I get comments on from people in many areas of my life. Even if I do decide to make my lunch next week I still need to remember to take some money with me to work, my boss has told me I can have his old cell phone for $20 and as I'm beginning to see more problems with the one I've been using for nearly 4 years I may be due for something new anyway. (Even if it won't actually be a new phone.)

I now have just under eight weeks until I make my first trip outside of New Zealand, and only my fourth out of this island. I'm a little curious to know when the realisation of that will actually hit me, so far there doesn't seem to be anything. Actually having my passport arrive may be enough, although I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's only when I start packing properly that I lose the calm I'll likely have for most of the next eight weeks.

Now that there is a permanent account sale coming up I have to decide whether I'm going to want to save up and get one or simply get paid account time again.

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