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2016-Aug-16, Tuesday 11:59 pm
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SAGA had the AGM tonight, we've got a partly new committee that seems likely to be at least a little more inclined to Board Games than this years' and those of prior. It's going to be a couple of months before I have any reason to be attending any SAGA events (aside from the Tuesday/Thursday nights), with the only things coming up being very much RPG.
I'm missing out on gaming of late with me not feeling as inclined to head out on Monday nights as I was, even with a standing ride offer. Last Thursday had only a couple of us show up to SAGA as well with most of the regulars having other things on. I had gone out the night prior, for the first Wednesday in a while, and was soundly beaten in a game of Colosseum.

With me not getting much work recently I've found my sleep schedule has gone back to the point of me basically sleeping during the hours I work if I have work. Not really a problem until I do get work again, or want to go to Mainly Music or Church. With all that time I've probably spent more than 30 hours watching old episodes of What's My Line? and idly wondering whether or not it could ever be done now.
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Nearly four months have gone by since I last posted here. This sort of post frequency might be improved, but I have doubts. Bits from the past four months that I feel have some importance (and can remember).
  • One of my closest friends is about to leave the country to work in Australia for a while.
  • I'm currently back to gaming four nights a week. SAGA has bookings at the Uni again after months of relocations thanks to earthquake damage. And gaming has been relocated on a few Wednesday nights to yet another side of the city compared to where I had already been gaming.
  • Especially on the days I don't get to game in person I've started using BSW again after a couple of years of not even signing in. Mainly Dominion and 7 Wonders because they take about 10 minutes, but also a few games of Peurto Rico, Stone Age and other heavier games.
  • On the Friday mornings I'm not at work I've been helping with child minding at a parents group, basically trying to make sure the parents can talk without being interrupted every minute.
  • Work has fluctuated from no days at all in a week up to three days, it's been quite a while since I did four. (I am still averaging 8-10 a month though.)
  • My Church no longer feels like MY church. Over the past 2-3 years people have been migrating in and out and the group that I would initially think of when thinking of RBC is no longer there. With the pastor and his family leaving in a couple of months there's going to be almost no-one still there that was attending when I started a little over 7 years ago.
  • Three of my friends are pregnant and due near the end of the year. Another is due in a month or two. Keeping intact the run of me having at least one pregnant friend for what seems like practically the past five years.
  • My parents have shifted out of the house they'd been living in for the better part of a decade. I spent much of Easter weekend helping them move the big stuff out of the rental place, into the truck, and then into the new place.
  • I feel like I haven't read a book in a reasonable time frame since the end of February. With one exception due to a particularly easy couple of days at work. Lacking the self-control to not immediately turn on a computer when I'm ready to relax is a big part of that.
  • If my TV is on these days it's probably to watch the TED talks airing on what I believe to be an amatuer channel, failing that it's tuned to the Korean channel. Even when I can't understand what's being said I'm more interested in that, than the rubbish on most of the other channels.
  • Had the Warehouse stocked the first season of MacGyver this afternoon I'd have spent nearly $140 buying the complete run of it.

I don't think that there's any real point to what I'm writing here now. But I continue to feel as though I should be writing something more often. The facebook and twitter updates have undoubtedly lessened my motivation/need to write here. As will the fact that I now spend a fair amount of time out of my home, either gaming, working (some weeks), or at church things.
I probably get similar 'fulfillment' from dealing with things at LibraryThing that I used to updating this. Probably even more, as I know what I'm doing is useful, even if not very.

Not getting wet

2010-Mar-09, Tuesday 08:43 pm
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Having not bothered to look back on the old entries here (the first few months of LJ that is) I'm not sure what I was actually posting nearly every day but the idea of doing so now seems foreign. I would be writing about more things now though I think, it seems fairly certain that I do more now than I used to.

The weekend just been I was one of a dozen that went to Cave Stream and as I wasn't interested in (or equipped for) going through the cave I lived vicariously and listened to them all talk about how good it was in the cave. It seems I might be convinced to go again next time certain individuals arrange another trip, and if I can get the right gear I might get wet. I still have the issue with travel before I travel although the actual trip didn't seem as bad as I was expecting it to which was good. Coincidentally, one of my colleagues was there the day after me and told me today that it was a good time. While sitting out in the sun as some of the group was going through the cave a discussion occurred that led to me unintentionally flattering someone I only recently met, I'd thought she was about 4 years younger than she is.

