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That's got to be one of the simplest questions to answer I've ever seen on the prompt.
My lack of motivation has caused problems since before I started High School.

I never felt a need to do the homework that was assigned or really pay concentrate on what the teachers were going on about.
Since starting my current job I've been aware that I'd be better off with a job that paid better, didn't require a 5am wake-up, and that required mental instead of physical effort. The closest I've come to finding a better job is signing up to get emails from SEEK, that I delete without reading.
Practically every time I decide to write one of these entries I end up taking at least two hours before I post it. Part of that is probably the fact that I now update FaceBook nearly daily, and tweet irregularly. Thus I don't seem to have the same need to write out what I've been doing/thinking the way I did seven years ago.
Since teaching a few people how to play some of my games (Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne) at the Church camp three years ago I've thought about seeing if there would be interest in monthly game nights at my church. And I don't recall mentioning it to anyone besides the Pastor, in passing at another meeting about something completely unrelated.
I almost never bother to put away washed clothes, leaving them in the basket until I want to wear them again.

I suppose all that boils down to me being lazy. Which correlates well with the fact I've spent most of the past six hours lying in the sun or sitting on my recliner.


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