On three separate occasions over the past couple of weeks I've had company at my flat (unusual in itself) and have played a board game with that company. The afternoon before the first of those sessions I ended up somewhere I had never before been (even though I'd been past many, many times) climbing a tree. Gaming afternoons like that are probable and I'm looking forward to getting to play more of my games.

I have been working far more over the past few weeks than I had got used to at the end of last year. This has left me in the position of not worrying about money to the minimal extant I had been, once again I could have no work for nearly two months and still meet all my essential expenses. It also led to me overspending last week when I tried to find peppermint creme eggs at the Warehouse and spent $63 on DVDs instead. One of which was volume 2 of a Wombles TV show made in the late '90s that I know I purchased volume 1 of a little over three years ago but cannot find. I also got the first season of The Dead Zone which means I'll finally get around to watching the second season that I purchased 3.5 years ago.

After writing this entry one reason presents itself for why I no longer update anywhere near as often as I used to, I've had the program open for about two hours.
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Going by the past month it would seem that things are back to 'normal' at work again. There have even been a few days with casuals from the temp agency coming in. With that, and my Wednesday plans I have I've decided to only work three days a week for a while. I probably should work the Thursdays but I know that it's a struggle getting up early enough after getting home so late on Wednesday.

I'm seemingly less concerned with playing games on Wednesday nights than I had been. There has been at least three nights recently that I've spent a significant portion of my evening there explaining a game instead of playing. The most recent was explaining Stone Age to people and managing to refrain from offering advice most of the time. The two games of Dominion that I played after that explanation game were both good games. I did well enough to not feel I played poorly but I wasn't close to winning either of them.

It's been about a month since I realised one likely reason for me watching so little TV over the past few years. (Apart from the fact much of what gets aired these days is not worth watching of course.) With me going out in the evenings a lot more than I used to I'm no longer assured of being able to watch an entire season of whatever I might be interested in. I have been going out on alternate Mondays for most of the past 5+ years and since the start of last year I've been going out almost every Wednesday night. There's also a near weekly inconstant game session (typically Tuesday or Thursday night) that I can't really plan for. Leaving only the end of the week that I seem more likely than not to be at home and likely to have a chance of seeing every episode of whatever.

Four months from now I expect to be either playing a simple game or outside under the stars talking with some of my friends. Church Camp should be about half way done and going by the prior two I'll be either inside the hall teaching at least one person a game of some sort or outside on the hill.

Not my usual weekend

2007-Oct-21, Sunday 11:59 pm
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This feels like one of the busiest weekends I'm likely to have any time in the near (or even distant) future, and yet, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on. I had a friend from SBC come around last night so it would be easy for him to join me at RBC this morning while the Rugby World Cup final was on. If I'd realised that the All Blacks would be out of the running when they were I probably wouldn't have extended the invitation but I'm glad that I did. We played a game of chess, in which I was completely blindsided by his last three moves causing a convincing loss, and then watched Apollo 13, which I'd had on DVD for more than a year without watching. Then I had the earliest night I can remember having for a very long time, or at least I was in bed earlier than is normal. The two of us talked for more than an hour, something I really wouldn't have even considered a possibility.
This morning he and I walked to RBC and had a simple breakfast (that was still less simple than I'm used to) before watching the South Africans beat the English in what even I could tell was a comfortable victory. I then walked with him back to the bus stop as he was going to be attending his church, we said goodbyes and I ambled back to my church expecting to be there in time to rearrange furniture in the Children's Church room. More time had passed than I expected and the couple that deal with it had already arrived so I just walked around a little until the service started and I once again stayed at the back by myself.
After the service was over I spent a little while with the child of that couple, something I always enjoy, toddlers are fun to spend time. The last thing before I headed back here was a short conversation with the friend I've asked about laptops. I may be buying his soon as his employer is maybe wanting to give him a better one for his work. If I do get that laptop I'll spend a few days getting used to it so that I can use it easily during November to write this years NaNoWriMo novel.
The rest of today, apart from watching Doctor Who, was largely spent here at my PC scanning book covers and updating my Library Thing library. I found a few books that I hadn't added in yet, which is probably enough to bring the numbers even with my other databases. I also added tags to a few of the books to help in seeing what I keep where, something I really didn't need to do as the information is available elsewhere, but I like being compulsive like that.
Tomorrow I'll probably get up late, spend quite a bit of time here again, and might even talk to the flatmate I talk to before heading to R18 in the evening.
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As is NaNoWriMo, which I hope to have a laptop for this year. That way I'll be able to write while sitting outside in the sun, and at the meetups if I have ideas while talking with people. If I do get a laptop I'll be considering two of my 101_in_1001 items completed (12 and 15) because while I won't get rid of this PC I expect I'll use it a lot less.

Because of the amount of work I've had recently (only one weekday off over the past eight weeks) and my tendency to not sleep as early as I should, I missed out on playing board games Thursday night. I had started to drift off by 8pm on Wednesday night at a church thing and realised that I'd likely be unable to concentrate well during any games I tried to play. That means it will be almost six weeks between game sessions that I have to leave the house for. I may continue to have the occasional game of Carcassonne against one of my flatmates though.

I finally finished reading Pride and Prejudice early last week, after about six weeks, and am glad it picked up in the latter half. I feel quite certain that it would have taken even longer for me to finish it otherwise. (And now I've been told that I need to watch the movie, the one with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy.) Since finishing it I've read another couple of books and am now deciding whether to make use of the DailyLit service like I thought about a while back or find some of my unread books and read them.

I'm no longer able to watch TV in my room and (so far at least) I think it's probably a good thing. I shifted my TV into the lounge here on Thursday after I got home from work. I was thinking I might start shifting my furniture, (I was also wanting to see how much better reception was through the aerial instead of rabbit ears) and haven't even put away the stuff that was sitting on it yet. Our lounge is looking a lot cleaner than it was up until early this week, I came home from work on Tuesday to find various items had been shifted and the floor vacuumed. There aren't any beds in it anymore, although there is an oven, for at least the weekend.

I'm going to be looking at mocking up a Settlers border over the next week or so I think. As I left work on Friday I took a sheet of cardboard from the recycling crate that I'll be attempting to cut into a three parts so that they can be used to frame the pieces that make up the board during either 3-4 or 5-6 player games. All I need to do first is find the size of each hex tile as I've been creating plans during down time while at work.
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I spent the latter part of this morning attending a one year olds' birthday party. There was good food and some fun toys, but even without that I think I would still have had a good time. What's more surprising to me is that apart from feeling a little uneasy on my way there I was not nauseous at any point. Nor did it occur to me while I was there that I should be feeling unwell, even with almost everyone there being a stranger. I knew the parents of the birthday boy and two other couples that were there, one with their own child and the other expecting their first in a couple of months. From very early on I realised that I was likely to be the only single person there, and also quite likely the only adult not a parent. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how little impact that had on me while I was out.
After watching Stargate-SG1 when I got home I went and spent a couple of hours outside, reading "Pride and Prejudice" in the sunshine. And, for a little while, talking to my flatmate before she headed to work. I only managed to read about 80 pages during my time in the sun but that does amount to about a third of what I've read of it so far. The only other book I remember taking so long to read is "The Three Musketeers" which took me about two months during 2005.

Not only did I do another full week of work since my last entry, I worked a few extra hours on Tuesday afternoon and will be getting overtime pay. Either I'm wanting more money than I used to or I'm just more inclined to work. Or .. I see sense in working extra hours instead of coming home and just sitting in front of my PC all afternoon/evening the way I tend to. I've also got half way to my desired weight gain according to the scales there, I even hit 60kg Tuesday morning before taking my jacket off (thanks to having an umbrella in the pocket).

I've watched the first season of Mad About You over the past three days. I'd already seen more of those episodes than I thought I had which I find a little odd considering the first time it aired here in NZ was while I was in my first years at High School and I don't think I saw it much in repeats. I will probably also be watching some of the first season of Quantum Leap tomorrow night with a friend that mentioned liking it a while back. Unsurprisingly it was easy to organise, I just needed to make the effort instead of thinking about it much beforehand.

Wednesday saw me playing Carcassonne for the first time since the end of June. Not too surprising when most of the games nights this year have involved Ticket to Ride since I purchased it. What was different is who I played against, one of my flatmates read through the rules earlier in the year while I had it on the table sorting out the newly purchased expansion and said she'd probably be good at it as it was European. We actually played three games of which I only won the last and I wasn't take it easy on her. We then watched the premiers of "the Nine" which I'll be watching again, partly because of the main cast that I've seen in other things.
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Friday was about what it would normally have been, apart from a quick visit from my Father to drop off an extension cord. At that time I also gave him the present I got for him and a few books for Mum that I got from work. Apart from that I didn't really do much after work apart from sit here at my PC and watch a couple of things on TV.

Excessive detail of my weekend. )

What I should do before heading out tonight is sort out the washing that I have so that things are a little tidier, making rearranging my room less problematic when I get around to it. Currently my bed is positioned by two windows which is going to become more of a problem in the next month or so. I also think it would be good to have my PC posittioned such that sunlight only strikes the screen in the morning, when I'm not typically at home, instead of the afternoon like it currently does with open curtains.
I'm probably going to play another game or two of Cities and Knights at AsoBrain.com
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After having been away from my flat for three Monday nights in a row I have not seen StarGate Atlantis, Mythbusters and Heroes for almost a month. As it was I only remembered to turn on the TV halfway through Atlantis tonight and I've decided to not watch Heroes because of the amount of information I've no doubt missed over the past three episodes. That and the fact I'm probably going to miss next weeks episode as well.

I have 5 weeks left of work before I head off to Australia and the Hillsong Conference. One thing I need to try harder at is working every day that I have the option to do so. Case in point, last Friday. I'm also going to have to figure out what and how much to take with me when I go over, clothing and whatever else is essential. Leading on from that is the fact I'll I have to figure out the weight of what I'll be taking so I can know in advance how much (if any) stuff I can buy while over there without it causing problems with limits. Stuff like board games maybe.

After reading about a library book sale last week on my friends list I had thought I would head there on Saturday morning before watching TV that afternoon. Instead of that I ended up spending around 5 hours with a friend as she wanted to go buy some stuff at a number of places. I came close to not buying anything while we were out but ended up getting a couple of CDs at the Christian Superstore; All Things New and Veggie Tales: Silly Songs With Larry.
After around 3 hours at a few shops we got back to her place and I helped to clean it up a little to surprise her flatmate that was away. I also got something of an impromptu piano lesson after sitting down at her piano to see what I was able to remember from my minimal lessons in music class early in High School. My biggest problem, if I bother to try again, seems likely to be keeping time, especially when there are variable note durations.

Yesterday morning at Church the children got to play games, some testing their knowledge of what had been taught over the past few weeks. They've managed to remember more than I have I think and I find this a little worrying. Especially when I've been at almost all the sessions.

[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive: 25 May 2007
  1. What is your favourite board game? Currently, Ticket to Ride. Up until about 6 weeks ago it was the Cities & Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan and as a child/teen probably Poleconomy.
  2. What is your favourite card game? Samba, which is three pack Canasta.
  3. Do you like to play games on the computer or on a gaming system? Yes, sitting on a couch tends to be a little more comfortable though so all other things being equal I'd likely prefer a console.
  4. If so, what is your favourite game to play? Heroes of Might and Magic as far as PC games, although StarCraft is better for multiplayer. As far as console games go, I'd be willing to drop almost anything to play Guitar Hero with the right people.
  5. Do you like to play games with people or to play them alone? With people is preferable most of the time, not always but most of the time.
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The Mother's Day service went well. Having cars in the front of the church didn't elicit as many comments as I expected it would, although I was admittedly not in a position to be hearing most of the comments that might have been made. The competition for mothers saw the three that competed tie after the three events which was a nice way for it to end. We made a large number of waffles before leaving after my last entry, with 3 of us at the church until 0330. Then the other 2 showed up again at 0700 or so and I returned at about 0815 to finish making more which was good as there wouldn't have been enough if we hadn't made more closer to the service starting. I also spent a little time in front of the congregation as part of the children's ministry (which I help with most weeks) as they (we) sung a song.

Monday morning I had my only day of work for the week just been, this week is also apparently going to be a little quiet but hopefully not quite as bad. I spent the extra free time online and catching up on a very small amount of sleep.
I also went and bought new footwear for work on Tuesday, that I only had to spend $2.50 on thanks to work itself paying most of the cost. That afternoon I also went to the community lunch that my church puts on each week and then instead of heading straight to the supermarket to buy a few things I ended up at Nature Discoveries and spent $70. I now have the other expansion for Carcassonne that I wanted and a couple for Settlers (which I don't actually own myself). I also got a Drinking bird that I'm intending to give my Father after remembering that there was one at home when I was young.

Saturday afternoon I had been thinking about going to see a High School friend singing in the James Hay Theatre but it was 1230 before I realised the time and as I would have had to be there at 1300 I just stayed home. (I'm sorry to have missed your performance, hopefully I'll get myself along to the next one I know about, and maybe even convince a friend or two to come with me.) I instead watched TV while I waited for a text from another High School friend that has recently returned to NZ from time in Australia and South Asia. I ended up getting a phone call around 1900 and arranged to meet him at church this morning. He hasn't grown since I last saw him a few years back but it's still strange having to look up to him when we started High School at about the same height.

I haven't played Ticket to Ride for a while now. Mainly because the newest member of "Geeks Night" has just got hooked on the Cities and Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan. That has been played 7 times since my last entry, 3 times on Monday, 3 on Friday and once this afternoon.
Before the Friday games I went to a friends house to try and help with something in the attic, me having not hurt my foot recently it made more sense for me to be climbing around. With the stressing I tend to do about all things new (the upcoming trip to Hillsong and seeing people I hadn't for quite some time, see above) and social issues I've been thinking on for a while I was ill again, luckily I was convinced to go play games anyway.

I was intending to be in bed about 30 minutes ago. Once again I've spent longer writing an entry here than intended after starting it to late.
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The Pretender: Island of the Haunted airs tonight at 11pm or so on TV3. I almost missed noticing that this was going to happen because I still haven't got around to reading the TV guide for this week even though I've had a copy for the past 10 days. I also need to try an remember to watch MacGyver next weekend as it's probably one of the few episodes I don't remember seeing (on any of the previous 3 times that I remember the series has been on TV).

I'm really glad I didn't post about not getting to play games as much as I'd like a couple of weeks ago. If I had I would feel quite foolish now. After only starting half way through the month I've now played more games this month than any other since I started keeping track back at the beginning of last year. Almost all of those games have been Ticket to Ride but because it's such a good game I have absolutely no problem with that.

Ups and downs.

2007-Jan-26, Friday 12:23 pm
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I've been looking for somewhere new to live for about two weeks now, and getting nowhere it seems. Limiting myself to a small area of the city is part of the reason I expect but I don't really have the means to live elsewhere without cutting off too much of the life I want to live.
I've been to look at three seperate places that would be good as far as distances are concerned and was only informed by one that I didn't get it. Is there some bizarre 'motivation check' in place that means if you don't call back you don't get the place? Even if you were told that they would contact you?
The other place I've actually been to see is further than I want but seemed otherwise fine, they aren't deciding for another week or so though. Everything else has gone before I got in contact or has some problem with it (problem for me that is).

In more postive news, I've been reading books again, partly because I don't want to be using this PC for internet surfing the way I used mine at my prior flat. It seems rude, especially when it's a dial-up connection. I have also been playing some of my PC games that sat mostly unused since I shifted into the flat on Field Terrace.
I also got to play a couple of board games over the last week or so, one game of "Settlers of Catan" with Steve and a couple from church, and a game of "Law and Order" with my ex-girlfriend's flatmates after one of them was kind enough to give me some help with my CV.
There's only one thing I've actually made any effort to watch on TV recently, "Heroes". I may also watch "How I Met Your Mother" and "House" when they start but that's likely to be it apart from maybe watching "Doctor Who" and "Mythbusters" before "Heroes".

Church, more specifically the people I know at both churches, have been a blessing over the past couple of weeks, even not seeing any of them over most of that time I have been comforted by them when I have seen them. Listening to Rhema again for much of my days, especially when I'm out on the streets or buses (although listening on the buses requires constantly readjusting the position of the radio due to interferance), has also been good. I should never have stopped taking my little radio with me when I was going out walking.

I have had a good day.

2006-Jul-29, Saturday 11:41 pm
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I woke up for a short while early in the morning to hear a friend talking to a flatmate and another flatmate leaving for the weekend. Once I woke up again I spent a couple of hours here at my PC and put washing on airers. I then stopped doing things here at my PC and lay on my bed to watch Threads the antepenultimate episode of Stargate SG-1 season eight. Loose ends have been tied up somewhat although more would be apparent to me if the network had actually aired the entire 90 minute version of the episode instead of the shortened 60 minute version. (I'm hoping that the DVDs, which I should be getting right around 2008 or so, include the extended version.)
Just before the end of the episode a guest showed up, so I turned off the TV (missing maybe two minutes of the shortened episode (yes, it annoys me, deal with it)) and we talked for a couple of hours. It came up that she sort of knew someone that was at my high school for the last year or two that I was there, not quite as small world as other things that have happened but still quite surprising.

This evening I watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and had been thinking about watching it a second time with one of the commentaries going. That hasn't happened, but it probably will at some point before another week passes.

On the topic of another week passing, I get this Monday off because there isn't enough work available. And I had Thursday and Friday off after getting sent home a little early on Wednesday. My intentions to do a five day week don't seem all that likely to pan out for a while. I'm also really glad the Skywatch is only a monthly publication, Monday and Tuesday were incredibly boring and tiring thanks to the sheer volume of magazines needing to be sent away.

Most of the rest of my time over the past week has been spent either reading books, catching up on sleep or online. Including the hours I spent at All-Consuming and Lists of Bests again and the time last night looking through Userboxes at wikipedia to create a sub-page for my account there.

I did get to play Cities and Knights again through the week, two games on Wednesday, both of which I lost, noticeably. In one of the games I was severely crippled early on and didn't really seem to have a chance of recovering. The other just didn't seem to go my way at all. But I still had fun, and got fed.
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The most dramatic things I've ever had to deal with has been the deaths of my Grandmothers and, when I was almost finished with High School, one of my cousins. Nothing else had come close until Sunday as far as what I now remember feeling although it's quite possible that other things happened that felt fairly serious at the time but no longer worry me at all. What happened on Sunday was (as best I can recall) the first thing to come close to being that dramatic. I won't be giving any specifics about it at all, here or in person because it's not my place to do so. I did however end up perturbed by it and should really have been giving it a lot of thought I expect. The main reason I'm bringing it up, besides wanting a reminder (for me personally) is the fact that it seems my lack of faith is going to be less and less of an issue over the coming year. Whatever it is holding me back from the decision so many of my friends want me to make is becoming weaker, this time next year I could be quite a different person.

Work is good again it seems, I'll have had work four days this week after doing three last week. I don't have any problem with missing this Monday considering the weather then and what I expect it would have been like at 5:30 that morning. One of the fire alarms went off early on Tuesday morning and that was cold enough for us while we waited in the car park. I do seem to be getting myself a little more rest than I used to which is good, the big issue's going to be whether I keep it up. For the most part I'm feeling well physically about it all as well, I don't have sore wrists the way I used to and my shoulders have only hurt intermittently so far.

After watching the TV3 documentary Secrets of the Sexes I decided to try myself on the test they mentioned. I was expecting to receive results indicating I'm fairly middle ground as far as "brain gender" is concerned, instead I was middle ground for the men. Part 3 and part 5 didn't really work though as I couldn't see the images that were supposed to come up, that could make a noticeable difference in the result if I was able to do them properly.
I think I may have been cutting back on TV even more just recently, apart from Friday nights and N.C.I.S. on Sunday I don't think I've actually been watching normal TV for a while now. I have been watching DVDs of Buffy and Angel though so there has been TV of a sort.

I'm thankful )
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For the past couple of days I've been feeling ill. My nose is runny, my head aches a little and I'm even more lethargic than normal. Largely as a result of that I spent most of this morning and afternoon playing Ratchet and Clank 3 and then watched the first couple of episodes of Angel the Series before watching Friday night TV. From about 9 pm I've been alone in the flat as my three flatmates went to an effigy (that includes an old pair of my track pants). I'm intending to go to bed reasonably soon though, not only because I'm tired of being awake until three or four in the morning, but also because something woke me at about 8:30 today. Hopefully this will also allow my body to heal itself somewhat of whatever is causing my current illness.

Apparently I have work for all of next week, there is a lot of work available for a change and I've been asked back. As long as I recover by Sunday night I'll be working all five days and will experience the lovely benefit of not needing the benefit for that week. It will also be almost twice as much money cash in hand as I currently get so I'll be closer to out of debt than would otherwise be the case. If I keep not spending money the way I did last month I could be out of debt in a couple of months. Getting a full time job would almost guarantee that but with me (hopefully) working all next week that search is going to be put on hold.

Sunday I should be spending almost all day at the two churches I attend, the first SundayFunday is happening at morning church so I'll be there until mid afternoon (maybe even a little later if I help clean up) and I'll be at evening church for most of the evening although I will hopefully remember to leave earlier than I've got into the habit of staying in that part of the city.

I went to the University to listen to L.T. Jeyachandran speak on whether God is a fundamentalist on Tuesday and got to see some people I don't normally see any more. I passed by [livejournal.com profile] the_legionnaire as she was heading home (I assume), [livejournal.com profile] el_gremmo was kind enough to try and help me find my way (I really don't know my way around the grounds at all), although I'm a little embarrassed to admit that if I'd been watching the ground at all I could probably have found my way on my own. At the seminar/speech/whatever it was I also saw the couple that got married at the end of last year which was nice.

Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em.
List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Attractive women, violence, humour and the realisation that High School could have been much, much worse.
Cities and Knights The expansion to Settlers of Catan, it's a board game I can hardly get enough of.
Fantasy Worlds that don't exist and never will, almost a quarter of my books come under this genre heading. (And of those I've read it's closer to a third) Oddly enough it wasn't until I was almost out of High School that I got around to really giving Lord of the Rings a try.
L.J.D.Q. Usually quite amusing and occasionally informative.
Origami Folding paper to create stylised representations of animals, plants and other things. Really though I expect it's the desire to create something precise from instructions, I've always been one of those types.
Sci-Fi Probably influenced by my early Star Trek watching I've been interested in the possibilities for what our world (galaxy, universe etc.) would become like for a long time.
Star Trek No longer having the impact upon my life it did while I was growing up I still want to own all the DVDs (of each series) and I've got myself a bookcase full of the books.
TV Partway through High School I worked out I was watching an average of five hours a day worth of TV programs. Now I only watch about that in any given week but I keep going back on occasion.
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I slept for about 12 hours today, I'm not really sure why as I've been sleeping for more than eight hours a night most of the past month thanks to not working. Having been to WINZ early yesterday morning and spending five hours with a friend and one of her other friends last night would likely have contributed to how tired I felt though. It does mean that when I go to see Star Wars III tonight I should still be wide awake at the end of the movie which if not the case would make going to see it pointless. For the first part of tonight I'm going to be watching TV, no change from most Friday nights besides the fact I'll also be playing a game during the add breaks.

I finally finished reading "The Three Musketeers" this afternoon, more than two months after I started it. That makes three books I've finished this week. Hopefully I'll be continuing with this increased rate of reading; just counting the books I own but have yet to read there's about 30 to go through before I'll need to borrow any more.

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Days 8796 and 8797

2005-Apr-18, Monday 11:22 pm
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I don't start my work week until tomorrow (the following story eventually shows why that is a good thing). I had been told that I could work all this week last Friday but yesterday morning while at church a phone call came through to inform me that work today was off. I could however have chosen to do a 12 hour shift starting at 6pm yesterday if I wanted it. That did of course hold no appeal. Instead I left the flat a little earlier than normal in an attempt to spend about 10-20 minutes with her before heading to evening church. The BBQ I'd been invited to earlier wasn't on (or started later than expected) though and so I headed back in the other direction, passed through Countdown quickly (getting chocolate on the way) and waited at a bus stop I don't normally use.
While waiting for my friends to show up (they normally show up just on time and I'm about 20 minutes early) I was sitting in a seat and had someone actually try to converse with me a little. Most weeks the row I sit in initially gets left alone for most of the lead up to the service beginning so that was an interesting change. Once people showed up I ended up going to sit with a couple of them and listened to this message. As I was walking out of the service with the friend that hadn't left to go sell stuff I saw a couple of the others from that group helping someone outside, after getting out there I was asked to wait for 'she that was working' so I could walk her home and so I ended up staying at the church for another hour or so. Shortly after arriving at that residence some people went driving to return a sick person to her home and while they were out I watched the last hour of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" with the only person that was still around (that's a good thing, I like spending time with her). People returned and then went out again very soon after and I continued to watch TV, by now "Blade II" was on which my companion quite likes apparently. By the time everyone returned properly it was getting close to 11:30 and so I said my goodbyes and headed home. A 45 minute walk isn't something to put off until you actually are tired after all.
Shortly before I got half-way home an 'authority figure' drove up beside me and asked me some questions about where I had been and where I was going. I'm guessing that either someone 'escaped' from the hospital I had just passed by or there had been people trespassing on the property shortly before I came along. Regardless of the actual situation I was kind of amused to be considered at all suspicious and then almost dismissed from consideration because I informed the gentleman that I had been at church earlier in the evening.

Today I've spent time on-line as always and didn't really do anything constructive apart from filling the dish rack with clean dishes. I did shave again though, after having done so just over two weeks ago, once more before the month is done and it will probably be some sort of record. More recently tonight I've been out to play a game of Cities and Knights and for the first time at the table top actually held the lead for a while, near the start in fact I had scored three new points before anyone else had any. I actually got to 10 (13 wins the game) before getting some of those taken away thanks to me being quite nice and advising plays against me (that was where I lost the lead). The guy I advised to hurt me went on to win the game in fact, I think I still need to become a little more cut-throat when playing games like this.

As a completely pointless reference I leave this.
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I am sick, probably worse than any cold has affected me for quite some years. I've felt almost completely disinclined to be doing anything since the weekend and haven't managed to sleep without waking up every three/four hours. On the upside however, I've slept for more of each day recently and feel reasonably well rested so when I go back to work things should be easier than normal.

My already low opinion of the TV networks just recently took another hit. TV1 aired a program tonight involving a studio audience and as the credits were rolling a man's voice promoed another program coming up. The thing is, TV1 (TVNZ) produced this program and they had interviewed some of the studio audience but prevented the home viewers from knowing what had been said by running the promo.
The program is supposed to measure New Zealand citizens with regards to a number of things and determine what is normal for us as a whole. My result for the first week incase anyone cares; Overall in the area of Personality you scored 37 out of 64, which makes you nearly normal in this area.

Over the past couple of weeks I read the first four Harry Potter books, and saw the first movie. I won't be seeing the second movie when it airs this Sunday night though. Unless I don't go to church that is and the only reason I'll avoid that is if I get quite a bit worse than I am now. Concieveably I'll be able to watch it at some other point however as one of those attending that church has it on tape and it was her copy of the first movie that I saw.
I also tried to start reading "Main Street" again but managed only a few pages, hopefully because I'm currently ill as I started reading it last year during breaks at work and got half way through it before I stopped reading it. While I was still at the bedsit (over 18 months ago now) one of the residents offererd me a box full of books that I could take any or all of if I was so inclined. It is listed twice at Lists of Bests in top 100 book lists so I want to finish and see whether there is enough of interest in it to warrant that sort of rating. So far I haven't really managed to get into it but at least some of that will be due to the significant difference in genre between it and what I normally read.
Still on the topic of books, while I was staying at my parents place last month I read a book called "The Knowledge Web" which I found quite interesting at the time although I can remember practically none of what I read anymore. About all I do remember is being surprised at how many occurances of interconnectedness there was in the history detailed by the author; one person really can change the world, and do so several times if they try hard enough.

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2004-Nov-17, Wednesday 08:44 pm
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Well obviously I'm not disconnected from the internet. Although I suppose I could easily be making use of one of the many internet café's in this fair city or even visiting someone that does have access of their own.
Anyway.. I almost need not have bothered taking yesterday off work to let the Telecom man in to change our phone line over.
1) If I had worked and finished even only half an hour earlier than my shifts are supposed to I would have been here before he was.
2) He didn't need to come into the house at all, he did what needed done while he was outside and I didn't need to be here for that.
Being able to sleep for nearly 11 hours though means that I really am not meaning to sound as though I'm complaining about the fact I didn't work yesterday.

A few of the people I don't know at work (which describes most of them I suppose) have realised that I'm spending a lot of my breaks writing in my notepad. So while I'm not getting anywhere near the daily word count required to win I'm still conveying, at least a little, the image of a writer, which is quite nice considering I remember doing horribly at writing when I was at school. It's probably also a good thing that I haven't been able to get my hands on the most recent "That's Life" magazines since I started my writing, those take up at least a days worth of breaks when I get started on them, usually two or more.

I'm thinking that I should turn on my TV, close the curtains here in my room and lie on my bed (or relax in my reclining chair) for most of the rest of the evening so that even though I'll only get close to five hours sleep I'll still be reasonably well rested for work tomorrow morning. On that topic, I've managed to work all but one day each week for the past five, discounting the two public holidays recently. I need to harden up a little I think, I have a couple of small cuts and my back hurts where I scraped it across one of the machines when I didn't move far enough away as I was going around it.

My room has become disturbingly tidy just recently, I no longer have a pile of clothes upon the big chair or paper spread over much of the floor. I blame this unnatural state of affairs on my actions last Tuesday; I took the day off work and went to a friends place to help her clean up the mess that had developed in her garden before she received a visit from her mother. While I didn't actually do much inside the house I was aware of a number of things that had been done over the day.

Finally for this unexpected update; information of no benefit to anyone. My seat feels strange. Up until last night this half of the pair had been by the kitchen table after I took it through so arkore could study on a decently sized flat surface without having to stand or be at eye level with what he was studying. In so doing, I left myself with the chair that has a cut in the part upon which one sits and is therefore somewhat deflated compared to the one upon which I now sit.
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I did three days work this week, the last being the graveyard shift Thursday night after being up since about 8:30 that morning and sleeping far less through the week than I should have. I still haven't caught up at all, mainly due to not sleeping at all after that shift and still being up at 1 Saturday morning, by my count that was 41 or so hours. I am intending to sleep tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours at least once I return from work and hopefully can manage to get work every day this week.
According to a program I saw on TV just recently that means that by Friday evening I would have had a blood alcohol level higher than the legal driving limit without even taking into account the absinthe I had early that afternoon.

I saw her this evening. arkore and myself managed to miss the bus we wanted by a matter of less than two minutes and so we were at Westfields nearly 15 minutes before the next one would arrive. I used the time to go into where she works. Is that stalking? I did actually buy stuff if that makes any difference.

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